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'93 camry left drive axle replacement problem

\015 I am trying to replace the left drive axle on a 1993 camry with automatic transmission and the axle will not go all the way into the transmission and keeps popping out. What can I do to solve this problem.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

The c clip is down u must remove and reposition the openning down
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'93 camry left drive axle replacement problem

The c clip is down u must remove and reposition the openning down ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

On my 20004 sante fe i get a sort of thumping sound and can be felt throughout the vehicle, when accelerating. I had the left cv axle replaced but did not help. Now the problem is getting worse and i here a sound when i take off from a dead stop lke a clanking or thumping, so i know it is getting worse. When i took it to the dealer all they said was thatr they would have to start by replacing the left cv axle that i already replaced, saying that was not neccesarily the problem but it was probabl

... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

1996 Kia Sephia suddenly developed this problem of a jerking motion with loud clunk while driving forward or in reverse, more so when wheel is turned either left or right. I've had both CV axles & ball joints replaced. Any idea as to what else this could be?

Check your transmission fluid level. ... 1996 Kia Sephia

2000 Ford Taurus. Had a thumping sound while driving that sounded sort of like a flat tire, except all the tires are OK (less than 80% wear), also had vibration in the steering wheel which made it hard to turn. Replaced the tie rods, which fixed the vibration and turning problem but not the thumping noise. Sounds like it is coming from the back left side, maybe is a bent axle or wheel? (hoping not!)

Might check, Bushing on Control Arm, Top Plate, Shock Absorber ! ... 2000 Ford Taurus

It starts In 3rd and when in 5th while still accelerating, a noise which sounds like it's coming from drivers front side, the best I can describe it is it sound like a commercial paint shaker shaking a gallon of paint. After getting up to speed it quits...slightest throttle you hear it. When breaking or down shifting no sound. Sudden turn or swerve to the left makes it louder. Does anybody know what this could be? Drivers side drive axle was sloppy and replaced didn't help problem.

Noises from axles can be really deceiving. The sound is transfered throuh the transaxle and can resonate through the entire vehicle. The turning to the left thing makes it sound like a problem in the right wheel/axle area. Wheel beari ... 1997 Geo Metro


At stop and go slowly with steering turned all the way one way or the other,, do you hear any popping noise. if so, cv joint axle. if not... check all motor and transmission mounts ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hello. Recently replaced a cv axle on a 91 honda 5 sp. It had been making noise for several months, started sounding worse and while driving the clock the car seemed to 'slip' when I'd accelerate. Then, the car got where it would not go. In any gear it would just sit and rev up, like being in neutral. Might move a few inches but that's all. I replaced the cv axle on the dirvers side. It was bad. I thought the problem would be solved. But, when I tested it, the problem was still there. W

Transmission clutch going out need to change it axle is in good condition ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee orvis v-b 4x4. when you start driving the truck and get up to about 30 mph you will get a violent shake in the front end. so we discontected the drive shaft and still the same problem. so we have replaced both hubs, torsion bar and bushings the bushings in the stablizers. in shorts there isn't any thing left to replace but still haveing the same problem. help.

The most important thing you did not mention....ball joints. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

ABS light would come on and brakes would pulse only when turning left coming to a stop. Otherwise brakes worked fine. Fluid level good. Pads were only half worn but went ahead and replaced pads on all four wheels. Calipers all looked good. No leaking or stuck calipers. After all pads replaced, brakes felt even a little better but problem still exists. Now ABS light will occasionally come on while driving but brakes work good except for initial problem of coming to a stop while turning left. If I

This is your Hub Wheel Assembly. Just replace them, get an alignment, and you will be set to go. I have had to replace mine twice in 5 years so they seem to go out relatively quickly in the Blazer. Good luck! ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Grinding noise before and after CV axle replacement on passanger side of a 1996 honda accord LX, 4 Door, 4 cylinder. So, the problems are: 1.) grinding noise when driving, sometimes goes away but comes back sooner or later. 2.) after CV axle replacement on passenger side, grinding noise persists. As the car is on jacks, the brakes hang up on the passenger side, even though the drivers side wheel is idling normally, the passenger wheel is stopping or not moving. could this be a brake problem

... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a Hyundai Santro 2000 model. When I turn extreme left and when I just start to return to align straight, I get a noise from the steering. Could this be the left bearing in the axle needs to be replaced? Another problem.....the entire steering makes a sound while turning left or right...just like an old door not oiled. do i need to replace the steering arm or should it just be serviced? thanks

I would take it in to a reputable shop like Firestone or Midas. Usually they won't charge you to tell you what is wrong. Ask them over the phone first. Sounds like your Idler arm or a broken ball joint and the pump is straining to turn it. ... Hyundai Accent

BMW 316i SE2001 plate power problem i have a problem with my bmw 3161 SE 2001 plate i was having a number of problems but the one thats left to sort out now is that the car has hardly any power what so ever and doesnt like going past 2000 revs after a little driving it starts to judder past 2000 up to arround the 4000 mark but then gets stuck arround there i have replaced so far water pump a few months back then 4 days ago replaced a oxygen breather and the breather hose and a crank sensor, then

Bmw 316i se blower not working ,where is the fsr located any help would be helpful thanks ... 2001 BMW 3 Series

I have a 2001 Lexus ES300 and I need to replace the passenger side drive axle, my problem is removing the motor mount from the drive axle I removed the snap ring and I am still unable to get the shaft out of the motor mount housing

... Lexus ES 300

Running Problems I have an 87 camry with the 2.0L auto with ECT. The problem is: I start my car in the morning and drive maybe 5 mins to wherever then on the way home it coughs about 2 times then shuts off/dies. I try starting it and it turns over. I then let it sit for a few mins. then it starts and then I drive it home. I have replaced the fuel pump, strainer, and fuel filter, cleaned the MAP and MAF sensors, checked the fuses all seem good. Also when it dies it sometimes acts like the starter

I had this problem for years when my 87 was only a few years old. Even though it was tested over and over, the distributor ended up being the problem. I got lucky when a friend saw it posted in a tom and ray column in their local newspaper. It was fo ... 1987 Toyota Camry

I have a 1999 all wheel drive jeep grande Cherokee when turning right there is a huge popping and it pulls me left then it is stuck and while I am driving straight it pulls me left the axle has been replaced and so has the wheel bearings any ideas

You need a front end allignment. ... Cars & Trucks

1989 Chevrolet S-10 4X4 Blazer with 4.3L V6. Solved my problem with 4 wheel drive not engaging. Replaced vacuum swith on transfer case and electric vacuum switch on front axle and now 4 High and 4 Low will engage again. My problem now is this! My 2 Wheel drive and 4 High light will come on the floor panel but my Neutral and 4 Low light will not come on even though it engages just fine. I have taken the panel loose and checked the two panel connectors and checked all 6 bulbs and they look fine. W

... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 97 Ford Expidition, Recently back from a 8 month deployment in Iraq. Before I left I had a problem with the spark plug that popped out so it sat until I got back. I had that problem fixed and everything was fine. Well I deceided to replace my windsheild because it had cracks going from the right side to the left side and up and down, When I went to pick up the expidition I had noticed that the door chime was on and the key wasn't in the ignition. As I was driving home I noticed that the

Did you have starter tested could be getting a draw through starter or could be a voltage regulator. or even a short somewhere in between ... Ford Expedition

Hi I have a Audi A4 2.4 v6 I replaced the valve stem seals and gides assembeled it after making sure all was in place i started the car it ran nice without any problem when i wanted to take it for a drive i ran out of gas even when the needel showed that it was 1/4 i put gas in and started it but did not want to start towed it back home and left it for the next day when i started it no problem i checked the petrol gauge and still showed 1/4 switched it of got ready to take it for a drive again g

