Having problems with your 1993 Chevrolet G20 ?

How do I bypassing the heater core on 1993 G-20 Van?

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My heater hoses have been removed and bypassed. I need a heater hose diagram for my 1998 chrysler town and country van with a 3.8 L. I don't know which hose will plug into which heater core tube

That's easyDrive around back of a dealer,walk in the openservice bay doors & ask a tech to come out & tell you.I walk into dealers all the time, anywhere I want to go,& never get stoppedIf your question ... Cars & Trucks

When you bypass the heater core the path for the water to go through the core is gone. Correct?, you have connected to engine water line out to the engine water input? thus bypassing the heater core..... If that hose that is bypassing the heater core is kinked or cutoff in some way and will not allow the water to pass , will the car over heat?????

No, you just won't have water flow through the heater core, Coolant flows through the engine through the lower radiator hose as the water pump sucks it out of the radiator and pushes it through the engine. It then flows out the top radia ... Ford Expedition

Need a diagram so I can bypass the heater core on a 1997 ford econoline van

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How do I bypassing the heater core on 1993 G-20 Van?

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My 1999 ford windstar van is leaking water from a small black plastic pipe on the engine side of the firewall. I bypassed the heater core, it still is leaking, not condinsation, anybody got an idea ?

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Ruptured/cracked heater core hot water tube (metal tube) is leaking very badly. I need a workaround/fix. The heater core blew several years ago and I bypassed it by connecting the heater core inlet hose to the heater core outlet hose... but now the heater core hot water inlet TUBE (metal) has ruptured. I'm not sure what type of connection exists near the water pump going into that tube (grateful if someone knows and can tell me)... but am hoping that perhaps I can just disconnect the hot wat

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Can I bypass the heater core in the rear of my 99 Savanna?

Yep. Just get a piece of copper tube or an elbow and substitute it for the heater core anywhere it's easy to get to. ... 1999 GMC Savana

I have a major leak of antifreeze coming from the firewall on the passenger side (which almost has to be heater core). I would like a diagram of the hoses that go into and come out of the haeter core and which ones I should check before I label it as a bad heater core. Then, is there a way to bypass heater core for car to run? Thanks.

As for your 1st question a bit more detail on the vehicle would help. Yearmodel/type/engine?As for the heater hoses you can do this one of 2 ways. Findwhere the pipes go through the firewall to the inside of the vehicle. They're usually about h ... Chevrolet Beretta

How to remove the heater core from a VW Golf MK3 1997 station wagon. There is engine coolant leaking onto the floor of the car. I have bypassed the heater core and eliminated the leak, however obviously there is now no heater. I now want to replace the heater core. I would like to know the procedure for removing the "dash board", taking into account the airbag, air conditioning etc. Thanks for your help Grant

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I have a 2001 Ford Taurus with heater issues. Right away I changed the thermostat and that wasn't the problem. I back flushed the system, still no heat. After the car reached it's normal running temp., I followed the hoses to the heater core, one was hot the other was cold. The heater core is being bypassed, Is there a valve or something not allowing the hot water to run through the heater core?

No, there is no valve in your car. The likely problem is a clogged core. Would you like instructions for replacing it? ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I have a 99 subaru b4 twin turbo that has a blocked heater core im wanting to bypass the hoses in the motor till i get the old heater core out & recond? how do i go about the bypass side of things

Find the two hose that go from the engine bay into the car Get a length of heater hose and go from where one fits on the engine over to where the other fits on the engine and connect these points together ... Cars & Trucks

My heater core is going out of my car i have a 1993 town car and i am a women and i need to know if it is a easy fix well to bypass it right now and can i bypass the heater core on this car and where is it on the car thank you

Yes you could bypass it for now because it is under the dash behind a bunch of **** .. it is a pretty good job to replace it .. out on the firewall there is two hoses goingn inside .. there are clamps on them just take the clamps off and get a piece ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I need to replace the heater core, I need step by step instructions because I have done this repair. the heater core is leaking and I have bypassed the heater core. Please Help

