Having problems with your 1993 Toyota Pickup ?

Replacing a head on a 93 toyota pickup 4x4 how difficult and is something that can be done at home. My mechanic knowledge would be considered average but I do have friends. What do I need and is there a step by step process?

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E mail me and i will send you pics and directions. this is too small a medium to do that. [email protected]
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1993 Toyota Pickup

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Replacing a head on a 93 toyota pickup 4x4 how difficult and is something that can be done at home. My mechanic knowledge would be considered average but I do have friends. What do I need and is there a step by step process?

E mail me and i will send you pics and directions. this is too small a medium to do that. [email protected] ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

Brakes replacement... Hey guys, just wondering if "an average Joe" can or should replace/repair brakes on a Honda Accord. I have a 96 Honda Accord that sounds like the brakes need care. There are specials to purchase brake parts, but wondering if I should even consider taking on this challenge - if so, what manual or publication would you recommend in using as an aid? Thanks, Mike

Haynes or Chilton manual will help out. If the inner and outer brake pads are wearing evenly, (one or more isn't worn much more than the others) and you've gone a lot of miles since the last brake job, you can probably get by with new brake pads, an ... 1996 Honda Accord

Window replacment. Hello. My friends rear passenger side window got shattered on her cobalt coupe. And I would like to know what steps to go through and what kind of things I need to replace it for her... Coupe Rear window Passenger side It's winter and I don't want her car getting damaged by the rain and snow so I'm just gonna do it for her. But I don't know how to clean the area, what kind of sealant to use, and how to work the gasket around the window... thank you

Glass breakage is usually covered 100% under the comprehensive coverage on the auto insurance policy. It will not negatively affect her premium since it well under the $1000 threshold. ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

If I'm going to try and replace the clutch on my 2000 Legacy GT Limited with 122k on it and I'm a beginner when it comes to car repair, what book/repair guide would you suggest? I have a friend with transmission experience with Hondas, so I'm banking on his help, however I need to fully understand this process before I go ripping my car apart, so I'm looking for the most detailed how to guide out there for SUBARU specific clutch jobs.

I would get either a Chilton's or Clymer manual for Subaru Legacy that includes your year model. You can get them at most auto parts stores and they are very helpful. \015\012\015\012Good Luck ... 2000 Subaru Legacy

Need to know how to replace the power steering pump on a 2006 Ford F-250 Lariat with a 6.0L Diesel engine. Mainly having trouble getting the fan shroud off... I need a step by step if anyone would be so kind as to send me one?? Mine is completely shot and I don't think I'll have a problem replacing it if I can get to it.... Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me get this solved.. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your resp

The fan has to come out with the shroud. thats the only way. You can rent a tool at the parts store to remove the fan. Or buy it $30.00 ... Ford F-250 Super Duty

My speedometer and odometer both stopped working about three weeks ago in my 1991 Volvo 740 gle. Can you please describe step by step how to repair this and what tools are needed? I need to repair this myself due to money issues and would truly appreciate your help. I've been able to change the fuses, bulbs and other minor things in the car. I'm willing to take on more because I need the car to pass inspection and have no extra money for repairs. Please help me with detailed instructions an

OK. We'll take this step by step.1) two possibilites: One is the speedometer itself. The other is the vehicle speed sensor in the differential cover near the top of the housing. Of course, check all fuses inside the electrical distribution unit ... 1991 Volvo 740

Engine computer in my ford focus 2003, 2.0l l4 , vin: 3FAFP31383R130392 needs to be fixed / reprogrammed. I would like to know how to take it out? What are the steps and what tools do i need to take i

There should be a 5/16 or 9/32 bolt located at the right lower corner of the computer remove this screw to loosen computer. the main connector has a 5/16 headed bolt located in the center of the connector to remove it. Question; Why do you think the ... Cars & Trucks

Rear main seal needs to be replaced,leaking oil from where trans. joins to motor need a step by step manual pics would be very helpful.

If its one piece round seal must pull trans if 2 piece drop pan good luck how many miles may have bad blow by check pcv valve ... 1993 GMC Safari

I have a Lexus es250 1990 v6 it just died driving then it started but would bog down and die putting it in drive and when u put the gas on did start a couple times and drive for a couple miles then would bog down and die in process of changing plugs wires and checking distributer and rotor and goin to replace fuel filter and battery cable clamps need replaced anything else I need to check out and fuses are good

Did it throw a code? it could also be a crank or cam sensor or an ign modual ... 1990 Lexus ES 250

Car overheated Mechanic did a pressure check and also told me I had a small crack in the plastic reservoir and need a replacement. I was also told I would need a complete radiator flush which would be costly. A friend mentioned that it might also be a thermostat problem. I am scheduled tomorrow morning and want to have a correct diagnosis and remedy. What else can you tell me about the thermostat? If the reservoir is replaced and I still have the same problem, of course I want to have both fixed

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... Buick Regal

I need to know what a complete lower arm set up looks like on a 1990 Riviera. It's in this one guy's shop & he's saying that I need a new radius arm. But my friend who works @ a Chevrolet dealership went on the GM online parts site and no "radius" anything pops up. And a veteran GM mechanic said that it would be the "control arm." The car is undriveable because the wheel is pressed up against the wheel well or else I would take it up to the Chevrolet lot myself. Besides wanting to know what the

It is My Opinion that A BALL JOINT Broke and it MAY Require A "CONTROL ARM" To Repair it Properly, RADIUS ARM is NO Term Used in the AUTO Repair Field in my 25+ Years. Getting a Picture of it Will be Hard as Most Repair Manuals Show Partial Pics. But ... 1990 Buick Riviera

Need to replace waterpump on renault scenic megane 2001 model. Need step by step process and what precaution should I take.

