Having problems with your 1993 Buick LeSabre ?

Will not start like there is no gas in but gas is in it

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

No gas isn't ther only reason a car won't start. Put a timing light on a spark plug and see if it flashes while cranking. It has to or you have no ignition. No other tool can produce this test.
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It sounds like the timing chain jumped or is worn out. ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

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(if engine is good, not overheated )its only 1 of 2 things. lost spark (do a spark test using , yes, a test good spark plug)if spark is good on all cylthen check fueling, if spark plugs not soaked in fuel (tips)then try test fuel ... 2000 Suzuki Vitara

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I have a 2004 chevy mailabu my wife ran it out of gas so I put 2 gallons of gas in it it read 8th of tank so I try to start after turning switch on and off a few time bout a min, each before trying to start it sound like it Want to start but wont but when it does it die out like it not getting gas but u can smell gas could it be that it not getting sparks?

Think you foul plugs out . replace plugs. dont pump acellator just turn it over til fires with new plugs. ... Chevrolet Malibu

My 98 diamante just putted on me one day like i was about to run out of gas. plentyof gas was in the tank but i wasnt driving like there was. i made it home, and the car started again after i cut it off. but even still, i could here the engine misfiring. it was putting in park! the next day i went to start it and it didnt want to start! but it started dand i drove it to an auto parts store to find out why the check engine light came on. the code that came up said something like "random cylinder

It is a separate part it very well be that. if you havn't changed your fuel filter it could be that also. their is also the possibility of it being you catalytic converter ... 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante

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Car\012not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can\012be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it\012can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressu ... 2001 Ford Explorer

Car was driving fine and started to loose power the more gas i gave it it sounded like it was going to die. Put gas in it at the gas station and it would not start. turns over and sounds like it want to start but wont stay running

Hi sounds like a fuel related problem check the fuel pump or fuel filter ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

2010 dodge avenger 2.4L motor seemed like I ran out of gas and stalled wouldn't start so I poured gas til it was full then everytime I try to start it it smells like gas n has a hard time starting

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Ford f-150 will crank but not start sounds like it wants to turn over. can hear full pump hum. new starter, new battery,. if i hit the gas pedel a lil while starting truck it will keep running but runs very ruff like the engine is trying to jump out the car. when i release the pedal it will shut off. if i try to start without applying pressure to gas pedal truck will shut off. also checked i am getting gas to the engine.

I had the same problem but I did two fixes for it (1) when I bought the truck several years ago the duel tank switch was pushed in but i never fixed it and just would switch tanks with the switch pushed into the dash. after awhile it acted like it di ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

Starts up then dies sometimes idles but sounds like **** smells like gas in the cab real bad it happen when i was going down the road it was running fine then i was going up a hill and gave it a little gas and it started sounding like it was running out of gas but i still had a quarter and the reduce engine power light and check engine light came on

Better have it scanned for codes ... could be anything from a bad 02 sensor to a plugged catalytic. Make sure you have a look around for a leaking fuel line as well. ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

1995 safari van w stalls when giving it gas. changed fuel pump and filter. replaced egr valve. sometimes rough idle. when it stalls just like you turned off key. then when you try to start it acts like it is flooded.no smell of gas. will not start right away. wait few minutes starts but runs rough and stalls again when given gas. possible fuel related or a sensor?

Maybe your iac valve is not working? it takes place of a choke or temp sender to computer could be bad which controls t I.A.C. known as the idle control valve,do you have any codes? ... 1995 GMC Safari

I just recently put gas in my Isuzu trooper and it started missing like it had water in the gas, it never stoped missing after I ran the gas out of it. Then one day I was going home and it killed on the side of the road, it acted like it was running out of gas but I had a 1/2 a tank of gas, it would start but it would not idle and it would kill right away can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Have you considered that "like it had water in the gas" might be that there was water in the gas? there is about a gallon or more of "reserve space" at the bottom of the tank below the fuel pickup. Water is heavier than gas and will lay in that ... 1995 Isuzu Trooper

1997 intrepid my question is when i first drive my car for the day it starts up & sometimes after i drive & turn it off when i go to start it again i turn it on but it wont start sounds like it wants to start it makes the noise like gas isnt getting there it makes the sound of a car that you would have to push on the gas if i let it set for a little bit then it starts

Its because Dodge only makes chunks of **** to sell. ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, Have a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, it just cranks like it's out of gas but wont start. Had this problemHave a 2004 Pontiac grand am not wanting to start, it just cranks like it's out of gas but wont start. Had this problem before about 4 months ago n was told on this web site and a mechanic said its a security code n requires to be crank for 30 minutes. Can anyone help?... - posted in Cars & Trucks

Does it start soetimes? Has it been down all this time? Is it got enough gas? the gauge can be wrong. fuel pumps and gauges are failing alot as the tequies used to steal gas are breking things that peaple don't think about. Peaple steal gas to g ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am


Well, not sure. sounds like a over-rich condition. Get your fuel pressure checked. get it diagnosed properly before you throw a bunch of parts at it. savesin long run. sorry i cant help more. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport

My 1995 LS400 was running as normal this morning. when I went to go get me daughter from school, it started right up..eveerything normal and then all of a sudden when I stepped on the gas it wouldn't excellerate. The RPM's dropped slowing and the car sputtered like it was out of gas. It was low on gas but the gaas light had just come on. We went and got some gas, about 1 gallon 1/2 of gas. We tried to start it and nothing. the engine cranks it just doesn't catch and it seem like it's not getting

You need to get the codes first. ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

I have a 2001 Seabring. I went to strart it today and it would not start. It attempted to turn over, but was slow and sounded like it was skipping a little during the starting process. It has 189,000 miles. I have had nothing like this happen before. Also, when my gas gauge gets to 1/4 tanks, I am actually out of gas. The electronic reader in the dash reads when the tank reads, but I have ran out of gas before having 1/4 tank full of gas. Suggestion on these two issues?

It sounds like it's time to change the timing belt. The gas gage problem can be fixed by replacing the fuel level sensor in the gas tank. Considering the mileage of the car you should go ahead and replace the fuel pump while your at it. It will be li ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Truck would not start, looked like maybe out of gas, added gas, started right up...had 1/4 tank. Filled up the gas tank. Died again next day while driving. Coasted to side street. Tried to start it...nothing would come on (no bells, gas gauge didn't move, etc.) jumped it and it started right up, 3/4 tank of gas. Ran fine today...anyone?

Possiable fuel pump, this sounds dumb but it works at times hit the gas tank in the center when it wont start and see if it starts. ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

Car started and idle, when I would press on gas pedel the engine would stall. Let up on gas and engine would idle, but it sounded like it was running on 3 or 4 cylinders. Pressed on gas again engine would stall again and let up on gas the engine would idle roughly, when I let it idle the engine reduced in RPMs and then stopped. It would not start again. So I left the car for about hour, tried to start it and it started right up. It had a rough idle pressed on the gas the engine stalled I let up

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I have a ford 150 crew cab 5.4 litre. started having problems with surging like it was cutting out of gas or like it had water drops in the gas. found one broken vacome and fixed that then went from auto parts store back to work. the truck drove fine. started it this afternoon and drove about 2 miles and here we go again. stopped on the way home and had the fuel filter replaced still fell it a little. I have put new gas in there with lucas treetment. should i wait through tomorrow and see if it

Its recommended that the Ignition coils(all 8 coils) and coil boots be replaced at the same time a tune-up is done or by 75,000 miles. Many symtoms to these failing are: slight jerks/sputter under loads(typically at 45-65MPH or accellerating) or foot ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

Sometimes when I try to start the truck, it won't turn over the first time, then the second time it will start fine, can't idle for too long; engine will shut off on it's own. When driving about 10 to 15 miles, it will shutter like it want's to shut off and I step on the gas to get it going. Driving and the gas petal will push back at me and the car feels like it want's to shut off again, but I gently put gas to it and it goes.

Sounds like you have a fuel pump failing or a clogged fuel line from a dirty filter. I would bring it to a garage and have the fuel system pressure checked. This will asnwer questions about weather or not this is the problem. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Question This is a 1989 Mercedes benz 300 sel it idle 5-7 rpms. ok, however, the car will sputter when I start driving like the car is not getting gas. Once the speed reaches forty (40) or fifty (50) mph, the speed will drive OK, but when slowing down the gas decrease then it will bog down start sputter driving like it is not taking the gas. Help!

... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

2000 Cheverolet silverado truck will not start due to security light needing to overide. The truck drove fine until we stopped and parked it for a few minutes. Then it would not start at all. It does not seem like the battery cause everything works such as radio, power windows and lights. It turns over and seem like its out of gas. But show to have a quarte of a tank and we had just put $20.00 dollars gas in the vehicle. We beleive the security feature is preventing us from starting it as if the

Have you lost the chip out of the key?? did it drop out ,have you a spare key ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

My 2002 Pontiac Montana had been parked outside in 20 degree weather for 3 days. I drove it without letting it warm up very much and as I was accelerating to pull onto the highway, it started jerking and the engine started knocking very heavily. It was like there was a clog in the gas line or like a car does when it is running out of gas. Feels like something needs to be cleared. I pulled off the road and let the car idle for a while, then revved the engine a few times. The same thing happened.

I replied but i donno if you got it or not because it went to explorer cant display bla bla bla.\015\012\015\012sounds like your fuel pump is overheating\015\012\015\012either change it (with its electric harness recommende ... 2002 Pontiac Montana

Where do I start I bought 1990 Buick Century Custom its a V6 and it had been sitting for about 5 months. The car ran great the first day we had it then we were traveling and had been driving about 110 miles and stop to get some food turned the car off for only a few minutes. The car started fine but when we went to pull out and gave it gas it acted like it was going to stall out so we pulled over. Then the car would roll over but wouldn't start. It acted like it wasn't getting enough gas. So I r

To avoid replacing unnecessary parts, buy a chilton or haynes manual and a digital multi-meter. Follow the component tests outlined in the book and see what you find.Two items I'd check first is the MAP sensor and the vacuum hose that goes to it (che ... Buick Century
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