Having problems with your 1994 Buick LeSabre ?

Battery is good but car wont start

\015 I changes the fuses\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

If it does not crank, you need to check the starter for voltage and trace back to the key switch as needed. There is a neutral safety switch in that circuit.
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Car wont start (wont turnover). The shift interlock solenoid is broken because I can now move my shifter to any gear even without having my keys in the ignition. Would this cause the car to not start? No click or anything when turning the key. BPP switch was recently replaced and I had the starter checked a month ago and it's good. Battery good, fuses good, lights turn on, cd player works. Lights dim slightly when trying to start. tried to start in neutral too and got nothing.

Yes it could very well keep it from starting get that fixed first ... Ford Escort

My starter is good my battery is good i just changed my ingnition switch but the car still wont start , also the gear shifter makes a clicking sound when in park, i used to be able to jump the starter with a piece of wire then start the car with the key and it started. now i am not getting anything . no crank no click nothing, everything has power but the car wont start.

If auto trans. check the neutral switch ... 1999 Acura TL

Car wont start. I have worked on cars before and it appears to be an electrical problem. It does nothing when I turn the key. The battery is good, The starter is good. The fuses are good. It has to be something from the ignition switch to the wires from the battery or starter. Have other people had this problem and if so can you tell me what you did about it? This has heppened before and then you wait a day or two and the car starts again. Weirdest thing ive ever seen. Any help is appreciated.

Try checking the relay to the starter sometimes that goes bad and the car wont start ... 2002 Saturn Sl

1994 ford thunderbird wont start acts like battery is dead but had battery and alternater tested both are good plus when key is off there sounds like a motor or switch in trunk that is running looks like emergency fuel cutoff switch car will start when jumped by another car then will let run to charge batt turn off then right back on and it will start right up but if it sits for more then 2 min its wont start and acts like its dead agian

What ever that motor is that is running with key off is running your battery down. ... 1994 Ford Thunderbird

06 infinty m35 wont start battery is good 14 volts. You push the button and the car just goes click. I let the car sit overnight, and the car started. I dont wont to take a chance and drive it and it wont start, If I think its serious enough, once I get it started again I'll drive it to the dealership if I have to! but if its something simple I'll do it myself

Best case, switch or loose connection'\015\012Worst case. starter/solenoid. Starter itself could be loose. ... Infiniti M35

Starting problem with key in ignition and in on postion all lights panel and instrument work but when key is turned over to start the car it wont start it has new battery in it all the fuses are good unless there are fuses hidden that I dont know about ...... Car was running good until the lower ball joint broke one evening , then car was towed and after the lower ball joint was fixed and car was to be started thats when it would not start....

Look at top center of dash when you turn key to on position look for a red light, if light blinks fast you have a problem with your antitheft system if it goes off in 3 seconds it is ok. If blinking fast you may have a bad key or unprogrammed key or ... 2001 Lincoln LS

My 1999 buick lesabre was in a flood after a couple of days it eventually started but no headlights or dash lights it ran for about 4 days now the car wont start it wont take a jump from a handheld jumper the headlights come on as soon as the jumper it connected but wont turn off and car does nothing ive checked all the fuses there all good and when you try to start the car it acts as if the battery was disconnected

... 1999 Buick LeSabre

Ok today I went out to start my car and it wouldnt start and my check battery light has been on for a while so I went and go it recharged and the person at Kragens told me the battery was still very good, I put it back in and the car still wont start but everytthing in the car tuns on the battery is fully charged and I need help to find out what is the next move to troubleshoot.

Check for a broken connection on the starting motor, they usually rust off right where they are bolted on. ... 1992 Ford Crown Victoria

2001 Sonata wont start. Checked the battery, starter both good, even getting juice to the battery. Something is draining the battery after it has been turn off. You can jump it and it starts right up and starts the rest of the day. If it sits for a while it wont start. No noise, nothing, Sometimes the radio comes on by itself .. can that be the drain, the CD spins when the car is off sometimes.

... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

I have a 1995 honda accord and it just wont start , When i turn the key over to start it just wont turn over , i change the fuel pump and the starter is good .. it sounds like its trying to start but just wont kick over ... The pump is new but the starter is old but it sounds like its working but like i say it just wont turn over . all the fuses are good and i have a brand new battery in the car .. So what you think it might be ???

The contacts in the starter motor solenoid are worn, the clicking that you can hear is the solenoid being pulled in, but not making contact to allow the main battery voltage/current from getting to the starter motor. Their are 2 things you can ... 1995 Honda Accord

Car wont start. tested battery and it is good. replaced battery terminals, but still wont start. headlights and all other lights work. assuming it could be the starter. need to know where the starter is located and difficulty of changing the starter in the car

This job is easy to do, dissconnect battery terminal wait 3 min, before continuing, next remove cooler line clamp off starter, then remove the cable wire and the small wire from the starter, next remove the two bolts holding the starter and starter i ... 2001 Acura 3.2CL

My car wont start. I replaced my battery but it still wont start. Tested the alternator and it is good. Something might be draining the battery but not sure what?

