Having problems with your 1994 Chevrolet C1500 ?

What causes are likely when engine cranks and runs real good then when killed and restarted engine is hard to start and smokes smells like raw fuel wil not idol then all of a sudden will crank and run smooth

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Answers :

Sounds like fuel overload, might want to check out the fuel regulator.
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What causes are likely when engine cranks and runs real good then when killed and restarted engine is hard to start and smokes smells like raw fuel wil not idol then all of a sudden will crank and run smooth

Sounds like fuel overload, might want to check out the fuel regulator. ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

2000 Ford Taurus SEL 4 door sedan 3.0 12 valve Looking for some help best place to start with following problems First problem engine runs real rough when engine cold at an idle and the exhaust smells like raw fuel when I bring rpms up it sputters and kicks than smooths out high rpms Second my heater blowing cold air even when engine warm also my radiator cooling fans do not turn on(fuse OK) and in traffic or with AC on engine starts to over heat

The first part of problem could be sensors or bad ECM (computer) second part of question sounds like you are low on antifreeze. ... Ford Taurus

Very rough idle. Engine lopes badly. No codes show when key turned 3 times on / off (left on @ 3rd time). Only thing that shows in odometer area (where codes would display) is the word "done". When engine is revved it smooth out some. Could it be the camshaft sensor? Get a slight odor of raw fuel also when running. I check all the vacuum lines and they appear to be okay.

I doupt it's the cam sensor. they don't work that way. I would check the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve and the IAC ( idle air control) motor. Both of these will cause a large vacuum leak and make your lope. you can try uplugging them , then p ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1997 1.6l 1600 Ford Escort. The engine was reconditioned 1000 km's ago. A few days ago it just would not cold start. The engine would kick over once and stall. It takes up to 3 hours to start the engine and once running it runs very uneven for about 2 minutes then the engine runs normal and very smooth. Throttle body sensor has been checked, fuel pump an filter checked. Sufficient fuel pressure at bleed valve, and injector seals has been checked - where could the problem be.


1978 Datsun/Nissan 280Z 2 2, 6-Cyl in-line: Cold starts easily. Runs fine. After a run of a few miles, and parked, with engine off, will not restart for at least 30 minutes or so.(Cranks over, but will not start engine)) If hood is left open, cooling down, then Restarts sooner and runs rough (spitting, faltering...) then smooths out fine. Coolant temerature runs just a little high, 185-190? Possible; coil fails when hot, or is running too rich f0r ahiot engine? Fuel injected Engine.

Go to zcar.com ask question there. you will get answer and what to look for. ... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

My 1991 park avenue starts and seems to run fine for maybe twenty miles, and then will begin to starve for fuel, as it begins to diesel very bad, and only run smooth at very light acceleration. if i pull over and turn engine off for 5 or 10 min. it will run fine again for a while and then do the same thing. i have changed the fuel filter but it didn't help. am thinking it could be a bad fuel pump relay.hopefully not the fuel pump. what do you think?

Hi, it could well be the pump but give this a try, next time you use the car leave the fuel filler cap off just for this test then see if the car cuts out or not, im saying this because the problem could be an airlock in the tank, if the breather has ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Datsun/Nissan 1978 280Z 2 2 6-Cyl in-line: Car will not re-start if parked after ashort run of a fewe miles, for about 30 minutes. Starts and runs fine from cold (first start) Cranks over fine. If hood is left open, it may re-start sooner, but engine sputters and spits for a short while, then smooths out.. Possible: Ignition Coil failing when heated up? OR is mixture too rich for hot engine? (Fuel Injected engine)?after a run of a few miles. Engine coolant temp 185-190 degrees.

Check the condition of the fuel pump relay. It is located under the bracket in front of the battery that has the fuseable links attached to it. You will have to take the fuseable link holders off and remove the 2 bolts on top and the 2 on the bottom ... Nissan Z

Fuel system On first start engine runs ok with slight vibration. After running for about five minutes the idle begins to drop engine starts running rough then dies. Sometimes if you increase gas engine smoothes out but opon returning to idle runs rough and dies. Often once idle has dropped it will not respond to increased throttle.

Check the fuel system, chenge fuel filter. clean the fuel tank. ... 1994 Toyota T100

My 1986 ford lindy motorhome with a 460 4bbl carb engine starts runs smooth for about 30-40 seconds dies then i wait a few minutes with key or pump it a few times and it starts and runs smooth for another 30-40 seconds. I have replaced both fuel pumps. all fuel filters and carb.Same problem still exists. I'm frustrated and baffled. Can anyone help me?

