Having problems with your 1994 Ford Explorer Limited ?

Vehicle window went all the way down and now it will not come back up? Could it be fuse or does a part have to be repaired?

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Vehicle window went all the way down and now it will not come back up? Could it be fuse or does a part have to be repaired?

... 1994 Ford Explorer Limited

I was hit by another driver on my passenger side from the tail corner up to the gas. It appears to simply be body damage and driveable until I can get it repaired except for one thing. The battery light comes on my dash and the truck won't start. After I replaced the "meter" fuse, it starts but the fuse again blows and my dash meters fall to zero. What wires or parts back there could be causing this? The gas gauge? Can I possibly disconnect something so that I can stop blowing fuses and read my

... 1994 Nissan Pickup

Windows I have a vw polo saloon 1.6 2001 model. last night i opened the doors using the key and the window on the drivers side went down and wouldnt come back up i looked at the fuses and thought one of the ones for the window had blown so i swapped them over so i could get the window back up. I went and bought some new fuses today and put a new fuse in but the window went down again and got stuck again. I can only have one window working at a time. what could be the problem?

Maybe the window isn't mounted properly so it makes motor hard to move window up and because of motor overload it blow fuce. Thry to adjuste window better... ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I own a 1993 ply.grand voyager LE. My turn signals went out and I can't locate the bus fuse on the fuse panel. The repair manuel, repair shop owner and even the parts sales person swear its on the fuse panel but nobody can find it. The hazard lights still work! So could it be the turn signal switch on the steering colum has gone bad?

... 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I own a 2004 dodge dakota and I think the fusible Link went bad at least that is the advice that everyone has given me. I have the fuse, just can't find it. Book says it is in the Power Distribution Center. When I open it up there isn't anything that looks like the 140 amp fuse that I ordered from the dealer? any idea where this is located? I noticed the power Distribution Center box can come apart is it under the top part where all the fuses are? or back by the fire wall leading into the inside

Best chance is to go to a Mopar store and check with a clerk to help you find the fuse box (and more then likely it is under the hood close to the battery ) a box with a lot of cables connected to it in side this box you will find the main fuses for ... 2004 Dodge Dakota

I turned on my headlights and both went on and then immediately went off. They will not come back on. While I was checking the fuse box and testing my other lights, one came on for about a second and went off again. I have high beams and running lights & turn signals. What could be the problem? 2005 Mazda 3

Good day, you may have a some issues on the headlight relay, have it checked and replace. hope this helps, have a nice day ... 2005 Mazda 3

My 1994 four dooor blazer 4.3 L v6 with vin w and four wheel drive. had to change the heater core so undid the neg battery cable and took out the bottom part of the dash where the security key with the red light that stays on all the time is so we could take the dash off to get to the heater core. got that done and the dash put together and the battery hooked back up but the red light went off while fixing it and wont come back on and the vehicle wont start. what are possible solutions? is ther

Call your local GM dealer and they can give you the procedure to reset. Also sounds like you knocked a wire off of the system. ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Turn signals don't blink. All signals front and back come on but stay steady. Hazard lights DO work and blink. Replaced the Flasher behind the fuse box on driver side and still doesn't work. Went back to auto parts and got another flasher and still doesn't work. I have a 1996 Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer Edition Reg Cab 2-wh Drive Straight Six. 5 Speed.

Check all your turn signal bulbs. When one goes bad it doesn't complete a full circuit causing your lights to stay steady. ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Hi. my battery went flat and i recharged it but when i put it back in stupid put it in wrong way and it blew the alternator fuse which i have now replaced. this car is fitted with an immobilizer and normally i put the key in turn to accessories push the immobilizer button on the key ring and all the dash lights would come on and then it could be started but now am only getting to the push button on the key ring stage the dash lights arent coming on and i cant start the car...i think it's somethi

You need a professonal machanic!!!! ... Hyundai Excel

Heater/Fan Hey all, I have a question, I have a 1998 Mercury Tracer FWD with a 126,000. Went to start the car to defrost and warm up and no air was blowing from the vents, went inside 20 mins later it was on and the car was warm. Two days later it did the same thing but this time it didnt come back on? And now its completely off at all times. Its not the fuse im pretty sure its the fan. Ive searched high and low for a answer on what it could be? Can anyone give me any info? It wont even blow col

Hi,\015\012 I think you're right that it is the blower fan. It could be a bad connection on it - that will work when it's hot enough to dry it out, or it may be worn out or sticky.\015\012 It needs investigating anyway.\015\012 ... 1998 Mercury Tracer

My 2001 silverado 4x4 has a brake issue. When Im about to come to a stop from time to time I loose pedal and hear what sounds like a motor running. I pulled the fuse to the ABS system and the problem went away. I put it back in and the problem occures from time to time. What do I need to repair this problem? Thanks for your help. You can email me at [email protected] Thanks again

Ok, to state the obvious first -- your ABS is kicking in and is the cause of your symptoms. Is it possible that those times when it is kicking in you are on loose stone, braking hard, etc? I've had people complain of brake pulsation and it was when ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 1993 mazda 626 (4cyl) that had been worked on by a local shop, more like shade tree. well after getting auto back i went for a drive and ended up having both the rear light and charging warning lights come on. it seems that the charging and rear lights are working fine. could it be the brain. the place we took the car to didnt seem to smart on that part of the car. would resetting the ecm help and if so how do we do it.

