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Transmission slips out of gear

\015 Transmission shifts hard and slips out of gear\015
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I was driving and passed over railroad tracks and transmission slipped out of gear and would not go back into gear. I placed the transmission into neutral and then back into drive and it started working but only for about 300 more feet then slipped back out of gear. The transmission will shift normally on the gear shift but will no longer go into gear. the transmission is full of fluid and no debrie is in the pan. what could be the problem, and is it worth fixing. the car is paid for and ha

The valve/solenoid assembly has been damaged. The part is $150, its replacement around $200 (depending on the shop).\012\012\012Yes, the car is fixable and the bill small enough to be worth the effort. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Transmission Slippage my transmission blows in the middle of Atlantic city. It starts slipping and the gears would not catch. I turn the car off and then back on and shift the gear to drive and the gears catch. The car moves for about a mile but slips in the process. Then at the mile the car completely stalls and the tranny starts to slip all over again. Turn the car off and on again and repeated the process. Do u think the transmission is gone or could it be a sensor/fluid?

You can have the clutch and the pressure plate checked.\015\012\015\012If it is an automatic tranny you may try to drain the fluid and have it replaced or have the solenoid cleaned out or checked. The solenoid controls the hydraulic pressure to the ... 1999 Acura TL

Slipping transmission. why would my transmission be slipping even after changing the fluid and filter, It feel out of gear going down the road. I parked it and killed it. then started it up and it would go in gear but had no pull. The overdrive light is flashing and it will barely even move in any gear. I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6 and an automatic transmission.

The friction plates maybe well worn and need replaced. Torque converter may be failing. Automatic transmissions can and will wear out in time. 14 years is alot for any vehicle. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

2000 mazda protege lx transmission slips when changing gears on more than one gear, when the overdrive button is on. When I turn off overdrive the transmission shifts fine without slipping. I put in a transmission solution that Napa reconmended with no change. Does this sound like a serious problem, and if so could I just run with overdrive off?

I need more information your mas aiflow could be bad send more info asap ... Mazda Protege

Transmission problems My 1996 ford windstar has a transmission problem. I just had the transmission rebuilt about 1 month ago. It ran great the first week and know it seems to be slipping and it does not go into 2nd gear. Sometimes it works good but then sometimes it doesn't. Today I took off on the road slowly and it took 2nd gear then all of a sudden it started slipping when I increased the speed to 40 miles per hour. IT sometimes also will start shaking from the front side of the van. Sometim

I would take it back to the rebuilder. Perhaps it just requires adjustmnet. ... 1996 Ford Windstar

2005 BMW X3 automatic. Transmission seems to slip when in 4th gear and under load going up steep grade. Dealer checked central control computer settings and also sent the transmission control module to BMW/NA for reprogramming, but uphill slipping remains. Dealer calls it "hesitation" but it feels more like slipping to me -- repetitive jerky hesitations in power. It only goes away when you take your foot of the accelerator.This is at near-constant speed in 4th gear (auto or manual) and on a stra

... BMW X3 Series

Transmission? I have a 2005 Ram SRT 10 quad cab with 59,900 miles..Truck making noise simular to a belt slipping but not near as loud. Only does it in park and netural, stops making noise when put in to any gear at idle or driving. Just started this morning was fine yesterday so it's a sudden problem.Thinking transmission problem but not sure. I do know there is something wrong with the kick down band in transmission as it will sometimes slip out of gear when I apply full throttle while driv

... 2005 Dodge Ram Srt 10 Pickup

Transmission? I have a 2005 Ram SRT 10 quad cab with 59,900 miles..Truck making noise simular to a belt slipping but not near as loud. Only does it in park and netural, stops making noise when put in to any gear at idle or driving. Just started this morning was fine yesterday so it's a sudden problem.Thinking transmission problem but not sure. I do know there is something wrong with the kick down band in transmission as it will sometimes slip out of gear when I apply full throttle while driving.

... 2005 Dodge Ram Srt 10 Pickup

2002 Jetta 1.8T with a Tiptronic 5 speed 09A transmission and 98,000 miles on the clock is slipping in 4th and 5th gear when under heavy acceleration or driving up an incline. Only slips once over 3000rpms in 4th gear and over 2500rpms in 5th gear. Shifts fine through 1-3 and seems to shift fine all the way to 5th going downhill or on level ground but when more acceleration is giving slips into 4th and then takes a while to engage, then slips at 3000rpms. It just threw a p0730 incorrect gear

P0730: Incorrect gear ratio means the rpm going into the transmission does not match the rpm output for the gear it was in at that time. From all my research, it appears the transmission will need to be rebuilt. I would try draining the fluid, changi ... 1997 Volkswagen Passat

Gears slip i drive a 1996 ford mustang, 3.8L v6. stick shift. i just replaced the headgasket and thermostat and radiator, and now theres a new problem. all my gears are slipping, it starts fine, but when you put it in gear and push the gas it revs really high and barely accelerates. 5th gear is the worst, it doesnt even do anything, just revs high, if in cruise control and i go up a hill or something it slips and redlines. whats the problem, pressure plate? transmission? what? help.......estimat

The transmission is fine its the springs in the preasure plate that have shrunk and the clutch needs to be replaced. \015\012I hope this advice helps.\015\012can u rate the advice please ... 1996 Ford Mustang

Transmission Slipping? I am driving a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 Z71. Automatic Transmission. Vortec 350. Here is my is sue...If I am going down the road at 60 and floor it into passing gear it my transmission seems to be slipping. This is the only time I notice this. My RPM's on my engine go to 5,000 but my truck does not seem to go anywhere. I was thinking by engaging my 4 wheel drive would eliminate my transmission. It still seems like something is slipping in 4 wheel drive. When I floor

Putting it in four wheel drive does not eliminate the transmission. Honestly, it sounds like the transmission is on it's way out. A 4l60e in one of cars was acting the same way. It required a rebuild. ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

2006 Ford 500 SEL with 6 speed Transmission. Transmission slips out of gear when slowing down to around 20 mph. Also will slip out of gear and buck when excellerating. Dealer can't find the problem.

