Having problems with your 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier ?

I do not get the 121 handshake code from 94 caviler OBD1 connector what are the wires coming out of the controller that go to the connector?

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I do not get the 121 handshake code from 94 caviler OBD1 connector what are the wires coming out of the controller that go to the connector?

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I have a 1999 cadillac deville with the ABS and traction control lights on. I had the codes checked and its coming up c1233 which is right wheel speed circuit open or shorted. I have had the wheel bearing replaced, and the lights came on less for 2 days, but now come on all the time. The wheel bearing has been replaced twice now, so i guess it has to be the wire that goes from where the sensor plugs into, to the EBTM. Does this need replaced, and where do i get one of these connectors?

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I have a 1999 cadillac deville with the ABS and traction control lights on. I had the codes checked and its coming up c1233 which is right wheel speed circuit open or shorted. I had the wheel bearing replaced, and the lights came on less for 2 days, and now come on all the time. The wheel bearing has been replaced twice now, so i guess it has to be the wire that goes from where the sensor plugs into, to the EBTM. Does this need replaced, and where do i get one of these connectors?

It's not the wheel bearing, it's the sensor or the wiring. You can get wiring and connectors from ANY GM dealer. ... Cadillac DeVille

1987 chevy c10 5.7 350 v8 tbi engine swapped with 1995 Chevy 1500 tbi all the same but alternator and a/c on opposed side and alternator that fit the 1995 motor don't have same electronic connectors 1987 wiring harness alternator connector only has two wires the new 1995 alternator with new connector has three wires coming from it how do I get that connector wired in the old ones place

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I have a 1997 Lincoln Towncar that everytime I stop I have to get a jump to get started again. When driving with A/C on the A/C control unit cuts off and the dash lights go out. When we cut off the headlights the dash lights cut back on. I replaced the the wire coming from the alternator to the distribrution box with a new and also I changed the wire from the distribrution box to the battery. It worked for five days no problems, until today when it started to do the same thing. The A/C control u

Remove the battery cables and clean them real shiny,and the battery post also.As for that wire,just repair it.And take a volt meter(DC 20 volt meter)and connect it to the battery,and start the car.It should be 13.65 to 14.25 volts.If it is less than ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car


Are you sure this is a CL600? i cant find a CL600 but i can find a SL600. ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I'm getting the engine light coming every so often. It seems that after I fill the tank and get down around 3/4 tank, The message I'm getting is "EVAP Emission Control System Purge Flow Fault". PO441 and PO344 came up at the same time. I put a new camshaft sensor switch, new spark plugs, new wires on and put more grease on the gas cap o ring and treads. I reset the codes and drive about 5 miles and the PO344 comes on again. I took the - battery cable loose and put on another camshaft switch. I p

I have a 2004 dodge stratus 2.4 dual overhead cam. When driving down the road, bell goes off, check engine light comes on, and it's like I'm driving on limp mode, when going over 2000 rpm's, there's a severe stutter. After getting code for light it p ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Fuel pump inop on 2002 mitsubishi lancer ozzy edition non turbo 5spd. I checked fuse #8 and 10 both are good. No power coming from fuel pump relay2 at bulk head connector . I have disconnected connector at fuse box and applied 12 volts to red wire and pump runs and starts car, so one can assume the problem lies ahead of the connector. When car is in start position I can feel relay 2 click as if it turned on. I cant get to the wiring at the back of the fuse box to verify voltage right behind rela

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I need pin functions for brake switch connector. Installing a trailer brake controller and want to get to the switched side wire. Also, would love to get full wiring diagram and harness config for this van.

Try this site. Bottom of the page gives color codes for each vehicle. http://www.etrailer.com/faq-wiring.aspx ... 2000 Chevrolet Express Cargo

96 cirrus 2.5. No spark. distributor has 2 wire connectors , 1 has several wires , the other has only 1 wire. When I turn the key , the one that has only 1 wire gets 12 V , but it only lasts for a couple of seconds , then goes down to 0 v . My thinking is that this wire is to energize the coil , and should stay at 12 V to give the coil power to make spark for the Distributor. Can anyone tell me if that is suposed to be a continuos 12 v or not .

Ignition module ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus

Heater core replacement on a Nissan Xterra is a time consuming but not a difficult job. First you must take the dash out of the car to get to the heater core housing. The Dash comes out easily with removal of the bolts and fasteners that keep it in place but the wires and connectors that connect all the electrical wires, there are a lot of them. Make sure you know which goes where, (I mark them with numbers on the wires with masking tape so I can reconnect them) then once the dash is removed, y

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I have a 1970 trailblazer camper, model170sc and I'm trying to get the trailer brakes wired correctly to the 6 point harness. Someone had rewired it but they only hooked up the lights. I applied 12 volts to the red wire that goes to the brakes and the brakes were activated. I'm wondering if the red brake wire on the trailer needs to go thru some other circuitry or would it just directly connect to the brake controller output from the vehicle thru the 6 pin connector? Any help would be appreciate

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I ask last week about the heater,air cond. control Lost heater only way to get warm air was in manual on rescyle air then it was warm your asker was to check the control nob it was not bad After carring it to a dealer it was found that the wire harness had come unpluged might have hit it with my foot while given the car gas the harness was packed in place were my foot can not pull it out again All is well just wanted you to know that everything is great now Thanks Mike

Hi Mike,\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Its good that the issue has been resolved completely and thanks for letting us know about it. If you still have any concerns please do revert for further assistance.\015 ... Nissan Maxima

My 86 fiero idle over 2000 rpm and when driven. water pressure get too hisgh and come out or leak into radiator caps or tube connectors. i cant control the idel to come down.

