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How to test coil ignitor on 1990 toyota - 1993 Toyota T100

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How to test coil ignitor on 1990 toyota - 1993 Toyota T100

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I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla that has no spark. We have checked. Cap, rotor, coil, cam sensor, ignitor, all ok, tested crank sensor and it was bad so replaced it and still cranks with no spark. Checked wire that crank sensor plugs into and its got no power also. HELLPP! Were stumped now. Also checked all fuses, wires and relays. All look ok. Ugh!

In most cases the crank sensor generates AC voltage when the crankshaft is moving. You would check it with a volt meter.How did you test the crank sensor ? ... Cars & Trucks


... 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

Hi im louie i have a 3000gt 1992 was sitting 4 years now it starts but lost spark in 1 coil i checked all 3 coils and notice the test light has pulse in 2 coils and 1 coil the test light is on steady can you help me out?

"Ignition Module" you referred as the PTU (Power Transistor Unit). You might want to replace that - This might be the issue\015\012where several cylinders wouldn't fire (verified by pulling plugs - they\015\012were wet with gas).\015\012 ... Mitsubishi 3000GT

Error codes P0301(cylinder #1 misfire) and P0304(cylinder #4 misfire). Originally thought there was a failed ignition coil that controls cylinders #1&4. After putting new coil in, problem still present. Tested further and found there was no fuel coming out of cylinder #1 fuel injector. Tested injector and found proper power at injector but it wasn't duty cycling on the ground side. Ohmed harness from injector to ECM and found within spec. Back probed connector for all four injectors and found n

The ECM is very possible.I assume cylinder 4 injector is providing gas?The connection for cylinder 1 is probably a connector with pins correct?If you can bypass the ECM,that would get you closer if not give the answer.I would try using a wire straigh ... 1998 Toyota RAV4

Toyota I am trying to find out which wires go where. I know that the firing order is 1-3-4-2, but I don't understand the coil packs. The diagram that I have is confusing. It shows that the coil packs are listed as from front to back 1-2, 3-4. If this is the case, then why is the firing order 1-3-4-2? This is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma regular cab pick up 2.4ltr 2 WD. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Coil pack connection is physical: Coil 1 to Cylinder 1, 2->2, etc.I am not sure if this is your question, but firing order matches spark to TDC (top dead center) on the power stroke. The design of the crankshaft determines this. ... Cars & Trucks

How do you test the igniter module for a 1993 Toyota Celica GT. Checked ignition coil and pickup coil resistance and checked ok according to Haynes manual. I replaced the cap because it had a hole burned in it. Replaced rotor also. Used a spark tester attached to engine and not getting a spark jumping across the gap. Haynes manual does not tell you how to test the igniter. Does anyone know how to test the igniter in or out of the car?

Hi..\015\012this solution will be very different to u bcoz its a video format on how to test the ignition...\015\012http://www.vi ... Toyota Celica

Misfire my 2000 toyota camry solara check engine light is on and went to auto zone they say 1,3,5 coil is misfiring . we replaced coil 6 and 3. and code still says 1,3,5 misfireing... so one side of each coil is misfireing.. any suggestions what to do??

... 2000 Toyota Camry Solara

1-4 misfire Cyl 1 & 4 misfire only on one coil pack setting CE light tested power to coil pack and is fine 2-3 ground wire flashes fine however 1-4 wire flashes much faster

I'd say you need to replace the 1-4 coil pack. Any changes to the working of the pack have to be tested after the primary source with much more elaborate equipment. The coil pack is easy to replace and will save time and money for testing. Thanks, Da ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

96 cirrus 2.5. No spark. distributor has 2 wire connectors , 1 has several wires , the other has only 1 wire. When I turn the key , the one that has only 1 wire gets 12 V , but it only lasts for a couple of seconds , then goes down to 0 v . My thinking is that this wire is to energize the coil , and should stay at 12 V to give the coil power to make spark for the Distributor. Can anyone tell me if that is suposed to be a continuos 12 v or not .

Ignition module ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus

2006 g35x, hard starting and shutttering, loss of excelleration. When I pump the gas with the key in the on postion before starting, it will start up a little better, and drive with full power. I have changed the tps, #1 coil and the spark plugs all genuine from dealer. Codes in the begining were Po301 changed coil 1 then second code read P0300 multiple miss fire changed tps. Vehicle is still driving the same way. At this point I will have to have a fuel pressure test done to see if it's th

... 2006 Infiniti G35

Faulty PCM/ecu? If ignition pack wiring is good, but no voltage is reaching the coils when cranking, is the pcm faulty? how can i test my pcm? > Car won't start. will crank though. > Powertrain control module C2 pin #9 & 10 were tested to coil pack connectors 1 & 2. Both pass. > No voltage at fuse #24.

... 2003 Dodge Stratus

Obd error code p1315 on 02 toyota camry LE 4cylinder 2.4 liter "ignition coil primary feedback circuit" is the code definition. replaced ignition coil in no 1 cylinder after getting the code "misfire in cylinder 1 and now getting above listed code p1315

P1315 is a misfire in bank 4. P1315 Igniter Circuit Fault (Bank #4) . If that is the case you will need to replace the #4 coil, which is the one closest to the drivers side. I also would advise using original fact ... 2002 Toyota Camry

My 2000 v8 toyota tundra suddenly lost power checked it out and it is misfiring on 1,3,5,& 7. compression checked good, timing checked good, changed all coil packs to other side, misfire stayed on 1,3,5,7. bought another ecm, no change, have fuel pressure, power to injectors, and new plugs, plugs will fire, done this by pulling out coil pack and ground plug. please, need help

Does this motor have the equivalent of crank-trigger ignition? If so, is the sensor A-OK? ... 2000 Toyota Tundra

