Having problems with your 1992 Toyota Pickup ?

Truck is 1992 toyota standard shift. it acts like it is not getting gas. checked fuel pump, catalytic converter, replace fuel filter.

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Answers :

Check the flow meter and tps
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Truck is 1992 toyota standard shift. it acts like it is not getting gas. checked fuel pump, catalytic converter, replace fuel filter.

Check the flow meter and tps ... 1992 Toyota Pickup

My 94 full size blazer starts and idles fine in park and in neutral. When I put the truck in gear and hit the gas, it'll start, then act like it wants to die. The Catalytic converter is off, I'm going to get that replaced. I've done the basic spark plug/wire/distributor cap replacement. Last year I changed the EGR valve. I changed the ignition coil today. Put on a new o2 filter. New fuel Filter. New k&n air filter. Could it be a bad fuel pump?

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Fixya replaced catalytic converter, muffler, fuel pump, air temp sensor,o2sensor,map sensor, intake manifold gaskets, fuel filter ,computer,strainer in fuel tank,radiator ,water pump,ect. getting codes f49 and f48 ..car stalls and is also very hard to restart seems like is getting too much gas ..will check erg

Code F48 is for low freon in the ac, and code F49 is for the computer turning off the ac compressor because the pressure is too high or the engine temp is too high. So neither code would have a direct effect on the engine running.You may have to ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

We have a 1986 Dodge Lancer that runs fine when I first start it. As soon as it warms up, the motor bogs down. We have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, catalytic converter and put tranny fluid in it (although the transmission shifts fine). We were told that the modulator on the transmission may need to be replaced, but, as I stated, the tranny shifts just fine, not too rough and not too soft and the gears do not slip at all. It almost seems as though it is not getting enough air flow through

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Recently replaced my fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors, dist cap, wires, plugs, distributor and catalytic converter and my 1990 Bronco II still has a lot of hesitation on acceleration. Sometimes won't even get up to highway speeds. Not sure what else it could be.

You might try checking the catalytic converter.. it could be clogged... not letting the engine breathe like it needs to ... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab

2002 Durango 4.7L 2wd. It would not start; starter checked [it was ok] and a relay switch replaced. It then started for a short period then it refused to start. I had several scans and point checks done. Nothing was found, but the fuel pump was not getting fuel and I kept getting a “no bus” code. I was told it was the PCM and I had it replaced [flashed and coded]. It still would not start; Replaced fuel pump; would not start; Replaced/fixed catalytic converter-no luck. Replaced ignition


I have a 1999 mazda protege 1.6 liter and the car was driving fine until about 4 days ago. it acts like its not getting gas especially on an inclined road. it jerks and acts like its gonna run out of gas or stall. my friends dad who is a mechanic told me that it may be the fuel filter but my fuel filter is on the fuel pump which is in the gas tank. so we checked it out and theres nothing wrong with the filter or pump. so im thinking that its the catalytic converter. whats up?

My car has a similar problem, if you take it to AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts they will usually scan it for codes at no charge. My problem is a bad Map Sensor. Hope this helps. ... Mazda Protege

Was driving, car shut down, acted as if running out of gas, has full tank, been sitting a while now, replaced fuel pump relay, fuel filter, new battery, will crank, just not turn over,can hear the pump turn on when the key turns on but it just won't turn over do you think we need to replace the pump? can a catalytic converter cause this problem? had a guy check the system before any of this happened said that it was running lean? he had it for a day and said he fixed it, maybe he did maybe he d

Assuming no service engine light on? If so begin there. Otherwise it sounds like fuel pump could be bad, but you'll need to install a pressure gauge to verify - that's the only way to be certain. Compare pressure with spec. for your vehicle. You'll l ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I have a cummins, 5.9, it quit running. No fuel. Went to the fuel pump, replaced it, filled the filter with fuel, it started, then quit. Bled the line, lots of bubbles, thought we had a fuel line issue. Dropped the tank, replaced the Module ( gauge didn't work anyway). Still can't get it to run past the fuel filter. Since I am getting bubbles from the bleed valve I assume the pump is operational. I'm guessing the injector pump does not have "suction" to pull the fuel from the filter to run, so t


