Having problems with your 1993 Ford Econoline ?

Got a new radiator to put in my 1993 ford e-150 but need instructions

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First drain the old radiator you will need a 1/2 in or 9/16 tubing wrench you can rent one at auto zone the transmission fluid will come out so drain that in a pan also.make sure both top and bottom hoses are off loosen the shroud take the top plate off and remove the radiator do not use the old transmission fluid pick up 2qts of mercon dextron thats made for ford and it wouldnt hurt to pick up 2gal of antifreeze reinstall in reverse remember to put the trans mission fluid in and check to make sure its full when you fill the new radiator start the truck and wait for the levle to drop un till full good luck
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Got a new radiator to put in my 1993 ford e-150 but need instructions

First drain the old radiator you will need a 1/2 in or 9/16 tubing wrench you can rent one at auto zone the transmission fluid will come out so drain that in a pan also.make sure both top and bottom hoses are off loosen the ... 1993 Ford Econoline

Hi,i really hope someone can help?? ive got a 2001 ford mondeo 2.0i,......now ive got a misfire on 1 and 3.....now ive put a new coil pack on with new leads and spark plugs and its still the same....ive put a new cam sensor on but no change!....when i take the injection plugs off 1 and 3 with the car running it just stays the same??!!.....so i thought to myself maybe the injecters were knackered so i swopped them over but there was no change??...but you could see 1 and 3 was dry no fuel coming o

Just a simple question, since you have made any changes to the car, like you explained you change spark plugs, coil etc,have you reset the ECU using a diagnostic tool?If not then you need to reset it else ECU will not recognise that you made any chan ... 2001 Ford Focus

I need help i just got this car its a 2001 Daewoo Lanos and we put a new timing belt on and timed it up correctly and got ready to start it and it wont start. we checked plugs and they are fine, got new wires on it full of gas so decided to check the coil and when we spin it over the coil would only fire out of 1 of the 4 posts so i bought another coil for it and put it on now this coil fires out of 2 of the 4 posts and the motor spins good and got compression. also does this car have a fuel shu

Hi I"m litosshop if you get spark from two terminals and no spark from two terminal then you have a problem with the coil pack you have to be careful with replacement parts I've had similar problems and used replacement parts and finish using origina ... Daewoo Lanos

I have toyota camry that has an idle problem...i changed the tps,I cleaned the iac motor and took the throttle body apart and cleaned it.I changed the spark plug wires and changed the spark plugs,and put a new rotor in the distributer cap,and cleaned the fuel injectors,and put in a new radiator and new water pump,and still my car has no power and idles very high between 1 an 2 on the rpm gage..it goes up and down...i need it to stay idle level 1,but no luck..i did just about everything i could t

Did you check the vacumm hoses ? the one on the EGR, high idle means you have a vacumm leak ... 1995 Toyota Camry

2003 ford escape i bought for 900 and was told from him that his mechanic said that it just needs 2 fornt tires and catalic converter and that was all that was wrong with it, then i bring to my mechanic and he says piston 2 has low compression and the transmission is meesed up plus it needs 2 tires and converter should i scrap it or could the 2nd piston just need new rings or could it just need to be cleaned, mechanic put new coils on and got it running half descent but he said it prolly wouldnt

You should have checked it before you paid any money out.It will cost your much more money to fix than the car will be worth so you should cut your losses and scrap the car.Next time be smart and have a qualified mechanic check over t ... Cars & Trucks

My 92 Ford Explorer just started over heating.........Just put new radiator in it because it was leaking........after radiator got put in overheated again..........we think it is air locked.took the highest hose on one end off but still over heating..........The antifreeze/water was not hot (that come out of the over flow)my question is there a way to get the air out?

If the cooling system has no bleeder valves to vent air, you may have to temporarily loosen a heater hose to get all the air out of the system...Also check to see if there is water in the oil...If there is water in the oil then it could have a head g ... Ford Explorer

I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 running hot i have replaced water pump, radiator, thermostat, radiator cap, and checked all hoses and ran a block tester i am leaking no water why is it running hot water sounds like it is boiling around the new thermostat my dad seems to think i need the dealer ships radiator but i just put in a new one from a radiator shop and my brother in law says since we have ran it hot after putting the new thermostat in we mite need to replace it again if anyone can help plea

Sounds like u have an air bubble. Easiest way to get that out is jack the frt of the truck up as high as u can get it with the radiator cap off and run it ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

I got in to an accident in my 2000 chevy cavalier and need to replace both headlight assemblies. I have the new ones already, I just need the instructions on how to put them in.

