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I have a 1994 Chevy s10 blazer 4.3 I had The fuel pump and sending unit changed a coupl of weeks ago and yesterday morning the truck just kept cranking left it sitting over night and this morning it cranked up what could it be please help thanks

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Answers :

Look for a loose wire
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I have a 1994 Chevy s10 blazer 4.3 I had The fuel pump and sending unit changed a coupl of weeks ago and yesterday morning the truck just kept cranking left it sitting over night and this morning it cranked up what could it be please help thanks

Look for a loose wire ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

#1...Help Please, I just got this truck a couple of weeks ago, my first 6.5, my 1993 6.5 turbo Cranks fine in the morning, but today, a warm day when I crank it, the starter just turns over and over for a long period of time, then I press the throttle while cranking and it starts, Very little smoke, but does not run very good for about 20-30 seconds and then it runs normal...Glow Plug light does not come on, it was 88 degrees this afternoon when it did it. #2...The truck runs good after getting

It sounds like there is a problem in your glow plug circuit. A copy of Haynes Diesel Engine Repair Manual, part # 10330, has easy step by step diagnosis and repair for this engine complete with diagrams and pictures. It's only $20 at the autoparts st ... 1993 Chevrolet C/K 3500

I asked this question yesterday and got a response which didn't fix the problem. I've had a new battery installed that is still going dead as the truck sits in the garage. The alternator has been checked out and performing up to specs. I left the truck sitting in the garage this morning at 10 AM with the battery fully charged. This evening at 8 PM the battery was stone dead again. Any help in figuring out where the drain on the battery is coming from?

1st there is no way to easily check an alternator that is causing a draw other than disconnecting it, that means u remove the heavy red cable and if the battery still goes dead then the Alt of course is not the problem, I am a retired Fo ... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse and we see white smoke coming from the exhaust every gage is fine no check engine lights no codes come up no lights period it smells like oil but no leaks anywhere we can crank the car and go bit only after it sits during the night and crank it in the morning about a half a mile down the road it cuts off everyone we have went to is.puzzled please help

If this car is turbocharged the turbo seal is likely leaking oil into the engine intake runners. The other cause is worn valve guides and seals on the valve stems for oil control. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1991 olds 88 starts right in the mornings then every once in a while twice this month, after sitting nine hours cranks but wouldn't start. Then next morning started right up. had it to the mechanic he said he couldn't find anything. Help please

First guy is right but my experince says yo have a defective fuel pump. ... Oldsmobile 88

I have a 2003 chevy caveiler manual..... it quit running on me.... I drove it in the morning and then left it running and went in for a second and came back out and it quit running. I tried to start it and crank and crank it and get it started for a second and it would quit again. I put it on the computer and it said it was the throttle position sensor. I have had the spark plugs changed... the oil filter changed and the battery checked to see if it was good..... please help! What can it be?

First check and see if you have spark at the sparkplug, if you do then check the fuel pressure if its not within specs replace fuel pump. ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

2000 f150 always cranks but doesn't always start, I can tell when it is not going to start because the three lights for the fuel/seatbelt/Check Engine on the left hand side of the instument panel will not come on. This also usually happens in the morning after sitting overnight, but if you keep turing the key or leave it on for few minutes it will finally turn those three lights on and the truck will start. I have run by pass to the diode shunt in the underhood fuse box for the Fuel/CPU and forc

... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

1988 ford f250 302v8 5speed 4wd. truck wont start. has good fuel pressure and compression. i grounded one of the plug wires and got a nice fat orange spark. if left to sit for a day or 2 it will run when 1st started for about 2 seconds then shut off and will not restart. starting fluid doesnt help at all. when trying to restart it will pop every so often but never actually start. i found the distributor was loose and i lined up the 10btdc mark on the crank pulley with the 'u' shaped grove di

First of all. you have to line up the rotor to the number one distributor tower with the engine at O" TDC, so your timing probably was initially correct. Sounds like you are getting TOO MUCH FUEL. Could be fuel pressure regulator located on fuel ra ... 1989 Ford F 150

My expedition has been sitting forover 6 months now since a good friend stole mykeys and moved away. I am a mother of 4 and really cant afford the dealer ship so I have been asking my mechanic and he said that the pats system is shutting everything down. Is there any way to go around the system so I donthave topay all the money. He is tryingto fix this on his time for free for me. He said that it cranks but no fuel. Please help I need my truck working again soon instead of asking for rides all

