Having problems with your 1994 Buick LeSabre ?

PVC Valve Where is the PVC Valve located on the 94 Buick LaSabre? I know its on the passneger side of the engine , but what does it look like?

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Answers :

Its on the valve cover ,before i go further the valve cover is the thing where you pour the oil into,its on the oposite valve cover of the oil fill its round it will have a black hose connected to it just wiggle it while you pull it out,shake the pcv up and down if you hear like a ball inside moving up and down its good
I have been reading Chad's Solution, and it is in fact right. You shouldn't have rated him as "Thanks for Trying", He is right.
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PVC Valve Where is the PVC Valve located on the 94 Buick LaSabre? I know its on the passneger side of the engine , but what does it look like?

Its on the valve cover ,before i go further the valve cover is the thing where you pour the oil into,its on the oposite valve cover of the oil fill its round it will have a black hose connected to it just wiggle it while you pull it out,shake the pcv ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

Just want to check location for low pressure a/c side on 02 t&c. is it on left side of engine with a black cap with what looks like a tire air valve? i jus brought a car at auction and it looks like it has zero coolant in system and i want to put some in. thanks

Not usually its on the right side in either a silver or black colored can about 6"high X 3" diameter and has about a 1/2" black screw-on cap, inside this fitting you will see a tire valve core though ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Where can I find a complete motor for my 2002 EXT? and not worry about getting a bad engine? I think that I have got the last mile out of my engine started sounding like it was rubbing metal to metal around the top valves.. took it to a tech and he said that I looks like it is not gettin oil up to the valves.... all on the left side are showing mis-firing

The dealerships usually carry what is called a crate motor, and if installed by a certified mechanic ussually comes with a very good warranty ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade Ext

I have water coming out of my honda accord 1995 engine. The water is coming out of what looks like a metal tube in the engine about 7mm long. The tube is located on the right side of the engine (when looking at the front of the car) under the timing belts and by the head gasket. My car is overheating and i dont have pressure in the hose from the radiator to the engine. Have replaced the radiator, radiator sensor and thermostat.

Undo the timing belt cover check inside\015\012water pump might be leaking ... 1996 Honda Accord

2006 Ford F150 5.4Liter 3 valve 70,000 miles. Started running rough and whistling noise during acceleration or engine lugging, Missing and no power at shift points, engine would pop, NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. AutoZone scan showed bank one rich cylinder # 2 and #3 miss fire. Changed plugs (Thats Another Stroy) seems to be worse. Replaced #2 and #3 coil no change.Whistling noise or air pump noise form paasenger side exhaust sounds like cylinder #3. I'm lost. NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. PVC valve?? Hea

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Location of oil pressure sending unit on 3 8 engine, on an 1986 Oldsmobile brougham? Also I am replacing the radiator which had a disconnected, what looked like a cooling sending unit located on the side of the radiator? Is this where the cooling unit sending unit is located? My cooling fan does not appear to be working properly, so I would like to know, if I can straight wire the fan motor with a toggle switch, by bypassing the relay? I am attempting to install a set of gauges mounting insi

... 1986 Oldsmobile Regency

What is the part called that is attached to the side of the trans and faces toward the radiator? It has a metal vacuum line feeding it and a rubber hose connecting them both. It looks alot like an EGR valve and it is located a little lower and to the side of the exhaust near the EGR, it has one nut holding it and goes to the tranny. The rubber hose connecting it to the vac line is cracked and dry rotted and this part looks original. It is moving around while I am trying to find a vac leak. I kn


I have a leak in the heating and cooling system on a part that i dont even know what its called it is located on the firewall looks like the smaller hose from the water pump comes in one side and another one goes to the exhaust manifold also looks like it has some kind of diaphram valve connected to it the car is old sobut has very low miles want to know if i will be able to find the part easy or if i can bypass it and run with no heat

It sounds like the heater core, thats where the hoses are going to and coming from. I would check for a leak under the dash as well. The heater core is a small radiator that allows the fan to blow and warm the air. A bypass is possible but would take ... 1989 Dodge Omni

Looks like a pressure valve on the engine block is missing so its pooring out engine coolant near the botom right side of engine block

You will need to replace the waterpump! Very big job too! Replace the cam belt as well. ok ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2006 Suburban 5.3 litre with 55,000 miles. i just recently experienced smoke coming out from under the hood. I looked and noticed the smoke appeared to be coming from vlave cover gasket area on both sides of the engine. I thought that there would be a backed up PVC valve but I found out that there isn't one for my Suburban. My theory is there is blockage somewhere in my engine and I'm willing to get a oil flush performed, but not confident that will solve the problem. Any other suggesti

Try tightening your rocker arm covers. Also called valve covers. The little bolts get loose and oil seeps down the side and drips on the exhaust manifold. This gives off smoke. ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

My 1994 Ford Mustang gt heater stop working. Thought I should start with the heater control valve, but could not find the location. looked at the passenger side behind glove box and found nothing that looked like part. Any Ideas?

