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When I shift gear from neutral to 1st gear and so on, when I release the clutch, I notice and feel something like "hammering" in the transmission before my car start to move. only happening when i release the clutch. when I release the clutch very slowly, the "hammering" is only minimal

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Answers :

Sound like your throw out bearing might be bad
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When I shift gear from neutral to 1st gear and so on, when I release the clutch, I notice and feel something like "hammering" in the transmission before my car start to move. only happening when i release the clutch. when I release the clutch very slowly, the "hammering" is only minimal

Sound like your throw out bearing might be bad ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Would appreciate some expert opinion. The car is a 1992 Mazda Astina Manual. It has been superbly maintained but suffers a violent shaking problem. This only happens when - a. the car is starting to move from stationary ( clutch being released gradually ). b. the road is sloping up at 10 % ( rough estimate ). c. NEVER happens once clutch is fully released and car is moving steady. The violent shaking can be avoided by immediately shifting down to Second gear or revving up the engine ( abou

Well ,clutch plate sprngs broken ----maybe ,\015\012pressure plate fingers uneven tention---possible\015\012engine mounts areal possiblity BUT i think i would go for the clutch plate and check the others whilst doing it ... Mazda 323

Manual transmission ok when i dont have the car started i can put it in all gears but as soon as i start the car i cant put in gear unless i force it in gear. i can start the car with in already in gear but its like i have already released the clutch. Ive already justed the cables on the top back of the transmisssion to make sure they moved when u put it in gear and ive checked the clutch cable in the front top of the transmission and they all move.

Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing most likely need replaced if the cable assembly to it is working properly. Those parts release the transmission from the motor while running thats why its doing that to you. ... 1993 Toyota Paseo

I have an 87 Dodge Colt Vista 5 speed manual. The vehicle has been running fine. Yesterday when I shut it off it would not start again. Battery is good. The car tries to start but will not turn over. Oil and Water levels are good. When I tried to pop the clutch I discovered I had no gears, I would push the clutch in and release it and nothing happened. The car rolls forward while in gear. What has happened all of a sudden? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.

I relay believe you have a broken crank shaft;;\015\012or your clutch is screwed up\015\012but im leaning more towards the crank\015\012have someone turn the key and try to look un ... 1987 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon

I have a 97 sunfire. When I was installing an after market stereo I took the center console (semi) apart to run some wires. Now many things happened during this process. One, I moved the shifter into gear so when I started the car it did the " hard jump and kill" when I released the clutch. I think there may be a problem with the wire harness. The stereo connections, dome light, cig lighter all stopped working. I was carefull when dealing with the center console and have checked the little switc

If you spliced into a black ground wire , you may have got the wire that goes to the e brake. There is power going to the brake light and when you pull the brake handle it makes the closed circuit and turns on the light. this may take care of the ab ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

Have a 1994 Probe with a 5-speed manual transmission. First thing that happened was all of a sudden every time I would put the clutch in, it would make a loud "screeching" sound, & if I was not moving, the car would die. Next day, had trouble getting into the gears,(moving or not). Tried to move it the next day and wouldn't really do much. Same things, trouble with gears. also, even if I had the clutch in, when I started it, it jumped as if the clutch wasn't in. Noticed it was making a noise fro

It need to change the clutch and drum of transmission ... 1994 Ford Probe

Manual transmission will not shift into any gear, even when the clutch is completely depressed. It's a hard shift to begin with and now when i have to come to a stop and say move it out of 4th gear and try to get it in to 2nd, it will not move into gear or any gear for that matter. i've turned the car off, started it, managed to shift into reverse and then get it into 1st then 2nd. happened suddenly hope it has something to do w/ the clutch and not the transmission.

