Having problems with your 1993 Chevrolet K1500 ?

Wont turn over

\015 It trys to start but wont\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

If it cranks it turns over.
If it won't start, you'll have to figure out if it is fuel or ignition related to continue.
Check the injectors for fuel spray (TBI) and the plugs for spark.
Did you check the computer for trouble codes ?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1993 Chevrolet K1500

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The instrument panel waring lights started to blink off and on than today the anti lock light was on the trac light says its off. The air bag light is on. the speedometer needle jumped all over it wont go into gear turn off car wont start. Cleared computer by undoing the ground cable and draing the juice. Turn back on it started . Turn and tried again back to old proble with lights. Turn of and tried to start again it wont start. could it be a body control module or something else?

There should be a ground bar near the drivers seat sometimes located under the lower kick panel pull up the door sill push the carpet back look for corrosion here ... 1998 Buick Regal

The key wont turn over the ignition cylinder. it was working fine 12 hours ago now it wont let me turn on the vehicle. ive tried wiggling the steering wheel. made sure it had plenty of fuel, everything is working fine other than i cant turn the cylinder from the lock position. i cant even replace it due to the fact it wont turn to the on position to push the release pin for the cylinder. what can i do? it like a tumbler is jammed

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Peugeot 505 diesel engine wont turn over. Engine was running and suddenly stopped. Starter motor turns the driveshaft but motor does not turn, Can turn the motor over by turning the flywheel otherwise the motor wont turn using the key. What could be wrong?

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Im working on a 96 chevy astro van and the starter wont turn replaced starter with new one and it still wont turn the relays and fuses are all good. I also replaced the ignition switch and still wont turn the starter. help please!

Most likely it is the anti theft module. The computer\015\012 thinks the car has been stolen. The only solution I have been able to \015\012find is to tow it to a dealer. They\015\012 are the only one who can reprogram the module i ... 1996 Chevrolet Astro

I have 2004 neon wont turn over bought a starter and battery it still wont turn over key will motor wont turn over

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Hi i recently swapped my engine in my 99 1.4 civic for a 97 1.8 vtec civic engine i changed the wiring loom aswell and now the engine wont start it will turn over but wont start also it wont turn over from the key i have to put power to starter for it to turn anyone know what might be wrong

You might want to check the ECU of the engine that u swapped it to. Because the original ecu is only for the 1.4L non vtec!!! ... 1999 Honda Civic

I have a 1985 BMW 325e, while I was driving, my timing belt broke and I had to replace it. I got a mechanic to replace the belt but my car still wont turn on... he says the timing is right and it makes a spark but it just wont turn on. He says its the valves but I would like to know another opinion of why my car wont turn on? Unless it IS the valves...

When the timing belt brakes the valves have to be redone automatically. Whoever did the work should know this. You can call the service dept. of the BMW dealership and they will tell you the same thing. ... 1982 BMW 325e

I tried to replace my spark plugs and plug wires, doing so the car wont start just clumps and wont turn on. spark plug wire is NGK brand spark plugs are Iridium plugs, after It wouldnt turn on i tried to undo what i have done and same result with old parts car wont turn on. i tried firing order http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-5408.htm like that ^ still the same problem any idea? i appreciate it.

Wrong plug firing order, here is a pic to the correct firing order for your single cam. \012\012\012\012 ... 1997 Honda Civic

My 1990 cadillac wont start.if you turn the key it wont turn over but if you junp the starter it well turn over but wont start

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Key doesnt turn! We have used two keys a key that wasnt for the car that worked and a the key that worked. We used the wrong key to start the car then parked and now when we went to start it using wrong and right key, the wrong key wont go all the way in and wont turn in the column and the right key goes all the way in but wont turn. We have moved the steering wheel shitloads and rocked the car back and forth but still nothing thanks guys

Sounds like the key cylinder is bad! the way u described the problem sound like an older car and the original key looks worn or is rounded at the edges ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

My fuel pump wont turn on so i have put a new one in and a new filter then a new shutoff switch the i think its called the EEC on the front beside the headlights then changer the computer and now the crankshaft sensor and it still wont turn on and yesterday i was messing with the key and it turned on like it is supposed to but now it wont do it again.

I suspect you need to replace the ignition starter switch, this is the switch that the ignition key cylinder actuates and powers up the electrical system, the switch is located on the top of the steering column near the bottom if the column, to ... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a 1998 chevy S10 and it wont turn over with the headlights on. But if i turn them off or pull out the fuse for them it starts right up. Also when the fuse is in and lights are on the main headlights do not turn on and the fuse box hums when you turn the key but wont turn over. I've replaced the fuse, ignition switch, alternator, battery, and starter. And have still gotten nothing and don't really know where to look.

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Not starting var had been turning off but wait a min and it would turn back on but yesterday it turned off and wont turn on it wont turn over like its not firing i chamged the cam shaft pos sensor and still nothing then i checked to see of ignition coil was sparking and it wasent so i changed it and it is still not sparking but i stated to smell gas when i tried to start i couldnt before with old one also auto checked and it said nothing was wrong and timming belt is not broke. plz plz plz help

Someone will need to get a repair book and trace the circuits for the ignition. On some cars the coil gets power from a relay that could have failed. Same goes for the computer and the injectors. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1993 geo tracker wont turn on, it's not the battery and it wont make any noise when the key is turned on, I just had the clutch changed. Also I banged on the iside and it turned on, but later when it was turned back off almost all the fluids were dried out and it didn't turn back on??


1999 ford windstar lights wont turn off...door open will not turn off radio ...heater fan control works with no key in ignition and wont turn off ...cant turn on interior lights with switch.but they work manually ...no theft light or dash lights (they flickered before this problem started) and a no start issue..checked all fuses and relays..starter turns over when jumpered ..??? the gem module was tested (ok)proper key is working also the horn is not working...

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96 ford Windstar turns over but wont start,also turning ignition to the start point i have to re-grip ignition once again to turn vehicle over normally,i just turn key once it clicks then starts.it's seems that i'm over turning the ignition to start the vehicle.i also have a immobilizer in the van and just wondering why the van wont start. Is it possible that the linkage or tumbler is gone in the steering column,is it possible that it's telling the vehicle not to start. Another Question i have

I have worked on a similar problem with one of these vans. You either have spark or fuel issues if the engine turns over. I would say jugging by that it will start after long cranks that it might be fuel related and you should have the v ... 1996 Ford Windstar

I have a 1984 ford telstar when i turn the ingition sometimes it wont turn over then it will turn over but wont start

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