1988 s10 2.5, 4 speed. I have replaced the iac, tps, map sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, injector, egr, fuel pump relay, and removed a clogged catalytic converter. So why does it still run like crap and stall when I try to move it? Unless I disconnect the vacuum line from the bottom of the map sensor, then it goes into a high idle but I can drive it no problem. I need this thing to run I drive 55 miles to a jobsite and 55 back home daily. Any help would be great. Thanx i

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I am trying to get a 1990 mazda b2600i running but it won't start. it's getting spark and air ,but no gas, i replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, and fuel rail but still won't start. i replaced the fuel pump after i couldn't get gas through the fuel regulator, now it's getting gas through the regulator but won't start. it will start when i spray starter fluid through the air intake, but dies after seconds.before i replaced the fuel pump it would start if i bypassed the fuel regulator,but it

Wrong vacuum line hooked to fuel regulator ... 1990 Mazda B-Series

91 chev 305 Motor starts then dies ,replaced the fuel pump all lines fuel filter fuel regulator new coil and coil wire took the catalytic converter out replaced it with a straight pipe

Check out the motor.and check out if your getting spoark at ignition switch properly and the coil wire seems to be hot or cold.if cold then its probably not getting required spark to start.spark plug needs replacing ... 1989 Chevrolet K1500

Running rough 1998 Sub. someone removed the catalatic converters one and a half year ago. The problems started about 6 mo. ago. It had a rad. leak and ran hot with my wife. I had to get the head gaskits replaced and radiator fixed. ran good for a while then started having a hesatation when backing up and turning the wheel. Sometime latter it quit on my wife. put a fuel filter on and it ran ok. but not good. It quit on us again. After a while it started. I had the fuel pump changed and filter aga

Get rid of this car sir, its a lemon. With everything you've changed the only thing left is checking parimeters on a scan tool for the senors. But you gotta know what your looking at. ... 1998 GMC Suburban

I have a 1990 D150 Dodge Ram thas Runs fine for about a half hour then it looses power uphill on the freeway, the more I step on it the more power it loses. I have replaced plugs and wire, thermostat, radiator, catalytic converter, muffler, fuel filter. I ran K&W engine block sealant through it. Had the injectors cleaned, replaced the air filter. Engine not overheating but does start to warm up from trying to get up the hill so hard but once the road levels out it's fine. Even on level ground if

Check the sock on the fuel pump inside the fuel tank..might be clogged ... 1990 Dodge D150

Chevy truck 4.3 v6 replaced fuel filter replaced fuel pump tune up at 75,000 had both catalytic converters checked still runs smooth idles smooth but when taking off into traffic stalls or has no power whatsoever eventially it will pick up after almost flooring it. seems like it has jumped timing. but at times takes off ok can't figure it out and gm mechanics say it's ok no codes

Hi,Check Check the idle speed motor, as it may not be functioning properly. \015\012Also, check the engine for vacuum leaks.Also check the TCC solenoid.Let me know the update.Hope i helped you.Than ... Chevrolet 1500

Engine light was on and van was running rough. The local repair center says that it needs a new fuel pump (2 of 6 sensors are receiving low fuel pressure ratings). I keep getting different answers on what this involves. I thought it would just be a fuel pump and a filter, but now I'm hearing there are 3 pieces to the fuel pump system - pump, motor, filter. Want to replace this myself, but I don't want to have to repair it twice. What exactly do I need to replace the "fuel pump"??

First check the pressure at the fuel rail at the top of the engine with a fuel pressure gauge these ar fairly expensive for what they are about a 100$ so if you can borrow one it would be great. doing this ensures you truly have low fuel pressure in ... 2004 Ford Freestar

I have 3400 eng. runs fine until you hold the pedal down to pass a car then it loses all power and then you get a check engine light code then reads o2s and thats all I've replaced o2s, fuel pump,fuel filter, fuel regulator and catalatic converter .nothing has helped.And even setting still in park hold the pedal to the floor engine bogs down. ACTRON SCANNER live data reads fuel loop 1 & 2 open any suggestions ?