... Renault Le Car

I have a 1999 Audi A4 quattro its a manual and i was wondering how to reattach the front bumper on my car its just hanging down and looks kinda bad and it appears to be missing a some type of screw i just need to know what i need and how to fix it. Pictures and step by step instructions would be great. Thanks in advance.

I have 1999 Audi A4 2,8 quattro water is permanently leaking from the reservouir(or radiator?) and I have to add it every two weeks. What's the solution? ... 1999 Audi A4

Crankcase sensor 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4 liter 6 cyl. We need to replace the crankcase sensor. Do you have step by step on how to do that? Its our sons car and it would probably cost to much to bring it to a dealer to replace. Or if we did bring it some place (dealership or a small garage) what do you think the price would be to fix it.

Crank sensor? Not necessary for long instructions ...It's located in a hard to reach place, on the trans bellhousing, even with the flywheel on the drivers side about 10 oclock looking from the rear to front. The harness extends to near the master c ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I need step by step instructions on how to replace a 92 jeep wrangler ignition lock cylinder. Someone broke into my jeep and broke the assembly. There are no tabs left. The key is able to turn it back to use the battery but not forward to start the jeep. I don't have many tools and I looked at some online posts and felt overwhelmed by what is needed. I am not very mechanically inclined and a simpler version would be appreciated.

Best advice is to cut the whole thing off and renew,yes you can remove the barrel, its not difficult but because of the damage it may not come out .when repaired always use a steering lock over and through the spokes in the steering wheel ,its the be ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

I have never changed brake pads before in any car! Do you think I will be able to change the front brake pads on my 2003 Kia Rio? What will I need and how should I go about it? I would love a step by step "guide for dummys" kind of explanation because I am not really mechanical! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Piece of cake....you can do it! I would register at autozone.com. It's free and you can access a full online repair manual. Anytime I purchase a different car I also purchase a Haynes Repair Manual. These are also available at auto parts stores. It w ... 2005 Kia Rio

How to replace the exterior door handle,both sides,on a 1992 Chevy S10 pick up. Is there an on line illustrated manual I can download or copy? I will need step by step instructions. Illustrated step by step instructions would be better. This will be the first time doing this.

Remove seat belt bolts and pull it out. the rest is just held in with tabs.\015\012 ..or if you want Forget taking the door apart - just remove the two bolts\015\012holding the latch assembly to the door - Pull the latch assembly out\015\ ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10

Peta has some plums to give to her friends.evey body get 4 plums each and she will have left 6 left over she can't give each friend 5 plums because she would need 4 more plums.how much plums she

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan eL has been acting up lately. It started on Tuesady afternoon it would not give me any gas and when you started it up it would shake out of control and the check engine light came on I took it to the repair shop and they told me I needed a tune-up and a 3 step fuel system cleaner. After they fixed it that day it ran great. Then the next day I was driving it again and it would give me any gas and I heard a popping sound which I thought was under the hood and the check

It may be your TPS may be faulty. It may also be your EGR, but the symptom with that would also include jerking and bucking of the car. ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2000 ford taurus and need to replace my water pump. I need to know how easy of a fix. can I back yard this problem. what are the steps I need to take. All input would be helpful. Thanks

I would first suggest getting a repair manual for your vehicle. I did a 1995 Taurus with a Haynes manual.Very inexpensive about 20 dollars. Save by doing it yourself. Basic hand tools are all you need. ... 1995 Ford Taurus

This 93 toyota camry ticks like the valves need adjusting but im told that thats a tough process and most camrys valves shouldnt need adjusting for the life of the car. The ticking has a little bit of a clicking noise to it too so any advice as quickly as possible would be appreciated. If it makes any difference the car needs a valve cover gasket as well. Thank you for your time.

It my have a bad lob on the camshaft worn out....or lose bolt...good time to check things out by replacing your valve cover gasket....hope this helps you???? ... Toyota Camry

Hello. My '97 jeep wrangler does not have power steering and I would like to install one. Could you please give me information as to what I would need and the steps to install it? I would probably get the gear box, power steering pump & pulley from the boneyard. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Personally, if I had a choice I'd install a manual steering box in all my Jeeps. (less chance of leaks) But, yes, getting an entire assembly from a scrapyard is a good idea. Take good notes on how it was assembled on the donor vehicle and just revers ... Jeep Wrangler

Hi, It is a 1997 Toyota Carola that is not heating , what thermostate would you buy?? Any special coolant you would use. Thanks, WD Also I have a 1998 Dodge Intrepant that needs new serpenten belts. There are two, I was told at the auto repair that it would be $140 to fix. I called O'reily/s and they said that the two belts if I bought the best is around $60. Do you think that is a good price, Is this something that is fairly easy to do as I have a friend that said he could do it but I don't wa

I would buy a thermostat and coolant from the dealer, if it is my car. ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

Blown head gasket 1991 lexus es250. Need best step by step instructions to get started

... 1991 Lexus ES 250
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