Having problems with your 1993 Saturn SL2 ?

93 saturn trys to start but acts like not getting fire

\015 It started but ran rough then died less then a minute latter\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Any trouble codes? what is the fuel pressure reading at the test port on the top of the engine?
First check to ensure it is getting fuel and as well spark and that all hoses / vacuum lines are not cracked or rotted and all fluid levels are correct and up to par ...check the air filter check that everything from the aircleaner to the plenum are tight no wires are burnt or exposed causing a short in the system try to make sure it is getting proper fuel if it has a fuel shut off switch make sure to re engage it just for whatever reason there are many things to ask you but these are a few places to start Look for the obvious 1st then check the fuel filter condition is it getting fuel >
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93 saturn trys to start but acts like not getting fire

Any trouble codes? what is the fuel pressure reading at the test port on the top of the engine? ... 1993 Saturn SL2

My 1996 saturn sl2 wont start. it is getting fuel up to the bleeder valve but wont start up. when i take the breather tube off and spray startign fluid in the throttle body it fires till it burns up the fluid. every now and then back firing. was running like a chamo changed the oil oil pan valve cover gasket and tried to fire it up and notta just keeps turning over. when i let it sit for a minute and try it acts like its going to fire then stops and just turns over. Timing? Air idle sensor? i ne

Did you check the injectors to see if they are firing? ... 1996 Saturn SL

Saturn problem starting problem starts when it want to changed key but it acts like a starter problem if you try turn key two times in a row you will get no spinning of motor if you wait 10 seconds then it trys to start but wont

... 2004 Saturn ION

Died wont start turns over and trys to fire but acts like its not getting fuel?

Yep you better check for fuel. add some to the air intake and see if it starts and dies. if it does the fuel pump might not be running as the ECC relay turns the system on and also the fuel pump relay then the incheria switch may may open and theres ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

1995 dodge ram v8 it has a kill switch i have to push in while starting the truck, the truck trys to start its like it is not getting gas to the engine. if i get the truck started it runs fine once the truck is warm i can shut it off and it will fire back up no prolbem once it gets cold wont start again.

Can not find gas kill switch for 1996 dodge ram 1500 ... 1995 Dodge Ram

Starts and runs good when cold , shut engine off after motor gets hot , will not start back. After I let the engine cool down it will start back. When weather is cooler starting back is not a problem , runs and starts back great when weather is cooler. But in temps 60 and above problem occurs.Engine is 6 cylinder . 2 wheel drive.When starting and running problem occurs the engine acts like its not getting fire. Wants to start back but cant.This problem does not occur in winter months.

Sounds like the coil has gone bad. This is usually the syptoms of this. When it is in the non crand status cool the coil down quickly with ice and see if it doesnt crank. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wont START The vehicle just cutoff while driving. Tried to restart it and continues to crank just not fire. It looked like it was the fuel pump because it was getting no fuel. Changed the fuel pump, relay & filter and check the pressure and it still wont fire. It acts like it is not receiving fuel ..Any ideas? Would the injectors not allow it to start? or electrical? please help.

Make sure pump is to operating range, pumps require more pressure to start. also make surre you have ignition on spark plugs can be that you dont have any. ... 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

Truck starts cold perfect runs till gets warmed up 2-3miles then begins to act like starved for fuel check engine light flickers off and on then stays on truck back fires bangs and soon after engine stalls starts up again but must pump gas petal like crazy. finally starts and takes off starting the process over. Once cooled start up 1st crank. 1988 s-10 v6

Check your carburater. ... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

Problems starting Thanks for your help with the fuel filter. The car isn't dying anymore. I cleaned the plugs and changed the wires, one was really rusty inside. checked the distributor cap and rotor. Now sometimes when you start it acts like it wants to start but then wont fire up and wines down. It doesn't do it every time. Sometimes it starts up fine. I am wondering if it may be the fuel pump, seems as though the carbourator isn't getting the fuel initially to fire. What do you think?


2001 won't start. turns over but doesnt even act like its firing. sometimes there is a smell of gas like it is flooded. started back in jan when it was cold. replaced battery and spark plugs to no avail. you get the normal relay clicks and fuel pump sound. it has actually started about three separate time and ran but will not start after you turn it off.

Check the color of your spark if it is blue your good if orange replace coil dependig on your setup and if you have 1 coild or 8 coils you many have to check each cylinder seperate just pull out spark plug replace the spark plug wire have someone try ... Chevrolet Tracker

Trouble starting my wife has a 2000 dodge durango v8 magnum and it has been having trouble starting. for the last month it has been progessivley getting worse, and last night it would not start. it acts like it is not getting any gas to the engine, wants to sart but wont fire. what could it be?