The problem sounds like the clutch. If you put it in 1st., then start it up, does it try to move with you foot on the clutch? Does the clutch pedal feel different than normal. ... 1998 Ford Escort

I have a 1995 jeep wrangler that won't go into gear while running. Clutch pedal to the floor when I start in gear and it either starts moving or will if barely released. Also hard to force into gear while driving. Don't know if its a slave cylinder or clutch issue. Any help would be appreciated.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 99 toyota solara manual tranmission and it wouldnt shift into gear when the car is on. however when the car is off it goes into gear without stepping on the clutch. this problem has been happening for over a few weeks. the problem started wheni was driving normally and it just wouldnt go into any gear while i was driving even when i stepped on the clutch. i had to pull over turn off the car and turn it back on for the clutch to release and go into gear while the car is on. now the car w

... 1999 Toyota Camry Solara

I recently got a 2001 Sebring coupe and over the past week or so the clutch pedal has slowly started to feel loose. Sometimes it would grind a bit trying to go only into 2nd gear. Didn't happen that often but I got in the car today and the pedal pushed easily to the ground and wouldnt go into gear with the car on. Shifter moves between gears fine when the cars off. Clutch was replaced at 40,000 miles already and the car has 130,000 on it now. Does this sound like the clutch is out or maybe just

Sounds like the cable is bad or stretched- best to have it ALL checked by a professional imo. ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

My 1993 subaru loyale just won't start sometimes. usually happens when parked on flat surface. automatic gears won't shift. wheel seems to lock then unlock. when i push the gear release...shift lever will move, but still won't start even in neutral. when i'm about ready to call a tow truck, then all of a sudden it starts on its own. been told it may be the linkage, then told maybe the neutral safety switch...but when its looked at it always starts then....been told it might have to completely le

Age of vehicle would suggest excess play in the selector shaft. Adjust to remove "slop"\012Wear in the Safety override Ignition start solenoid for Park/Neutral.\012Chafed wiring to the Start circuit from the above.\012Faulty Brake l ... 1993 Subaru Loyale

I have a probelm with the 3rd gear on my toyota corolla 1.4 GLE 2006/7 model; sometimes it is difficult to engage into gear # 3 and when that happens the gear jumps out and makes a terrible grinding/crunching noise. The problem is erratic and happens just when i start releasing the clutch / press accelarator. No problem with the other gears, what could be the problem here?

... 2007 Toyota Corolla

I have a 51 plate renault laguna and when i press the start button nothing is happening i put the keycard in all lights come on as normal then nothing happens when start button pushed only way of starting car is by pushing car and releasing clutch like a jump start. my reversing lights are fully working as i was told if they werent it could be the gear switch however this problem is intermittent sometimes the button works but more often than not now it doesnt sometimes it works by slamming the g

... Renault Le Car

I have a 1999 (actually late '98) VW Cabrio. Today while changing gears, the clutch pedal remained on the floor (did not return to normal position) and the clutch no longer worked. On further survey, the clutch is engaged regardless of pedal position, the mechanism under the hood (cable and lever) move when you manually move the foot pedal, and if you press real hard on the pedal the clutch will slightly release. Only when pressing hard will the safety allow the engine to be started. Prior t

The clutch works this way: press the pedal, the pedal pulls a cable, that cable moves a lever with a bearing at its end, that bearing presses on the extremities of the disk spring, that spring deforms and lifts the pressure plate disengaging the clut ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

1990 Toyota PICK UP SR5 V6, when in gear and start releasing clutch pedal, truck starts moving forward with slight jerking. As soon as I give it gas, it starts to **** harder, forcing me to shift into 2nd gear to avoid it. After that, shifting and acceleration is good. Just from dead stop, between 1-2 shifts. Replaced master and slave. Truck on, idling, fine. Rolling out of first, nasty.

Sounds like it is a clutch issue. Have the clutch plate checked or check the clutch and friction plates. I know it sounds strange but In reality we always press teh clutch all teh way in to shift. But going from 2nd to third you actually don't hav ... 1990 Toyota Pickup


Clutch needs to be replaced. ... 1993 Geo Metro

I have a 1984 jeep CJ7 that has been sitting for 5 years. I finally had it started and the engine sounds great, but now it doesn't- the jeep-move. I can also just shift the gears without having to depress the clutch---but no movement of the vehicle---my gears are inoperable...what could be the cause of this? Clutch or transmission and why could this have happened?


