Having problems with your 1992 Volkswagen Passat ?

Rear disc breaks. got new rotor's but my old ones have a gear inside the back of the disc. the new ones will not go on??

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Answers :

You cannot use a different model as the gear is there for some reasons.. ABS uses these things sometimes and so does speedometer readings...Hope this helps.
\015\012You may have purchased the wrong parts, disks for Passat are different depending on year and model.\015\012
\015\012this ones will install on most 1992 models:\015\012
\015\012This ones are for older models:\015\012
\015\012Most passats mount the first kind, the one in picture is an upgrade kit, and not factory kit.
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Rear disc breaks. got new rotor's but my old ones have a gear inside the back of the disc. the new ones will not go on??

You cannot use a different model as the gear is there for some reasons.. ABS uses these things sometimes and so does speedometer readings...Hope this helps. ... 1992 Volkswagen Passat

I have changed out my spark plugs and PCM as I had a misfire on coil 4 in my 2005 Ford Escape. Took it back to Ford and had them reprogram, had to have an extra key cut, plus they claimed they had to disable my breaks in order to move the vehicle inside their shop $600 later for labor, I am now being told it is a misfire in coil #3. I am over $2000 trying to fix this problem, and am still sitting at square one. What else could it be? They are saying it is the PCM but I just put a new one in

Sounds like they're taking you for a good ride. Most dealers don't specialize in electronics and will swap out every conceivable part on a vehicle and the original root cause remains. Yes, the powertrain control module sends signals to your ignition ... 2005 Ford Escape

I drive a 2003 Ford Taurus. As I've read the many complaint threads regarding this make and model, I must say, I bought my car new and not including regular wear and tear such as breaks and batteries, I've not had any issues with my car. Until now. I drove it this morning, came home, and about an hour later started it up to leave again. It would not shift out of park. The gearshift clicks and moves through the gears, but the car does not freewheel in "neutral" as one would expect. My back-up lig

... 2003 Ford Taurus

I have replaced the timing belt but it keeps slipping. I have all new pulleys and a new tensioner. The belt tends to drift to the inside toward the engine while its running. It runs fine until I start to accellerate like from a stop sign trying to get into traffic. The belt keeps slipping or jumping a tooth or four only on the cam gear near the firewall. Its done it three times with three new belts. I put the old tensionr pulley back on but with the same results. Cam gears are not bent. I am run

It's not the tensioner pulley. It's the tensioner itself. The spring on the inside has become weak allowing the belt tension to move it just off of "square" to the engine do it's acting like a cone. Smaller on one end than the other. The belt wan ... Mazda Millenia

I have a 64 Impala that I'm coverting to power disc brakes(frt), and I have a kit that has a proportioning valve that has 2 frt brake line ports and one rear line port. The orginal line system has one line that runs from the back to a tee then across the frt crossmember to the left side into another tee, with one line going to the single port master. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that I need to run a new line from the back of the master. across to tie into rear brakes.

You should have two lines coming from the master one to the front brakes and on to the rear, from the prop valve split to the fronts and one to the rear its pretty straightforward, good luck ... 1983 Chevrolet Impala

Tranmission stuck I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan that I had from new, now it has 70K miles. Yesterday while driving the gear stuck in 2nd I think and will not shift and the Check Engine Light came on. I put it in reverse and back in forward but it still stuck in 2nd gear. I drove home about 25 miles in 2nd gear. Today I started the Van and the problem cannot be reproduced, it gone, the transmissions is running like new. Any one know what may be the issue.

It sounds like sensor problem but still i will provide u with a link that will give u complete information n step by step solutions.:\015\012http ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 1998 Jetta (VR6) is having shifting problems, it's an automatic and when i put it in drive it takes a few seconds for it to go in gear, and as i drive it jumps up in RPM's about every 10 seconds. It one jumps about 200RPM's. It also slips out of gear somtimes as im driving for a few seconds then it go back in. I have put a new trans computer and a multi function switch and neither one helped. What can i do next??? Thanks Matt

... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

Rough ride!! when i start the car, it sounds like a diesel only from the inside, you cant here it from the outside, and it drives rough. The motor jumps when i shift it from gear to gear, I had several mechanics look at it, one changed the motor mounts but that wasnt the problem but when i went back to him, he said one of the mounts were busted again...Whats the problem?