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Pvc valve can you please tell me where its located on the engine i looked around the valve cover but no luck .... a picture would be awesome

Valve and tube connection on upper side of the tappet cover and then to intake manifold Regards Johngee10 ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Coolant leak from the back of the car on passenger side. Looks like hose runs off the resevior into metal pipe the runs to the rear of the engine and makes a hard turn back to the driver side and goes into something cant see from there. from underneath it runs by where the exhuast pipe bolts to the maiifold. Leak runs down the back and drips off the bell housing on to the ground. Is there a heater Control valve back there that the pipe goes into to? What about the thermostat housing where is it

From your description - the leak is coming from the Heater core.Since the leak is outside - it is probably the tubing connection fittings loose... however inspect the inside passenger footwell carpet/padding for moisure.This indicat ... 1997 Cadillac Catera

I have codes po171,po174,po301,po302 on ford taurus ses 2000 duratec engine 24 v and I just clean MAF sensor, replace PVC valve but still my idle up and down and shake;the engine looks like get little air sometimes and more air sometimes,I check hoses to are ok so don't what else can I do.thanks for any help.

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Hello, I would like to know the gap for the spark plugs for a 2006 dodge stratus xst, 2.4 litre engine, 4 cyl. Also, where is the timing belt located, is the water pump behind it and should be pulled also and at what mileage should the belt be replaced and the location of the PCV valve. Would this cause a vacuum problem? I was told by my daughter (her car), her boyfriends father installed new plugs and did not gap them, when I asked them if they did it, I got the deer in the headlights look,l

Plug gap = 1.1 mm (0.043")\012Timing belts should be replaced at about 50000 to 60000 miles (80000 to 100000 Km.)\012The belt is under the plastic covers at the front of the motor behind all the other belts etc. Only change ... Dodge Stratus

My 1996 Volvo 960 failed emissions testing. I was told it was an EGR VALVE. After removing the manifold plenum (the intake piece with the short rubber tubing) I saw what looked like a temp sensor on the bottom of engine block wire was disconnected. I decided to install the EGR anyway since the car has 140k on it. Questions is - I can?t find it. I removed everything from the driver?s side except a little black box to the left of the front knock sensor. Is the egr valve under there? Thanks, Red

The egr valve is to the right of the black housing (oil separator housing) there is a yellow vacuum hose attached to it. ... 1995 Volvo 960

I have a 96 Chevy Cav. Looks like I have a fairly significant oil leak on the front side of the engine (belt side). It's losing approximately 1/2 quart of oil every 250-300 miles or so. It looks like it's more around the bottom of the engine than anywhere else (it's not a head gasket). It almost looks like it's around the oil pan, but I can't really tell. Any suggestions?

Sounds like the front seal is out. You may have to take the engine out of the car to fix it. It requires removing the harmonic balancer to get to the seal. ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier and there is a light that came on the right side by the abs light. My fiancé has the car and is explaining to me what the light looks like. It might be an engine light. It looks like a square with a nozzle looking thing on the left and on top. On the right side it has a little half circle that almost looks like a pipe. He needs to know what this light means before he comes home from work because if it's something bad he doesn't want to drive the car.

Might be an engine light. if the car is running normal its probably a ******** code like massive leak in the evap system that really doesn't mean anything other than you will fail a e check ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Antifreeze leak 1992 toyota pickup 4x4 22re engine. it looks like the antifreeze leak is at a sensor located about 4 inches below oil filter on passenger side of motor.can you identify this sensor and how to replace it to stop leak.

Engine coolant sensor, unscrewed it with an open end wrench but make sure engine is cold you will loose antifreeze but its ok you can add back when you replace sensor. have a nice day put 50-50 anti ... 1992 Toyota Pickup

1997 ford escort wagon with a/c: Cannot find the EVAP cannister purge valve. Manual says "right side rear of engine compartment," but I don't see anything there that looks like it.

Hello Darlingfies,I am hoping the attached images may help you find what your looking for. Please let me know if you need additional information.Thanks ... 1997 Ford Escort

Something that looks like a vacuum controlled gas valve leaks. It is on the drivers side at the top of the engine. What is it?

It is most likely the fuel pressure regulator, if it's leaking fuel it should be replaced.\015\012\015\012Please rate my response. ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Mileage 198,000. replaced valve cover gaskets 3 mths ago for leak & now i have a major leak. I was driving & smoke started coming out the exhaust pipe & the hood on the driver side. I checked under the hood & seen alot of oil under the bottom part of the van/engine. It looked like oil had blown behind the front passenger wheel also. Plus the dashboard gauges such as the odometer & gas gauges stop working from 5secs-10min(it varies). The service engine light is on. The lights on the A/C,windshiel

Go and trade it in before it costs you more money than its worth ,its known as the domino effect ,repair one thing and something else goes wrong time to trade it for a younger model like rod stewart or charlie chaplin did ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

How do i replace what looks like a bypass pipe located just below the pvc valve on 3.8 2000 impala ls car runnig hot this pipe is busted

... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

What is the special coolant refill procedure for my 92 Lumina Z34. Imust change the thermostat and what to flush the system. The book I have states that serious engine damage can occure if all the air is not removed. It looks like there are some air bleeder valves on a line on the left top side of the motor.

They make a fill funnel for just that resopn so no air stays in rad. you can buy a 50/50 mix or mix it yourself but 50 50 is about the best. ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

Ok this may sound dumb but where the spark plugs located . It is a 2.7 in a convertible . I believe they are between the valve cover and the item directly on top of engine, looks like i will need to remove the square blocke held on with 2 screws and wires coming out of them , that attaches to a round item on the top. are there any special tools I will need or anything that will fly out when i remove that block.

Ok this may sound dumb to but i asked that ? once to, on my 1992 geo prizm and they were located on the top of the engine under these 4 round rubber like things that pop out and look kinda like a popsicle after you pull them up, the spark plugs are d ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring
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