... Cars & Trucks

I Have 1996 GMC Suburban. Problem: hard to start. Recent happening--after not used for several days is hard to start, finally starts and runs ok; turn off engine and starts immediately. Battery ok, starter ok. Acts like fuel rail might be leaking but no such evidence; fuel pump ok. Engine smooth when running, lots of power. Injectors seem ok.

... 1996 GMC Suburban

1990 mazda b2200 pickup after 15 to 30 min of running the engine quits then in about 10 to 15 min it runs fine. I crank the engine but it just cranks and cranks I checked to see if it had spark. I checked at the coil wire then plug 1 spark was good I removed the gas line to the fuel injection system and pumped gas into a bottle and it pumped as the engine cranked put the hose back on still would not start then I wait 10-15 min starts right up runs very smooth and has a lot of power new plugs new

... 1988 Mazda B2200

Engine will choke itself out if accelerator is quickly pushed 1/2 way and remains there. If accelerator is 'slowly' pushed to the 1/2 way point there is no problem and the engine runs smoothly. Nutshell: quick demand for fuel chokes out engine. 1. getting fuel (and changed fuel filter) 2. spark test OK on all 4 distributor ohm test VERY high, but the symptom do not seem to fit a bad distributor - or does it?

First off when was the last tune up? How many miles on the vehicle? Have you tried cleaning out the intake/engine with some sort of cleaner. I prefer amsoil engine foam. It works wonder's Could be a lot of reasons for this start with the smallest sim ... 1991 Mazda 323

Hi I HAVE A ISUZU WIZZARD 3.0 WITH 4jx1 engine,it hard to started,diesel knock when it idle,engine light stay on with a code p10193 or p1393,already replace fuel filter,engine oil,train and renew a diesel fuel from the tank,If the engine light turn off, engine is running smooth,already try a second hand computer still the same,what could be the problem

Hi, you problem is the rail oil pressure sensor having a high voltage input -  P0193 code set . This will also cause your faults . \012Change the sensor which is under the cam cover and the smaller of the two there and it will run ok ... Isuzu Trooper

My 2002 Dodge Neon had trouble yesterday, running as if it had water in the fuel line. It would run very roughly, nearly stalling, then run more smoothly, alternativing. (The day was snowy and very wet, very damp.) Last night and today it seems to run smoothly, but the "check engine" light is on and it makes a "ding" sound every few minutes.

CHECK ALL OTHER DASH LIGHTS,MAKE SURE THE OIL PRESSURE IS GOOD,AND THE TEMP,AND BATTERY VOLTAGE,BETTER YET,CHECK THE ALTERNATOR OUT PUTIt should read 13.65 volts,to 14.25 volts with engine running,and headlights on,and high blower motor.The ding is a ... Dodge Neon

At constant speeds engine misfires and pops back through throttle body, but runs good when you floor it. fuel pressure is it 50-55 psi and engine has new cap and rotor. 96 dodge ram pick up 5.9 v8 4x4 This problem is intermitent, sometimes it runs fine for a week or two than all of a sudden starts acting up. Also when it is acting up the idle will starting dropping and will run very rough and almost stall then idle jumps way up and runs smooth for about 30-60 seconds and then keeps repeating its


My 1994 J30 with 200,000 miles starts fine, but runs rough after a-while of using it and it will not start when you turn OFF then ON the engine. I have to wait the next day to start it and be okay. After replacing the TIMING BELT, BELT TENSIONERS,AC BELT, ALT BELT, PS BELT, CLOG INJECTOR, SPARK PLUGS, FUEL FILTER as regular maintenance, the car now runs great and very smooth like new. But, the OFF and ON problem of the engine is still there, It runs great when its running, but once you turn th

Hi sierrabridge,\015\012Check the igniter, the ignition switch and the ignition coil\015\012\015\012Best regards Johngee10 ... Infiniti J30

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus SEL, the check engine light is on and when I had them run the codes they said it was running "lean" on both banks. What could cause this? Some have said it could be the O2 sensor or a fuel pump. The car only has 49,000 miles on it and runs fine. Gas mileage is down a little but overall it runs smooth. I cant get an inspection sticker until the check engine light is taken care of. Any help would be very appreciated.

