Having problems with your 1994 Honda Accord ?

Help I need My car to get to work I'm an EMT

\015 I've been having problems with my car it will will crank over but just won't start. Tried to turn the lights on and start my car and the light almost go all the way out. If you have any info for me please help\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

It all points to one problem, batteries, try to replace the batteries.
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Help I need My car to get to work I'm an EMT

It all points to one problem, batteries, try to replace the batteries. ... 1994 Honda Accord

I need some help with the theft system. This system is seperate from the radio theft system. The radio works, but I still need to get the other one solved so I can drive the car. I turned the car off when I went to pick up my wife from work. went to restart the car it wouldn't start. Then I saw on the left side of the dash theft system. This disabled the starting system. I called the dealer, and they said that they have to do it. This is on a 98 Pontiac Sunfire.

Hello Southpaw.This is a common affliction with the Pontiacs in those years.Give this a try first, just in case.Try to start vehicle, then leave the ignition on. The theft light will flash for 10 minutes.When the theft l ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

1995 town car, brake lights stopped working, rear window brake light works fine but reg. ones dont work. ive checked bulbs, fuses and wires in trunk. not getting any hot wires in trunk area. could it be the brake switch or some sort of relay under dash area? Its my moms car and shes been driving it for awhile with no brk lights, need help soon. Please help me!! Thanks!!!

... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Can somebody please help me. After nearly taking my fuse box to bits i found fuse 63. Didnt need a new one anyway after all that. My car is getting right on my nerves to the point i dont like letting people in as i cant be bothered locking all the doors individually any more. Arggh. Also, after being in the car about an hour, the locking seems to kick in and the doors open. Im flabergasted. How do i get my stupied central locking to work. Any help much appreciated before i kill the car

Well this car is notorious for two things 1- corrosion in power distribution box under hood and bad b.c.m.(body control module) which controls this exact function plus more. take your car to ford and let them test it. you can always buy and replace t ... 2000 Ford Focus

My dad's Jeep Cherokee is a 2005 model. He's not very good at taking care of it but my dad at 63 still needs to work to support himself and needs his car to get to and from work. Im trying to help out. He's had the check engine light on for months and went for inspection recently and obviously failed. I was able to sneak the car and run it over to Pep Boys for a free diagnostic. They said there were two vacuum leaks. That they could not give me an exact cost of repair because it is like finding

Though it will make you look silly, The best way I have found to check for vacuum leaks is to take a short length of garden or heater hose 2-3', put one end to your ear and use the other end as a directional microphone. You will be able to "zero in" ... Jeep Cherokee

My Bf was in a car accident that crushed most of the front end. He needs an exploded view of his 1997 Mustang for the area from the radiator forward. He is a certified mechanic and can do the work himself, he just needs to know all the parts to order. As his car is not driveable at the moment, he cannot get to a Ford dealership to get this info. He does not want to buy an entire shop manual. Can this info be found anywhere online? I have looked and looked. Any help greatly appreciated.

Best thing to do is go to an Auto Parts store like Parts Source. They can order the body parts you may need and have the exploded view your asking for. Most Auto Body shop can also order the parts needed and can give you free advice on how to work on ... 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

I have a 93 cavalier that I just put a ignition lock cylinder in. I have replaced the tpi. the iac the intake gaskets, repaired all vacuum leaks and installed new brakes. I can't get the car to start withiut using starting fluid. It will then run fine except it runs too fast(about 1500 rpm) it has spark at the plugs, it is getting air and fuel, the exhaust is not blocked, I need help. It is my daughters car and she needs it for school and work.

Hi my name if Tom and I am here to help you.\015\012\015\012You certainly know your way around cars. I have a question for you. I do not see anything about a tune up or check for faulty wires, rotors, distributor cap, and especially tim ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Car trouble I am about to change a 1990 honda accord alternator and was just needing some tips,like things to look for and things not to do! It's not me changeing it but it is my car my brother is doing the work but he hasnt ever worked on a honda and I dont really wanna let my car get messed so If knew step by step what is suppose to be done I could for see his work to make sure it done right...ne help would be greatfull...Thanks Ashley

Let an expert handle it for you. ... 1990 Honda Accord

I resently added a new "Alternative Gas Solutions" hydrogen kit to my 1995 town car. the installation has been checked by two michanics and both say that it is installed properly but. it shows no sign of milage improvment. the car was getting 17 mpg before the installatin and now gets 16.9 mpg. I need this device to work, since i have resently lost my job and can't afford a car that only gets 16.9 mpg, please help if you can

In order to acheive the full benifits of injecting hydrogen into your vehicles engine, some post 1996 vehicles with E.F.I. gasoline engines might need to install a small electronic sensor called an EFIE device. The EFIE device allows for the ad ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

I need help with my radio.. The people who had the car b4 I got it, put another radio in it. It's a pioneer .. & it won't work. Can I get it to work somehow??