Does the engine spin over and not start? Or turn the key and nothing happens?New spark plugs and wires won't have anything to do with the starter and battery keeping the engine from spinning when you turn the key.Need more specific explan ... 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2002 Millinium. It had been sitting because it needed some front end work. Once the work got done the car started but it was empty so it wouldn't stay on. So I put gas in it but then it wouldn't start. I assumed it was because it had been sitting in the cold for a while without being started so i took the battery to get tested. The battery was no good so I got a brand new one put it in and the car still wont start. Any suggestions?

Check fuel filter, running out of gas can let sediment into fuel filter ... 2002 Mazda Millenia

Car starts fine sometimes and other times it just wont start. i have good battery, i can lower windows and put the radio but it wont start. just a tec sound under the car. if i just let it be for a while then it starts again. been to mechanic many times they cant figure it out. could it be the chip program in the key that is bad??

... 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac


... Jaguar S-Type

Car wont start.........99 passat 1.8 turbo........power to car, windows dont work and locks dont work,car wont start or turn over. checked ignition thats fine, batterys fine voltage is good but nothing to engine

... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Battery tested no good, replaced it, next day battery wont start car, noticed blown fuse at postive terminal, replaced it, jump started car, working fine ...... Question, will that fuse prevent battery from recharging from alt or is alt on its way out?

The fuse must be 'intact' for electrical system to operate properly.batteries are rated in months as far as longevity is concerned,36 mo. 60 mo. etc. if you have or have access to a volt meter,battery voltage should be 12 volts with engine off,13 to ... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

HELP please!! My daughter has a 96 sebring convertible and today she put her key in the door to unlock it and the alarm started going off. It wont stop, have disconnected the positive and negative battery cables, but when re attached, alarm is still going and car wont start because of it. We dont have a remote for this car, what can we do? Its most frustrating to have a good car just sitting and nothing to drive now.

I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe and the alarm kept going off whenever I got in the car. Turns out the trunk wasn't closed properly. I opened the trunk and the alarm went off. I closed it solidly and it hasn't happened since. HOWEVER, the passeng ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

Pt cruiser 2002 wont start, good battery, good alt, bad car alarm maybe??

My PT has done the same thing twice. I have found the car will start with my spare set of keys. After starting this way it will accept either set of keys. Weird! ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Why wont the car start? 1997 Chrysler Town & Country van - won't start. Was sluggish starting for a couple of days. Put a trickle charger on battery. Shows battery is charged. Now when we tried to start it, it just makes a clicking sound and won't start. Battery and alternator were checked showing they are good. Starter problem?

May be starter motor problem ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

My 1985 mercury grand marquis 5.0 litre tbi wont run. fuel pump wont come on unless you run wire from battery to fuel pump but car wont start with fuel pump running. new fuel pump because i wasnt getting pressure to tbi.was havin g to spray starting fluid directly on injectors for it to start and run and it would run fine.now im not getting nothing but if i straight wire fuel pump(new) it runs but injectors wont prime and spray. eec relay and fuel pump relay are good. took ecm out of ford ranger

... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 95 eclipse n/a that wont start. it was running perfect, amazing actually, and then all the sudden wouldnt start. all lights and radio come on in the car(battery is fine, tried jumping it just in case.) the car doesnt crank(the starter isnt turning). i reset the computer, filled the slave cylinder(it was very low but i have a stage 2 clutchmaster), oil is full, fuses are fine, alternator is fine. battery has a good ground the only thing i can think it is is maybe a sensor(o2 sensor maybe

Check the main fuse in the fuse box under the hood. If the starter is getting power, replace the starter. If the starter isn't getting power, replace the ignition control module. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

84 corvette wont start without battery boost.... brand new battery installed & no change , the radio, horn , etc is good the car just wont start with a boost

It might be the starter, if it gets too much use the armature might be too weak and need extra Amps to get it to work right. ... 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

1986 Camry hatchback 4dr that wont start at all. i don't even get any dummy lights, stereo, or wipers... (anything related to ignition) also when i turn the key theres no start either... No click in the relay box beside the battery. ALL fuses & Battery good and still nothing. I'm positive that its apart of the ignition because i still get head lights, horn, and 4 way blinkers. and this all happened in between the time of 8:AM (had car running fine) and lunch (car was dead).

Some of these cars have a fusible link,to protect major parts.its a wire with the fuse built into it.a repair manual with the wiring diagram is a big help finding it. It could also be a bad ground wire these are a black wire bolted in different locat ... 1986 Toyota Camry

My subaru wont start.. battery is good, fuse are, oil is good but car just wont start..

... 1996 Subaru Legacy
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