... 2003 Ford Taurus

I am having HONDA civic EG 8 manual transmission Carburetor 1992 manufacture with D15B engine. I did an engine tune up by the Honda agent recently and since then it starts giving me an intermittent trouble mostly when the engine is heated up after certain mileage. details of the problem is as follows(When this problem is not happening car's performances are superb with very good emission levels and puling power and fuel economy) After a smooth run abruptly the car knocks (as when a fuel system

... 2003 Honda Civic

I have an 87 d21 pickup with a z24i engine. On acceleration on half throttle the engine acts like it is bouncing of off rev limiter. Have changed throttle body, fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor button, pcv valve. Also have checked ohms on both coils, checked fuel pressure and is steady at 36 lbs when running and idle. If you spray fuel into throttle body while cutting out, it smooths out. HELP!

This truck has 2 ignition shstems,One of the modules is malfunctioning. follow the primary wiring from distributor to the ignition modules closeby. Disconnect one at a time untill problem found. ... 1987 Nissan Pickup

I recently bought a 1993 Lexus SC 400 a month ago. The car ran fine. Then it started running rough. At start up it still runs fine. Once it reaches operating temperature the engine idle fluctuates and when put into park or neutral the rpm jumps up. At the same time black exhaust come out and smells like raw fuel. When you step on the gas pedal the engine bogs down and wants to stall. At this point, if you put it in gear the car stalls. After the car sits for a while, it starts up and runs fine u

Well as to what you'r describing above, if there is indeed black smoke and raw fuel smell then you vehicle is running rich. That means that insead of having the perfect 14.7 mixture of fuel and air, your engine is burning more fuel then air. The prob ... 1992 Lexus Sc 400

2001 Ford Escape runs rough on acceleration and at 50 mph runs pretty rough. Once speed is over 55 mph, engine starts to smooth out. Engine diagnostic test indicates excessive egr flow (blocked the vacuum line to egr valve and it didn't affect the running) and a miss now and then on cyl #4. Replaced all the plugs, changed the fuel filter. Air filter is good. No leaks around the intake manifold. Checked for vacuum leaks on hoses, none found. Crusing down the highway with OBD hooked up does

Escape 2001 runs rough, but after a certain speed ( 50 mph ) runs smooth. ... 2001 Ford Escape

99 subaru legacy outback w/2.5 L boxer engine. Have PO 0440 obd II code. 98K miles Car misses at low RPM. Has a hessitation went you accellerate. Runs smooth at highway speeds. Replaced plugs, plug wires, and ran some SeaFoam thru the gas tank to clean the injectors. None of this has changed anything. A friend has suggested either the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, or both. I do have a fuel pressure tester (for FI engines) but not sure on just how to use it on this vehicle. I on the other h

This code is associated with the EVAP system which includes, but not limited to gas cap, fuel lines, carbon canister, purge valves. The EVAP system is supposed to prevent fuel vapors from escaping the fuel systemIf you have this code, on ... 2000 Subaru Outback

1992 Honda prelude intermitent starting problem. Fuel injected 5 speed, new fuel filter and spark plugs. Battery, starter, and alternator checks out ok. Runs smooth and powerful. Somedays It will start perfectly, and somedays the engine will only crank over and over and not turn over to a complete engine start-up. this happens on a cold engine. The air filter is clean, and spraying starter fluid does not help at all. Is there a component that affects only the starting process, and why would it w

I have a 1992 Honda Prelude 5spd manual with the same problem. Sometimes it wont start, usually in warmer weather, but after leaving it for 5 - 10 mins it will. After reading forums i was thinking its the main relay coil but today a mechanic wa ... 1992 Honda Prelude

I have a 98 Hyundai Excel, the engine seems to run fine and smooth but it puffes smoke like a chimney, and deposits a liquid i am not sure what it is and i also treated the fuel. the colour of the smoke ranges from blueish to black colour. do i need to overhaul the engine or can i rectify otherwise. I have serviced the engine and replaced the spark plugs. but it still smokes and i also treated the fuel. please help me thanks in advance.

It more than likely needs a rebuild but you can try certain oil additives that restore compression. "Restore" is on product. There are several others that work as well. ... 1990 Hyundai Excel

Intermitant engine light, when the light does come on the engine runs cold and stutters.I had it coded, and I was told it was a mass air flow? Also seems to smell of raw fuel. The engine has 70k. It reminds me of bad spark or fuel filter. Any guidance would help? Just cant afford dealer/shop mechanic rates. its the 4 banger

The mass air flow sensor is one of the sensors used by the engine to determine th air to fuel ratio. so if you smell fuel and your engine is running rough this could be the problem. ... 2006 GMC Canyon
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