Check the fuel pressure sounds as if fuel pump quit ... 2000 Dodge Durango

1993 Dodge d250 2wd with 360 and automatic transmission. Engine will not start when cold. I live in a very cold place and every morning it will turn over and sputter but will never stay running for more than thirty seconds. The only way I have been able to get to start is by actually heating the engine with a propane heater for a couple of hours and then it fires right up and runs great. When the engine does not start it acts like and smells like it's flooding, which makes sense. This truck is n

Yeah, cold weather like that makes the oil too thick to move. You need to install a block heater. The kind I like to use are a little heat pump that connects to one of your radiator hoses. When you plug it in it will circulate coolant, warm it throug ... Dodge D150

My 1992 honda accord is not wanting to start, acts like not getting any fire when does finally start it starts ro get hot quickly. it has a new head and head gasket. what could b the problem

... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 94 Caprice 4.3 v8 and the past week it will run fine the acts like it's not getting enough fuel back fire real loud and die and it takes bout 10 mins before it will start again then when it does start it will run perfect when u punch it it does it again starves for fuel back fired and dies it back fired so hard it busted a hole I the muffle does anyone know what could cause this I changed the fuel filter though it might be the fuel pump any help would be nice

... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice

Why would my mother in laws 1996 toyota corolla start fine one day and be reallly hard the next day? my mother inlaw called me to look at her car and i went over to see what the problem was. well when i tried to start it it would turn over fine but acted like it was not getting fire or not getting gas. i then just kept cranking and after a lil bit it finally cranked it ran fine for the rest of the day and the when got in it the next day the same problem ocurred. what should start checking?

While you are comparing day to day events, you are overlooking the problem is consistent with the Mornings' first start. The engine is hard to start after sitting overnight.The cold start routine is a setting that is suppose to reboot after ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

My name is nathan and i have a 96 grand chreokee v6 it is getting gas and fire it will crank over but will not start.before it started acting up it would go hay wire like the door woud start clicking gages started going off and on windows wouldnt go down but it would not affect the driving.then it just would not start so i crossed the starter wires and it started but the next time i tried to start it all it did was click at the main power fuse box so ichanged the starter fuse and took the starte

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 max. starts fine, but has a puttering sound coming from the tailpipe, engine idles a little rough, when driving it has a miss throughout the driving range. Fairly new wires and cap and plugs and button found 1 vac leak that was repaired CE light was on then went out car ran well then started doing it again and CE light came back on. Fuel filter has not been changed yet acted like a non working injector but is getting fire to all the injectors. Engine had a gas fire at one time and some of t

That could definetly be the problem. \015\012But they also had a problem with the wire harness that runs along the RH passanger side shock tower. wher the harness goes from the body to the engine. sometimes the wires get broken internally. ... 1994 Nissan Maxima

1990 Plymouth Voyager Minivan 2.5L 3 speed auto trany. Starts fine and runs fine when cold. But after about a half hour of driving and the engine heats up the trouble starts. The engine acts like it is cutting out but not all the way where it stalls. It bucks and chugs. Like only a few cyclinders are firing. I stop and stand on the brake and give it gas while in gear and it stumbles. I put it in park and give it gas and it revs just fine not missing a beat. I thought maybe it was getting too hot

I think your on the right track but I would start with the CPS (crank position sensor) as it seems most obvious as it normally starts to fail/read inaccuratly when the car gets hot. Should be less then $40 and a much easier replacement then a radiato ... 1990 Plymouth Voyager

I have1994 sl1 Saturn its been sitting for like five years and will not start how do i get it running again. I Chang the battery. An the spark. Plugs an wires and i have drained. The old gas out an cleaned. The fuel pump but it act like its flooded and won't start

Ok ou changed the battery, the spark plugs and spark plug wire and drained the old gas out. You could also drain the fuel line, so that any gunk in it. Did you change the oil and the transmission fluid? Did you drain the radiator and flush it out be ... Cars & Trucks

Ok i just did a head job on my 94 s10 blazer 4x4 and i cant get it to start what is the deal it acts like its not geting no fire but. new plugs wires,gaskets, injector,egr,and it seems like its getting enough gas

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

99 saturn sc2 starts but acts like not getting gas

Click the link below :----http://wikisolutions.blogspot.in/2012/02/get-free-answers.html ... 1999 Saturn SC

2001 Saturn L. I thought I had run out of gas when the car bogged then quit. I tried to fill tank and still won't start. It wants to turn over and acts like its going to but doesn't. The gas flow coming from the pump seems to be okay from what I'm told. but doesnt get it to start. Tried to ether start it too, no luck. Where is the fuel pump located? In the tank?

I had a similar problem. I gradually lost power (over a week) and then it finally died and wouldn't restart but for a minute and then die again. The solution was replacing the catalytic converter which had been ruined by a bad spark plug. It was a 20 ... Saturn L-Series

I have a 2004 hyundai tiburon gt 2.7 that I put a chip, intake and recently headers on. When I got it back it drove fine but the next morning I drove it and it back fired. When I turned off the car and went to restart it, it took several trys to start and now it wont go over 3000 rpm. It starts to bog down like it is getting to much gas. My girlfriend said a flaw came out the back when I started it, maybe it is running to rich? what should I do?

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98 concorde lxi runs great but when you turn it off when it is hot then try to start it 5-10 minutes later it wont start. Turns over but won't fire, sometimes it will sputter a little. 30-45 minutes later it starts right up. it is as if it needs to cool down. It acts like fuel is not getting to the injectors. Fuel pump was already replaced. when it is cooler (ambient temp) there is never a problem. No codes are present in the PCM and under hood temp seems very hot when problem arises. I am suspe

Ignition MODULE needs replacing on the distributor ... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

Won't start My daughter was driving her 94 camry to work friday when it started to act up. She described it like it had an air bubble in the gas line! She came to a stop light and it stalled. Wouldn't start after that. I've installed new plugs and rotor. Checked fuel pressure, is good at 50lbs. Timing belt is good and timing is right on. Getting spark to plugs yet it won't fire. Not sure what to check next. Car has 161,000 miles on it.

I have a 1995 toyota camry getting fuel from fuel pump but it still wont start ... 1994 Toyota Camry
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