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1993 honda accord ex is making bad creaking spring sounds when pushing down on the car when its parked, also when driving slowly it sounds bad and when i put on the breaks/stop. it doesn't do it when im driving at higher speeds. It wasn't doing it yesterday before I put wd40 on it to stop a creak it made when going over bumps, but now its making it maybe because of the wd40. Wondering what it is

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Answers :

You have wore out bushings in the struts that should be replaced
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1993 honda accord ex is making bad creaking spring sounds when pushing down on the car when its parked, also when driving slowly it sounds bad and when i put on the breaks/stop. it doesn't do it when im driving at higher speeds. It wasn't doing it yesterday before I put wd40 on it to stop a creak it made when going over bumps, but now its making it maybe because of the wd40. Wondering what it is

You have wore out bushings in the struts that should be replaced ... 1993 Honda Accord

I bought a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier and it has run fine for a couple of weeks. Today it died on me. When I restarted and put it in drive, it went in reverse. Now it won't start or make any sound when I try to start it. I had the battery tested which showed to be bad so I replaced it. But it still won't make any sound when I try to start the car. When I put it in park, it acted like it was in neutral and i also couldn't engage the emergency brake. Now that we have towed it home, I can engage the e

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check in engine compartment driver side.the Transmission shift linkage that goes from the steering column to the top of the transmission, this linkage is fastened to the steering column by a cotter pin which might hav ... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

My brothers 1985 buick regal limited is making this kind of clacking sound. the power steering reservoir belt has been loose since he bout it a few weeks ago and every now and then while driving it starts clacking and then it will go away. but yesterday after driving for awhile the noise came back and wont go away. i was wondering if it could be the reservoir has gone bad or something else?

Replace belt and while you have them off start it up and see if noise is gone if so replace all belts ... Buick Regal

Problem 1 - while driving yesterday, tapped brakes & rpm/speed/lights/radio went dead yet the engine kept running. tapped again, same. eventually, would not return (as if i'd turned off). drove home, coasted into driveway. what would be things to check? btw, heard a clicking in a part to the upper right of engine when hood is up. clicking gone w/ full powered battery. problem 2 - making whirring sound w/ rpm. mechanic tested by taking off serpentine, sound gone, replaced tension wheel & put belt

Make sure the alternator is getting charge to the battery,if it is not,look for a fuse blown,or bad connection.Run a new wire on the back of the alternator,to the battery positive terminal.It is the large wire on the alternator,leave the one that is ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

When I start the car it jumps and shakes badly, I have to let it sit for 6 minutes before I can drive it, if I don't then it stalls and won't pick up speed. When I try to put my foot on the gas to make it accelerate it makes a loud poppin sound. Then after a minute it accelerates rapidly.

Most likely cause is spark plug wires shorting out under load. Loose, or damaged. ... 2001 Cadillac Catera

My 1995 Lexus ls400 won't move forward or backward it makes sound if it in gear. I put the in d4 And drove the car halfway out of the driveway then I put in reverse it didn't move but it was making a weird sound then I put the car in drive the car didn't move n it make the same sound. What is the problem to my car please help

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I have a 2004 F130 4X4 with 5.4L. Yesterday the oil pressure gague bottom out. Check the oil level, a little low, put 2 qt in. The gague bouced up twice then it pinned to bottom. Trun off when pulling into drive way. Did hear a little knocking when it was running. My question is do you think the oil pump is bad? Call local Ford dealership; quoted a price around $2000.00. Said book labor hours of 18 1/2, does this sound right?

I doubt its a bad oil pump, have it diagnosed at a shop that does a lot of Ford repairs or the dealer. If it needs a pump, it needs more than a pump. 2 quarts is very low, dangerous low. ... 2004 Ford F150

My '01 Expedition makes a knocking sound and the brakes ''seemingly'' go away when driving. I recently had 2 new tires put on the front and had them rotated yesterday. This knocking started today when my wife had my truck. She's being towed home as I type. Can someone tell me what this might be and how much am I going to be out of before Christmas?