... 2000 Pontiac Montana

91 honda civic dx 1.5L quit running properly. Starts, runs for a few seconds just fine then stumbles and starts running rough, check engine light comes on then it stalls. Started as an intermittent problem. I have ruled out the fuel pump. I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor cap. I checked the ignition control module and ruled out the catalytic converter. Has spark at all four plugs and is getting fuel. I can keep it running by revving the engine but it runs really roug

Bro, check ur main relay. its under the dash. replace it, check also ur distributor(replace it). and also your ECU ... 1991 Honda Civic

On my 2001 Olds Intrigue, when I push the foot pedal down all the way to get into the passing gear, the car acts like it has a govenor on it. When it gets to 3500 RPM or higher, it justs lacks the power to go. I was tlod that the catalytic converter was probably getting plugged, thus bogging it down. Had it replaced, wasn't the solution. Then next I changed the fuel filter, and the wasn't the problem. What's my next choice.

Take the car to Autozone or similar business for a free scan of the engine computer even if the check engine light is not on. The retrieved codes provide clues to the trouble spots. Just shotgunning parts at the problem can get very expensive as you ... 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Fuel/ Acceleration I have a 1984 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. I was driving and I could not accelerate over 65. It runs good until the moment I get to 65 and it start to ****, etc. I am thinking that maybe it's something in the fuel assembly, maybe the fuel filter, pump, or the carburetor. I even thought about the catalytic converter being stopped up.

Yes, probably the inline fuel filter on the carb, they use a small paper type filter that clogs up after awhile with junk from the gas tank. also your car will probably hold back if you try to accelerate hard, such as trying enter a freeway......... ... 1984 Chevrolet Caprice

92 Roadmaster 5.7 liter. Replaced distributor cap, rotor and eletronic control unit, plugs and wires, coil, fuel pump and line filter. There is spark at the plugs but the engine will not fire. Disconnected catalytic converter still won't start. Fuel injectors seem to be spraying adequate amount of fuel into carb. Crank engine for a 30 - 40 seconds and it won't fire.

... Buick Roadmaster

Hi i have a 93 pontiac grand prix that i ahve replace everthing on and still nothing above idle (tps, egr, intake gaskets, tb, cataltic converter, computer, did full tune up , fuel pump, fuel filter , and some relays..... cant to save my life seam to get anything to work i have also tested the fuel pressure and holds at 40psi

Remove the ignition module,and have it tested,there is a est mode in the module that may have went out,est is electronic spark control.If it checks good,then the computer would be the problem,I hope this was helpful,and if so,please rate,and see if t ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Engine would not fire. trouble shooted and wasn't getting fuel to carb. replaced fuel pump and tested pump. engine started. thought problem might be tank sensor so I bypassed it with an inline fuel filter and tested pump from backside of filter. engine stated. Replaced all gas in tanks. bypassed tank sensor and no fuel to pump. any suggestions


Silverado 02 won't start. Fuel pump not kicking on, gas guage reading empty. Replaced fuel pump relay and fuses. No help. Replaced fuel pump assembly and connector, fuel filter. No help. Replaced ignition switch no help. No power getting to pump. Cant figure out problem and connection between empty fuel guage AND the fuel pump not working.

Is there a light on the dash that says SECURITY? These anti theft systems have been known to disable fuel.\015\012\015\012http://vatspasslockpas ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

01 chev cavalier 2.2l 181000km a week ago car wouldnt start not getting fuel replaced filters and pump ran for two days wont start again. No codes no engine light.. replaced fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator even tried replacing gas cap.. no luck.. car will run for a second when you spray gas in the throttle body/intake... all new plugs and i should mention they are dry fuels not getting to them but why? Any ideas on what to do next? I am stumped please help!

Check into your VATS system ... Cars & Trucks
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