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Where is the diagnostic plug on a 94 Jimmy

\015 Where is the OBD plug located on a 94 GMC Jimmy? I have heard that it is to the left of the steering column, but I can't see anything that looks like a plug end. Anybody have a picture of what I am looking for?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Where is the diagnostic plug on a 94 Jimmy


1999 GMC Jimmy 2 Wheel Drive had check engine light to come on, diagnostic code shown was 402 for a low emissions problem with the catalytic converter, catalytic converter was checked and there was no problem, is it possible an O2 sensor needs to be replaced? low mileage vehicle of 84,000 miles with regular maintenance, good condition, tune up recently done with new spark plugs, wires, distributor & cap, fuel filter, also the original converter was replaced 1 yr ago for a rattling sound. As far

Replace the O2 sensor and ensure the codes are cleared from the OBDII. This shoudl correct the problem. ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I own a 1999 GMC Jimmy that i recently had new plugs wires dist cap rotor camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor.It seems the service engine soon light came on.When put on a diagnostic machine its telling me it has a random misfire and that the cam sensor and crank sensors are not coralating.Need answer to what that is and a possible soulution.

The machine it talking about code P1345 CKP/CMP sensor correlition Do the engines RPMS fluctuate at idle or if you try to hold it at a steady speed if so then check the connection at the CKP make sure it is getting voltage its installed correctly and ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

I have a Renault 1.9 DCI, glow plug light came on diagnostics machine showed glow plug problem. Replaced glow plugs not the problem, then noticed the fuel supply pipes above the injectors were damaged replaced them light went off and all running well until a few days ago again glow plug light came on, and put car on a diagnostics machine shows error by Air flow meter, replaced the air flow meter but still the light is on and poor Acceleration. But someone has advised me to have a look at the exh

Hi the air flow meter measure air flow to intake therefor it could be meter or 1st thing to check being in africa ? remove the air filter and check the underside of the element as this iswhere dust etc is collected and prevented entering the ... 2003 Renault 181

Diagnostic plug can't find the diagnostic plug on my 52 406 estate can someone help please

It is located just under the dashboard on the drivers side. It's under a flap. Rate this best please. ... 2005 Peugeot 405

I have a 1993 Lexus SC400. I have a diagnostic tool and it when I plug it in it says there no response. This is what the car is doing: The car is hard to start, when it starts it wants to die out, when you give it the throttle the car just goes blog. It almost sounds like it is misfiring. The engine light is on. The RPMS go up and down. When the car sits for awhile it seems to run ok until it hits a certain tempeture. The diagnostic tool where it plugs in I took a test light and and I hav

... 1993 Lexus SC

Diagnostic plug cant find the diagnostic plug on my audi a4 2001 can you help me?

I did some research, and was amazed at how many locations are used by Audi. No wonder u can't find it! Go to ross-tech.com click on info, then scroll down to DLC Locations. Hope this is what u need, if not , let me know. countrycurt0 ... 2001 Audi A4

Not getting diagnostics info from the diagnostics plug

Have it fixed by an expert. He needs to have a relay added in. Once you explain he will know what to do and where to fix it.Rate this ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

2002 VOLVO S80 2.9 (non-turbo) the plugs for non-turbo lines are leaking oil and have to be replaced. The mechanic says it's about 5-6 hours of labor. While the car was up on the lift I could see where these lines are and how the plug is missing. It appears to me that these plugs can be jimmied in somehow. Is that the case or does the mechanic really need that much time to plug the lines. In addition the mechanic said I would have to replace the breather valve, another two hours of labor. Is th

... 2002 Volvo S80

I have a 94 GMC Jimmy 4.3 Vortec and when I crank it it runs for about 5 seconds then turns shuts off. I've changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump , spark plugs and coil. The problem was that it would'nt turn over as if it was out of gas at first. Once I changed the fuel pump it would turn over but would not start. Did the plugs and it started but died after about 5 seconds. But when I changed the plugs I noticed one was soaked with gas so I cranked it with the plugs out and all the injectors we

U have not done the most basic test here, just replaced parts, u need to do a electronic engine control system fault code test, go to the link below and do the test and then post the results back on this thread. also perform a fuel press ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

I recently changed my plugs on my 2005 honda s2000 with bosch plugs. after that, check light engine came on and car was idling very funny. So concluded it might have been due to plugs so i replaced it again with ngk this time around. same problem. light still on and idling funny. had it plugged to a diagnostic test and said cyl 1,3,4 misfire. car runs fine but idling is abnormal. wondering if need to replace ingnition coils?

Make sure your parts house gave you the right plug for car ... 2005 Honda S2000

Are ACDelco 41-942 Spark Plugs the proper plugs for the 1996 GMC JIMMY 4WD V6 , are they pre gaped and what should the proper gap be?

