Having problems with your 1994 Dodge Caravan ?

Rough idle, dies when running slow - 1994 Dodge Caravan

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Not much info here, but I would do a tune-up. Change spark plugs, oil and filter, air filter. Disributor rotor and check distributor cap for cleanliness. Make sure spark plug wires are not arcing.
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Rough idle, dies when running slow - 1994 Dodge Caravan

Not much info here, but I would do a tune-up. Change spark plugs, oil and filter, air filter. Disributor rotor and check distributor cap for cleanliness. Make sure spark plug wires are not arcing. ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

I am having issues with my 2003 dodge grand caravan. It was running rough and wouldn't hold idle. The check engine light was on and it was for the ignition in cylinder 3. The spark plugs and wires were replaced and the check engine light went away. Now, it runs good on the top end but it sputters badly at idle particulairly in the morning. It will die out frequently at idle. A lot of black carbon out of the exhaust pipe as well. I'm not sure if it an airflow restriction or and idle selenoid. Any

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Running "rough" My 2001 Chevy Venture currently has 108K miles on it. Today, it started running rough, feeling like it was about to die during idling and taking off very slow, running rough and bumpy. At around 20 mph it seemed to get smooth and normal. My instict is to get the spark plugs, plug wires and distributor cap changed as it feels like misfiring plugs, but I'm not certain.

I had the same issue with my venture. It turned out to be the number 5 plug wire, backside of engine ended up breaking out of the plug carrier and burning in half on the manifold. Your best bet is to trace all the wires to start off with and change ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

04 dodge caravan 3.3L v6 idles rough slow throttle response when you hit gas pedal when idling when driving theres poor acceleration getting code p2308

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I have a 1994 dodge grand caravan. It starts up and runs great every morning. But after driving for an extended amount of time, it will just all of a sudden run like ****. It sputters while idle and if I press on the gas it acts as if it wants to bog out and die. If it does die it will start right back up, but with the same symptoms. And if I leave it sit long enough it will drive just fine. It almost acts like its overheating. But the temp is at normal operating range.

Check the coolent as sometime when the coolent is empty the gauge will show the temperature right but actually it's not.... or there can be some dirt in the engine ... Cars & Trucks

Dodge 2000 caravan engine dies or stops running any time the van slows down at either red light or turning left or right

If the engine light is on, you need to take it to a shop to have it tested, it may be related to your concern. if the light is not on, often this can happen from a dirty throttle body, which can be cleaned out. make sure someone knows what they are d ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2, I have a code for lean mixture for a long time, I have replaced plugs, wires, it seems to help, but after awhile it comes back, sometimes when I give it gas it sounds like it bogging down, has not done this in a long time, just started again, smell fuel while idleing, idleing is rough now, when idleing and you give it gas, when you let off the gas it acts like it wants to die. Have no clue and running out of money. Please help if you can! Thanks

A major problem with those trucks is the idle air controll valve that goes bad have you checked it ? and does your truck waste any oil ? the fix for this problem is to remove the intake manifold there is a plate on the bottom of it that the gaket goe ... 1998 Dodge Ram

Hi I have a 2001 dodge stratus r/t and im having a problem with the idle. In the morning when i first start it up the idle is rough and it has to warm up so when i put it into gear it wont die, but after its warm the idle seems to settle better after running. It only bad when its cold and when i first start it up. What can be the problem? A few people told me that the throttle body needs to be cleaned most likely. Can that be the only problem?

Other things to try could be fuel injector cleaner. The fuel filter may be clogged as well. ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

98 dodge caravan is sputtering at idle and dies when I am slowing down

... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

Fuel system On first start engine runs ok with slight vibration. After running for about five minutes the idle begins to drop engine starts running rough then dies. Sometimes if you increase gas engine smoothes out but opon returning to idle runs rough and dies. Often once idle has dropped it will not respond to increased throttle.

Check the fuel system, chenge fuel filter. clean the fuel tank. ... 1994 Toyota T100

1994 dodge intrepid. 3.5 L. Auto trans. Runs rough at idle car shakes. Runs around 1700 rpm. Drops to a 1000 surges. Starts wheezy sounding. Crank sensor replaced 2 yrs ago just had timing belt replaced intake gaskets valve cover gaskets fuel rail gaskets injector o rings fuel pressure regulator and map sensor. Dies when driving butrestarts. Do I need to check adaptive memory? Or hsomething I'm missing thanks

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I have 2002 dodge stratus, replaced timing belt-water pump-coil pack-camshaft sensor-spark plugs-idle air control valve. Runs smooth at higher speeds but idles rough and dies after about 10 to 15 minutes.

Double check the timing belt marks, its easy to get them wrong. if it ran good before replacing the belt, thats most likely the problem. do you have any check engine light or trouble codes? if it didnt run good before, i would check the compression ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

My 1988 dodge Dakota 3.9 3 speed automatic 2 w Dr.idles rough and sometimes dies at a stop light and won't restart unless I put the gassed peddle to the floor.when it does finally start I have to keep reving the engine and black smoke comes from the tail pipe.It will then idle and run OK for awhile.Sometimes when I come to a stop it won't idle down and It feels like I lose vacuum to my breaks because the peddle is real hard to push and doesn't want to stop.

