Having problems with your 1992 Toyota Celica ?

It wont stay started...when it does start it seems like it loses power...the rpms will drop then go up drop then go up...and misses really bad...ive tried fuel pump and coil pack and neither did any good..

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

May be head gasket?
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It wont stay started...when it does start it seems like it loses power...the rpms will drop then go up drop then go up...and misses really bad...ive tried fuel pump and coil pack and neither did any good..

May be head gasket? ... 1992 Toyota Celica

It has steadily been getting harder to fire over---Today it won't fire --in past year ,I have changed fuel pump,filter,coil,crank & camshaft sensor,plugs,wires-It has fuel in the line (it squirts out when i press buttoon --It has spark(yellowish)- I also tried another coil to no avail-and air filter is good --???-Also cap & rotor have been changed within lastyear---I had been getting it to start by pumping pedal & trying many different combinations of pumping-not pumping -I have also checked ALL

Try setting the distributor even tho they are controlled by a computer and spark is advanced or retared by the computer if they get 10 degrees or more out of time they cant correct it and start hard or a no start issue. Turn the engine to top dead ce ... 1998 Chevrolet G20

99 grand cherokee 4.7 v-8 engine missfires at rpm's under 2000 ran compression check [good] coolant system check [good] obd only one code p0500 vehicle speed sensor changed plugs,checked spark at coils [good] plugs carbon up after or 15 minutes black inside throttle body drained fuel, added clean fuel , gas dryer, and injector cleaner suspect high pressure in fuel rail, but have'nt tested yet try to relieve fuel pressure by disabling fuel pump after disabling pump, engine runs much b

It is most likely the fuel pressure regulator,it will have a vacuum line going to it,make sure it is getting vacuum,and the hose going to it is in good shape.Ether the regulator is bad,or the return line going from the fuel rail,to the fuel tank is r ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1998 Isuzu Hombre 2.2L two wheel drive pickup (Made by GM is same as Chevy S10). Ok, here is my problem. It just suddenly stopped running with no warning. It will crank but shows no sign of trying to start. I checked the following items and all are good: ignition module, coils, has good spark, fuel pump is good and delivering strongly to fuel rail, fuel filter is new, battery is good. Now, I think the problem is the injectors. But before I remove the air intake manifold to possibley che

The oil pressure sender is a good idea.It sounds like you know what your talking about have you tried spraying a little starting fluid in the throttle body to see if it will start?do you have an injection pulse tester you will need one.if you have no ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup


... 1989 Toyota 4Runner

1989 lebaron car throttle body fuel injection would'nt run at all , cleaned the connection at the fuel injector and it started and ran for a month. now it will start every time I try it, but it will die after 5 seconds or sometimes longer. has good fuel pump pressure. checked more connections all I could think of to check..... Maybe ,coil,engine control module,auto shut down relay? I can't just try these things for the cost factor.

The hall effect in the distributor may be the problem,these are very bad to go out on these models.This is the most likely cause.Now if this does not fix the vehicle,then the computer is the next thing that goes on these models.If the computer is at ... 1989 Chrysler LeBaron

I have no spark and no fuel. I have replaced with new the following:magnetic pick-up coil,module,cap and rotor,and ecm. I have cleaned all grounds to engine and tryed a different 2-wire connection between distributer and coil. It has good fuel pressure from pump.

Hello! The ignition control module is defective. It is located inside the distributor, under the rotor...If there is no spark injectors are off...The ICM is a flat black rectangular shape with 2 screws holding in place...2 connectors out ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

97 Chevy Blazer: 4WD 4.3L 6cyl Runs great all winter, as soon as it gets hot out, it stalls or quits after driving for a while after making a few stops on errands. Been to several garages and Dealers. The following have been replaced to try to solve the issue: Fuel filter, Battery, Altenator, Coil, Ignition Switch (Key was getting stuck in.),Fuel pump, Plugs, Air Filter, Fuses, Relays,etc. The temp gage is good, and shows no increase in over-heating. No codes coming up. Have good spark, have fue

Have fuel pressure tested has to be over 80psi mine was doing same thing first fuel pump had installed went bad after 3 months guy didnt change filter in tank.mechanic said never let go past quarter tank! ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

My 1993 Honda Accord Ex started acting up, cutting off while driving down the road. Finally it stopped on me one day and so a friend said it was the fuel pump. I went and got some starting fluid and eventually used most of the can before I finally got it to run and I drove it home. I sat there for a minute to see if it would stay running and it did. Once I turned it off and tryed to restart it it would not start. So we dropped the tank checked the fuel pump and it was still good. Put it back in

I took out the fuel injectors and they looked fairly well after cleaning them off. I have changed the thermostat about 6 months ago so I know that its not sticking or messed up. I have a new distributor, spark plugs, spark plug wires so that not it. ... 1993 Honda Accord

Hello, I have a 97 Blazer that starts intermittently and will shut down for no reason. Fuel pump was replaced about 24000 miles ago (are you supposed to hear the fuel pump working? I don't), I replaced the spark plugs the other day and tried a new coil, the wires were replaced about 1 1/2 years ago. I'm still having trouble. The battery is running down fast and I need a jump almost all the time now after 6 attempts to start it. It will run good for a long time once it atarts and I leave it runni

