Having problems with your 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ?

I have a 1993 olds cutlass supreme with a v6 3100 engine. the car is not firing. i replaced the crank censor and timing belt, should i try replacing the cam censor next, or is there something else i should try?

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Answers :

Try replaceing the plate under the coil packs
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I have a 1993 olds cutlass supreme with a v6 3100 engine. the car is not firing. i replaced the crank censor and timing belt, should i try replacing the cam censor next, or is there something else i should try?

Try replaceing the plate under the coil packs ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1998 DODGE STRATUS ES V6 2.5L - Replaced water pump, made sure nothing moved, crank shaft and cams. put everything back on and engine would not turn over. pulled all the belts off even timing belt and try to turn to crank shaft. the crank shaft would only turn haft way and sound like it hit something. I line all the marks on the cams and crank shaft and put the timing belt back on, then try to start it. the engine turn over two times and lock up. there is nothing in the cyclinders, all the valve

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I have a 1999 Hyundai Elantra. It began skipping about a week and a half ago, lost power, and finally died. I have since replaced the idle air motor, the throttle position sensor, both the cam and the crank sensors, and the fuel pump. It runs now but at approximately 50% throttle it loses power and tries to die out. I am considering a timing belt thinking it is stretched just enough to let it become a little out of time. Would anything else cause this?

\015\012First of all make sure there is very\015\012good ground connection. Start checking at the battery, and completely clean the\015\012battery terminals. Also make sure the battery is good, not weak. Poor ground\015\012connections ... Hyundai Motor 1999 Elantra

Ive been trying to set the timing on a 95' volvo 850. first replaced water pump 2 days before. finances kept me from replaceing any addition componants at that time. now im paying for it. the belt broke. is it possible to break the syncronization of the cams and the crank shaft. since the belt broke i didnt have the chance to set the marks according to the book. i have hand cranked both of the cams and crank shaft counter clockwise and clockwise to put everything on its mark. with the "clockwise

It is possible to set the timing wrong....if the belt broke well running I believe this is an interference motor..meaning if the timing is off the cylinder can move up and smack a Valve being exhaust or intake. which means a valve can break or bend c ... 1995 Volvo 850

Iwas driving when my timing belt came apart. I replaced the belt and water pump. Upon completion the engine wouldnt start. There was zero power coming out of the coil I replaced the coil, the control module and then went expensive and replaced the entire distributor. Still nothing coming from the coil. Is there a sensor or something somewhere I am overlooking that would cause the coil to not work? Could something else have failed when the belt went?

First I would like to know what is the make of your vehicle,in order to give you the correct information you need and not give anything wrong and cause a panic. Looking forward for your reply. ... Cars & Trucks

I have replaced the timing belt but it keeps slipping. I have all new pulleys and a new tensioner. The belt tends to drift to the inside toward the engine while its running. It runs fine until I start to accellerate like from a stop sign trying to get into traffic. The belt keeps slipping or jumping a tooth or four only on the cam gear near the firewall. Its done it three times with three new belts. I put the old tensionr pulley back on but with the same results. Cam gears are not bent. I am run

It's not the tensioner pulley. It's the tensioner itself. The spring on the inside has become weak allowing the belt tension to move it just off of "square" to the engine do it's acting like a cone. Smaller on one end than the other. The belt wan ... Mazda Millenia

Hi, my name is Carlos yesterday I was trying to replace the oil pump,so I had to take out the time belt, the tensioner ,the pully wheel ,to remover but before to do this work,I let the engine on the timing marks so to be easy for me ,than ,I attach a bolt to the wheel cam so, just to be sure don't loose the timing ,but now once all the work is done, I try to start the car it did'nt start ,I was thinking was the timing so,I try to put the timing again from the beginer but when i trying to

Here is a picture of the position of the timing marks on both the cam shaft sprockets and the crankshaft sprocket. Good luck.\015\012 ... 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT

My 2002 saturn l300 turns but wont always start you usually have to try it about 10 times before it starts. I just had a new computer put in and timing belt, accessory belt, crank shaft sensor replaced and spark plugs replaced. I dont know what else to do. There are no engine lights coming on.

