Having problems with your 1994 Ford Aerostar Extended ?

How do I remove a 1994 Ford Aerostar steering column plastic to remove the lock ignition switch

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How do I remove a 1994 Ford Aerostar steering column plastic to remove the lock ignition switch

... 1994 Ford Aerostar Extended

Ford 1995 F Super Duty manual, need pages for section 11-04B, which detail steering column removal to access and repair ignition switch at inside end of lock key cylinder [inside bottom interior end of the key lock cylinder where the two plastic parts are moved to engage the ignition switch to start the engine [7.3 diesel] and also to shut it off, engine starts but shut off of diesel does not work] The vehicle is equivalent to a F-450 15,000+GVW and is a 10ply 10-hole wheel, dually, ''six pack''

Autozone.com sign up its free then click on repair manuals you will find\012 all of your info there....good luck ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

I need to remove the ignition switch from a Ford F-150. The ignition key is missing. Acting on the advice of a locksmith, I was advised to drill through the wafers in the lock in order to turn it to the ''On'' position, however the cylinder still won't, even under extreme pressure. Is there an alternate way to remove the ignition switch from the steering column

No, you have to have the switch in the on position, you either have to drill the ignition out (1/2" drillbit) or chisel the tumblers out of the cylinder... using excessive force may break the column...which is definatly way more $ than a lock cylinde ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

How do you take the plastic cover off the steering column where the key lock is on a 1994 olds 88 . i want to look at why the linkage coming from the lock cylinder is not moving when i crank the key - it is suppose to move and engage the pushbutton on the ignition switch, but the linkage does not move. i want to see what the problem is for sure before i take the steering column apart or i may get a used steering column instead. there are no screws except one that holds the hazzard switch on

Tilt steering wheel down, there should be 2-4 screws on the bottom. Just remove them and the covers will come off. ... Oldsmobile 88

I have a 89 GMC Sierra 1500 with a loose steering column. I tightened the 2 bolts inside the tilt mechanism witch temporarily fixed the problem. I torn the column back down, (steering wheel, lock plate, and t/s ***.) to retighten bolts but they were still tight. The plastic/teflon knuckle behind the tilt mechanism looks like its separating or worn. Can't steer without wheel getting stuck, ignition switch tight, and shifter very tight. can it be removed and fixed with new parts?

... GMC Sierra

1986 Ford Bronco Full Size Automatic Trans on the Column All of a sudden the ignition key turns freely and wont engage the starter. Also the trans shifter is locked in the Park position. I am assuming I need to replace the steering column? If no, then give me a correct diagnosis. If YES, then give me detailed steps to removing the steering column.

It could be just you ignition lock cylinder where the key goes in. AT the end of the lock cylinder is a "screwdriver blade" that goes into the ignition switch.\015\012Remove the lock cylinder and see what's going on. ... 1992 Ford Bronco

The starter on my pickup keeps running even after the ignition key is turned off and removed. I suspect the ignition switch is faulty. I know it is on the steering column bolted to the lock cylinder, but I need to know any tricks to removing it and I need to know which wire sends the signal to the starter so i can test it. I assume the signal wire to the starter should have no power when the key is not in the 'cranking' position?

... Nissan Pickup

My 1983 El Camino's ignition, on the steering column, will turn, freely, all of the way through to the end of the path, without engaging the starter. It will still lock into 'lock position' when removing the key and will remain locked until the key is reinserted. Power still remains with the radio, lights, and horn. Is this the switch or key tumbler failure? I thank you now for your response. Randy Sawyer.

Is the key loose in the cyclinder. it is likely the switch or the switch auctuator rod.... if it is either of those two the quick way to test is to remove the switch from under the dash... if the arm that moves the switch moves freely it is likely ... 1985 Chevrolet El Camino

I have a 1990 Ford F150. I tried to replace the turn signal switch. It is a little late, but I now know that the quick coupler on the turn signal can be removed. This would have made the installation much easier than disassembling the entire steering column. Unfortunately, I disassembled the column. My problem is that after I put everything back together, the tilt doesn't work and the ignition doesnt turn as easy as it did before. I have read in the forum that it is easier to work on the column

*This is from the Chilton Truck and Van Manual*\015\012\015\012\015\012Set the parking brake.\015\012Disconnect the battery ground cable.\015\012Unbolt the intermediate shaft from the steering column.\015\012Disconnect the shift linkage rod(s) ... 1990 Ford F250

How do I remove the steering column lock on a 240 Volvo. I'm trying to tow a car that was left on my property but the ignition key is gone. Also, If I buy a new ignition switch and replace it, will this also work as well.

It is secured on by 2 headless security bolts, they need cut off or ground out to get the lock off, but as you say a new lock can be fitted after this and the car started normally, so you can butcher the old lock since you have time and space to do s ... 1991 Volvo 240

I'm trying to install a remote start system on a 2005 Hondal Accord, but I can't figure out how to get the plastic cover on the steering column off without breaking it. I need to access the wiring at the ignition switch to do the install. I removed the screws, but there are some plastic tabs holding the upper and lower halves together. Anyone know how to get them apart without breaking the tabs?

I think those just pull apart. Let me know how the install goes with th remote start. I hear they are tricky with the stock imobilizer systems. ... 2005 Honda Accord

The ignition key turns, but nothing happens, other than the steering wheel unlocks. If it is the switch how do you remove the 1 piece column plastic cover?