Your heater core is behind a cover on the heater box under dash on right side of truck next to the blower motor,( blower motor does not have to come out) you need to remove 6 or 7 1/4" screws that hold on that cover, the core is behind that, now ther ... 1995 Chevrolet C1500

New thermostat,water pump,alternator.battery,head gasket i can drive the car ror 15 miles i hear water sounds like in dash then sounds like it releases. it will run hot for a while . i cut it off for 10 min. crank it back up it don't run hot. i also had the radiator rodded out and hoses flushed. could this be a heater core problem? can i by pass the heater core ?will this give me the answer if it don't run hot? can i run the car after bypassing the heater core? just won't have heat right.

You can bypass the heater core by figuring out a way to join the two hoses that go into the core/firewall. Your problem may be that there is air in the cooling system, and the best way to 'bleed' the system is to fill it when cold, keep the cap off ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

What hoses are connected to the heater core in 2006 suzuki forenza, and can the heater core be bypassed?

... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

I need info on the replacement of metal heater lines that go from heater core in front along firewall to metal lines that go rearward to rr heater core on van with frt and rr heat/air.

Not sure what information you need, but before you spend a lot of time call the dealer and give them your vin number. It does not matter how many owners, but there was a recall on those lines around that time. If yours is one of them they will replac ... 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

The rear heater in my 2000 astro van blows but doesnt heat. is it electric or controlled by the heater core? if it's heater core controlled is there a shutoff valve I should be looking for? The dash heat works fine.

Are you sure it has rear heat? Most only have rear A/C.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps ... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

The heater core in my 2000 camry was bypassed. I repaired it and need a diagram of the heater hose routing to get the heater core hooked back up

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Bypass heater I bypassed my heater core due to coolant leaking on the passenger side underneath the dash. Even after the bypass there is still coolant leaking out inside the car. I have recently changed the oil and replaced the blower motor to the A/C, could these be related?

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1993 FORD Taurus Heater Core leak/ Can I bypass the heater coil to get the car on the road?

I would disconect heater core hoses at fire wall and put in a piece of metal pipe of the same diameter clamp it well and it should get you where you want to go for now.This is just temporary! ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Heater core how to replace or bypass the heater core

It is very simple to bypas the heater core just block the hose of coolant wich is going to core with some wodden roll, or any size of bolt, if you dont require the heater then just by pass it ,if you want to replce it you have to open dash board. ... 2003 Kia Rio

Heater core How do you replace the heater core in 1986 Chevy G30 van

HEATER CORE REPLACEMENT ... 1986 Chevrolet G30

Ive bypassed my heater core and was wondering if i can hook up a new heater core in the engine bay im assuming this wont work but thought id ask so i dont have to take apart my entire dash

Hooking up a heater core in the engine bay won't put heat in the dash vents where you need it. Your gonna have to bite the bullet and have it replace at a shop or set aside some time and go at it. Good luck. ... 1995 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 91 ford van e150 i am having trouble with heat i replaced teh heater core last year and it worked fine then now it is only blowing 100 degeres and it wont clear teh window of ice it doesnt matter if your driving or sitting still the heater core is hot on both sides in and out so hot you can hardly touch it but not much heat what do i do

I can only think of two other things that could cause it not to get as hot as it should, Either there is a restriction in the heater control valve or the heater core is stopped up. If you drain your coolant and ran some radiator flush through it it ... Ford E-150

On a very limited budget right now, I need a new heater core, leaking into passenger compartment. Used to having no heat so was told I could just bypass the heater core for now, any suggestions on how to do so? Would love to do this from engine side more wiggle room. 2002 JGC AWD.

Disconnect the heater hoses, at the firewall end and join them together. The auto parts store may have\015\012somthing you can use to join them together. I used to\015\012go to home depot and pick up a short pipe nipple.The\015\012t ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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