Having problems with your 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country ?

The blinkers will turn on manually and just stay on if i turn them completley on. i checked all fuses and they were all good. idk what else to check for? thanks for any help.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Your multi-function switch (the lever you use to turn the signal on) is most likely faulty.
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The blinkers will turn on manually and just stay on if i turn them completley on. i checked all fuses and they were all good. idk what else to check for? thanks for any help.

Your multi-function switch (the lever you use to turn the signal on) is most likely faulty. ... 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country

I have a 1988 trooper II my problem starts with me going to start it. Just kept turning over. I replaced the fuel pump,still no firing. I have power to the pump, checked the leads to the pump,the pump works.I am getting fire from the plugs, the wires are good. just had the alternator tested and was good. Battery checked good also.so now i turn the key and no whirling from the pump. oh and the relay was ok too.what else could i be?? please help

You didnt mention if you changed the fuel filter? you should be able to check the presure on the fuel rail. ... 1985 Isuzu Trooper

Need help AGAIN! with the sonata ok so we changed the map sensor now it stays at a good idle but when i give it gas the intake sounds loud and the car turns of so this is what i checked so far 1- Fuel pump 2- Injectors 3- Fuel Rail 4- Comppresion 5- Head Gasket 6- Crankshaft posion sensor 7- Intake Manifold 8- ALL Vac lines 9- Checked for bent valves 10- Maf sensor 11- Camshafts They All Checked Out Ok Anyone Else Wanna Give Me Some Advise?

Does it shake then turns off? check your sparkplug wires, they may be arcing. Is the timing correct? check that as well. ... Hyundai Motor 2004 Sonata

Battery is good, fuses are all good, terminals are tight on starter. Turn on key and get nothing, no clicking of solenoid or anything what do I do next , my first thought is to pull starter out and get checked but I dont want to if I dont have to. Any thing else I can do first? Thank you for your help

You can try to jump the solenoid. \015\012Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5821173-doesnt_car_start_gasoline_engines ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

91 wrangler run great .went to gas stion turned off .then went to start gas gauge went to full.turned key and it sputterd. and died .checked all fuses under hood and in cab all are good. i know it has gas.and spark . how can i check fuel pump. what else should i look for?anyone have this problem? need help

The fuel pump ground wire is loose. If you have a loose parking brake pedal or recently had it worked on, check the black and yellow wire that's on one of the screws that holds the Pk. brake assembly. It's hard to find, but it's up there. I guess it ... 1991 Jeep Wrangler

I have a problem with my turn signals on my 2004 Ford Expedition eddie bauer edition. They flash but then they don't. I have replaced the relay and they still do it!! I also checked the fuse and fuse is good. what else could be wrong making my turning signals do this??? Please help. Sandy

Replace the multifuction switch, it is faily easy to do you can do it at home or if you choose a shop will charge only a few dollars, the part is about 67.00 ... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 96 sebring convertible. I set the alarm off by opening the drivers door and then used the key in door to stop the alarm. I then tried to start but got nothing. I have locked and then unlocked doors and did not work. checked fuses, all good. unhooked batt and let sit 12 hours and still nothing. I have done this 3 times now. everything else works but will not turn over. Is there a sencor somewere? Help Please

Hello! I'm working on your problem................Guru..........Saailer ... 1996 Chrysler Sebring


You have a bad connection somewhere. Check and claen the battery cable ends with a wire brush. Check the ground cable where it connects to the engine bloack and frame.\015\012\015\012Also, take a jumper cable and connect one end to the g ... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

Hey all hope you can help me diagnosis my problem here...I have a 90 Chevy 350 that wont start...it started out loosing all power had to floor it to go 1mph..then just died all together....I checked all sensors with volt meter or ohmed it where needed..found my pick up coil to be bad changed it..everything else tested good or replaced if it was iffy....I'm getting spark and fuel..it seems to be running while I'm turning key but as soon as I let off key it wont continue to run more that a second

When you say you turn the key and it runs, does it have necessary power at time of turning key and what position is key in when it is running and did you check fuel pressure with a gauge. ... 1990 Chevrolet K1500

My 1990 Pontiac Bonneville SSE won't start. The lights and radio turn on, but when I try to start it all I get is a bunch of clicks. I've checked the battery connection, which was good. I also tried boosting it which got it started but once I shut it off that was it, no matter how long I let it run for. What else should I try? PLEASE HELP!!!

It sounds as if your battery is defective. when you boost it, it starts off the other vehicles voltage. it stays running from the output of the alternator, but will not take any charge. have the battery load tested by a shop to confirm. good luck! ... 1990 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee it turns of i reach a stop sign and the rps start go go down until it finally shuts off. I have a new battery, wires plugs, new spark plugs, new ignition coil and asked mechanic to check fuel pump and he said its good i don't know what else it could be need help badly.

YOU NEED TO CHECK FUEL PRESSURE ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1989 honda civic hatchback and the engine check light turns on every other day after driving for about 10mins. I check the code and it indicates the O2 sensor but i changed it and it remains blinking the same. What else can i do? I called kragen/autozone to see if they will check it but they don't do it anymore. If anyone can help me and provide me with any clues to why it turns on or if they can help me repair it then that will be very helpful! THANK YOU!