I do believe there is a problem with the car computer. I firstly would have it scanned for any error codes and than fix those problems. If problem still exists, you may have to have computer replaced. It also may be voltage regulator has gone bad not ... Mazda 626

I have a 1991 toyota camry wagon v6 the car started 3 days ag and ran i went to start it last night and nothing happens. All the lights are good the radio runs everything works, but it will not turn over. the starter seems to be not getting the signal to come on. Took both the battery and the starter to the parts store, both are fine. is there a relay somewhere that could be bad. all the fuses in the car are good.

The ignition switch in your key barrel needs to be replaced ... 1991 Toyota Camry

My left rear park lite does not come on and my signal lite flashes with the marker lite at the same time. The fuses are all good as well as the bulbs. My brake lite on the canopy was connected to this side and it rusted out and didn' work. Could this have caused the problem and maybe destroyed part in the relay. The brake lites work as well as the back up lites and all the other lites as well.

Bad earth connection to the light unit ... Chevrolet 2500

I shorted out my CRNK fuse while hooking up a horn to that fuse, it gave a big spark and melt the fuse and power never come back there. after I could not start any more i check and the injector did not spray any more. I poured some gas in the throttle body it tries to start but it wont stay long. I spent $80 on a secnod hand ECM which they say come out of a crash car it should be good but I still did not get started. ad like to know how can I get power back to that CRNK fuse?

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

The smog pump in my 2004 chrysler sebring will not stop running and it is killing my battery over night. I took it to one place and they pulled the fuse. When I brought it to another place to order the part, they plugged it back in. I have my car back I am waiting for the part to come in, but the car keeps dying. Which fuse is the one for the smog pump so I can disconnect it?!

... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Speedometer quit just got car back from repair shop...was rearended....repairs went well but speedometer just stopped working....any suggestions as to what went wrong and how to fix....also when I step on brakes the brake illumination light comes on the dash.....it glows intermittently......back up lights not working either but just assumed that this was a connection problem...

The speed control sensor is disconnected it is located on the transmission. I think someone did not connect a harness or it came loose or it is damaged ... 1991 Nissan 300ZX

2005 dodge grand caravan 3.8v6 check engine light came on 4 weeks ago went to local auto parts who checks for free was told oxygen sensors needed to be replaced so i replaced both sensors plugs and wires. everything was fine and today the check engine light came back on went back to parts store and was told powertrain control module relay or fuse now what?

... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2002 buick Le Sabre that pumps out hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. I took it to a repair shop and he said they had to go in the "back door" way and found 3 codes that could possibly show 2 different problems. One of the fixes he said would take a $600 part and the other would take a $300 part. He didn't want to start replacing parts unless he knew exactly which one it would be. I needed the car back and told him I would have to bring it back at a later dat

Controll head if it has the split controll is common failure ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

My check engine light came on and car was missing.Had a tune up and filters changed.problem solved for 3-4 days and it came back but without the missing. Took it to dealer and he blew out carbon deposits and said if it comes back it could be the catalytic converter.it came back so I tried switching to hi test gas and it went away after 2 tank fulls.It comes back if I try regular plus but goes away when I switch back to hi test after 2-3 tank fulls.What can it be?

Machenic said speed sencer replace now you tell me where is the speed sencer exist ... 2006 Suzuki Verona

2002 F-250. My back turn signal stopped working but the bulb was still good and the fuse was still good. Then all of the turn signals went out and when I checked the fuse again it had blown. I replaced the fuse and it blows when I turn the left signal or hazard lights on. I went through 5 fuses in about 3 minutes. what could be wrong?

You have a short somewhere in the wiring for the left blinker, which also explains the fuse blowing when the hazards are actuated. The easiest way to check this is, with the engine off, take a multimeter, set to ohms, and touch the red lead to one si ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

I have a 2002 buick LeSabre that pumps out hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. This has dual control. I took it to a repair shop and he said they had to go in the "back door" way and found 3 codes that could possibly show 2 different problems. One of the fixes he said would take a $600 part and the other would take a $300 part. He didn't want to start replacing parts unless he knew exactly which one it would be. I needed the car back and told him I would have to bring

Threr are only two things that I can think of that would be the problem, 1st is the a/c control module 2nd would be the plenum door motor. The module can usually be checked and operated with the right scanner. this would also tell you which door is ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

The mirrors on both sides started to run back and forth till it would get hung up cause it couldnt turn ny more it actually melted the inside of my door and melted the wiring inside why wouldnt this blown the fuse this all took place at 1am i was cleaning and went outside to shake a rug and could hear this noise and had to get my husband out of bed we removed the fuse which was not blown i believe this is a very dangerous situation what if i wouldnt of went outside at that time it would of maybe

Call your local GM dealer and speak with them if you don't get anywhere then keep moving up the ladder until somebody will listen and help. ... GMC Yukon

My left head light went out, so I checked the fuses under the hood. There are two 10 one for each light, neither blown. But when I pull the one for the left both lights go on but they are really dim. When I put the fuse back in the left goes out and the right comes back on full???

Did you try to replace a light bulb or did you check it ? ... 2006 Scion xA

I have a rattle coming from the back part of my 2008 hummer h3x. it sounds like it could be coming from the back tailgate or from the spare tire. it is driving me crazy though and the nearest dealer is 78 miles away and I really do not have the time to take it in anytime soon.

There is a metal stabilizer on the inside of the rear cargo door. It is a U shaped metal piece which a rubber stabilizer sits inside when the door is closed. It is located below the latch on the vehicle, not the door. The torx screws seem to loose ... 2009 Hummer H3
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