They should be the 41-932 plugs. AC Delco gap should be 0.060 inch.Check the gap before installing any plug. You never know if they were damaged in shipping before the part store got them, or if some idiot employee at the store attempted to j ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I replaced the motor in march '09 without any problems and the rebuilt engine has probably 10 or 15 K miles but the car suddenly started running rough so we took it to the nearest auto parts (auto zone) and hooked it up to obd 2 diagnostics machine and trouble code PO302 came up stating it was a cylinder 2 misfire so i changed the plugs and wires but, upon changing the plugs i noticed that the #3 plug was black as if it had been spray painted and knew the fuel in that cylinder was not burning pr

Check the compression in each cylinder. # 2 especially should be over 110 pounds. If you have any less than that you may not have enough to fire that cylinder. Also check the gap on your spark plugs. Too wide of a gap may cause this same problem. ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

We are a one vehicle family so I hope that someone can provide some insight on my problem. Our 03 Windstar was running rough and diagnostics indicated plugs / wires were bad on cylinder 1 and 2. We changed out the plugs and wires on all of the cylinders with Motorcraft SP-486 plugs and Omni Spark OE wires. The van runs great down the road now but a new issue has come up now. It will stall out during idle. When in gear at a light I have to power brake it to keep it running. And the battery lig

Check the power output on ur alternator..sometimes they will go bad but not all the way..this means at low rpms it is not enough to keep power to ur van..if u have an alternator starter shop near u..it should only cost u about $10 for new brushes in ... 2003 Ford Windstar

1989 Deville 4.5 TBI No start condition. I need a step by step Cadillac, or GM diagnostic procedure to double check what I have done. I have replaced: 4 of eight spark plugs that were fowled replaced Oxygen Sensor replaced ECM Checked Cap, Coil and Rotor for burns I have fuel I have spark at plug's end I have compression I have no water in fuel specimen New plugs are black and not soaking wet Thanks Benb449

A faulty map sensor will make it run rich and so will a bad or misadjusted TPS but it should try to crank. Check mat sensor. A stopped up converter will do this to. ... 1989 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I changed the spark plugs and I forgot to reconnect one of the wires to the spark plug. The check engine light came on and I saw what I did and fixed it. Now the check engine light will not cut off. I took to Auto Zone and they hooked up the code scanner and it said miss fire. Which would have been from the spark plug wire not being hooked up. How do I reset the check engine light to have it cut off. Thanks Jimmy

It will reset on its own after several drive cycles or you can take it back to autozone and they can reset it . ... Nissan Maxima

Hi I have a 2000 gmc jimmy with a rough idle here is the story I bought this truck with a blown intake gasket and a misfire. I replaced the intake gasket during disassembly I noticed that the #4 spark plug wire had been rubbing on the ground strap and looked like it had been arcing so I did a complete tune up plugs,wires,cap,rotor. I got it all back together started it up and noticed it has a rough idle but if you give it gas it clears up and runs grate it is setting code P0303 so I swapped plug

... 1998 GMC Jimmy

I posted this problem once but left something out. I inserted it in all caps below. I have a 94 GMC Jimmy 4.3 Vortec and when I crank it it runs for about 5 seconds then turns shuts off. I've changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump , spark plugs and coil. The problem was that it would'nt turn over as if it was out of gas at first. Once I changed the fuel pump it would turn over but would not start. Did the plugs and it started but died after about 5 seconds. But when I changed the plugs I noticed

Hello chat1999: My name is Roger and I will help. If you have 5 injectors spraying fuel and one that is spaying a steam. You need to replace the one that is not spraying. The engine needs a preset fuel pressure in order to start. The one that is spra ... GMC Jimmy

2000 VW Beetle with a 2.0L. Having an intermittant dies with no start. No spark at spark plug when it occurs. No DTC's. Diagnostics show a 6 connector plug on coil, but this one has a 4 connector plug. Have 12 volts on one wire.

My 2000 beattle V/W when I turn the key on the ignition to start..... it hesitate just a little like it wants to turn off it has not done it yet but I think it needs spark plugs? ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

01 kia rio has bad rings in the # 3 cyl. i've been just changing the plugs and adding oil as needed but now the same old process happens missing, check engine light, changed all the plugs and wires still missing, still reads a code. plugs are firing (i'm thinking timing belt but the miss is'nt that bad)how can read the code? some cars can be read without a diagnostic pluged up

Rent a scanner, they present more information better that blinking lights. If the engine has a lot of miles, the timing belt is probably ready to fail. The better answer to your problems might be finding a good used engine in a wrecking yard rather t ... 2001 Kia Rio


It does not mean new parts are alway good. subtitive a known good wire and check for spark at the wire, if there is spark then check the plug.\015\012if there is no spark then go back to your cap. ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

OK, here we go. Ford F150 5.4L 3 Valve - 90K miles - so far all work done at Ford Dealer Engine was indicating rich on ECL codes after a spark plug change for a lean. Initially spark plug change yielded a lean condition, changed plug on #3 again - went to a rich condition. All this on bank #1. 20 hours of dealer diagnostics - finally yielded broken roller lifter on #3 intake, replace roller lifer and cam itself on bank one. Now runs nicely at speed, but intermittently engine drops

Need to put it on a smoke machine to check for vac leak if no leak sound like egr valve sticking open ... 2004 Ford F150

99 chevy cavalier misfires sporadically on the #2 cylinder. Under diagnostics the chevy garage stated that the catalyic converter was plugged. It was not the problem. New coil and a new plugs, new plug boot, new coil holder, what else can cause this problem on just the #2 cyclinder?

Check the dist.cap..check the the spark plug wire..could be a fuel injector... ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

1995 accent loses power when hot, the car seams like it does not burn the fuel well or as a restriction, changed fuel filter, plugs & plug wires still does it My mecanic cant't fin a place to plug in the computer for further diagnostic (the check engine light is not on)

ECT sensor ... Hyundai Accent

Is there a place to plug in one of those diagnostic things like you buy at Sears? I am not sure what the correct name is for them, but they plug into some plug on the car someplace and helps figure out what some of the p[roblems are as well as telliong you what some of the error codes are.

You are looking for an OBD II scanner, and you can get a basic one for less than $50-it will read codes and also erase them. sold everywhere auto parts are sold, a very good thing to have if you or anyone you know drives a 1996 or newer vehicle. ... 1995 Honda Civic
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