Usually a problem with the idle air control valve, or a vac leak. ... 1986 Pontiac Fiero

Hi I plugged the scanner in my ford fiesta endura diesel 2001 (y reg) this code number came up P1564 also said injection pump control module requesting reduced fuelling. When starting the car up it smokes white smoke signalling it is not getting enough fuel yet we have the above code coming up.Sometimes it picks up and runs normally when running sometimes you can walk away then come back and it plays up again. Wiring to the pump is ok as I have checked that already. Was also told to look at the

Would try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner ( for DIESEL) sounds like an injector or two are "hanging"open causing too much fuel in cylinder(white smoke) .can be intermintent as heck ... Ford Fiesta

I have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 2wd with a 4.8 liter when im driving i get on the dtc reduced engine power atleast 5 times a day. When i scan it the code comes up as P1125 severity 2 times when read. I replaced the throttle body the pedal position sencer , throttle control module, also bought a new throttle body harness soldered it shrink tubed every thing. I splicede the wires back 18 inches back cleared all engine codes and am still getting this reduced engine power

Check your spark plugs and wires, 2 things that majorly affect power. \015\012if your plugs are old/corroded/gapped wrong, you will lose major pressure\015\012Hesitation or misfiring when accelerating. This may be due to a vacuum leak, bu ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I installed a Delco D1927A ignition module on my 1993 Lotus Esprit which has a GM Quad 4 engine management system. I had a code 42 and after completing a diagnosis, results indicated the DI mudule was defective. With the new module I get a code 41, EST. After reading on the net, I've learned the generic ignition modules do not have a wire to one of the pins on the 6 pin connector to inform the ECM of speed control signal like the Lotus ones do, so you will always get a code 41 with a generic o

... Lotus Esprit

My truck almost burned up today when an electrical fire broke out under the dash. Imediately disconnected the battery had it towed home. Then proceeded to find out what happened. I found out wires coming from the ignition switch were burned up to the firewall connector. The switch seems to be frozen will not slide. I need to replace the switch and female connector. Can I get these at the dealer or after market? Thanks. ps. the truck is a 88 f-150. My name is BIll.

Switch you can get at the dealer or aftermarket normally if u want to keep your same key its better to get it from the dealer and rebuild the new tumbler to match your key if u dont care u can get it aftermarket with a different key as far as the con ... 1988 Ford F 150

I have a 2003 silverado that gets a reduced engine power on the dtc when i scan it it comes up as P1125 severity 2 times i have replaced the app sencor, the throttle body the harness to the throttle body, i replaced the throttle control module and the wire going from the throttle control module to the app sencor aka gas pedal

There are a few things that could cause this, \015\012First there is a bulletin to check the grounds on the back of the \015\012cylinder heads. Next, the wiring that goes to the trottle body may \015\012be bad. We see this failure alot at the d ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have been having a problem with the 4wd not shifting into 4wd and now I can not get it out of 4wd low with any of the three switches on the dash. I found a loose vacuun line near the abs control unit that I can't find where it was attached too. Its one off the 5/32 lines that come off a check valve that is about 7 inches in lenght. There is one small 5/32 line that is off that check valve that goes into a wire harness just below the check valve that comes off that check valve at 90 degrees,its

The 4 wheel drive is switched differntly depending on the model yeaqr and the model. the s series ( s10) have a vacume motor under the battery tray that the vacume hose connected to. this motor has a cable on it thaqt goes to the frount Axel. ther ... Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1996 SL1. The passenger side head light ( bot low and high beams ) will not come on, also the daytime running lights on both sides do not come on. I have done the following: Changed the lens assembly ( no difference ), replaced all bulbs ( nothing ), Replaced the wiring harness, and chip board to the lights ( nothing ), and replaced the light controls, including the turn signal, wiper module in the steering column ( this allowed the drivers side to get high beams ). Still nothing on

... 1996 Saturn SL

2005 red brake warning light comes on and stays on for a long period (just the red light) Though sometimes i get lucky and it does not come on. I already replaced the ebrake switch I also disconnected the connector from the master cylinder for the level sensor. (light still remains on whether that is connected or not. Also disconnecting wire from new ebrake switch doesn't shut the wrning light.

Check the brake fluid ... Ford F-150

I can not lock the doors with the key fob or with the controls on the doors but wwhen i push the buttons in the car to make the locks go i do hear a small noise comeing from behind the glove box witch is that module i hecked all fuses and none where blow also on the rear gate where the wires go through the body to the gate all of the wires are cracked and have bare spots what needs to get replaced

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I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan. The cruise control will turn the dash light on but when I try to set the speed it will not set. Is there a fuse or easy couple of things to check? I did take the control assembly off of the steering wheel and with a volt meter verified that I get solid voltage changes at the connector wires when I hit any of the buttons, including the SET button so I think that switch is working. I think I'd like the $19.99 live chat assistance for this one time problem.

... Dodge Grand Caravan

I am trying to replace the passenger side headlamp in a 2004 Prius. The connectors do not come apart the way they show them in the manual. I have separated the two wire electrical connector, after separating the molded piect from the round headlamp cover. In trying to turn the headlamp cover, one of the 'wings' has broken off and i am not sure how to remove it so I can get to the bulb to replace it. Can you advise me how to proceed? Thanks

Hello. Let me begin by agreeing with you that the manual on how to do this is poorly written. Regarding the broken wing, you may need to order a new cover or possibly do a repair with one minute clear epoxy, if you still have that wing. It is poss ... Toyota Prius
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