Having problems with your 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT ?

Brake light issues

\015 I actually have a 92 mits 3000GT... The cover to the fuse box is missing, there are blank spots that have no fuses but i am not exactly sure which hole is for break lights... and the manual is missing from the car for me to look it up...any help would be greatly appreciated...\015
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Answers :

Most of those holes are to accessories which are not installed. dont worry about the empty holes, worry about the installed fuse that looks burned out, or check the relays in your engine comparetment, inside what looks like another fusebox under the hood.
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The brake lights run through the turn swich on all cars . i have seen this many times on gm cars and truck . trust a 20 year auto shop owner chang the switch ... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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What you are saying is the parking light on the left side does not work.The parking and stop lights are on different circuits.If you have replaced the bulbs the next step would be to check for voltage and ground in the socket. ... 2003 Pontiac Montana

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Check the earth wire from the body to the battery or to the motor to the battery. It appears that an earth is not working so the current is seeking a return through other lights hence they stop working. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 GMC Savana van with a brake light issue. I have checked the bulbs and they are good. When I apply the brake pedal the lights come on but they are on the low side of the bulb instead of the bright side. Also when I have the lights are on and then you apply the brakes the tail lights will go out. Can you please help? Thanks

I have the exact problem with my 2000 savana 2500. My auto parts shop tells me that it is a problem with the light socket assemblies and to replace them. I haven't done so as yet...trying to be sure of diagnosis first. I'll let you know....please ... 2000 GMC Savana

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Wow, that is a lot of problems to have with a vehicle that was problem 47,500 brand new (just guessing) Look up what qualifies in your state as far as the lemon law is concerned. I am sorry you have had so many issues with your vehicle. ... 2003 Toyota Sequoia

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I have an 04 jeep grand cherokee that has a brake light issue. When the headlights are on only the driver's side brake light does not work. Both brake lights work fine when headlights are off. Already replaced with new bulb and did not resolve problem. Can you help?

Yep i can,,,you have a very bad earth on one of the lights,,,check them all till you find the bad one some times a self tapping screw into the body work will fix it,, ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1989 - GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 has 2 issues: 1) dash brake light flashes with engine on, but repair shop says all brakes are functioning properly and pads and rotors are OK & safe to drive, but they don't know why the dash brake light flashes. 2) Truck starts fine and runs fine. After driving for more than an hour and cutting off engine, engine will not start until it sits for about 10-15 minutes. Lights come on in dash, but no clicking, no sound, does not start. Also, notice after about an hour of

Put a remote starter cycloid on the firewall that's hooked to the one on the starter to get rid of the having for it to cool in order start it. At least that solved my problem. As for the brake light flashing..well mine does too but everything work ... 1989 GMC Sierra

2002 Hyundai Elantra Brake Light Problem? This is a Girl thing, I am so car stupid!!! I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Both brake lights are not working (but the brake light in the rear window does). I have replaced both bulbs and they still don't work. I don't have an owners manual to look through. I know nothing about fuses, where they are, how to tell if they are bad, or how to replace them? Could this just be an easy fuse fix or is there something else that is the issue? I have already goten p

Did you replace the correct lights? are you positive they were the brake lights? There is a little tester you can buy that you pust against the fuse if it is good a light on the tester lights up green. You can get them at almost any automotive store. ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra
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