Having problems with your 1993 Saturn SL2 ?

1999 Saturn SL-2 will start but shuts off! Has a brand new battery in it too. Any ideas on what the trouble might be?

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Sometimes the security-anti theft systems go bad in these cars. Actually in ALOT of GM cars. This will cause the car to either "not start" (as in the starter wont even turn over) or start for 1-5 seconds and shut off. You might also notice a light somewhere on the dash that says security when this happens. If this sounds like your problem, check out this link for info and some DO IT YOURSELF solutions. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1993 Saturn SL2

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1999 Saturn SL-2 will start but shuts off! Has a brand new battery in it too. Any ideas on what the trouble might be?

Sometimes the security-anti theft systems go bad in these cars. Actually in ALOT of GM cars. This will cause the car to either "not start" (as in the starter wont even turn over) or start for 1-5 seconds and shut off. You might also notice a light so ... 1993 Saturn SL2

Starter maybe A few weeks ago I needed a new battery...then for some reason I had trouble starting my car..I purchased it at a car parts place and they installed it for me...a friend of mine said maybe they might have installed the battery inproperly being they are not mechanics. 2 years ago I had to have the starter replaced and got ripped off. Saturn agreed. Anyhow I brought it back and they were of no help. Two certified mechanics both agreed that it was a starter problem due to the fact that

Well, your starter problem seems to have resolved itself (for now!), but as far as the gas fumes, check around the engine compartment looking for evidence of gas (when u can detect the odor). t If nothing visible, look under the car for evidence. F ... 1998 Saturn SL

1999 grand cherokee that will not turn over when key is turned. Battery is brand new and everything works but turning over. Pawn to this is when cold it will turn over and start... but after driven for awhile and shut down it will not engage starter untill left sitting for awhile. Do you have any ideas that I might have not thought of?

Check the starter. Sounds like it has been getting weak for awhile. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My VS commodore has trouble starting when the engine gets hot. Wants to turn over but its as if the battery is flat. But is a brand new battery and brand new starter motor

... Cars & Trucks

Car won't start when I turn the ignition key. I put in a new battery thinking that might be the problem but that didn't work. When i intitially turn the key one click some of the lights come on in the display like the battery light oil, and seat belt. When the key is turned to start the engine the digital clock seems to lose power and the numbers fade out. The engine doesn't even turn over. Any ideas of what the problem might be would be helpful. Thanks!

Seems like you have a bad ground connection..Check that the wires are all tight and clean from the battery to the engine, and from the engine to the body of the car.Good luck ... 2001 Kia Sephia

Bought a brand new battery, but car wont start..the door bells ding, but wont start. Any idea what it could be????if it is the starter, would it be best to put in a brand new starter vs a used?? the car has 159k miles on it, and i don't want to waste more money if its had its day??ty.

Remove the starter and have it tested, autozone will help ya out ... 2000 Ford Taurus

Battery keeps draining and have to get jump starts to start the car every time. Brand new Altenator, and Battery, New Transmission. Any Ideas?

Heres what u do.. get u a 12 volt light up tester.. u can usually buy them at autozone for 5-12 dollars u have to get one of the heavier ones. unhook your positive battery terminal hook the tester from the battery terminal on the battery to the cabl ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

Having problem with battery going dead and it is a brand new battery. Problem started with the radio going dead and I was told that the battery causes the radio to go first .the first sign that the battery is bad, Bought a new battery and still having problem with the battery going dead. My friend thinks it might be because of the antenna, I have a Bose radio by the way. My question is this would replacing my power antenna help with the problem and is it a standard antenna or a bose antenna. An

A standard antenna will work just fine, if that is the problem. What I would suggest do first is unhook the power antenna from the back of the radio. And see if the battery is dead the next day. I am not saying that it is not the power antenna. But I ... 1996 Nissan Maxima