First check to see if the main fuses if the fuse is blown. You can use a test lamp or multimeter set on resistance(OHMS) and it should read zero if good. Then pull out after market stereo and trace wires to see if there is an in line fuse,(Cylindrica ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

1998 Jaguar XJ8L fuel pump needs replaced. Somebody who knows help As the weather started getting colder, the car was harder to start in the mornings. Eventually, after long drives the car wouldn't start at all. After a half an hour to an hour the car would start back up and run great. On a cold day the car just stopped working altogether.I no longer hear the fuel pump engaging when turning the key. Somebody please help

Befor you go to the pump check the relay that might be the problem ... 1998 Jaguar XJ8L

Hi i have a 2003 chrysler town and country lx with the 3.3. the problem i have is this it wont start. this is how it happens. you get in all the lights are working you turn the key the clock light and outside temp light turn off like they should and you do get a click coming from the relay switch in the fuse box but no start no power to starter. can you please help me diagnose this problem. its a great car and we need it working for our 4 children and my wife and i to get around

Sounds way too familiar. In the midst of trying to diagnose my engine fuel pump problem, the dealer replaced the 'SKREEM' module (which is the ignition/security/anti-theft module). This is what disables the starter and fuel pump, if someone pops the ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars

My dashboard lights blew in my car and i tried to change the fuse and a spark and sizzle shorted out my taillights, and break lights, and dash lights, cigarette lighter,. The only thing working is the radio and headlights and my driver side beak light works when i stop. how do i fix this, without going broke. no job remember that. Single parent willing to get dirty with fixing my car, need someone to help me out. 1994 saturn sl2 series twin cam standard.

You have a short in a wire. Or check and see if something in ur cig ligher plug. Coins fit nice in there! Turn all the lighs off and try a fuse then turn on lights. Use process of elimination to narrow it down ... Saturn SL2

I have a 1992 honda accord LX and my blower motor doesnt work and hasn't since i got the car about 2 months ago. It came with the new blower motor but I dont know how to put it in or take the old one out. i really need to get this fixed quick it is starting to get cold I am going to need heat. Does any one know how to fix this problem? If so could you please help me!!!!! thank you~Joe

... 1992 Honda Accord

Have a 95 Volvo 960. Believe that the neutral safety switch needs to be replaced. Reverse lights dont work...sometimes wont start then will start when you shift from park to drive and back several times....and lights between sport, winter and economy flash, sometimes gets stuck in winter mode...anyway need to know how to get the shift handle off rod from above console in car...thanks for your help....

... 1995 Volvo 960

Tranny problem all at one time my tranny stoped working! I got a 1984 amc eagle 4x4. there were no signs of problems before,.I could smell the bands burning in my automatic tranny.It seemed that it was not getting any fluid.I took off the tranny pan and found metal shavings on the filter. I wanted to look further but I cant get the linkage apart from the inside to take out the brain. anybody please help need car for work! I don't have extra money to fix it i gotta do it my self. I can with guida

Mr oldschool please visit library sec 629 n view all the service manuals ... 1984 AMC American Motors Eagle

I have a 1999 corolla that for no GOOD reason (lol) the directionals and hazards stopped working last night. they dont even light up, or like when a bulb blows, its steady- not here. went to replace fuse- not a fix....i need to solve this asap, as my car needs to get me to work im a nurse....help pleeeease

I crossed the negative battery terminal to the positive and blew a main fuse. I replaced that but now the radio stereo system doesn't appear to work, could it just be a different fuse? ... Toyota Corolla

Stopped running I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, I was driving and without any warning or noise my car died, when I tried to start it doesn't start. When i turn the key on I can hear the fuel pump working, and the battery is good, I'm thinking mayne the fuel injectors need replaced or something like that. I hope someone can help. I can't afford to put it in the shop and I need to get to work.

