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Why fan by radiator doesnt start when engine is on?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Check for power to the fan motor when the a/c is turned on
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I have a 2001 saab 9-3 170,000 miles. my car overheated the other day, it ended up being a radiator hose. now the car has a hard time accelerating past 35mph, after about only 5 minutes of driving. eventually doesnt accelerates at all. the engine stays on, but no gears engage. after shuting off the car, and and letting it sit for about a half hour, it starts right up but after driving for a couple minutes, the car starts to deccelerates. what is this? also, the engine fan continues to run ev

... 2001 Saab 9-3

Engine overheats sometimes while driving or sitting still.ac works and so does condenser fan. Radiator fan does not work. 1st thing i tried was replacing radiator relay switch under hood next to battery. Right when i plugged the new one in the fan started working but it seemed like it wasnt going to fast.got back on the road and engine started overheating again.got home unplugged and plugged new switch several times and fan does nothing???????

Check voltage at fan motor, sounds like fan motor has had it, that's why it was spinning slow, kinds like a starter, won't work as fast when starting to go out or not work at all, if you have voltage, replace it. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

CAMRY 2000 Sir, There are two fans facing the radiator, when I start the engine, neither of them starts. After rising the temperature upto quarter both the fans start and stop after a short time. still the temperatue is high. Unusual when I Start the A/C. both the fans start and the engine do not gets heated up. Please sujjest me what could be the problem. Thanks.

Either coolant temperature sensor isn't keeping the fan on long enough ( has a resistance problem) relay is opening the circuit too soon because its worn,water pump is defective( remove it belt and check for looseness at the pulley),coolant and therm ... 2000 Toyota Camry

Hello i have a 1995 3.8 v6 thunderbird that started to overheat.Ive only had it a week,so I dont know much about it,heres what I do know,new thermostat today, 195 degrees, the cooling fan comes on,I dont know if it is a two speed or not as there are 3 wires at its connector seems to be running at a normal speed ?.setting the heater temperature at 90 degress,it doesnt blow hot air.at the engine coolant vent, coolant comes out, no air, seems full,the radiator and hoses has been replaced fairly re


Why fan by radiator doesnt start when engine is on?

Check for power to the fan motor when the a/c is turned on ... 1993 Nissan Altima

3.0L The radiator fan will not come on. I have changed the fan, the engine temp sensor and radiator fan relay, cleaned the ground wire to top of the engine, what else is left ? i also don't understand why there are 4 wires in the connector to the fan when the schematic only shows 2 ? a ground and power ? The vehicle is used on a mail route. Basically the gauge reads about midway for the first two hours or so then when the vehicle starts to climb a low grade hill and idles the gauge creeps up to


My water pump siezed up and died on me and the fan spun right off and into my radiator. I replaced the radiater and pump. When I started my jeep up there seemed to be no problems. When the engine finally warmed up anti-freeze started to leak out. We thought it was from a little spillage from filling the resevoir. I got it home and it was leaking more. I thought it was leaking out from the little 4 inch hose from the pump to the engine so I replaced that. On my way to work today it started to ove

Told ya!!! Seek and ye shall find... ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2005 Kia carnival 2.5 V6 auto, it overheating an make noise in the engine, but after cooling off, then is fine for few minutes then again overheating start. I check water in the tank, and radiator, but with everything still full still overheating. the fan operates normally, and when you start the engine that is hot the fan does not work to cool off the engine according to the temp gauge. What could be the problem?

Hello, machokh and thank you for asking your question on Fixya!\012Here is a simple process that will walk you through a few steps that will pinpoint the overheating problem on your ... 2005 Kia Sedona

1995 Suzuki Sidekick, i was driving with AC on and when I came to a stop, the temp gauge started rising to Hot. I got off and checked the fan in the front of the radiator and it was off.. It's got two fans , so the one connected to the engine was cooling off the engine so that I could make it home. When i turned off the AC, the temp started going down to normal. I was raining when I was driving, could water had ruined the electric fan. If yes how can I double check this. I am mechanically

Yes very correct.The fan can be tested.The fan is controlled by the motor.Check out both.The voltage at the fan as well at the motor .It will show exact 12 volt.If there is no 12 volt then yes its faulty fan or if there is no 12 volt to motor then it ... Suzuki Sidekick