It is possible the fuel pump is going out.you need to check the fuel pump pressure when this happens.Now it is possible,the fuel pump relay could be the problem,but start by checking the fuel pressure when the problem is occuring,sometimes the check ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

1992 plymouth acclaim, 2.5L there is a cover around the bottom of the timing belt drive that is covering a portion of the water pump I am trying to replace. I havent found anything that relates to this anywhere else. I want to just cut it out of there, but I dont want any problems later as a result of doing that. any suggestions for how to remove this cover? I have removed the ac unit, alternator, even tried the ac mounting bracket, the timing belt cover, nothing clearly alows access to removing

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I have a 2005 PT Cruiser and I have replaced the Cam Shaft Sensor 3 times this year. Could there be something wrong with something else making the cam shaft sensor go bad? I just replaced the CSS oh maybe 2 weeks ago and it is already acting like its about to go out again. What could it be? Harvey

... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2000 hyundai accent with 107,000 mi. Went around a corner and it died. Would try to restart but wouldn't. Someone said it was the timing belt and that the engine would have to be replaced. Timing belt is still on and doesn't seem to have any wear. We have replaced spark plugs and plugs. What else could it be?

Check the crack positioning sensor. It's located (on the 1.6l) on the front of the engine, right-side, toward the front top. ... 2008 Hyundai Accent

I have a 1998 dodge stratus es v6 2.5L water pump started leaking I took off the belts and covers and timing belt replace water pump put belts back on engin will not turn over. took off timing belt try to turn crank shaft it would not move. it's like it is hung up on something.

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Driving when car just turned off tried to start but cranks over slow like it has no power. i have a new battery. checked fuel filter not clogged, vacumm lines no visible signs of damaged hoses, removed 02 sensor and tried to start, removed 1 spark plug and checked for the blue spark test. i wanted to check timing belt(teeth) not serpentene belt but i thought if there was something else i could try that might help.

If it is slow to turn over then that indicates a battery problem. If your battery is new it is possible for it to be bad, not likely. Your problem could be the alternator. The alternator charges the battery and runs the vehicle. So if the alternat ... Daewoo Leganza

Intake and exhaust cam pullyes moved when timing belt was taken off, was trying to replace timing belt and I did mark pulleys myself before taking belt off. Now the pulleys will not move, theres compression behind them. Is there a way to get them back to my marks, and if I have to reset timming how do I do that. It's on a 2002 Daewoo Leganza, Thank You

It is not compression causing the resistance while trying to turn your cams. It is the valve spring pressure so taking out your plugs would be useless. In order to rotate the cams freely you have to remove the valve covers and loosen all the Valve ad ... Daewoo Leganza

1992 Plymouth Acclaim: 136,000 klms. Changed head gasket, timing belt, plugs, rotor cap/button, wires, air cleaner, & set timing. Now running rough (ran good since head gasket & timing belt replacement) It sounds like its ''wet'' and smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Would there be a sensor or something else? There is that little plate between the distributor and the cap which looks good... Thanks,

Depends what color smoke is coming out the tailpipe.wehite smoke and steam coming out of the pipe is going tobe water in combustion mixture,ie cylinders.if it belching black smoke and running rough its a fuel delivery problem,(too much fuel in air/fu ... 1992 Plymouth Acclaim

91 Prizm; replaced Cam TIming belt. reassembled. 1-3-4-2 OK 4A FE engiine, Calfiornia Specs 91 Prizm; replaced Cam TIming belt because it jumped teeth, killing engine on road. No break but worn teeth. reassembled. with new belt. Replaced all belts, cam timing belt cover Results; Sysmptoms Ran Perfect before belt broke. Checked Compression all cyls OK. 130-150 PSI Now, engine barely turns over runs very rough. Can be run for minutes, rough by careful thottle. maybe 4

Take the head off bent valves thats for sure ... 1995 Geo Prizm

Im trying to get the timing marks aligned and dont know where to align them to. Its my neighbors car and he doesnt have a service manual. Someone else tried replacing the timing belt for him and didnt really know what they were doing. The car is a 91 toyota celica 2.2 5s-fe.