YOU MAY TRY A FEW THINGS YOUR SELF WITH OUT HAVEING IT SCANNED,AGAIN. Check egr opperation! Open or stuck closed.Vacumn line off or leaking! \012Check radiator and reservoir coolant levels. Check Battery cables,clean if needed! Look for low bat ... 1989 Honda Civic

1999 gmc yukon no power to fuel pump, relay is good checked and tested all fuses i could find. used a ohm meter and checked ground next to pump connection all good. still no voltage at pump connect wondering if i have a broken positive wire between relay and pump do i need to put a ohm meter from relay to pump to check if gray wire is good or is there something else that could effect this? also the pump is brand new. running out of ideas...please help

Anti theft could turn off fuel pump. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ ... 1999 GMC Yukon

How to check the alternativer in f-150 00'. I'm having a problem with my truck. My truck doesn't turn on took the battery to be check at an auto zone. They told me the battery was good but that voltage were low. So, I left it to be charged. I put the battery back but my truck doesn't turn on. The headlights and lights in dashboard turn on but the radio and rest don't turn on. Can anyone help me?

May be a bad starter solenoid it's on the fire wall has a small wire on it an check my tips sections for how to trace electrical problems. ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

1999 s10 4.3 automatic. night prior engine light came on and the following morning try to turn on and nothing happened. no power at all. checked the starter good: battery good: alternator good. checked the fuses good. can somebody help me out with this problem?

Sounds light loose connection between the starter and battery. be sure to check fuses under the hood which in your case would blow first. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

What could cause my 02 Lincoln ls not to turn on. It turns over but won't turn on. It was fine than all of sudden it stopped turning on. I changed the fuel pump . Got alternator checked its good. The batterie is good. Idk what it could be . ?

Try the plugs and plug cables. or it might not be getting gas through the line, there is a valve toward the front of the line ,it looks like a inter tube valve. take the cap off of it and push something small in it . Gas should shoot out . if its no ... Cars & Trucks

Starting problem the starter isnt makin any noise at all wen the key is turned over an i tryed bout everythin got the stater checked and it was still good checked ignition fuses there good and the batt is good too i was thinkin the relay but idk an its for a 1985 pontiac grand prix v8

Do you have a volt meter at all? If so check power on the small connecter on the starter. the small connecter only has power when the key is in the "start" position. If you have 12Volts or very close while in "start" then you have good power from you ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

No gas to carb on 2000 chevy blazer 4.3 . Has new filter, can hear pump come on when ign is turned on. Had ign moduel checked out good also ign relay checks out good,have good spark (tuned engine completly)..HELP Still no start.

... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Coolant fan will not turn on even when a/c is turned on. Here is what I have checked... 1. Fuse - Good 2. Mini Relay - Good 3. ECTS - Good/Replaced 4. Fan powered direct from battery - Good Not sure what else tells the fan to kick on. What am I missing?

... 2003 Saturn ION

350 chevy with elebrook carb will not idle below 2500 can you help? just rebuilt this carb. every thing went good all settings done by the book. very clean inside all jets cleaned or replaced. re check floats 7/16 on top and 15/16 on drop. I have re checked all vac. lines all is good to this point. with all the stop screws all the way out and linkage is free with good movement. the front two idle screws set to 1 1/2 turns out. the engine will start great but will not come under 2500 rpm timing

Manually operate the choke mechanism and watch to make sure it fully releases. Quite often mistakes can occur when putting the pieces back together and it won't fully release off fast idle.Are you absolutely positive that you didn't forget an o- ring ... 1978 Chevrolet C1500

Ok no more check engine light no more codes car runs good,as long as you do not turn right. yes I know it is strange but I found out when I was doing a road test that if I turn right it will start missing if I turn left I can go in circles all day full acceleration with no missing?!!!!! check engine will flick at hard right but no codes ideas? thanks for all the help

Check vaccum connections. ... GMC Savana

My 1990 toyota tercel will not start. I took the starter in to get checked and it was good. It has spark, I checked all the fuses and they were good. It is turning over so its not the fly wheel or the timing belt. Now im left with fuel, it is carbureted and it has a mechanical fuel pump. My questions are, could it be the mechanical fuel pump or a relay and if so what are the proper steps on checking a relay? I have an ohm meter but I dont have a repair manual. Please help me.

... 1990 Toyota Tercel

1992 Mercury Sable. Will not fire. Replaced plug wires, plugs, distributor cap, rotor. Checked ignition coil it is good. Car is getting spark, The fuel pump can be heard when turning the key. The bleeder screw on the fuel rail spirts out fuel, pressure is good. The ignition module was checked it is ok. Not sure were else to check.

... 1992 Mercury Sable

My 2002 Grand Am will not start, when ignition is turned on nothing happens with the starter, not even a sound from the starter, everything else works. I took off the starter and had it checked and it checked good, also checked the battery and it is good, all connections are clean. Any suggestions on what could be causing this problem? Any test that I could do?

I have a 2002 Grand Am also. I had this same problem twice. The first time it happened, the battery was still working but was not strong enough to crank the car or make any noise under the hood at all. All electrical stuff worked though (lights, radi ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Power Problem Hi everybody. Just started to have a weird problem on my automatic '01 Elantra. I'm not a mechanic but I know a bit on cars. First, it started with the Check Engine turned on. It turns on and off randomly. When accelerating on a on a flat or upward sloped road, the engine skips. It's giving me the feeling that the fuel is not injected. I changed the spark plugs and put a good injectors cleaner in the fuel tank. What can be checked? The TPS, MAF( MAP), Knock Sensor, PCV? What else?

OMG!!! I have the same problem and they told me it was the speed sensor. I replaced one of them (for 95 dollars!) And nothing changed.But It does have two speed sensors and I might have changed the wrong one.Try changing them ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra
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