1996 ford windstar lx 3.8l powertrain control module relay o.e.m. #F68F-12B577-AA Man date 20 SEP 1995 Vehicle required new relay module when old one failed to start radiator cooling fans when A/C was turned on. otherwise the fuel pump, cooling fans on engine high temp, and A/C compressor operation was fine. I was first given a BWD RCM12M module by local parts store. It failed to give me fuel pressure and engine start. Also it ran cooling fans constant as soon as battery was hooked up. I r

Are u referring to the IRCM? (Integrated relay control module), when u say proper placement what do u mean by this? Have u run a test of the IRCM with a OBD2 scanner, It will produce a code if it is the problem, if u have not scanned the system I str ... Ford Windstar

2003 Chevy S10 Head Gasket I own a 2003 Chevy S10. Problems started when my truck started overheating. I found out that the fan clutch stopped working. Also, I know that I've had a leaky radiator. So, I got my radiator replaced and my fan clutch repaired/replaced. Now, my engine temp is still going up and my oil pressure is going down. Coolant is disappearing and I can't find a leak. So I got it looked at and I found out that I have a blown head gasket. My oil is milky. So I understand th

First off your engine should not get "stuck" or seized yes it is bad for your engine too be run until the problem is fixed because the coolant that is in your oil isn't meant too lubricate. Starting the truck isn't really helping anything it is proba ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

Radiator fan would not come on and temp gauge went to hot.Did by pass fans work but now ignition key has no start response only clicking sound from EATX fuse/solenoid. Vechicle is a 98 dodge grand Caravan 3.3L engine. Car also alarm system on it. Remote start turns engine over. Ignition key has no starter response.

Sounds like a dead battery, and it sounds like the van has a starter kill relay hooked up the the starter solinoid wire under the dash ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Hi. In a chrysler voyager 2.4 l from 2002 the temp gauge only reads the right temp, if the ignition key is on and the engine is not working,if i start the engine the water temp gauge starts to go down, even when the car is overheating because the radiator fan only work if turn the ac on,the water temp sensor near the t-stat the fan relay as well as the pcm are new,any idea of what can be the problem?

Hi! May I asked when did you purchase the PCM? Eventhough the PCM is new it is not free from failures. That's the downside on buying new PCM, sometimes it doesn't work right. I suggest that you have it replaced or resetted. ... 2002 Chrysler Voyager

I replace my leaking radiator and bought a new one yesterday. After i put it in the car started fine, after that the engine started to get hot, no coolant leaking but what i realize is that the engine is well hot. The fan not coming on then i checked the radiator and it was so cold i was shocked. Then i saw some smoke coming out of the oil cap, i would like to no the causes of this problem help please.

Car overheats and Air blows hot at idle?\012\012http://howtobyme.blogspot.com/2011/11/car-overheats-and-air-blows-h ... Cars & Trucks

1997 honda civic over temp. Have replaced radiator, hoses and thermostat. Ran well for awhile and then started to overheat. Checked the coolant reservor and found it empty. Refilled and tried to bleed cooling system. With radiator cap off and heater on high I let the engine warm up to above normal level. Fan did not run and did not notice any coolant moving thru the top of the coil in the radiator. I jumped the cooling fan electrical terminals and fan ran ok. I am suspecting the new thermostat i

Generally if one hose is hot, and the other hose is cold it indicates that they water is not circulating. You could have a defective thermostat. Take the thermostat out and run the engine without it. With the radiator cap off you should see a lot ... 1997 Honda Civic

2000 Ford Taurus SEL 4 door sedan 3.0 12 valve Looking for some help best place to start with following problems First problem engine runs real rough when engine cold at an idle and the exhaust smells like raw fuel when I bring rpms up it sputters and kicks than smooths out high rpms Second my heater blowing cold air even when engine warm also my radiator cooling fans do not turn on(fuse OK) and in traffic or with AC on engine starts to over heat

The first part of problem could be sensors or bad ECM (computer) second part of question sounds like you are low on antifreeze. ... Ford Taurus

My 1996 ford explorer ran out of coolant/antirfreeze. i tried starting it and the engine turned, but then sputtered and stopped. i refilled the radiator and the coolant reservoir and allowed the engine to cool down. the engine cranks, but doesnt turn. i hit the emergency fuel pump reset, and the engine still doesnt turn.

