Having problems with your 1994 Buick LeSabre ?

CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message comes on but the oil is clean and full with no knocking sounds in engine?

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Answers :

If you have changed oil recently (the warning is for oil life) it needs to be reset just like service reminder.
Disconnect your batterys negative cable for about 5 minutes, then reconnect it. that should reset your computer thus resetting your light
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CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message comes on but the oil is clean and full with no knocking sounds in engine?

If you have changed oil recently (the warning is for oil life) it needs to be reset just like service reminder. ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

My 1999 Lexus 400 engine has a knock, sounds like it's coming from the drivers side of the engine. IUt's not inside the engine. I had the oil changed, I was using Castro 20-50W oil and the service center replaced it with Penn's oil 10-30W. Ever since the oil change the knock has started. Whenever I turn my wheels it's much louder. It's also louder when the engine is cold.I don't know if it's my power steerin g pulley or not. I thought my power steering unit was on the psg. side beneath the P.S.

Check you motor and transmission mounts. If one or more is broken they will make noise. You can tell easily by reving the engine up in park and see if the engine lifts up more than a inch\015\012Also the rack & pinion mounts can be loose if the ... Lexus LS 400

When my 2005 Xterra S is at idle there is a mild knocking sound coming from the back left side (as i look at it) of the engine along with (while operating) vehicle shaking like its about to die out but once i start to accelerate it's fine. This happens only at idle. It was worse right before i changed oil (10-30W), oil filter, spark plugs (NGK), didn't change the Air Filter yet and it's still doing same thing with Service engine light on.

Not sure if you've found the solution..You need to 1) Ck the side engine mounts for cracks,you can plainly see if they are..If so replace them.2) Have the target idle bumped up 50 to 75 rpm's.It'll take care of your problem ... 2005 Nissan Xterra

Engine knocking my engine started knockin while driving and i stoped to check oil and water leaks... it was full of oil and water. knocking sound is coming from bottom of the motor or underneath the cab

Big end or main bearing. ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

My check engine light comes on and warning bell will sound periodically when coming to a stop. When this happens, I notice my oil pressure gauge will drop all the way to or past the L then immediatly return to normal. There is no engine knocking to be heard at start up or when this occurs; all fluids are full. Also, stop lamp light randomly flashes and the alarm sounds. All bulbs are working when I check them.

Sound as bad connection, inspect battery terminals and grounds, also inspect ignition switch connector for bad contact and burned out pins, if so need to replace switch and repair connector, did not stated what year or eng. size ... Dodge Ram 1500

Just had my oil changed and the check engine oil level low light is coming on . But checked it and it's not low , just on the full mark . It comes on everytime I restart the car . how do I fix that ?After having my oil changed when I start my 1998 buick park ave. up , the check engine oil level is low indicator comes on but when had my oil checked it is on the full mark . how do i get the check engine light to stop coming on when I start my car when nothing is wrong ?

You have to reset the check engine oil level light. The light is just a 3 month reminder that lets you know when to change your oil. You have to hold the reset button on your dash for more then 5 to 10 sec. The procedure is in the owners manual that ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

In my 1997 Chevy Lumina 3.1L the CHECK ENGINE SOON light is on can't relearn after rebuilding engine I had the ECM ReFlashed and when I pump the gas 3 full times the Change Oil Soon Light starts flashing instead of the check engine soon light and the security light don't come on at all what can anyone tell me what is wrong?

If it was a stock rebuild the original PCM settings should be fine check all the fuses and wiring possibly something was damaged or left loose this stuff happens to the best of us.next the SES light needs to be reset with a ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2000 intrepid the oil was over due by 15,000 km and i herd a knocking coming from the engine. so i changed it as soon as i got the car home from the place i got it i also replace the oil filter and put in engine condishner when i started it the knok was still there but not even 1/2 what it was befor, i took it for a short ride and about 5 min later the engine stalled out and did not want to start i let it sit for about 10 min then we started it with qiute a bit of hassel but it did star

