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93 shadow stumbling hesitating stalling

\015 Hi, i have a 93 shadow with mood swings. sometimes it drives like a brand new car and other times it idles uneven and rough. it has stalled when revving in park and will buck like it is choking out when giving it gas (though not all the time and usually at lower steady speeds). ive replaced the plugs and wires, and fuel pump and filter, pcv valve, and air filter, and flushed the fuel tank. the problem is very inconsistent. any ideas? i was thinking of doing the cap and rotor, and maybe the egr next, any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.\015
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Like 'nstripes' 9/08 post, my 1990 Shadow has the same problem (mood swings pretty much describes it. It has gotten increasingly to be a more consistent problem though since in addition to changing all the things that 'nstripes' said they changed, I've changed the coil, spark plugs, asked the Dodge dealer to diagnose it and they thought it was an EGR but mine's a 2.5 turbo and don't see an EGR on it and Chilton's says there is no EGR on a turbo. Anyway, I will check into the pickup coil next. I had an 88 Dakota that had that problem once although it behaved more like the post here described, not like Nstripes' post describes... identical problem I guess.
Dat sounds electrical check the alternator and all relay and fuses
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93 shadow stumbling hesitating stalling

Like 'nstripes' 9/08 post, my 1990 Shadow has the same problem (mood swings pretty much describes it. It has gotten increasingly to be a more consistent problem though since in addition to changing all the things that 'nstripes' said they changed, I' ... 1993 Dodge Shadow

I have a 1985 GMC Rally Custom van with a 5.7 liter v8.automatic trans. with 59 thousand original miles.When the van is cold I have a bad stumble /hesitation in 1st gear , from 0 to about 15 to 20 miles an hour,when the van warms up to operating temp the stumble clears up to where it is alot less noticeable but still present.The van has not ever stalled on me, it is just unnerving when trying to get on the freeway and it hesitates. I changed the fuel filter, it still stumbles . Can someone help

Where exactly is the fuel filter on your van i have the same van and cant find mine please email me the answer [email protected] ... GMC G2500

1991 buick century 3.3 engine the car hesitates or stumbles when you try to excelerate. at low speeds it wants to stall.

First make sure you are up on your maintainence.. plugs, wires, fuel filter, etc.. sounds like a fuel issue I would recommend running a fuel pressure test first.. ... 1991 Buick Century

I have a 2002 Mazda Protege (2.0) and at low rpm's it is stumbling badly and has stalled recently. In addition, it hesitates on accelerating and has a substantial loss of power. The battery was 5 years old and I had to replace it, but the problems persist. The check engine light also keeps coming on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Paul

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I have a 98 safari with a 4.3 that has a serious stumble at low speeds (when lightly stepping on the gas)sounds like it might stall any second and very low power, but when you really step on it there is 0 hesitation(lots of power) I have changed the cap rotor wires plugs fuel filter coil and had it scanned for codes found only p0300 (eng miss) Any help would be great

You may have a dead spot on your throttle position switch in the "off idle" position. Using a scanner or an ohm meter, check the operation of this sensor. If you don't know how to do this, take it to someone who does.\015\012Charlie ... 1998 GMC Safari

98 Corolla stalls or stumbles when cold

It sounds like you may have picked up some small debris from the bottom of the gas tank when you ran it empty. You may need to run a fuel/injector cleaning solution through the next tank of gas to clear the debris and consider changing your fuel filt ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

Heavy hesitation, and stumble under load. Idles fine, brake torque and stumbles and hesitates, stumbles while driving.

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Hi chevy experts, I have a 97 3.8L camaro RS manual trans, and I've been having acceleration problems. When i push the gas pedal more than just a little bit, the car starts to stumble and hesitate and it just won't accelerate normally. That is, if i do not depress the gas a lot, i can accelerate slowly and without any stumbling and hesitating all the way to highway speeds, and through all the gears. But if i give it any more gas than only about a quarter it starts stumbling; it will still accel

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03 dodge ram 1500 hesitates and tries to stall when in drive at stop sign or light.The tachometer fluctuates up then down hesitates then stalls.

Remove IAC (idle speed control) motor, clean with throttlebody spray cleaner & the port (hole)it came out of. Re-install & try it. If it cures it for a while & does it again, replace the IAC motor. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

03 dodge ram 1500 hesitates and tries to stall when in drive at stop sign or light.The tachometer fluctuates up then down hesitates then stalls.

Grab a can of throttlebody spray cleaner, and remove I.A.C. motor (idle air control) spray it clean especially pintle (pointed end) and port (hole) in came out of. re-install & try, if better for a while then starts to do it again, replace it. ... 2003 Dodge Ram Maxi

94 chevy suburban:engine died on hiway,now it wont start.It'll rotate but wont fire. couple of days earlier it hesitated like it wanted to stall but continued to run ok.later i was goin out of town for the holidays and it hesitated like bfore but it stalled,now it wont start.