Sounds like exhaust hitting undercarriage ... 2005 Dodge Neon

I have a 1990 Ford F-350 7.3 litre Diesel. I'm having problems with head-lights,door-locks,inside-lights,I had a new alternator and I took it back to get tested,it was bad., now I have another new 1 and I had every-thing for about 3-sec. in those 3-seconds seeing that now I had inside-lights,I turned on the head-lights on and when they came on it shut-off every-thing.,but I never lost power in windows or gauges.,the KEY is a kind of hard to turn. can any-one help me get this right today ??? ,O I

I would be checking my engine and body grounds. Make sure they are clean metal to metal. Also if the key if has an issue you will need to swap it out. \015\012They do short out internally. No way for us to know whats happening inside it. Also ... Ford F-350

Rough noise when i start the car, it sounds like a diesel only from the inside, you cant here it from the outside, and it drives rough. The motor jumps when i shift it from gear to gear, I had several mechanics look at it, one changed the motor mounts but that wasnt the problem but when i went back to him, he said one of the mounts were busted again...Whats the problem?


When changing my transmition fiter and fluid I removed the old filter but the orange ring around the top of the filter stayed lodged inside of the transmition. I couldn't put the new filter on so I left the old one on and closed it back up. How do I get the ond orange ring out and would it be okay if I open the transmition back up draining the fluid again and try to put the new filter on?

You should really get the old orange gasket/ring out and replace it. I'm glad you are trying to do this yourself because this is a very simple process. Change the filter or clean it with a Gumout type solution. Hope this helps and once again I'm glad ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

Good day to you all, My problems begin when my 1994 GMC sierra (p/u C1500 1/2ton 2wd 5.0l T.B.I. 8cyl) started to over heat .I recently had my engine overhauled, inclusive of new parts inside and outside (all parts are new even the ECC). The engine was installed back into the truck and all connection was made. The engine started perfectly with just one kick and idles well but as soon as I put my foot on the accelerator a minute after the vehicle dies and will start back right away when I start i

You said the ECM was replaced, I would re-install the original one if it was not defective. ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

Recently repalced a new clutch kit and when ******* to 5th gear have to lift a little bit to put into place.The only time you have to lift the gear is for the reverse only. why do you think this is.when putting back the gear box saab parts dealer said one bush did not get palced right he sent me the diagram showing the part.Which is part 9 as per the diagram.Could you sort this out so the 5th gear shift can be shited as usual.

... 1997 Saab 900

The car just stopped one day. The lights on the inside will not come on, no radio, and no head lights. I put in a new battery and had the altenator tested. That came back good. The fuses are all good.

Check the mechanical condition of the battery cables; I have seen cables more than once that appeared OK but battery acid had crept under the plastic insulation and dissolved the copper inside.\015\012\015\012I confess that this normally shows ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

Hello I rebuilt my automatic transmission gear one month ago. I changed all clutches, band, regulator pressure valve, 1st accumulator with the spring which was broken before, torque has been repaired. The gear behaved like new and very smooth the first days. Then It started shifting rough from 1st to 2nd. Now, when stopping the car, I feel the gear like shifting inside, as if it disengages and ingages again. Adding to this, it strted to shift hard from 2nd to 3rd, but not like from 1st to

Hello;\015\012Two questions first. please.\015\012Did you chk the converter sprag?\015\012Is the converter and front pump properly engaged? Thanks, Ned ... GMC Sonoma

I have a drag car and i've been running a 3 wire gm alternator (100amp) for 3 years with no problems. i took the red wire to a switch inside (not the battery wire) so i can turn the field off before i make a pass. the white wire was left alone. this has always worked. recently i was changing the belt and the threads for the bolt on the back was stripped. i took the alternator to the parts store and it was replaced. i reinstalled the new one in the same manner as the old one. now the alternator g

@ 12.3 v the alt is working at near, very near max output and will overheat and eventually fail. The lower the voltage, the higher the amps. You say it has always worked interupting the red wir. Interupting the red wire is the same as running the ... 1984 Dodge D150

Hi the back door opens from the inside and out and the drivers door will only open from the inside the other 2 doors dont open at all. Its so frustrating when I go shopping with 3 children we have to jump over from one side, from what I've read this is a common fault on the Scenic I've only had it a week and feel like weighing it in as its also juddering when I change gear but when i accelarate it seems to stop juddering. T reg 1999 renault scenic 1.6