Well the car is only 9 years old and you wouldent have done any more than 200,000miles?????? then the engine should still be good BUT being 15,000 over isent good as it sounds like you have either done a valve which would also cause a missing when r ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Hi i have a audi tt 3.2 dsg when starting cold i get a knocking noise that sounds deep in the engine for about one min. then it goes, the engine sounds fine after that, fully serviced by audi and a recent oil change. the noise will only come back after the engine has stood for about 8 hrs and does not happen under load

The problem with your car is that the oil drains back down into the oil pan after sitting. I have this problem at my work where we change oil. After each oil change there is no oil in the motor, it is all in the pan so every single car knocks somethi ... 2007 Audi TT

Loud exhaust My 2003 corolla is making a staring noise. It sounds like its coming from the exhaust. Every time I press on the gas it sounds like its struggling. It's only been getting worse. The car has 170k miles on it. I recently changed the oil and was told I should change my transmission fluid soon. Also, the engine has recently started making a clicking sound. Any idea what may be causing this problem ?

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

When you start the engine runs fine at idle but when you increase the RPM to 2000 you will hear a knocking sound from the engine.It sounds like the cams or the crankshaft. The engine was not running for about 4 years because of alarm system shutting the starter.I finally get it started 2 days ago by running start because the starter does not work.I also drain the oil and replace it.Also i will change the spark plugs today.Don't know what's that noise coming from?

Crank and cam make different noises when going bad, however if the crank is bad it will knock all the time even at idle. From what you told me it seems like the lifters are not making pressure, after all the car was sitting for 4 years. What you can ... 1987 Toyota Supra

Hi...I was driving home from work tonight and my check engine light (it's color is yellow, if that is important) suddenly came on. My car is a 1996 Toyota Camry LE. I had the oil changed on 10/10/2010. Radiator fluid is full. I notice no smoke or particularly strange smells or sounds coming out of the car and the car seems to run just as it always did, save one thing. I have noticed it is using more fuel than normal lately. When I had taken it in to get it's oil changed last month, the tec

Not sure how they could have known your fuel filter is dirty without taking out your back seat. Get your code scanned at an Autozone(free) if you have one in your area. Something sounds fishy about them saying your fuel filter is dirty. You have to r ... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have 05 Mitsubishi Lancer making Knocking sound. The engine is making noise always when the engine ON. I have been driving this car for 1yr with knocking sound the car never stopped and never heated. I showed to mechanic. he observed that engine oil is burning and said that the knocking sound is coming from inside the engine. he also said that sludge is deposited inside the engine, removing sludge cost more than worth of car and asked me to put 1qt Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer along with 1q

Hes dead right ... Mitsubishi Lancer


Anything is possible, But first check your oil and make sure nothing is hitting any moving parts on your motor. Like your pulleys were your belt runs.After you do this repost with results.If there is no oil return to place you had the oil change done ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I have a 2003 dodge neon and everytime I stop at a red light my oil light comes on but as soon as I take off it goes off. Oil has changed a month ago, it's full and still clean. What could cause t

Your motor is getting Tired or your Oil Pump is going bad.Dodge has a problem with their motors and their Oil Passages get GUNKED really bad. This is what you should do,...A. Get 1.5 Quarts of Diesel Fuel and drive to where you have ... 2003 Dodge Neon

Hi My 2007 Chev Uplander wo't start. The starter doesn't even click. The battery seems strong cause the headlights are bright. There's a "Staring Disabled" that comes on, along with a "Change Oil Soon". No other messages come on.My friends found a very loose positive battery terminal, so he cleaned it & re-tightened it right. But still no starter click. I live on a remote community & have no access to a dealer.