... 2001 Audi A4

I drive the car two or three times a week then I might not drive the car for four or five days and get in it and the battery is dead but don't tell me it is the battery needs replacing because the cadillac dealer has changed it twice and I changed it twice before that. there is somthing electrical wrong but nobody can fix it I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem. the lights are not left on the keys are not left in the car it is just frustrating because sometimes it will be fine f

That means that you have a parasitic drain, that can be caused by a short or by a defective device.First try to understand if there is a parasitic drain.\015\012\015\012Once you exclude the drain, replace the battery, a batter ... Cadillac DeVille

I have an 01 Buick LeSabre that has a shimmy between 50-60MPH. First the repair shop rotated & balanced the tires & that didn't help. Then they replaced the left drive axle and that seemed to cure it. A few days later it began to shimmy again so I had the shop replace the right axle & rear motor mount. It helped some but, the shimmy is still there and seems to be getting worse. Hate to keep throwing parts at it. Anybody got any idea's..............

Does the car still do it if it is shifted to neutral at 60? Does this have overdrive.If so try another gear and see if it still has that issue. Recommending this to eliminate the trans as having an issue and will be able to better determine what type ... Buick LeSabre

When i am driving between 70 and 80 i get a vilent shake from the frount end.. i have replaced the sterind damper which helped a bit but the problem is returning. i have noticed that the frount right wheel will wobble when driving and the problem is more prominent when turning left slightly or a large corner. i have had the ute looked at and have been told everything is with in its tolarance's. can u please help alex mac

Sounds like a case of cv joint"axle"failure, I would have someone take a good look at the axle the issue might not be noticeable though by just looking if the boots are still intact ... Toyota Land Cruiser

I just got my front brakes replaced on my 2000 Toyota Camry. It has less than 80,000 miles on it. The mechanic said that there had been only 1/32nd" left on the front, but the back brakes were fine. However, there were a few other problems that came up. I would just like to know if what the mechanic said was just a way to get more money, or if there really is a potential problem. Here's what he said: Front & Rear Strut Replacement Rear brake clean and adjust Brake fluid flush Alignment Fuel Filt

To test struts use your body weight to bounce the struts if the vehicle bounces up and down instead of stopping bouncing straight away they need replaceing.If rear brakes are drum brakes then wouldnt hurt to clean and adjust however when you reverse ... 2000 Toyota Camry

1996 7.3 liter powerstroke. Right bank of cylinders dead. Left side are all firing. Replaced fuel filter-no change. Problem occured after starting the engine in the morning-worked fine. The engine started missing real bad after driving about two miles down the road. Now I can feel the exhaust manifold when running the engine with my hand and the whole right side stay's cool. Left side is hot. Any known problems?

The IDM is bad. The driver module actually has two systems in it.\015\012The module can burn out on one side and still keep the other half of the engine running. The wiring harness could be burnt out or loose on one side and cause this to. ... 1996 Ford Econoline

I have a hyundai accent '08 i have nearly 8,000 kmh and this summer i had a problem i heard a cracking noise from the left wheel when i turned right or when the car weight was on the left side.i went to a mechanic and they changed the left axle the noise stopped all o.k. One day when i turned the wheel full left i heard a noise like tak tak tak it was differend noise from the first and it came from underneath.i focus on it and when the car is cold i don't hear anything!when i drive few kmh then

It sounds like a c/v joint is worn .check under the left where the axel connects theres a rubber boot in the boot is the c/v joint if there is a little wear on the joint it will click click clik when u are driving and turning expecaly at low spee ... 2008 Hyundai Accent

I need to replace the left side drive bearing and axle seal in a 4t60e trnny. can it be done with the tranny still in the car?

The axle seal yes. the drive bearing? are you talking the one inside the trans or the cv joints or the outer wheel bearing the bearings inside the tranny cannot be replaced without pulling the trans out.the others can be. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
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