Having problems with your 1993 Volvo 940 ?

Battery is dead after a nights rest..like something is draining it or left on. nothing appears to be on but then again i could be missing something on a foreign car.

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Answers :

Could be a bad voltage regulator or something that is missed is. do you have the lights in your visors around the mirrors .if so make sure they are not on
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Battery is dead after a nights rest..like something is draining it or left on. nothing appears to be on but then again i could be missing something on a foreign car.

Could be a bad voltage regulator or something that is missed is. do you have the lights in your visors around the mirrors .if so make sure they are not on ... 1993 Volvo 940

Questionable missing I have a 2004 thunderbird and when going uphill it appears to be missing. I have taken it to the shop and have had it worked on. Fluids have been replaced. fuel filter replaced and so forth. The mechanic doesn't think it was missing but it still appears to missing. Is there something else they could check for?

... 2004 Ford Thunderbird

I drive a 97 accent 1.3. Suddenly I could not find any gears while I was driving / from 1 - 5 nothing. could it be that something snapped? Had to leave car on the side of the road to be towed. Does this immediately mean that I need a new gearbox or could it be something that can be easily fixed?

Could be a simple as the shifting rod or cable breaking or falling off. ... 1997 Hyundai Accent

Car will not start. Battery good, starter good. Managed to start car jumping starter. Ignition relay appears to be getting voltage in, and out of when switch is turned on. Jumped clutch switch out of system no luck. It appears to be good. Seems to be problem between ignition relay and starter. Voltage not showing up at starter when switch turned on. Almost like there is something else I can't find in circuit. I don't have a manual on this car so their could be. Did all my testing with 5-spd manu

When you turn the key, does the starter relay click?\015\012Could be the heavy connection from the battery to ground or to the starter solenoid. Make sure these connections as well as the battery terminal connections are clean and tight. ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

My 2000 K2500 7.4 chevy has a miss at idle but it goes away at higher rpm's it has been doing it since 100000 miles and now has 170000 and has never gotten worse sparkplugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel pressure reg are all new and nothing has seems to fix it i had a scanner on it and it said the #2 cylinder is the one missing. I could use some helpful ideas. I think that it could be an injector but I dont want to replace them if it could be something else.

... 1996 GMC Jimmy

I reset my check engine light codes and then try to start the car and didnt start. Just a clicking in the starter soleniod I think. I reset the codes for the VAT system and then I tried to start it a couple of times and checked the codes again and there was nothing there for codes. Does the car have to be running for the code for the vat system to appear or should it appear after I turn the key and it wont start? Just wondering if I can eliminate the vat system. Also if its the vat system could

If the starter solenoid is just clicking, and the engine isn't turning over, then you may just not have enough power running to the engine (the battery could be going bad or the starter itself). Try jumping the car with another car and see if that h ... 1992 Pontiac Firebird

1995 ford explorer 6 cylinder 244,000 miles. This morning my wife told me that the car had no heat, the power widows didnt work, the turning signals didnt work and the radio didnt work. I took it to work and besides the problem the car ran ok. About 2 hours later I got into the car all those items started to work. As I drove now my transmission started to miss gears. I really dont have the money to spend but like to know if thier is something I could do.

Check the fusable links for corrosion ... 1995 Ford Explorer

Car wont start. I have worked on cars before and it appears to be an electrical problem. It does nothing when I turn the key. The battery is good, The starter is good. The fuses are good. It has to be something from the ignition switch to the wires from the battery or starter. Have other people had this problem and if so can you tell me what you did about it? This has heppened before and then you wait a day or two and the car starts again. Weirdest thing ive ever seen. Any help is appreciated.

Try checking the relay to the starter sometimes that goes bad and the car wont start ... 2002 Saturn Sl

Experiencing transmission slippage on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier. 4 Speed Automatic. When RPM's are high r car is under load, you can feel and here the RPM's increase but nothing getting to the drive wheels. Could this be as easy as fluid level? Checking it on this car requires removal of a fill level screw with the car either jacked up or on a rack. No dipstick. Or, is it/could it be something more serious?