Is it cranks no start or doesnot crank at all. If cranks no start check plugs/wiring/disttributor cap, fuel filter, groundig cables.\015\012If no crank check the starter/wirings coming to it. It is very common for pontiacs after long drive have ... 1997 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2005 Suzuki Forenza. 4door. The lights went off on my stereo & there was a burnt smell, but stereo was still working. Next day, i noticed the stereo taking a minute before coming on, after i cranked my car. The next day i stopped at store & when i got back in my car & cranked it, the stereo wouldn't work at all. It want even power on for me to get my cd out. Can someone please help? Do I need a new stereo & if so where can i purchase one for it?

New Stereo yes yours is dead but you can get a new stereo anywhere (Best Buy , Radio Shack, Auto Zone,Crutch Field,Ebay,etc.) a little advice if your not to inclined on cable instalation Crutchfield has all the wireing harness for the installation t ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

Remote key will not open door locks or close. BMW 325 ixT 2004 just had shipped in and called out of state dealer who swears it was working when it left dealership. Does it need to be charged ignition and how? Or Reprogrammed and how? My mechanic will not take apart the key if it involves knives to open, and glue to close. Help me get it working..just spent a lot on car..do not need to spend $200.00 at BMW dealer

Hi,Your key may have lost its initialization. To reinitialize a key you \015\012new to take all of your remote key and print these instructions out and \015\012jump in the car. Make sure all of the doors, hood, windows, trunk and \015\0 ... 2001 BMW 325

2000 buick century headlight problem...we have a century and cant get the low beams to turn on period....the high beams come on just fine and the parking lights come on fine also....everything worked fine then suddenly no low beam headlights ..turn signals work..ect...can anyone that can help me find the answer to this problem ? your help would be appreciated, it's my girlfreinds car and she need's to drive at night..as of now..she cant. please reply s.a.p. if you know what the issue is. than

... 2000 Buick Century

Hello i really need help my car (Mercedes Benz s500 1996) dose not startup and there is no response at all from the remote thats happned when i tried to change the battry when i get it back it didnt work @ all i tried to change whole board for the remote and still dont work and someone told me there is immobliser u can buy with a remote can solve this prablem and it works as the origenal one could anyone tell from where can i buy it. sorry about my english and thanks alot

Many remotes can be purchased on ebay but you have to make sure it fits your model car and has the immobilzer chip and then you have to go through the process of programming it to your car. I would start with forum sites that are specific to mercede ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have a 95 vr holden commodore the front right wheel is shuttering thru the steering wheel im 99% sure its the studs but my mate had a good look at it and it had him stumped we put the original rim back on it and its still doing it but the wheel nuts are still becoming loose.. now in the choose make there is no holden the closest make to my car is the pontiac g8 please help as i need my car for work and god did they get very shitty with me as i have no car at the moment ... kind regards jake go

If the other rim did it as well, it would seem that your wheel nuts are worn on the taper, although that does not account for them coming loose. Try new wheel nuts, but if you need an emergency fix, try putting thick washers (about 2mm thick) on the ... Pontiac G3

Why would a 2003 Chevy Impala's speakers not work? The radio and CD player work, but I get no sound what so ever. The car was bought used in 2009 and the radio has never worked. I was told that something needed to be reset at a Chevy dealership. Can anyone please help me ? Thank you in advance, Alena

This may be a anti-theft issue. If it is and you want it fixed, the Chevy Dealter is probably the best place to have this work done, IF it can be done at all. My Chevy radio instructions tell me that if there is a genuine power loss to the radio wh ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My daughter has a 1997 Nissan 200sx. She left her lights on and her battery died. Her cousin tried jumper cables but put them on wrong the first time. He did succeed in getting her car started but most of the electrical things in the car such as the radio,tach, speedometer,windows and flashers did not work and after about 3 miles her car died again. She is stranded and needs a quick fix. Any Help would be appreciated.

A large fuse is blown close to the battery...40 or 50 amp....took out the alternator and several other things...since you know the reverse jump took the fuse out you can jump the fuse with a large gauge wire (jumper wire) and get it going or ...get t ... 1997 Nissan 200SX
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