GM Cavalier/Sunfire 1995-2000 Repair GuideHeadlights - REMOVAL & INSTALLATION ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My husband got in his ford f150 1990 and went to turn the key and it was like there was nothing there. He figured He needed to replace ignition switch so he did that and still wont start. He put a new battery in it, still wont start. please help we are desperate, no money to pay for mechanic and we both need vehicles to get to work.

It could be the safety neutral switch (ignition switch located at the base of the steering column)..try putting it in neutral,reverse,drive then turn the key.could be a fuseable link blown thats connected to the battery cable,could be a starter solen ... 1989 Ford F 150

We have a 1993 E150 with a 4.9 6 cyl eng, it is the only thing we have to haul my disabled son around in his wheelchair because it has a ramp in it. We had bought it in 2002 from a ford dealer in NJ, it only had 68,000 miles on it and I think we got taken for a ride when we bought it. There was nothing but issue with it from day one. now it only has 93,000 miles and it over heats all the time even with the stat out... We had a new water pump, still over heated and then we put in a new radiator

One thing with fords, the catalic convertor plugs up and it over heats the motor and runs very poor and burns more fuel than the fuel station it self. you get a check engine at all?? or loss of power? burns alot of fuel? check your fan clutch/mot ... Ford F-150

I REALLY need help!!!!! i have a 1998 Ford Taurus and i was getting ready to leave last friday and put the key in the ignition and turned it to start the car and something just sounded like it broke or something and now when you put the key in the ignition, it will go "ding, ding, ding" and so on, but the key will turn all the way forward and the car will not start and it doesnt even sound like there is anything connected for it to start. i know its not the battery because i just got a new one n

It's the ignition switch.You will have to replace it. ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I want to drain my radiator and replace the coolant. It's a 2003 with 47,000 and 8 yrs. old. I've been wanting to do it for a while but never got around to it and now I need to before this summer. Is there a drain plug on the bottom of the radiator? and what side is it on? You cant see anything from the top looking down, so I'm thinking I might have to remove that air deflector on the bottom. Once I get it drained, when I put the new stuff in, do I half to dilute it 50/50 with water? or just

If you disconnect the lower hose at the radiator, it's faster and easier than finding the drain plug (half either snap off or don't work anyway). Best to do that with the engine cold.You can either buy pre-mix or straight coolant and dilute it ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Brake problem I just got new disc brakes and pads put on the front of my 1997 Ford Escort LX at the end of July. I was told I would need calipers, too by my friend who was a mechanic for 10 years and he said I would be fine for awhile without the new calipers because I didn't have the money at the time. It is now September 2nd and now I hear a faint grinding sound and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I already had the rear brakes, rotors and calipers done. What do you think I may be hearing?

You could have some trash between the rotor and the dust shield, or worse, a bearing going bad. The rear bearings are not hard to replace, but the front ones are a chore. ... 1997 Ford Escort

Hi i have a 95 ford f-350 it doesnt shift into third gear. i put a new sensor on it when i first got it because it was doing the same thing which fixed it. next i went off roading with it and got alot of water into the transmission. now it wont shift into third again. i put a new filter and oil in it to see if that was my problem but it isnt. i also put a new sensor in the rear end and that wasnt my problem. then i replaced the sensor on the side of the trans and it still doesnt work. i got th

... Ford F-350

Radio Code I just got a new transmission put in my 2001 ford escape! now my radio or dome lights dont work! i need the radio code!

Write down your vin (under the windsheild on the dash) and either call or visit your local Ford dealership ... 2001 Ford Escape

I got a alternor for a 1989 chevy the two wire on it says 1 & 2what is post one and post two and where do they go? I'm taking off an genter on a 8n ford tractor and putting this alternor on the alternor is new but it don't says what the post are.

