Having problems with your 1993 Ford Aerostar Extended ?

1992 aerostar won't move

\015 Had van on highway travelling at 70 mph. Everything seemed perfect and all of a sudden after a couple of hours on the road, stared losing speed. Had lots of smoke coming from underneath . pulled over, came to a complete stop. Got back in started it, put it in gear and top speed with it floored was 5 mph. Went out next mornig, after having it towed, checked tranny fluid after letting it idle for 20 mins. just enough black liquid to show up on dipstick. wont move in any gear.\015
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Answers :

Sounds like you burnt the clutches in the trans will need complete over haul
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The neutral safety switch is on the transmission where the gear shift cable hooks to it, and I feel like it is out of adjustment and is the cause of your problem. ... 1997 Ford Aerostar Extended

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Check your shifter cable..If you dont feel the vehicle go into any gear ..well R-D...then the linkage either came off, or its broke...Goodluck... ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Trans control modular,,or pin connector,,,, ... Cars & Trucks

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Soounds like the shop that did the work did not install the shift cable back onto the transmission fullky and it popped off. Look under the truck, drivers side, and you may see a cable dangling. If so that needs to be reconnected to the post on the ... 1998 GMC Sierra

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Sounds like a bad transmission ... 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Replace the vehicle speed sensor, I am sure this is the cause of the problem, about $40.00 for the part ... Plymouth Voyager

My 1992 Nissan Terrano/Pathfinder wont move in any gear. It will go to the gear but just wont move. Its an automatic

Check that the high / low lever is fully in position, if it has been bumped or popped half way between high and low, then then you will not have any drive. ... 1994 Nissan Pathfinder
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