I have a ford focus 1.4 2002 I was driving one day parked up and left the music on while I ran in my house for 2mins. When I came back the car would not start just one click. I used jump leads and the car still would not start so someone pushed the the car down the road while the gear was in 2nd and with a lil gas the car started, however when I turn off the engine it won't start again. I took to going online and read it might be my battery so went to halfords bought a brand new battery and I go

If the car is push-start. Then, engine is all good. And it must be starter motor or the battery. Since you have replaced the battery, it must be starter motor OR the loose cabling. One tip is - if you can arrange any running starter motor (from a Fri ... Cars & Trucks

I just bought a 1990 daihatsu feroza and it has a brand new battery in it. i picked it up at about 10 oclock yesterday and drove it for about an hour back to my house. i then started it about 5 or 5 more times that day and it had no trouble at all, it sounded like there was plenty of power coming from the battery. then all of a sudden, ten minutes after it was running i went to start it and there was nothing, it only just turned once but didnt actually start. the volt's meter in the car went dow

This definetly sounds like an alternator problem........but to definetly check this.....grab a multimeter, and check the voltage at the battery whilst the engine is running/idling, the voltage should be around 13.8v and 14.2v,,,,,,,let me know how it ... 1990 Daihatsu Rocky

I have a 1995 honda accord and it just wont start , When i turn the key over to start it just wont turn over , i change the fuel pump and the starter is good .. it sounds like its trying to start but just wont kick over ... The pump is new but the starter is old but it sounds like its working but like i say it just wont turn over . all the fuses are good and i have a brand new battery in the car .. So what you think it might be ???

The contacts in the starter motor solenoid are worn, the clicking that you can hear is the solenoid being pulled in, but not making contact to allow the main battery voltage/current from getting to the starter motor. Their are 2 things you can ... 1995 Honda Accord

My 2004 v6 mustang has always had trouble starting in the cold weather but usually got started. Now it has a brand new battery but it wont start at all if it sits in the cold for over a day and now it seems the battery is drained again. Is this a electrical problem? It has other minor electrical problems and i dont if the cold made it worse or what. I wouldnt think that all mustangs are just this bad in the winter

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MY 1995 JEEP BROKE DOWN ABOUT A YEAR AGO I JUST HAD 3 MAIN FUSES REPLACED A BRAND NEW BATTERY AND A BRAND NEW ALTERNATOR BUT THE BATTERY WON'T KEEP A CHARGE I HAVE A SHORT SOMEHWERE BETWEEN THE FUSE BOX AND THE BATTERY AND THE BATTERY TO GROUND HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THIS PROBLEM HOW DO I FIND THE SHORT? The battery started getting drained right after we bought it brand new. the first night we went to go start it after a few hours and it was completely dead so we jumped it then it started right up

Have you checked the charging of the alternator at the battery? (not by a parts store) Put a volt meter across the battery and check voltage while running. You should be showing 13.5v or better (not over 14) with accessories off, 12.5 or better with ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Hi I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Grandis Chariot Exceed van and I went away recently overseas for four weeks. I disconnectedf the battery before I went on holiday. After the holidays I reconnected the battery but now I have problems with the car idling and it cuts out. When the engine is cold like first thing in the morning it seems less trouble but when I start it again for my next trip it keeps cutting out for a while until the car has run for a while. Any ideas what might be the trouble.

... Mitsubishi Passenger

I put a brand new battery in a 1995 Accent I got from a friend and it started right up the only problem was that I couldn't remove the key after turning the car off. After sitting for a few days, I tried to start the car again but the battery was totally dead and the key came right out. Any ideas?