Make sure the tires on on tight, its been known to happen that tires fall off after service. \015\012\015\012Make sure the mechanic didnt leave a rag under the hood and it got caught in the belts or pulleys. \015\012\015\01 ... 2001 Ford Expedition

My 1999 GMC Jimmy makes a whining sound only when it is in gear. I got underneath and it sounds like it is either coming from the starter or the bottom of the bell housing. It starts up without a problem, but when I put it in Drive or Reverse it makes the whining sound. Also when I am driving down the road if I am coasting it will not make the noise, but if I give it gas it starts whining again and the more gas I give the louder it gets. The transmission shifts very smoothly. Any ideas?

... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Lately, my car has been making a whirring sound when I first start to accelerate in the car. It also makes this sound when it changes speeds. After a while of driving the car, you don't hear the sound anymore. I do have an oil leak and a transmission leak. Could the transmission fluid level be low? What's causing the noise? Also, I have to put fuel injection cleaner in my car every other week to keep it from running rough. How often should I actually put fuel injection cleaner in my car? I'm jus

... 1994 Hyundai Excel

Hey, i have a 95 mitsubishi lancer evolution 2 and it started making a grinding sound when i drive it and a bad metallic sound when ever i turn. and it started burning up and smoking and the wheels lock up. so i got the rear differential chanced and when we test drove the car the new one is now making a grinding sound and over heating badly and smoking. it smells of rubber and gear oil. i looked beneth the car and it looks as if oil has leaked out of the case some how just like the old one. but

This sounds like the actual problem is somewhere else.\015\012First - are the tyre sizes within spec and not overlifted suspension, which does put more strain on diff components.\015\012Make certain the tyres do not foul the bodywork or o ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Today i noticed that my car (2001 Cadillac STS) started making a buzzing noise (similar to the noise made when you put a card near your bicycle wheel to make it sound like an engine) that is quite noticeable at speeds of 45-60 Mph. So i took it for a drive to listen to it closer, and i noticed that the pitch of the sound went up as my speed increased. So i got to about 60 mph and put it in neutral and let the engine idle. but the noise stayed the same pitch and loudness. which makes me think i

Wheel bearing going out ... 2001 Cadillac Sts

I have a 2002 dodge grand caravan sport, I checked all fluids and everything is up to date. But I put it on drive it make a drumroll like sound and when put in reverse it makes the sound louder. I hav

It could be your torque converter gone bad.. it will have all symptoms you list.. bad grinding type sound and vibrations.. not going into gear.. the down side is that without taking it out and replacing it I don't really know a way to test it. 90% ce ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 99' Isuzu Trooper that has about 130,000 in town (mainly) miles. Lately, it has been making a squealing sound while driving. When I put on the brakes, it stops. It does not make the sound all of the time, but always when I start driving. What should I rule out?

You need some new brake pads - quick before you wear the discs/rotors down . ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

My 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe just stopped as I was driving. It would not start again. When I turn the car on it just makes a humming sound. It doesn't click as a bad solenoid would do nor does it make a cranking sound as a bad starter It's not hard to start it doesn't start Any help would be most appreciated

Dead battery , charging system is faulty. Was there any lights lit on the instrument panel while it was running? to show a bad alternator. ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

2006 z71. when trying to put in 4lo it just flashes and goes back to 2 hi. sometimes it makes grinding noise but still doesnt go in 4 lo. today was driving on highway in 2 hi and it like came out of gear and was making a grinding sound. i pulled over and truck wouldnt go in park, i mean i put it in park but it still rolled. then all of a sudden it made a noise and it was where i could drive it again.of course it still wont go in 4 lo. do you think this is a transfer case motor problem ?

Sounds like you need an encoder motor sensor and an pcm recalibration ... Chevrolet 1500

1996 jeep grand cherokee, quadra trac,, rear end making alot of noise simular to a bad tore bearing, could the rear end need replaced? thanx hohn the rear end makes a grinding sound as you drive down the road.you apply the brakes and it makes no difference in the sound. so it is not the brakes. i had a local guy work on it he replaced the axels in the rear end and the bearings,almost $400.00 in labor and the thing still makes the noise.