Check to make sure that all your ignition wires are getting 12 volts and\015\012 if they are not check for any blown fuses. Next remove the bypass \015\012module and the fuses from the RS and reconnect the starter wire to see \015\012if there's somet ... 2007 Chevrolet Uplander LS Minivan

The Oil pressure guage on the dash falls after the engine warms up and the check guage light comes on. Oil level is full, the engine does not sound starved for oil. Idle is fine. I think it is the

... 1989 GMC Sierra

I have a 1990 Trooper that is stalling, it's had regular tune ups and oil changes and when it's not stalling runs fantastic. There's a knocking sound coming from the engine and folks have

The noise stops or the stalling stops ??The stalling could be fuel or ignition related so more investigation will be needed there. ... 1990 Isuzu Trooper


... 2008 GMC Acadia

Iol consumption i bought a 1998 mitsubishi montero sport 4 cylinders and have oil consumption i belive it's the head gasket becuse when i take out spark plug #3 it comes out full of oil plus i have to add at least 1/4 of oil every month and also i have a tlack tlack sound coming from the engine all the time and now the engine sounds like if is a diesel car when it's not how can i fix it pls help? thanks for the advice

You car has noisy lifters......"the tapping sound"........noisy lifters can sometimes be fixed by using aftermarket products like "RISLONE" or other simillar to it...\015\012\015\012how old were the sparkplugs? maybe they were too old and ... 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have just bought a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix. There is a slight knocking coming from around the engine. I was told it was just a loose pulley, but that was found to be untrue. The mechanic I used said that it was the lifters due to the fact that the previous owner had not had an oil change and the oil was really old and thin. So I had him change the oil and the knocking went away for a little while but it has returned. I had some Lucas engine treatment put in it but I believe that has just made

You are probably right about it being a lifter. The oil was probably old and dirty, not really thin. The dirt is the actual problem. Not changing the oil at regular times can cause dirt and sludge to build up in the engine and prevent the oil from ... Cars & Trucks

Engine knock Started a couple months ago, engine made occasional rattle type sound but went away. Changed oil, was particularly black considering it was within usual change window. Sound becomes louder and more pronounced around 1250 - 1750 RPM's and again over 3000, however is almost unnoticeable at 1500 and under 3000. Last 2 days it has been almost constant. Changed spark plugs, oil, and belt.

Doesn't that have a 100k power train warr? ... 2007 Hyundai Sonata 2.4

I have a 94 GMC safari with 295K on it. I let an oil change go a year and thought because it was around town it wouldn't burn much, well I had about a litre of oil left, changed filter and oil and changed a week later again, ever since I've had a knock in my engine when I excellerate or it idles. When it warms up its not as loud, I have used seafoam in the oil and gas to clean out the carbon build up. Oil pressure is at 275, and can't figure out if I've damaged the engine with the low oil and n

The loud knock you here is a bering knock.(not good)By letting oil change go so long i would assume you have caused internal damage.And you say your oil pressure is 275 psi should be around 25 to 50 psi .Bering can't last long without oil. ... 1994 GMC Safari

My 58 Chevy 348 engine is holding oil in the upper part of the engine I've checked the oil before starting and it is full but after approx. 2 min. running the oil pressure is gone. I check the oil again and there is no oil in the oil pan after it sits awhile the oil pan fills back up with oil. I've pulled the valve covers and it looks clean on the inside. Any suggestions? I've also ran diesel fuel through the drain holes and the heads and it comes out the oil pan clean. Thanks, Bobby

Try using high pressure air to blow out oil returns. The engine may have sludge build up due to foreign material sticking in oil drains from a 52 year old chevy. Love that engine. It was good in it's day! Good luck! ... Chevrolet Impala

Noise engine noise with oil warning lamp on, This noise sounds like tappet noise, I got the cylinder head cleaned and changed the engine oil.after this we checked the entire oil line cleanes , the oil pressure meter is showing low pressure however the oil pump is ok.still the noise is there, we have cleaned all the oli line in the cylinder head , cam, and casings, I HAVE OPEL CORSA 1.4 2003 MODEL,I AM UNABLE TO FIND THE PRODUCT CATAGORY IN THE LIST BELOW , GIVING FALSE CHEVIRLET ENTRY , PLEASE E

This sounds like bad main and connecting rod bearing they are worn and when they become worn they make noise. Because of excessive clearance between bearing oil pressure drops therefore starving the essential parts of the engine of oil. ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500
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