Could be fluid level but probably not ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

Crank pulley seems to wobble and is eating the outside edge of my belts. wondering if this could be due to warpage or something of that nature. i just did the water pump and we rotated the crank by hand to make sure nothing touched as far as the timing. could this have caused the wobble in the pulley. the car has 142,000 miles so i guess it is possible it could just be time to replace. thanks in advance, mike p.s. water pump install went smooth no problems as far as that goes, timing is co

I would check that the "crank pulley" is properly seated. Remove it and put it back on to be absolutely sure. If it worked before it should work now if there was no physical damage to the parts involved. When off - put it on a flat surface and see if ... Nissan Maxima

I just replaced the vehicle speed sensor on my 2003 pontiac grand am gt less than a week ago was driving home and car started to lose speed and would not go into any gear. tried to put it in reverse and drive and nothing. so i left the car there for the night and come back the next day and the car went into gear and drove for a minute then the same problem happened again. is there something besides the speed sensor it could be?

Low trans fluid? Check that first. ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My 1994 Saturn SL has a manual transmission. So of course you have to depress the clutch to start the engine. But over time it got to where you had to pin the clutch pedal to the floor to start the car and sometimes -Nothing. No sound or anything. Now even when the clutch pedal is on the floor the car will not start. But we can push it and pop the clutch and it runs just fine. Originally we thought it might be the ignition or the starter, but I'm sure it's something else. What could it be? Maybe

Your interlock switch is somehow installed above the clutch pedal, but I can't find a picture of how it's installed. The switch itself looks like this:\015\012 ... Saturn SL

The warning light that looks like a small engine lights up yellow and says check. The car appears to be running OK ... whar could it be, what shoulkd I check and how do get the light off if ioyt is nothing? many thanks Heather NB is LACETTI..not Leganza but that choice does not appear here!

Hello Heather. In order to find out what is going on drive into any AAMCO repair shop or AutoZone and get a free car computer scan. This will tell you why the warning light is on. Also tell them while they have your car hooked up to the scanner to ... Daewoo Leganza

I have a 91 honda accord lx, in the last three days i have had two occurrences while the car is on and driving where it completely dies and the engine lights come on. i wait roughly 30 minutes to an hour and the car starts back up again. ive taken it to my mechanic and described the problem, he believes it to be something with the fuel pump relay. is this accurate or could it possibly be the fuel pump itself, or am i missing anything? thank you.

I have had the exact same symptoms from a 86 Honda Accord and it turned out to be the fuel pump!\015\012Good luck! ... 1991 Honda Accord

Question i have a 1999 grand am gt and it runs good it sounds like it gets stuck in second gear and the rpm wont go up past 2 and it sounds like something is whinning it just started doing that but it shifts fine and runs good tho if anyone has an answer please help me could it be filter or something i know nothing about cars thanks lovie

It's possible that your transmission needs flushed. I would start with that as it's the least expensive thing to do on a tranny. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Having problems with my brakes on a 1997 Oldsmobile 88. Looks like a steel brake line is rusted out between the front and rear tires. That's where the leak seems to be coming from. Any ideas on how much something like that would cost to repair or if it's something I could possibly do myself? I've changed the brake pads on my car before as well as other minor issues but nothing to do with changing lines. Any help is appreciated.

0. jack up the car, get tool. yada yada1. Make sure you have isolated the leak - in this case it seems to be between proportioning valve and the brake hose.2. remove old line. its easier to cut near the ends and put a socket o ... 1997 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

1997 Lincoln Town Car The drivers door lock is not working mechanically in automatic, something loose, I can hear it rattling inside the door when you us the remote. The rubber grommet that holds something in place that is located on lower left side is missing and I can see a small piece of metal and the rod to the lock moving when you work it manually. I have done nothing so far.