Since you aready paid $400, go back to ;the shop and get your $'S worth!! Unless someone can prove that the axle bgs were bad, you shoulld ask why pinion & side gears were not diagonsed!!! (dosen't anyone test drive stuff after they "fix" someth ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2003 trailblazer. When I make a left turn it makes a loud thumping sound . When I drive straight the. Sound almost disappears . It is know making some noise when I turn right but not as bad as a left turn

... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When we turn on our 2000 Toyota Sienna van everything sounds fine but the minute we put it into reverse to back out of our gararge it makes kind of a high pithced noise and it kind of sputters when we step on the gas. If we put it back in park the noise stops. Also the check engine light will come on and stay on and some times it will blink off and on. We can also hear the noise if we put the van in drive and you can feel the sputter in drive also. Any ideas before I take to the dealer and pa

Before you take it to the dealer, take it to an independent shop to diagnose it. they will charge you a lot less. A scanner can be hooked up to diagnose the problem. You do not have to take it to the dealer, for there are shops that are just as quali ... Toyota Sienna

My 89' chevy cavalier stalls when it rains or if I drive it for too long. When I come to a stop the car shakes and sputters then shuts itself off. I usually have to put in in Neutral, gas up then switch it to drive and hope to make it. It was so bad one day I had to have 2 people push it down the road (off and in neutral) then start it and put it in drive. What could it be? I have a new alt, new starter, spark plugs, filters and other things. Could it be my fuel filter or injecter?

What you can do to diagnose this issue is - take an old spray bottle \015\012(some kind of house cleaning solution), clean it out really well (so \015\012nothing flammable is in it) and fill it with water. Then, pop the hood \015\012to your car, star ... 1986 Chevrolet Chevy

My girl friend's 97 CRV (manual) makes a very loud creaking, groaning sound from the front end when at the end of the turning radius (both left and right) or when driving straight up a steep hill in mud or snow. She had a shade tree mechanic check it and he could find nothing wrong (she is uncertain if he re-created the sound...he wasn't there when she picked the CRV up). I'm concerned that the sound is indicative of something that is failing and may cause a serious driving hazard. Should I be

The symptoms you mentioned definitely shows a problem with power steering pump and/or in a severe case power steering gearbox problem also, it usually happens if you have a low level of steering fluid level and you don't check on it and fill it when ... Honda CR-V

I have 05 Mitsubishi Lancer making Knocking sound. The engine is making noise always when the engine ON. I have been driving this car for 1yr with knocking sound the car never stopped and never heated. I showed to mechanic. he observed that engine oil is burning and said that the knocking sound is coming from inside the engine. he also said that sludge is deposited inside the engine, removing sludge cost more than worth of car and asked me to put 1qt Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer along with 1q

Hes dead right ... Mitsubishi Lancer

97 ford taurus is slipping in first .it tries to go but losses it drive the more gas i give .and sometimes it will **** in first as i give it gas. sometimes i can put it in low gear and it drive then i put in regular gear and it drives fine once it catches second gear ..sometimes when i come to a stop it will make a grinding sound

Sounds like you are low on fluid if not then it's time for AAMCO to take a look ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 1995 automatic honda accord. i started my car this morning and when i started driving it started shaking almost as though i had a flat tire... i got out... checked and my tire it wasnt flat...i drove it around a little and the shaking got worse..i made it back home but right when i was pulling in, the car started jerking and making a screaming sound so i put it back into park... as i was switching from drive to park the squelling noise would get louder.. when i put it back into drive i

May be a damaged drive axle. ... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 1998 Ford F150 4.2 motor V-6 4x4. When I put it in drive it will not go forward. I looked underneath and my drive shaft is really loose how do I fix it. I think that my drive train is broke inside my transmission. Also when I put it in park it makes a buzzing sound. Please I really need help this is the only vehicle I have.b

Loose how? where it bolts to the yoke? sounds like universal joints. which pop out after you remove the 4 bolts. that noise sounds like torque converter . you should have trouble codes what are they? if you dont know is the check engine light on ? au ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab
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