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I have an Audi 80 1.8 petrol 1989. The car starts from cold with no trouble settling to a normal idle speed. However as you drive for a mile or so and come to slow down the engine dies to a extremely rough and lumpy running - barely above a stall. Pressing the accelorator produces no revs and the engine ''hunts'' firing only on a one or two cylinders. Eventually the car will start again and as long as the revs are kept high it will drive again, although when the revs go lower the engine dies aga

Also check the vacuum system and the injector insert o-rings for air leaks.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1989 Audi 80

My 97 Dodge Caravan starts fine, but then will not have power for a minute or two. It is like it misses or almost backfires, and will only move at a idle speed at best. It might die if I push it. After a minute or two it kind of catches and runs normally. This especially happens if I stop at a store for a while and try to run it when I return. Any ideas? Thanks!

... 1997 Dodge Caravan

1999 Dodge grand Caravan 3L Often when I start the engine it will start running very roughly. I smell fuel that it isn?t burning and the lights and fan will dim in sync with the engine?s rpms going up and down. When the engine has been running for a while it goes away only to return sometimes from a cold start... and we repeat the whole thing again. I have already replaced the Air Idle Motor so that?s not the problem. This has stumped every mechanic I?ve taken it to. Any suggestions out there?

... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2000 Mitsubishi Galant starts hard and idles rough. Sometimes it almost dies when just starting in the morning or randomly when I'm going slow in a parking lot. It also acts like it's not getting a steady flow of fuel when it's going up and down hills. It kind of chugs. The check engine light is on constantly now. It used to turn off and on. It also sounds kind of like a unlubricated gear or belt or something when idling. It usually runs a lot smoother in neutral at stop signs.

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Your vehicle's computer will reveal the problem/s, if you're willing to access it.\015\012\015\012You can do this by locating the Datalink connector (found under the dash, above your knee) which looks ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

My 1999 dodge ram 5.2 v8 will start idle fine and when I put it into drive touch the gas the soon as I let off the engine dies it doesn't make any noises or run rough it just dies what could this be?

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I have a 1998 dodge caravan 3 leter its not firing right i replaced the crank shaft positioning sensor it started idled fine ran for a second and now wont start again before i replaced it it would stars foa a sec not idle but run then die then not start again for about a half hour help please

Disconnect battery wait 10 minutes also disconnect csps and then put csps back to gether then try connecting battery ... 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hi, I have a Ford Expedition 1998...changed my battery only...but when I started the car it started choking and dying out... it runs, but when you slow down it dies out and has rough a idle. Thank you.

Your vehicle's computer is teaching itself to idle. it's called a re-learn. Most of the time it's not as bad as you are describing. I have a feeling that you should clean your throttle plate real good, disconnect the battery and start all over. The r ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan with the 3.3L engine and it seems to have what sounds like or could be a blown head gasket. It starts, but will not idle. runs rough, so badly that it wont stay running.

Pull the oil dipstick and see if you have a lot of bubbles in the oil. If your head gasket is blown you will have coolant mixing with oil causing the bubbles. If you don't see the bubbles, you may still have a bad head gasket but should consider tha ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

When you first start it idles fine but once you give it gas and let off it will die. 2003 DODGE NEON IDLES FINE BUT RUNS ROUGH WHEN PUT IN GEAR, HAS 60 # OF FUEL PRESSURE AND TURNS PLUGS BLACK.

Hi and welcome to FixYa, Initially, the black plugs is significant. If it is carbon black, then it is indicative of an over-rich, air/fuel mixture. If it is oily, then this is often caused by piston rings or cylinder walls that are badly ... 2003 Dodge Neon

I got a 2000 Dodge Durango 4.7L and 140 K miles. Couple of days ago the engine knocked and the engine light came on, the computer said it was probably caused by the timing chain streched of jumped.Another symptom is that the engine sounds and seems to run good, but while sitting idle, it won't start knocking or stalling until it warms up (average idle speed 600-700 RPMs, normal?) But I also heard the transmission having problems shifting down can cause the engine to stall and die while slowing d

... 2000 Dodge Durango

My 2003 PT cruiser's engine light came on, then the car started running extremely rough. It became so bad, I had to pull over. Sitting idle, it seems to idle a little rough, but when I gas it gas, it would rev up the die down, then rev up and die down - sorta pulsating. I just checked the code for my 2003 PT cruiser by using the run-off-run-off-run method and it came back with a code p 0340. The code chart indicates a misfire in cylinder 4. Does that mean I need to change the spark pulgs? What's

Find your air mass flow sensor in the stiff collar of the air ducting immediately after the air filter. Have the engine running and disconnect the plug to the MAF. If this makes the car run evenly again you need to replace the broken MAF. The misf ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

1999 Dodge Caravan running rough at idle and lack of acceleration

Here are a few things to check that aren't that exspencive to do. check you'r o2 scener and the map scencer.try tapping on the cadiletice convertor to see if can hear any rattling if there is any rattliling the cadiletice converter could be clogged ... 2002 Dodge Ram Maxi
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