What you mean that when you start with the key , does the engine crank or turn , -- if it does not turn - you need to take all the spark plugs - and then crank the engine to see if the engine will turn , - will if not - the engine is locking some ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Overheating, after 4 or5 miles engine gage is in the red.Have replaced radiator,fan,and thermostat,same problems.The problem began on the freeway at 60-65 mph, Car got hot(temp gage regestered RED) got off freeway and right to water,radiator was split at the seam.Replaced radiator,still overheating after 4or5 miles, replaced radiator fan, still overheating, replaced thermostat,still overheating.No heat out of heating vents.Now the charging system is starting to develop problems

Please solve this problem, my car COROLLA 1988 automatic 1.6 has the same problem!!!!! ... 1987 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

Does both radiator fans of a 2003 Suzuki aerio's fans come on at the start of the engine or does the one not connected to the engine only comes on when the engine reach certain temperature? please help me!!!

... 2004 Suzuki Aerio

My Saturn L200 is making a loud fan noise when I start it and stays on until I turn the car off. It started last night but over the past week the check engine light would come on when the car was started but go off after a minute or so. The fan noise is coming from the radiator area and sounds like a hum.

Could be the water pump does your electric fans work? ... 2003 Saturn L-Series

Everiting was runing fine , i turened engine off, it was around 5-15f cold, i tried to start after maybe 10 min :1 glow plug light, 2 water in fuel light, 3 radiator or ac cooling fan started, 4 starter was cranking good , 5 fuel pump was not sending fuel to filter. In other words engine didnot start runing ,in a few atemptes in 2 hour it did . It hapened 3 times same scenarios . I have this code in from adveneced auto" p0380 " glow plug / heater ckt A malfanction it works fine now , but

" p0380 ,is most likely the circuit after all,not the glow plug,or it would not have started.Have the glow plug relay replaced,it most likely is not available in a parts store yet,but the dealer will have them.The relay is what HOLDS current to ... Dodge Sprinter

My radiator fan is not kicking on. but it does start to turn when the car starts. i just doesnt turn on when i sit parked and my temperature starts to rise past normal running temps. it used to. i already replaced the radator fan relay switch and that is not working. what else sould i try. i dont want my car to over heat and die i just payed it off. plz help thank u.


2001 mazda miata mx5 it dies as if gas not reaching to engine or engine over heat... just starts small jolts and then conks out... cleaned fuel line professionally engine heat indicator is at normal middle spot ... have added fuel injector cleaner... luke's and stp... no result... finally as of late I flip open the hood as I drive and that seems to help... when cooling system is not on I noticed that both fans to the radiator are off, but on when I start the air-conditioner.. any ideas?

This does not sound to me like an overheating problem.Most likely ignition related, cam angle sensor on this vehicle has common fault, you may need prof help. ... Mazda MX-5 Miata

Starting problems 97 Thunderbird LX. 4.6L. Turning the ignition to the on position, I have to wait for the fuel pump and the radiator fan to stop running before turning the ignition to the start position to start the engine (about 10 to 20 sec). Also the over drive button light will not come on until the pump and fan turn off. any answers?

This is caused by the PCM not powering up. I would replace the PCM power relay in the battery junction box(fuse box under hood). ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

H2 Hummer when i turn the ignition switch on starter doesnt spin, repaced starter and starter selonoid, still does not spin when turning ignition key, replaced harness switch for ignition switch, engine started for a moment/starter did spin, but it died and would not spin when i tried to start engine with key. Battery is charged, battery cables clean/tight, every time i try to start it the blower fan, a/c all come i shut them off at their designated switches. But, every time i turn ignition swit

Today 11-12-08 my 2003 H2 Hummer would not start. Checked battery it ischarged. Cables tight. Tried to start with portable booster pak. No go. Tridto jump start with my wife's Suburban. Still no go.\015\012When I turn the switch I hear a singl ... 2003 Hummer H2
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