Hi all you need to do is take the door panel/card off and refit the rod it will push into a whole and it will be held in place by a push on clip, this clip will have more than likely fell into the bottom of the door, it will be a small black metal cl ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Fuel problem I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle, 2WD with 55,000 miles. Nothing but problems since I bought it. My vehicle suddenly stalled. I tryed to turn the engine over several times but it won't start. It will sometimes start for a couple of seconds but then it sputters to a stall. I dont hear no sound from the fuel pump when I turn the car on. I have disconnected the fuel filter and turn the car on also and no fuel comes shooting out. Do you think my fuel pump is bad or could it be someth

The problems you're  having with your freestyle are very common, whats happening is that your fuel tank is designed like a saddle.  \015\012\015\012There is a fuel pump on the passenger side of the tank ... 2005 Ford Freestyle

I just got a 2002 s type jaguar with 160K miles. Seems fine.Drives great. but the malfunction light is on and I've heard the car has problems with engine/transmission. is there something simple that could cause the lite to come on? If its a major problem, what would I be noticing other than the light. I got the car from an auction/as is and know nothing about it's history. I will be taking it to a mechanic Monday.

Try cleaning the grake switch connection under the plastic cover by coolant filler bottle ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

Hi, I just bought a tired Subaru Leone (1990) Station Wagon. Everything feels OK for the age of the car... but it accelerates like a boat. The engine seems great and isn't miss-firing. The clutch bites very high so I think it may be this that is the main cause of the problem. It doesn't noticeably 'slip' and it will bite enough to stall the car at low revs. Do you think it means it's time for a new clutch? Or could it be something more sinister? Many thanks

I think you`ve answered your own question.\015\012The clutch sounds as though its on its last legs.\015\012I would take it down to a local car mechanic ask him for a verdict on the clutch and anything else that needs doing.Remember you do ... Subaru Loyale

2004 chrysler seabring convertible.my front end suspension has been checked out by several mechanics and nothing was found to be bad.I have a noise that appears to be coming from the right front that sounds like a something internal in the suspension/drivetrain that radiates up through my steering wheel.It seems like this only happens when the car is warmed up to operating temp.Cant see anything wrong anywhere.car has 47K miles in very good cond.noise (not a squeek ing noise)appears when im dri

... 2000 Chrysler Sebring

My civic lx starting running rough today. I am not sure at all what the problem can be, I can unplug 3 of the wires (one at a time) that go to the fuel injectors and the car will miss real bad, which it should, but when I unplug the 4th wire, it does not sound any different. could this actually be something wrong with an injector, as the car does sound like it is only running 3 cylinders? and yes there is electric to all 4 wires checked that

Have you checked the sparkplugs aswell you could be right about the working of 3 cylinders rather then 4 but it could be miss fireing with sparks not injectors ... 1997 Honda Civic

2004 toyota camry 4 cylinder. Intermittent noise at low speed after a stop. Sounds like something dragging or rubbing. Does not appear to be associated with the engine but with the movement of the car. I can find nothing loose or broken. Boots on propeller shafts look good, have pulled rear break drums and brakes look fine. Car drives fine with or without the noise, no steering problems.

Have you checked to see if the tires are rubbing? If they are you may need new shocks also check the cv joints, mine just went out and it took the tranny with it. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

My v belt is missing and also car radio wont power on? I changed the fuses and unplugged and replugged and still nothing! The steering wheel is very loose and i hear something (sounds like ball joint or something) when i reverse or turn corners. when i go over bumps it starts sqweeking and front wheels shake. 94 intrepid.

It seems that your wheel bearings are about done for from your description. A good way to check them is to jack one wheel up and grab the top and bottom and sides of your tire and work it back and forth to check for play. If your bearings are going o ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Hello, My 2003 PASSAT has an automatic transmission. When I start the car and put it in gear (forward or reverse) I get nothing. Its like something has slipped out of a socket or something. What do you think it could be?

Front clutch has pack up or the oil pump ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat
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