First check and confirm that transmission fluid is not leaking or got low.If its low then make it full.Also see if the filter is clogged or worn our or very old.If it is then replace the filter.\015\012The filter is inside; you have to pull it ... 2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have Kia Sorento 2008 V6 LX... the Automatic transmission Slips from Low gear to High....while start driving, the transmission slips from gear 1 to 5 or 4.........please help

... Kia Sorento LX

2003 mazda protege transmission problem, how do i test the tcm without changing parts? Transmission fluid looks/smells good, just serviced 8,000 miles ago. Slips in every gear (minus reverse). This is the first symptom. The 2004 is the one with the bulletin about the tcm recalibration, not the 2003. Also, the car stays in the gear it is supposed to be in, just started slipping.

You best bet is a transmission shop to check fluid pressure values,not one of those aamco type places, ... 2003 Mazda Protege

Transmission slips my 89 bronco transmission slips and wont catch gear unles i engage the 4wd and then disengage it and then it will catch gear again

Check the tranny fluid level ... 1989 Ford Bronco

Slipping transmission transmission slips sporaticaly in and out of gear at different times.Sometimes it gets stuck for a few minutes then pops into gear, and then at other times it does o.k. but not usually seems like it does better whenthe car warms up some and worse when its really cold.Does this mean i definatly need a rebuild?


Transmission slipping the car slips out of gear when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear only. When I manually shift the transmission it is fine

You may have a bad sencer in the tran take it to a well nown tran shop and have them run a scan on it. to be truthful i pretty shore your tran is on its way out. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Transmission slips out of reverse as soon as you touch the accel pedal. When TPS on accel pedal is disconnected transmission holds reverse gear. As soon as you reconnect TPS then touch accel pedal it slips ou of reverse gear. Have changed pump blow off valve and solenoid block but no improvement

You will have to take your vehicle to a transmission shop and have the transmission bands tightened. ... 2007 Mazda B3000

My 1993 Honda accord 4-cylinder is having an automatic transmission problem where the first and second gear are slipping were no matter how far you push the pedal it slips at 20 to 35 mph but third and fourth gear are fine. transmission fluid level is right and clean. what is the problem?

You most likely need a new transmisson ... Honda Accord

2001 Volvo S80 T6. Transmission slipping in 3rd gear, but ONLY when A/C is on. Flushed Tranny and new filter 2 times in past 3 weeks. Car has 108k. This vehicle is equipped with the Factory GM transmission (same as Impala). Could this be the shift solenoid? Or with A/C on, is the car drawing too much power/trans slipping. If so, why only in 3rd gear? Please help!! Thanks!!!!! Benjamin

Valve body or the 3rd gear clutch is bad ... Volvo S80

Transmission slip? 1992 Chrylser Lebaron. The transmission seems to slip out of gear when the car has been running for quite a while. The engine revs up but you take your foot off the gas and it's back in gear. What could cause this? Is there some sensor that causes it because it only happens when hot, that's what is making me think it's electrical not mechanical. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Keith.

... 1992 Chrysler Lebaron

I have a 88 Ram 50 2 wheel drive w/Manual transmission. It seems to be slipping when in second and 3rd gear, 1st and 4th seem fine. I took it to a shop and they did not even look at it but tried to tell me I needed a clutch rebuild kit which they would charge me $650 to install! It seems to me that if the clutch plate were burned up it would slip in every gear. Anyway, I inherited the truck so I know almost nothing about it but cannot seem to find how to check the transmission fluid levels,

1st is such a low gear,that the clutch wont slip,or as bad but 2nd,and 3rd put a higher gear and the power from the engine is too much,and it will put more torque on the clutch,it will slip.and 5th gear is a over drive,and you already moving pretty f ... Dodge Ram 50

My 2001 ford taurus lost all power while driving down the highway. Their were no sounds of breaking or shattering of the gears but when I got the car stopped I had no gears left. I lost every gear from reverse to low gear. I have never had a transmission go out like that. Normally they slip a gear or you end up losing a gear or two before they go out. I did ask a transmission shop about my problem and the guy said that the tcu or shift solenid could be bad but I have no idea where this is or how

These cars have a major issue with torque converters.... the torque converter input splines are softer than the splines on the input shaft and it sheers the teeth off of the input side of the torque converter, i have replaced a ton of these for this ... Ford Taurus

Transmission shifts into 1st gear as it should but when its time to shift into 2nd gear I have to push the RPM up to 4 (Speed up to 30) then lay off the gas & then it will shift into the 2nd gear & so on. All vacuums are secured on. No liquids leaking. Transmission fluid & filter has been changed 1 day ago. The transmission is not slipping or jerking it just takes a longer time to change, is there a sensor that controls the valves to open up.

Possiblity there could be a sensor, or you could have a valve sticking or going bad inside the transmission. good luck ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe


... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab
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