That your key wouldn't come out may have been strictly a mechanical problem with the lock and this can happen if there is too much torque on the steering wheel when parked for the steering lock to release the key.\015\012\015\012The draining of ... Hyundai Motor 1995 Accent

Honda Civic dx has trouble starting. Battery and starter are brand new. Oil in it was 20w 40- I changed it to 10w 30 and ever since then it has had trouble starting. Please give me some advice on what

It sounds like after the engine starts it is running out of fuel. What model year is the vehicle? HONDA took away the fuel filter on all of their latest models. If it's got a fuel filter it should be replaced and a post mortem done on the removed fil ... Cars & Trucks

It sounded like i needed a new battery. the car tried to turn over with no luck. i had jumped it before when it had done this and it worked. this time, it did not so i put a new battery in and tried to start and the same thing happened. now it won't do anything and it smells like something is burning under the hood in the electrical system. Any ideas what it might be? 1990 oldsmobile eighty eight. Thanks.

Most likely your starter or relay or a bad ground. ... 1990 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Pontiac 2008 G5, battery just over year old, run car for an hour every other day to keep charged, frequently hard to start, clock resets, needs jumps, sometimes will start if it sits for 20 minutes. Was ok after the new battery (replaced too soon IMHO) now back to the same old same old. Think it might be a undocumented security feature, looking for ideas.

It is hard to confirm...as you are aware...your battery is draining when not running...First try turning off all power including the radio on your next shut off...If this does not work, The only drain is usually the starter has developed a short...re ... 2007 Pontiac G5 Gt Coupe

I have a 90 crown victoria ford with a 302, 5 liter engine. For some reason my batteries keep dying and I havnt even drove it anywhere yet. I thought maybe the used battery in it might have been the problem so I put my grandfather battery in it, it started but after an hour of just sitting there doing nothing the battery was dead, same scenerio with the brand new battery I just put in it yesterday there isnt any lights being left on or any obvious source drawing power from my battery. I have to

Maybe a bad door switch allowing interior lights to stay on ... 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

2006 BMW 730LD - unexplanable battery problem. Car does not keep battery and intermittedly loses battery - car will not start. Battery is brand new - no idea what is causing this. Is there a software fault or hardware fault somewhere?

... 2006 BMW 7 Series

1999 Isuzu Amigo V6 2wd: Car doesn't start always. Turn the key, lights come on, radio on, etc, but no clicking noise, no engine trying to turn over, absolutely nothing. I put in a new battery, but same issue. Some days it fires right up and other days, nothing when the key is turned. Just keep trying and eventually it starts, but it is taking longer for it to decide to start. Where do I trouble shoot first? Starter relay (is there one), starter itself, ignition switch? Any ideas?

... 1999 Isuzu Amigo

1999 Towncar wont start. Bought brand new battery, still wont start. Replaced starter, still will not start ???? Any ideas

... 1998 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2002 Mercedes Benz C240. My car won't start every now and then and have to charge up the battery. Thought the battery might be bad so bought a brand new battery and still happens and gets a message on dashboard regarding ESP default. What is wrong with this car.

I think you should check if the alternator is charging the battery.with engine runningcheck battery voltageshould be 9.6 to 12 volts,now turn on headlights ,air conditioner & all accessories,check voltage at battery again,voltage should be around ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2002 Saturn SL2 was working fine an hour previous to the 'lock out'. I went to run another errand and it wouldn't start. Battery good, all lights, etc coming on. Wouldn't turn over. Anti-theft feature is only suppose to disable the car for 15 minutes. It wouldn't start all day. Next morning I get in the car and try it, it starts right up. Is some component going out - a fuse? Some kind of computer chip? How can I avoid this in the future? Also...remote is brand new and was programmed on

Your owners manual will tell you that the anti-theft can be turned off, but doesn't tell you how (dealer only?). If it is turning over but wont start, (trying to hit and outside temp is below 32) check the coolant temp sensor. Saturns notorious for ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I have trouble to start the car in cold temperatures...It started not for 3 days where we had 0 degrees or so...I checked the battery which was fully charged and also the altinator is almost brand new (3 months)...After the days, when the temperatures rised again (to 50 degree or so) it startet on the first try...Now i was thinking of spraying starting fluid on the cables in the hood...

Replace temputer sensor ... 1990 Buick LeSabre
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