\015\012Wire the "#1" terminal to the ignition wire from the key switch. This connection is responsible for making sure the alternator only engages when the car is powered on.\015\012\015\012Wire the "#2" termi ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My sons 2000 ford taurus...he pulled in to a gas station to get gas, put the car in park, pumped gas, got back in car started it up, other than park, no matter what gear it is in, the car is in neutral. The gear selector cable is in tact and appears to be operating properly. There is no fluid leaking and the fluid on the dipstick reads high. local dealership immediate said need a new tranny and quoted a price of 2100 for a rebuilt tranny not including labor...surely it can not be that bad....any

Unless someone actually looks at it its just a guess. Its possible you have a code stored that will help diagnose this. I do know that these can be diagnosed pretty accurately so gettiing it to a shop is your only option. If nothing fell aprt then o ... 2000 Ford Taurus

My 1997 Jeep Larado had the distributor brake at the braket that holds it in place. The jeep stopped running of course. I went and got a new distributor and brought the number 1 cylender to TDC and put the timeing mark on 0. The jeep turns over smooth but will not fire, I have spark coming out of the distributor. What am I missing.

If the distrubutor is definatley installed correctly, as you have some one crank the engine turn the distributor sightly counert clock-wise and clock-wise until the engine fires up. Then set the timing with a light. Double check the wires are in the ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Take the chip out of the old key and fit it into the new key if possible ,if not then tape old key behind the shroud next to transponder and it will work till you can get the new keys programmed in the dealer ,now on some of these older models but do ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. Got a new battery (First I ever had to replace) after putting it in (same spec battery as the factory one I replaced) the Car alarm makes the Lights flash for about 1-2 mins after I start it... then it runs fine... No siren, no horn beeping... just lights flashing... How can I disable the factory alarm... it isnt worth stealing anyways... its a winter rat for my vette.

To disable the alarm you must go to the specialised ford garage. They will hawe all the codes and equipment to fix that. You may want to stay away fromunqualified guys. They will charge you for the job, but the problem can come out again. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Bought a new A/C clutch for 1984 Ford F150. How do I put it together? It comes in pieces. need reassembly instructions and diagrams if available.

... 1984 Ford F 150

Had coolant Bypass line break on the road just got it home had 0 oil Pressure fixed the hoses the next day started it noticed the coolant being pushed out of radiator im guessing a Blown head gasket eventhough the temp didnt reach Critical Temp but being it has Aluminum Head and cast Block that has to be it as the bypass lines were for the Oil cooler what do u guys think ? 89 ford probe GT turbo 2.2 litre and 1 more thing the oil was HOT !! :P

Sorry for the delay. if it is like that than your head gasket is bad. that is the only two common points other than the head and cylinder wall! if you do the head gasket make sure to take it to the machine shop to be pressure checked and resurfaced j ... 1989 Ford Probe

My mechanic is working on my car right now as we speak, I wanna know what steps should he take? My hasn't been working, I have gotten another radiator that was used put on because my old one wasn't getting hot, and also I got the radiator flushed before it got put on,. The heater core has been replaced with a new one,a new thermostat, and its still over heating. He said something to me about the vacuum lines, and he said that the antifreeze isnt circulating. Should he check the water pump? Does

If the antifreeze is not circulating than yes you need a new water pump. You might also have him look at the thermostat. It can be stuck in the close position.\015\012\015\012The vacuum lines have nothing to do with the car o ... Cadillac DeVille

Oil leak showing on concrete is about 1 teaspoonful. We had to put 750 mls oil in engine. What could be wrong? We have been told that the radiator may be partially blocked and we need a new one? Also the temp guage comes up to 3/4 very fast.

Hello. Regarding the oil leak, it is not uncommon for cars to leak oil as the oil pan gasket ages and deteriorates. If you want, you can replace the gasket with a new one, this will stop the leak.\015\012\015\012Regarding the radiator, ... Toyota RAV4

Ignition switch The ignition switch in my 97' Ford F-150 is broken and I got a new one but when I took the old one out I had to take the gears in behind my switch out to get the broken pieces out, so I need a diagram on how to put my ignition switch back together.

Whoa....first, the ignition swith is not a part of the tumbler. you went in to far. replace the switch and put the brass gear on the tumbler. slide the tumbler out and install the keeper. the tumbler needs to be in the "on" position.. ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab
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