Do you have Spark at the spark plugs? Try checking for spark by removing wire from the spark plug put a screwdriver into the sparkplug boot hold it 1/4 inch away from a good ground don't hold the screwdriver or your get bit. If there is a brigh ... Ford Expedition

Corvette stalls or hesitates at low speed. At freeway speeds if I kick it hard it hesitates to the point of almost stalling.

Have you checked your cat? how about tps? ... 1995 Chevrolet Corvette

2001 focus. Replaced plugs, wires and coil pack. Ran fine for a few days. Hot day traveld about 28 mile ran fine. then without notice hesitated, loss of power going up hill around 35 -40 sputterd and stalled. Restarted and ran fine, idles great and reves up fine in park. Took it our again, after about 1/2 mile tried to accelerate to 55 loss power again. Heading back up a hill, completely loss power and stalled. Restarted and some hesitation, once home idles great and runs fine in park.

I suggest inspecting the fuel system, changing the filter and running tests for fuel pressure and volume. then determine by your inspections whether theres a problem with the previous repairs as well, whether it has contaminated fuel, or a weak pump ... Ford Focus

I drive a 05chevy impala its pulling code P0102. Car stumbles and stalls only when is reaches normal temperature. Drives fine cool. As soon as it warms up it starts to stumble and eventually stalls. Auto mechanics claim to be puzzled HELP.

This is the Code for a mass Airflow circuit low. It can be the Mass Airflow component or the wiring to it. Do not spray without using an approved cleaner.On some models this is a part that looks like a screen embedded in a holder. It works ... Cars & Trucks


Have the egr valve looked at if this part is stuck open it will cause the symptoms youre describing ... 1989 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 1994 olds 88 3.8 ,,the car would stall on stop lights unless i gently depressed acc pedal..this problem was continous for about 8 months,,in july of this year it stalled while driving from the valley to houston about a 6 hour drive..it started up after a fwew minutes and i was on the road again..after 2 hours it stalled a few miles from houston,,again it started and i barelyb made it to katy,,,a few days later it started stalling continously ,,it would stumble and turn off..i removed f

It sounds like it may be your IAC, idle air control valve. I would replace this or have it replaced. Does the check engine light come on at all? If so you can have it checked for free at your local autozone and that will help narrow down the problem. ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

Stumbles in open loop. Lack of power and hesitation

Who knows what you diidn't do right on this. Start by running a fualt code test on the OBD1 system. ... 1995 Chevrolet K2500

I have a 95 eagle talon esi automatic i recently just replaced valve cover, spark plugs, and wires but in the mornings its still hesitating, when i put it in drive it will hesitate than stall out and once i get the car too going it will **** badly, hesitate repeatly,

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My toyota celica .... everytime i start it up it stalls sometimes i can get it in reverse and then drive and it seems like it is gong to stall again but doesnt or i will make it down the road and it will stall. It also hesitates alot when you hit the gas it doesnt really want to accelerate. We had our check engine light checked and it said it needed a new fuel pump so we replaced the fuel pump and strainer. Now it seems like it is even worse. Please help me

It certainly sounds like a fuel delivery problem. You didn't say if you changed the in line filter. If it is partially plugged, it won't allow enough gas to reach the engine. After or before changing that, you would want a fuel pressure test, to see ... 2000 Toyota Celica

Stalling Sometimes when I'm driving about 35 mph or at a stop light my car stalls and it will start right up like nothing happened. Also sometimes when I'm driving about 50 or 70 mph I will get hesitation. I have had the fuel filter replaced but still stalling. Any suggetions? Thanks

We had exactly the same problem and after replacing the fuel filter, replacing the mass airflow sensor did the trick. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

97 Tahoe hesitates and sometimes acts like it will stall when accelerating. Stalls when coming to a stop.

Even if you hear pump run, dosent mean it has enough pressure. it is very possible this is the problem. could be engine miss as well. does it jerk when accellerating (light load, like in overdrive up a hill?) let me know. ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

94 Bravada that stumbles and stalls.. won't start when warm..

Try checking the exhaust flow when someone else is pushing down on the gas petal.The farther the petal gos down,the more exhaust should be coming out. I replaced my catalitic convertor at 44000 miles, it was clogged. I had them install a high flow ty ... 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada

Stalling, missing, hesitating, T/C won't work

Replace plugs and wires, especially if the missing is worse at high throttle, and definitely if the check engine light *blinks*. The plugs might make it to 100k miles on this engine, but the spark plug boots can carbon track before then. ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

Car stumbles,hesitates,loses power on Hwy, randomly

Did you check earth connection of electric system? ... 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight
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