Hi.If the problem is on different doors , then is the centrad door lock switch that must be tested and eventually replaced.Also wiring to the doors may be damage, there is need to take apart the doors to test door switches. ... Renault 181

When I parked my 97 caravan 3.0 litre there was a burning smell but it dissipated quickly. An hour later I tried to start it and it fired for about 2 seconds then quit. The starter works fine and the fuel pump works as well so its not an ASD issue. The coil is good but there is no spark. I found a 20 amp fuse blown and when I replaced it the new one blew immediately. The fuse is called ''engine'' on the inside of the cover and is the second one from the back of the van going forward. My Haines m

The route traveled by the current is as follows\015\012\015\012battery->the fuse->ignition switch->CB points->coil->spark Plug->ground and the other ground is at the battery end with the other wire. Rest all are just one way t ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1990 4 cyl jeep wrangler i just filled tank with gas, drove 1 block and jeep stalled. Jeep starts right back up but will not stay running, seems as though its not getting enough gas. Is this a fuel pump problem? Is the fuel pump always inside the fuel tank for 1990 4 cyl and would it come inside if i ordered a new one?

It could be the pump but you need to verify if you can hear the pump running after it stalls and you turn the key back on to try and start it. If you don't hear it it isn't running.The pump is inside the tank but it dosen't come inside, you nee ... 1990 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2002 buick century that the service engine light and trac light and disc break light comes on and off. I can shut my car off and restart it and it will stay off for maybe 10 or 15 mins and then sometimes will come right back on. I have new breaks and rooters on the front and this did not seem to help.

I had the same problem and found out it was a bad electrical connection on both front wheels for the ABS sensors. It seems the contact pins in the connector are so small that they fail easily. Disconnect them, spray contact cleaner on both ends, then ... 2002 Buick Century

I bought a 98 Isuzu Hombre, motor stopped running going down highway. I tore it down and put a new timing chain tensioner and gears. Turned over with starter off and on for 3 minutes. It finally started I killed and put it back together, hasn't cranked since. Took to several shops and finally one told me it didn't have enough compression. Bought a used low mileage motor (2.2) I heard it run and helped the guy pull it. Put motor in and it won't crank. Put new fuel pump, checked pressure 52 lbs. I

Check the compression in the cylinders, did you time it correctlly? ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Car has had new motor fitted,when you put it into drive it misses coughs,two lights come on on the dash when drive is engaged,these lights are one for the park brake,the other is an exclamation mark.Occasionly the car will drive but hit a bump and it is back to square one,the motor runs sweetly when not in gear,it is a 1985 xj6.Many thanks

If the problem comes and go erratically, and can come back when you hit a bump, that is probably a contact.A bad contact to one of the sensors (eg.O2 sensor, or TPS if it is only when in gear) can cause the engine running rough.The ... 1989 Jaguar XJ6

Selespeed trouble i have the same problem, took it to a gearbox specialist today. they plugged it in = £25. it reported gear selector fault. i now need a new one =£150 from alfa (this is the gear knob in the car. under the part you put your hand on is a plastic module which is all part of the same thing). to get them to fit it = £150. this can only be got at from under the car. after removal of the exhaust and heat plate. it can't be done from inside the car, i tried today! so all in all

... 2000 Alfa Romeo 156

Ignition switch The ignition switch in my 97' Ford F-150 is broken and I got a new one but when I took the old one out I had to take the gears in behind my switch out to get the broken pieces out, so I need a diagram on how to put my ignition switch back together.

Whoa....first, the ignition swith is not a part of the tumbler. you went in to far. replace the switch and put the brass gear on the tumbler. slide the tumbler out and install the keeper. the tumbler needs to be in the "on" position.. ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Hi. I normally replace my other car's break pads which is quite easy by loosening the clip, and calliper bolt at back of disc and slowly pushing back calliper to fit new pad........Is this the same on 2003 volvo s40 2.0 or should I rather take to dealer to do....problem is they are very expensive Just scared I might damage sensors of ABS etc Please advise ?

Being careful. It is the same thing. Take extra care in locating the sensor when replacing the break pads. ... 2002 Volvo S40
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