With the timing belt on the vehicle install the botton piece of the timing cover with crank pulley. line up the notch on the crank pulley with 0 on the timing cover for top dead center on the crank. then there is a small sight hole in the spokes on t ... 1991 Toyota Celica

I own a 98 a8 4.2 and have a oil leak coming from above the ol filter housing. Timing belt was replaced 2 years ago and cam gaskets were replaced at that time, what else could be leaking up there?

... 1998 Audi A8

Had a cambelt break on a 2003 renault scenic 1.6 16v, replaced valves and head gasket, just need to fit timing belt but having trouble with the cam timing, crank shaft locking tool is fitted correctly(removed sump) but when i try to turn cams to there position the valves touch the pistons?

Its because your pistons on 1&4 are up top that is why your bent valves got bent you are doing exactly the same thing so turn the crank back 15degrees position your cam and reset your crank,it seems to me you may be out of your depth lets hope no ... Renault Sportwagon

I just had a majot tune-up done at 105,000 miles. They replaced the timing belt, snake belts, sprk plugs and fluids. Now, the truck's idle keeps racing, which was never the case before. It surges to 2000 rpm, back down to 1500 rpm and then races back to 2000 everytime i push the clutch, or when i'm parked and barely tap the gas. I'm wondering if the timing is screwed up, or something else?? I am taking it back to the mechanic, but I would love to have some ideas before i do. Thanks!

The only thing that would affect the idle that they worked on would be the timing belt. it's also possible that a electrical connector or vacuum hose was inadvertantly disconnected. i would take a look under the hood and look for something out of pla ... 2002 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

I have replaced the engine top of my toyota hilux KZTE 2003 model, due to cracks in the engine top. I did not align all the timing marks on the engine before removing the timing belt. I did not adjust or remove any part of the timing gear on the engine block. I tried to set the cam and crank position to TDC but if go according to the workshop manual, the timing mark on the camshaft is 180deg shifted from the timing mark on the engine.SEE page 2D-6 of workshop manual for hilux models Oct1997 thro

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We have Toyota ipsum 3sfe motor The cam belt was supposedly replaced but the oil seals were not. The teeth on the belt pulled off and put the timing out. Being a non interference motor fitting the belt is no problem but the no 1 cylinder TDC could be one turn of the crankshaft out relative to the spark. It has electronic ignition. With no distributor it is difficult to set up. There is a sensor detecting something on the the crankshaft toothed pulley

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I have a 1994 eagle talon i replaced the water pump and put on a new timing belt and i can not get the timing right i have tried everything i know what could i be doing wrong? I have made sure the number one piston was at top. When you look at the 4 timing marks on the cams they do not line up exact and they can not be put on any tooth that makes them line up perfect.

I'm looking at the manual (68030 Haynes) and it shows that if you have the DOHC you make the 2 marks onthe camshafts meet in the center. \015\012\015\012That would be at the 3 o'clock position for the left one, and 9 o'clock position for ... 1994 Eagle Talon

Audi A4 2002, Quatro, 87,000 miles. housing on cam chain tensioner is cracked and separated from the cam chain. Oil is praying all over the place. The timing belt is soaked with oil. Audi service has said that the housing needs to be replaced and the timing belt needs to replaced. The timing belt had been replaced earlier this year. Cost - approximately $2,000. Feedback is welcome.

If the belt has been soaked with oil, it will need to be replaced again. Oil, especially hot oil, can weaken the rubber of the belt, and cause even more serious problems.Hopefully that's the feedback you were requesting. ... 2001 Audi A4

98 millenia has a p1345 cam code replaced distributor ecu timing belt and timing marks are correct... ck wiring no open circuit what else can cause this probelm?

... 1998 Mazda Millenia
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