Having problems with your 1994 Acura Legend ?

Cooling fans don't come on at operating temp.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check the cooling fan relay?
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I know this may seem like a stupid answer but did you remember to check the coolant level? if the coolant dont reach the sensor it wont work properly. ... Mazda 626

Does a 95 cutlass supreme have a fuse for the cooling fans or only the relays. I dont see a fuse for the cooling fans. Neither fan is coming on, Ive jumped the fans they both work, Ive changed out the relays didnt help, is there anything besides the temp sensor that would keep them from coming on?

There are three fuses and two relays for your coolant fan. They should all be in your underhood fuse box. They may not be marked "coolant fan", so check them all, (2) 60 amp , (1) 20 amp, (1) 15 amp. If all the fuses are good, you may have a bad f ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Does a 95 cutlass supreme have a fuse for the cooling fans or only the relays. I dont see a fuse for the cooling fans. Neither fan is coming on, Ive jumped the fans they both work, Ive changed out the relays didnt help, is there anything besides the temp sensor that would keep them from coming on?

\015\012Yes, in the underhood electrical center, a 60 amp with a red wire going to relay 1 and a 20 amp with an orange wire going to relay 1 and a 15 amp with a brown wire going to relay 2 and another 60 amp with a red wire going to relay 2. Th ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1993 Mercury Topaz engine running hot at high outside temps. Cooling fan for radiator does not come on until engine is far above its normal operating temperature. Then, it does a short run and shuts back off. When AC is kicked in, fan does not immediately come on, and it SHOULD run all the while AC is in operation. After a certain point, engine will stop, as if fuel pump failed. Opening fuel line at engine permits gasoline to flow, so I doubt diagnosis--as of yet. Is there a sensor for the

Chec your cooling fan relays, they control the on/off ... 1993 Mercury Topaz

I have a 1995 Geo Prism with a 1.6 engine.It has only one cooling fan which works when you turn A/C on but not when you turn it off and car is hot enough to turn it on.I replaced the cooling temp sensor last night so thats not the problem.Coolant level is good and no leaks.What else could cause the cooiling fan to not come on at operating temp but work with A/C on?

Fan relay or fuse ... 1994 Geo Prizm

I have a 2002 VW Jetta and the fans that cool the engine are not working. I know it may be the temp sensor but the fans that cool the engine dont come on even when the air condition is on. Could it b

... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

The Auxillary cooling fan will not operate. I changed the fan and relay but it still will not operate. Engine temp comes up over 200 degree's and should pull fan on like it used to do.

Normal operating temp is between 200 and 210. If it gets hotter than that there is a problem. The system works as follows: Temp sending unit sends signal to the computer which in turn completes the ground circuit to the relay which then turns ... Jeep Cherokee

Temperature fluctuation As soon as the ignition is switched on, the cooling fans come on, whether the operating temperature is reached or not. Also the temperature comes up to normal, under normal driving conditions, but as soon as you coast downhill the temp. guage drops to way below normal, indicating the cooling water cools down.

The water temp sensor is a switch that closes the circuit when the temp reaches a certain level and that switch sends power to the fans. Either your water temp sensor is faulty (always on) or the wiring from the sensor is shorted out. \015\ ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

Engine cooling fans dont come on until temp. gauge is almost red-lined. Already changed fan controled temp. sensor.

Perhaps your gauge is faulty. Is your coolant filled up? You may also have a vapour lock causing the problem. Also you may have to change your thermostat. It may be sticking. Good luck! ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

1998 Toyota Camry 4 cyl.only blows warm air from heater when car is unning for say ten min. When I start driving the temp gage goes down to cold and blows cool air, no heat. I changed thermostat and refilled with new 50/50 coolant so mix is right. I added a little over a galln, seems like ore draine but it is topped off. Drove it, got ice warm heat but I dont think cooling fans kicking on. Temp gage shows right in midle, but moke coming out by radiaor, no leaks. Is it overheating eventhough

... 2000 Toyota Camry

98 saturn did not pass emmission test also idle doesn't come below 1100rpm.,&sometimes the cooling fan comes on even when the temp gauge is below normal operating temp.

It sounds like a faulty computer (PCM) Have the codes check which can be done free at any Auto Zone auto parts store in the US excluding the state of California ... 1998 Saturn SL

09 Pontiac g5 over heats while sitting at idle cooling fans not working they come on with the ac which is normal and after you turn the ac off they will stay on until engine cools back down and they shut off again which once again is normal operation. But when the engine temp starts to climb back over 196* they will not come back on until you turn the ac back on. I have moved the relays around to see if maybe a faulty relay is to blame but nada. Next step i would think is test the Ect sensor. Ho

Try testing the fan switch,some models have a fan sw. and a coolant temp. sensor and some just use one or the other.The fan sw.should be in the side of the radiator either a single wire or two.Coolant temp.sensor should be located in the thermostat h ... 2009 Pontiac G5

On my 1996 mustang3.8 and the fans dont come on the only way they come on if i unplug the cooling temp switch then it goes on. is it the cooling switch or what. thanks.