When you turn on the key to the start position do you hear clicking? If I were you I would try a jump start or with the boost setting on your battery charger. If it starts, then you know the switch is good and that the problem is in your charging c ... 1985 Plymouth Gran Fury

My 1987 ford tempo ignition switch keeps locking up so it can't be turned. I took it to pep boys and they said my release plunger under the steering column was dried up some the lubed it up and said it would be fine. the next day my daughter went to start it and it would'nt turn again. Any suggestions?

First, stay away from Hack Boys. You most likey need a Ignition Lock Cylinder. If so, its easy to replace. Or you can have a locksmith check and replace it for you. But you want to make sure its bad before you replace it. The outer part (that surroun ... 1987 Ford Tempo

Have a problem with ignition switch on 2004 Ford territory.after starting engine key will not return automatically to run positionyou have to turn back manually.ford says this is acommon problem to repair you haveto have a new steering column fitted cost $1994 plus labour .apparently a switch is faulty behind the ignition barrell but these cannot be purchased separately.if you wanted to be ripped off and get fixed aparrently Ford cannot supply the new column because of an internal issue .

Hi. I am a Locksmith and i have come up with a brilliant way of fixing this problem so it will never happen again. Dont even have to take the steering column off the car. I can come to your car (Melbourne Metro Only) and fix the problem for $400 and ... Cars & Trucks

How do you remove the ignition switch from a 1993 jeep Cherokee? Apparently the key switch activates a lever or or rod inside the steering column that operates this switch but how do you get it apart? we tried removing the lower dash and then removing the bolts on the under side of the column but were stuck at that point.

Disconnect negative battery cable, remove upper and lower covers (three screws); remove the ignition switch mounting screws.Pull switch away from the column and remove the connectos from the ignition switch.Also I suggest chec ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I had just replaced my ignition lock cylinder in my 92 Camaro Rs, and I'm under going several problems. Problem #1: My brand new ignition lock cylinder won't lock as to where the key cannot be removed. The key will only release when I forcefully turn it to the lock position(to the left) and even then it gets stuck in lock. Problem #2: I'm putting all of the steering column components back in and I can not fit the coil assembly back into the column which keeps me from getting my st

If all you did was to remove things down to the turn signal switch to allow access to the screw that holds the lock cylinder in, I would check the ignition switch for being out of adjustment. Do you have to turn the key a long way to get the engine t ... 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

Can't remove my key from the ignition switch on the steering column.

... 2004 Honda Accord

Steering column and ignition switch locked... By passed ignition switch and bought new key. Column and switch now unlocked .. turns over but will not start.

... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2002 Ford Escape, I can't get the key into the ignition, seems like the key and the steering column are out of alignment. Lately I've had problems locking the steering column after shutting the vehicle off. Also, harder to gte the key in the ignition- lot of play, have to jiggle the key to get into the ignition.

First, Never spray WD 40 in an ignition system, the petroleum based lubricant will allow all foreign objects such as dust and particles to stick together and cause you more problems. Secondly I worked for Ford for years in Service as Manager and in P ... Ford Escape

My 2001 crown vic's ignition switch, steering wheel and gearshift lever ( in park) have locked. Disconnecting the battery did not help. There is a hole in the steering column below the ignition switch. Is this an access port to free the switch? Is there a procedure for this problem?

Here is a link to some information on removing the lock cylinder:\015\012http://www.autozone.com/au ... Ford Crown Victoria

I have a unique problem: the ignition switch in my son's 1989 Beretta now turns freely when you insert the key. We bought a new ignition, and were removing the steering wheel when he got a screw stuck in the pin lock on the left side of the steering wheel. We now cannot remove the cover to get to the ignition. I have heard that a bypass can be built; but I am unsure how to go about it. Is there a way to do this?

You can bypass the old system and install a lock and ignition switch like the old cars w/o locking steering. It's not a good idea. I would think about asking a locksmith to help or replace the steering column. ... 1989 Chevrolet Beretta


The other switch is for your high and low beam head lamps. Lots of the time the switch isn't bad it's self. It more often than not the adjustment of the switch. ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Ignition switch I have a 1990 Ford F-150 My ignition switch will not work and the steering is locked I had it toad to my house The driver left it on my neighbors property need to move it.How can I get the steering unlocked.. t/y

Have you tried turning the wheel, then turn the key? Turn it to the left, try to turn key, if no good, try turning wheel to right, then turn key. There may just be pressure on the steering, not allowing the key to turn. Hope it's that simple. Let ... 1990 Ford F150

I have an 2001 SL Saturn - my key switch will not engage my starter. After moving the steering column around (up and down) it started - we turned it off and it would not start again. Not sure if it is the starter itself or electrical issue???? I have a 2001 Saturn L200 and one day my steering column locked. I had a neighborhood mechanic replace the ignition switch and paid for coded keys yet my car still will not start. I have had 2 mechanics come out and the final noticed my security light was

That same problem happened to me last year. You need to replace the entire ignition. We were told to get another key made, worked the first time and a few months later, went to get another key made and the ignition died right there at the dealership ... 2001 Saturn SL

Power is on all the time with or without the key in the ignition. There are no positions (ie...accessories, on, start). When the key is inserted it moves freely in all positions. I removed the steering column covers and can see that the key tumbler still pushes the rod in the start position but the starter doesn't engage. All dash warning lights and indicators are all on. I'm assuming that the ignition switch itself is broken but I don't know how to remove and replace the switch and if it's a pr

Ok some where on the tumbler there will be a very small pin hole you will have to put the key in turn it forward one click then take something that will fit in the pin hole and push in and pull out on the key this should remove the tumbler then follo ... 2001 Ford Ranger Regular Cab
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