I own a 2005 SANTRO XP. Whenever I start the ignition and release the clutch and before the car can move forward I hear a sound like as though a spring is wound tightly and is released. Does not happen all the time but when it does, I start to wonder whether anything is breaking

Without hearing the noise im gonna guess its the clutch friction plate springs,it only happens when you take your foot off the pedal.and is annoying but harmless. ... Hyundai XG300

I have a 96 chevy cavalier 2.2l 5spd manual transmission...new clutch 3 months ago...fluid level is full...shifts with no grinding...but when u release the clutch... It takes a minute for it to start pulling... It started whining ...this happens in all gears and rpm ranges...if u rev it high it will engage tranny hard...like it's automatic with a 4000+ stall converter... Any advice would be appreicated

Sounds a lot like the throwout bearing is binding on the input shaft and not releasing the pressure plate. In any case, it needs to come apart to look before anything else gets damaged.. ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My Acura TL ?96 started having problems when the D1 and D2 positions of the gear were illuminating in the panel all the time. Few days later, the car would start when in P but need to use the Shift Release to move the gear. Later the same day the car won?t start in P so I need to use the Shift Release to move the gear to N and start the car. Also the key will stay stuck on the starter. I took out the plastic cover to check on the shift interlock solenoid because it stopped making the release

Have the park/ neutral safety switch checked. this is most likely your problem.\012Randy ... 1996 Acura TL Series

Gear trouble when the car is off the gear stick moves into a gear, the clutch isnt responsive to pressure although it does move up and down. When the car is in gear to start moving the car jerks to a start as there is no feeling in the clutch. once moving the car cant change gear.


The vehicle in question is a 1985 Ford Ranger 2x4, 5 Spd, with the 2.3 Mitsubishi Diesel. The truck will not move in 5th or reverse gears. The truck all of a sudden started to make a grinding noise in the 5th, reversae gears when clutch is released. The shifter still felt normal and gears 1, 2, 3, 4 all work fine. Everything looked normal when we pulled the shifter out of the top of the transmission. What are the potential causes, parts failures, and / or diagnostic steps to take? Can we pul

Your syncronizers are shot in those two gears and need to be replaced. the trans will have to come out to perform this replacement ... Ford Ranger

While driving my truck (ford f 150 1988 manual 6 cylinder 2 wheal drive) it sometimes starts to sputter, by this i mean it shakes about a bit and when i push on the gas pedal nothing happens. oddly if i apply a little pressure to the clutch and a little on the gas i can get the truck to poorly move at a relatively constant pace rarely over 45mph. Every time this has happened i have driven at least 5 miles and always have been in 3rd gear. What could be causing this?

Sounds like the clutch needs to be replaced ... 1988 Ford F 150

Hi, I having problem with 2005 Nissan Sunny 1.6L CCVT. This problem started around 6 months ago. When the car is cooled down after parking for a few hours, esp in the morning, in order to move off, I shifted to Gear D. But the car just dun start moving even after I released hand brake and foot brake, it feels like in Gear N. Rpm shows as in Gear N. 2 ways I using to move off: 1) let the car warm up for 10 mins, gear D will work normally after that. 2) move off with gear 1, gradually shift to ge

... 1996 Nissan Sunny

I have a 1994 del sol si with a five speed tran . you can shift the into all the gears with the engine off and not pressing down on the clutch but we it is running you cant shift into any gears . if you put the car in a gear before you start it and press the clutch in will start in gear and take off . i have replaced the clutch master cylinder and the clutch release cylinder and didnt help . whatr else could be the problem

Your actual clutch and pressure plate went out. Have you replaced those? That is usually the problem ... 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol
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