Hi, yes this is a very common fault just get the switch replaced as its not making the connection when it should do when it reaches a certain temp so replace it and you will have no more problems.let me know if you need further assistance ... Ford Mustang

98 deville 32 valve North Star OVERHEATS after 33 miles of drive ?? does not overheat in town overheats out on highway and after slowing down- fans dont cool motor unless stop engine ,have changed radiator and thermostat, cooling fans do NOT operate after engine turned off w/ ignition key OFF and have high temp - 244 degrees

The most common overheating problem with the Northstar engine is a blocked purge line(small hose).The purge line is designed to purge air out of the cooling system.There is a small diameter hose coming from near the top of the coolant tank (not ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

1992 dodge stealth 3.0 sohc non turbo condenser fan comes on with a/c but engine cooling fan will not come on when engine reaches operating temp.

Check fuse for engine fan ... 1992 Dodge Stealth

2001 Eurovan trouble code PO118. engine coolant temp circuit high input? Sounds like a temperature sensor issue as the van operates fine and the engine coolant temp is normal and cooling fan comes on correctly. The check engine light with this code comes on for a while and then goes off. Where is this sensor located on the engine? Thanks - Michael Sim

... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

We have a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM SE with the 3.3 L V6 engine, automatic trans, power windows and door locks. The engine temp is running hot. I have replaced the cooling fans, fan switch sensor, relay, temp sensor and cap. The guage goes into the red, biut the temp light never comes on. The cooling fan only comes on if you turn the AC on. Fan never comes on except when your turn AC on. Coolant has been flushed, not lease from radiator or watter pump. No blown head gasket, did compression ch

Dose it run hot with ac on or open hiway? ... 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

I have 97 dodge caravan 3.0 and i put in a brand new radiator and thermostat.Now the cooling fans dont come on and fluid is bubbling up and coming out of the reservoir. But if I unplug the temp. sensor they come right on so whats the deal?

Not unusual to get big airlock if heater (not defrost) isn't on during bleeding process. I usually start vehicle, top up rad 1 " or so from top,turn heater on , then watch temperature gauge & wait for fan to come on after I see flow through rad i ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Cooling fan comes on when the ignition switch is turned off and it dont come on when the switch is on and the it reaches the temp to come on

Replace the coolant sensor,and the cooling fan relay.The relay could be working off a back feed ground,to be safe though,replace the coolant sensor,and the relay.If this any help,at all,let us know ,please.thank you. ... 1999 Toyota Camry

1997 pontiac sunfire, i have a 2 pin connector loose, but i dont know where it goes. it is on the passenger side close to headlight, all lights work. it is a black and yellow wire taped in the harness that holds the connection that goes to the radiator. having trouble with the cooling fan not coming on, checked fan motor, changed the coolant temp. sensor, havnt driven it yet, was wondering it that could have anything to do with the fan

There is a yellow and black wire in the wiring diagram that is for the low coolant sensor in the overflow tank. Your model may not use this sensor. ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Cooling fan wont come on when car reaches operating temp

There is either a break in the cable, which when you push the plug back on you get connection, or the switch is gone. I would say there is a break/lose connection where the cable joins the plug that actually joins the switch. try this. Get a pair o ... 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

I have a 91 Ford Escort cooling fan problem. The cooling fan does not come on, but when I unplug the temp sensor the fan works. I replaced the sensor and the fan still does not come on when the car reaches high temp.

Check the relay ... 1991 Ford Escort

ELECTRIC FANS ARE NOT coming on when temp is 250 deg or higher? Changed temp sensor and bled the sytem 3 times. This is after car is sitting idle for about 45 min with the A/C on HIGH; trying to make the temp hot so that the fans are triggered. Not likely that both fan motors are bad simultaneously is it? Even with a bad thermostat, the fans should come on if the temp is gauge is reading HOT, correct? Update: "roniecon" made some great suggestions as far as troubleshooting the cooling system

If you hot wired the fans and they didnt work ,it suggests that they are the problem ,but i would have concerns about why both fans would die at the same time. i think i would buy one only new fan ,hotwire it to make sure it is working ,then without ... Dodge Intrepid

I got a 99 lumina 3.1 the fans dont come on till the gauge is right in the middle then when the fans come on the turn VERY slow. if i turn on the heat or A/C the fans come on full blast. the car sat 2 days and befor i started it i unpluged the temp sending unit when i started it the fans came on full blast and staiec on till i pluged the temp sending uint back in then they shut off till the guge went right to the middle then they came back on VERY slow. can anyone help me out?

Replace the fan relays ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

Ok ..continuing to have a overheating prob. w/a 2005 Lincoln LSV8...refilled the coolant tank (used mostly water) started her up and let it idle for 15-20 min. it did lose coolant from some where under the resevoir so is there a overflow somewhere under the reservoir I sure can't see one. the upper hose got very hot but did actually cool down for awhile (not very long) the engine fan DID come on it was very loud though...now for the biggee after reaching oper'tng temp the coolant was ove

First there is but one water pump, next did you bleed the air out of the cooling system as directed in the factory manual? If you did then the engine may have a leaking head gasket. Water pump picture below. You may also have a leak in the recovery t ... 2005 Lincoln LS V8
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