Have your mechanic check the fuel cutout switch. During heavy cranking sometimes the switch will cut out and not let the engine get fuel. If you hear the fuel pump running this of course is not the problem. There is a fuel pump relay on the driver ... Ford Expedition

I have a overnight power draw. If I don't unplug the battery at night it wont start in the morning. my alternator is good. But the real main problem is sometimes when its extra hot out my truck will just cut out. It will start dieing. I'll give it gas but the RPMs will act like they want to raise but wont . then it will die . I let it sit for a half an hour to an hour and it will run again. please help Ive read my Chilton three times.

Check the ignition switch is it properly turning your vehicle off or not turning.In some cases the ignition switch doers not turn the vehicle off.it actually shows the dial to off but the vehicle is ON.due to internal short in the switch or the fault ... 1992 Ford Explorer

My 2000 ford contour just yesterday started getting sluggish, eas having problems getting past 50 miles per hour.like when you pull something with your truck up hill.. then today we drove it to town this morning at around 50 miles per hour. stopped the car and left it sitting for a few hours. started back up later went again stopped somewhere then it wouldn't stay on trying to get dsown the road, kept dying... turns on thogh?

First try changing the fuel filter. It is extremely easy and costs about 12 dollars at Wal-mart. If that doesn't work than try changing the fuel pump itself. Little more costly but still pretty simple to do. ... 2000 Ford Contour

Unsolved Problem! Please HELP! I have a 1996 GMC Sonoma truck. The PROBLEM is when the truck sits for a long period of time especially over night, it takes about five tries for me to START it. I have REPLACED the fuel pump, regulator and filter. New spark plugs and ignition coil. New rotor and distributive cap. Plug wires and battery are good. Used H-44 to clean the fuel line. Brand new starter. I am a woman who LOVES her truck!!! Please help! No one on my end can seem to figue this out. THANKS!

Pin hole in gas line...sucks air till gas comes back up to engine...my two lines jumped out of plastic retainer on frame...corner of gas tank wore one hole in each line... [one is a return line]... had to loosen tank straps & filler pipe...slide ... 1996 GMC Sonoma

I have a 1983 Ford F250, 4X4 Reg cab with a 460 - V8 and an automatic transmission. This truck has a single mid mounted fuel tank. There are approx 66,000 miles on this truck. When this truck sits overnight and then try to start it in the morning, I have to crank and crank and crank to get it to start. It has spark. Seems to me to be a fuel delivery issue. There are two filters on this. One is right before the carb, it has inlet and outlet as well as the return line going back to the tank. This

The filter before the carb is a fuel preasure regulator, it is probly stuck open and all your fuel is going back to the tank ... 1983 Ford F 250

I have a 92 GMC K1500 I drove approx. 2 miles to deliver a package truck was running fine. shut it off approx 10 min. later would not crank. pulled off air breather was not getting fuel. thought fuel pump went out so called tow truck and had towed to repair shop.sat overnignt. truck cranked next morning. Mech. still puzzled what would caues this problem? thanks for the help. Truck has sparkplugs and not injectors.

It can still be the fuel pump.the pump could be getting hot and not working. If u let it set for awhile and cool down it will start. You need to do a fuel pressure test it should read between 40 and 50 psi. Let it run for awhile and see if the pressu ... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

Truck will crank and run fine till it warms up...when im on the interstate running a steady speed it acts like its running out of fuel or lossing spark... if i let off the gas it will clear up then start acting up again or i can floor it and it will clear up then it will start acting up again...i have replaced the... ecm, fuel pump, pick up in the dist, coil, plugs, wires, crank sensor....please help my sick truck............. its a 97 ram 1500 club cab 2 wheel drive with a 5.2...

Classic symptoms of mass air flow sensor ... Dodge Ram 1500

Got a 98 s10. turn key and all lights come on (security light comes on but shuts off) but nothing. hear click from starter relay. just replaced igniton switch and didnt help. bybass start relay with a wire and truck cranks and starts but shuts off, do it again and cranks but wont start..please help.

... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have 1996 chevy tahoe i replaced everything in front end now truck wont turn left and tie rods bottom out so you can not move them truck was fine before we started now i cant find out why it dont turn left and upper ball joint rubs the a arm while in the air but dont when on the ground help please

Make sure you have all of the ends conected up correctly. Sorry for the long address but it is the best picture I found. ... 1998 GMC Suburban

Can someone please give some input on my 6.0 troubles. F Power stroke , 6.0 2005 truck had a misfire, replaced set of 8 injectors . after completing replacements of injectors., Injectors pulse rating but ringing will not start, Replaced high pressure oil pump seals, STC connector , and plugs and IP sensor seals. I checked the white 2 amp fuse located in left engine compartment . Everything seems to be fine but the truck will not start, Fuel pressure on crank, 44psi Oil pressure on crank abov

The 6.5 and 6.6 diesel engines has electronic control pump.more likely the need diagnostic equiopment to reset injection pump timing before engine will start. ... Cars & Trucks

Ok someone please help me my truck (1985 ford f150 w.F.I 302) died the other day on me and wouldnt start back after sitting a few hours it fired right up and ran great the rest of the day so i changed the fuel filter and some how unplugged the high pressure fuel pump so i found that and fixed and the truck ran great i drove it about 10 miles and it just shut down all over again after sitting for a bit it will fire back up and run for a 10 to 20 seconds and die again what could this be?

Fuel pump is a likely cause as it will run fine when cold and once it heats up it loses powers muffles backfires and dies. ... Ford F-150

I have a 1985 Toyota 4 wheel drive truck and I do not have a schematic or diagram for my fuses. I do own the Haynes Owners Manual, which **** compared to Chilton's, anyways the section on fuses just explains how to change them, not what should be where. Please help me out here. I don't want to have to ask a neighbor for help who don't know anymore about my truck than me. Also next to the fuse box under the steering column on the left panel one of the round silver ho daddies gets pretty hot. I j

... 1985 Toyota Pickup

Hello friend. Can you help me please? I live in Mexico, I have a truck 1986 Jeep Comanche 5 speed, 2.5 L engine I love adventure, I'm a fan of the jeep, my truck is failing me, I have been three workshops and do not solve the problem . Failure to have my truck is: this very slow. (It seems that a large diesel truck.) Avaz very slowly when I accelerate, or not injected gasoline engine is not strong. When turned on in the morning I have to make several attempts and be stepping on the accelerator W

Well your jeep will not have an obd system at all. your problem could be anything from timing to the air fuel ratio. ... 1987 Jeep Comanche

1989 Chevy 2500 pickup. Two months ago I was driving and truck just died. After it cooled off it would crank for maybe 5 seconds then would not crank. Replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and coil. Still would not start. Replaced pickup coil. Still nothing. Replaced ECM in distributor. Cranked and run fine for 1 1/2 months. Doing the same thing again. Cranks but will not start. Is it a bad ECM? Please help?

You can have the coil and module tested at most auto parts stores. The module provides the ground signal to the coil. It could also be the pickup coil in the bottom of the distributor. ... Cars & Trucks

Hi i drove my car this morning and when i got back i listened to the radio a while with the car in the start position but not cranked. now when i try to crank my car it is not making any noise and it will not crank...i dont know whats wrong ive tried to get a jump but it still wont crank...could you please help

Dead Battery?\015\012Bad Starter ... 2004 Ford Taurus

I have a 2001 f150 and first I would like to know if its necessary to let the truck warm up in the morning and after warming up as long as the truck is in park or neutral the truck runs smooth but soon as I put the truck in drive it starts to run like groggy or like it starts to jump. I have 130,000 miles just had oil change and tried the injector cleaner, but didn't change spark plugs in six months.......please help me...

It could be numerous things but I can point out a few things I do different than some. I use Di-Electric grease on my COP's to reduce morning moisture or even when washing the engine.. If you get moisture under these, it will cause it to run as you e ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

Truck ran fine set for an hour or so come back would not star 3 attempts waited for a little while cranked up. went out this morning would not crank up 5 attempts.Notice batt. was dragging went and had it checked not enough amps got a new one installed 2 attempts did not crank.Tightened the terminals all the way next attempt cranked up and four more times.let st maybe an hour would not crank first try turned key off tried again fired up.So I let it sit another hour stared right up and when it re

Most of your discription would indicate a bad starter,\015\012if your talking about the engine turning over or cranking\015\012\015\012Some people call a no start or no ignition, a not cranking\015\012situation, which is a wro ... Ford F-150
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