I have a 2002 toyota celica gts, and just recently the check engine light came on. I had my friend read the code, and it came up as 301, misfire in cylinder 1. To try and diagnose the problem, I switched coil #1, with coil #4 to see if the problem follows. About a week later, the light comes on again, the same error code 301. The next step I took was to replace the spark plugs, my car has 81k miles on it at this time. And yet again, a few days later the check engine light comes on again. N

Rotate the wires swap #1 with the "bad" one if you can, before you spend money on a new set of wires. This problem usually is caused by: either a broken sparkplug carbon wire coreor, a mis-alined reluctor. ... 2002 Toyota Celica

I have a 2001 Lexus rx 300 with a check engine light on with code P0301 cylinder 1 misfire. The spark plugs and ignition coils were already replaced. I swapped fuel injectors with known good cylinder and still have same code. Compression check was done and found cylinder 1 to be a bit low. Had the cylinder head sent to machine shop and came back tested fine. Tested electrical signals to fuel injector and got good pulsewidth signal. Checked for spark and got good spark. Don't know what else to do

... 2000 Lexus RX 300

1997 Volkswagen Jetta wont start. No spark at plugs. Getting 12 VDC to the coil at connector across pins 1 and 3. Coil ohms out OK, 1.2 ohms across 1 & 15 and 3500 ohms across 4 and 15. I couldn't find the Ignition Control Unit to test it. Any suggestions?

We had the same problem with our 97 jetta we replaced the coil and it was fine. ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

1991 Toyota Celica GTS 5A-FE. Engine runs great then I loose all spark which was verified at the coil. Replaced Coil, igniter (used), ECU (USED), ignition switch, Distributor. Checked all wires. will restart after playing around in coil area. Verified power is reaching coil. Removed coil and cleaned up grounding point but have not road tested. Burned up 8 starters in 3 months. Sometimes Voltage low at starter coil. I added a relay and have no additional problems. I have a Natural safety switch o

Bad condenser in distributor,just cut the single wire going to it ... 1991 Toyota Celica

No spark When I test the electrical leads going into the coil, it reads 12.5 to 13 volts as long as its not connected to the coil. When I plug it into the coil, it reads 0 to 0.1. I tried a new coil with the same result.

I don't think you are interpreting what you are reading correctly.\015\012\015\012The ignition coil in a conventional system is supplied with 12 V when the key is turned on and the system modulates the ground side of the coil via a power ... 1993 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2000 gmc sierra 5.3 with a number 6 cylinder missfire. things i have done so far: 1. compression test on number 6 tested fine,as well as the rest of the cylinders 2. leak down test. Held compression. 3. changed coil, spark plugs, wires. 4. changed fuel pressure regulator 5. tested fuel pressure, was about 7 psi below specs. 6. changed intake gasket. 7. changed spark plugs about 20,000 miles ago. 8. swaped number 6 fuel injector with number 4. still missfire on number 6. 9. checked for v

I would check the valves for number 6. If one or both are burned, stuck or out of adjustment it would cause your problem. If a cam lobe for that cylinder is burned or badly worn it could be the culprit. ... 2000 GMC New Sierra 1500

Coil pack I have a 1999 toyota camry v6 . I am getting code P300 - random misfire and P302 - cylinder 2 misfire. I think I need to replace the coil on No.2 cylinder. I am not able to figure out how the cylinders are laid out 1 thru 6. I need a diagram so I know which coil to replace. Thanks, Syed

Cylinders 2 - 4 - 6 are facing the radiator. Cylinder 2 is closest to the drive belts.\015\012\015\012Cylinders 1 - 3 - 5 are facing the firewall, cylinder one closest to the drive belts.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps; and Th ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Replaced Rotor, Cap, coil and plugs/wires and fuel filter, and battery. Will turn over but WONT start. Gapped all plugs correctly. Tried the test of placiing spark plug in boot close to frame while starting to test for spark and no spark off that 1 plug. Read that I should test them all. There is plenty of Gas, i can smell it, and its going into the distributer cap. I checked wires to battery and fixed a couple including the vacuam hoses. Changed Air filter... anything else left to check ?

Http://www.freeautomechanic.com/diagnostictroblecodes5.html\015\012\015\012This was a great help for me, I think.. Shows you what pa ... 1994 Chevrolet Astro

DTC 1320 and 301 - replaced #1 coil and all of the spark plugs. Reset codes - 1320 appeared again in current codes. Is there a way (without replacing all of the coils) to test and determine which coil is setting the code?

Check your plugs.....if one of the coils is misfiring the plug should show signs of running rich. \015\012\015\012Just take out the spark plugs *(good thing is you just replaced them so they all started out bone white!) and "read" them. ... Nissan Maxima

Cylinder 1&3 missing problem when engine cold or hot after timing belt and exhaust valves replacement. we have 180 psi compression. Leak down test under 5% in each cyl. injectors have signal& spraying. ignition coil are working properly. We found after removing the spark plugs a light coat of varnish in spark plug #1&3 the rest have normal color properly working. we check the timing with Land Rover Tools. Everything seems to be in perfect order. Bank #2 works fine but.Bank#1 only cyl 5 works. W

It sounds to me like the 1 & 5 leads are cross connected, have you tried swapping them? ... Land Rover Freelander

Cold start misfire on a 4.7L. Seems to come in pairs - 1&2, 4&5, 3&7. Coils (on plug) have been swapped with no immediate effect. Both heads have been off, disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Bank 1 head replaced with new valves, springs, camshaft, and 2 lifters and rockers. MAP at start hovers around 16 but is 22 after it has cleared up which usually takes 30 seconds or so but could last up to 5 minutes. Tested MAP sensor and found it to be accurate. Compression is erratic but usually around 1

... 2007 Chrysler Aspen 4x2
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