You should hear the whining coming from the pump when the key is turned on.If you suspect he fuel pump check fuel pressure if possible or try hitting the bottom of the tank and see if it starts then.The Vortec 4.3 requires a minimum of 54lbs of fuel ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

1993 Buick Lesabre. Car dropped dead while driving. Something caused fuel pump fuse to blow. Traced short to coil pack assembly. Changed module assembly and coils. Fuse no longer blows out but..sometimes there is spark on lower two coils and car tries to start. No spark from top coil, and it gets hot. Have studies schematics. Have checked wires in harness from 8 point connection on manifold, to crank sensor and to cam sensor and 14 terminal coil pack assembly plug, Continuity exists on all simil

... 1993 Buick LeSabre

Severe voltage drop to orange wire on fuel pump relay when ignition is in run. Fuel pump won't engage. Can jump positive battery lead to tan/white wire on fuel pump relay, fuel pump will com on. Battery voltage good. 20amp fuse by battery good. Voltage drop still occurs with both fuel pump relay, MAF relay and MAF power relay unplugged.

Replace the ignition switch (shorting out so to speak) this is the electic part down on the steering colum ... 1987 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 was running, ran out of gas then would not start back without either, then no fuel pressure, changed the fuel punp, now have fuel pressure, but no fire and all guages stopped working, and wipers wont work either, bought a new crank sensor, still no fire, changed coil same, and the fuel pump is.constantly running,.but.has good pressure i checked, could it be the computer, tried to hook it up to a scan tool no response from the truck , what could it be

... Cars & Trucks

Intermittent starting it smells flooded after trying to start it. all the usual suspects have been checked such as the plugs and wires, fuel pump and the pressure is good, coil ignition, ingnition modual. the mechanics have been on it for a few days and are stumped. it's getting fuel and air and spark and will crank fast but seems to be too much fuel ??

If this is a 2.3L 4cyl eng it might be the air solenoid on the back of intake there is a valve usually get EFi spray cleans it up! I think it is a idle solenoid??it has been a while since I worked on one of those ... 1993 Ford Tempo

Wont start tried everything all plugs are sparking. valve clearances are fine. no bent pistons that i could tell without taking the whole head off. fuel pump is fine. timing jumped a tooth so put a new timing kit on so thats all good now but still wont start an coils are all good aswell so any suggestions with be helpful thanks guys...

How low? did you check the crank sensor? ... Cars & Trucks

1995 Jeep grand cherokee v8 4x4. Brain stumper..., no spark from coil, fuel pump not working, both been replaced, had buddy with snap on scanner try to communicate with computer and other modules, no communication. Unplugged sensors one at a time to try to communicate and still no communication. Checked all fuses and relays and all are good.

Does the check engine light and all of the warning lights come on when you turn the key switch on ? Could be a problem with the key switch. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1998 chevy blazer S10 with a 4.3L V6 engine. Over the past 3 winters, when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, my engine sometimes will not turn over. I have checked the battery, alternator, changed the coil and coil wire, made sure the fuel pump was getting good pressure and have not been able to solve the problem. Any suggestions? Please email at [email protected]

PIER_J Im working on this and will get back to you when i figure it out basicly i have the same vehicle and all of the manuals. But the problem dosn't make sence not how you stated it its the problem So check back i'll have the answer soon ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

97 jimmy runs good until motor gets warm , then bogs down and backfires tried new fuel pump , coil convertors checked crank sensor, computor ,mass air flow and fuel filter help

Check your coolant temp sensor resistance cold and warm, the colder the more resistance ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

My 91 geo storm is stalling out. It is very speratic. he wiers are good, I have spark, and the fule pump is kicking on. I just changed the coil and the ignition control mod is working fine. What could be the problem. Also I tried to get a fuel teaster on it but there is no test point..... So im not sure how to hook that up to check the fuel pressure. Any help would be great

Get a multi-metor and check the egnition system. Distributor could be worn(could have saved my self lots $$$). ... 1991 Geo Storm

Unsolved Problem! Please HELP! I have a 1996 GMC Sonoma truck. The PROBLEM is when the truck sits for a long period of time especially over night, it takes about five tries for me to START it. I have REPLACED the fuel pump, regulator and filter. New spark plugs and ignition coil. New rotor and distributive cap. Plug wires and battery are good. Used H-44 to clean the fuel line. Brand new starter. I am a woman who LOVES her truck!!! Please help! No one on my end can seem to figue this out. THANKS!

Pin hole in gas line...sucks air till gas comes back up to engine...my two lines jumped out of plastic retainer on frame...corner of gas tank wore one hole in each line... [one is a return line]... had to loosen tank straps & filler pipe...slide ... 1996 GMC Sonoma

My 93 saturn has this sputer and die problem when you drive on freeway get off stop the rpms drop try to save it and it dies but starts up again i have asked this before but now we know its after freeway use this is what i have done so far all new plugs wires coil packs fuel filter fuel pump cleaned out gas tank i bought a code reader it comes up as fault 45 it says rich exhaust indicated dont know what that means or if its relted to this sputer and die on take off please help

It is most likely the fuel pressure regulator,or a restricted return line,from the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel tank,the fuel is being forced into the intake,cause it can not go back to the tank. ... 1993 Saturn SL

I was driving my car it started jerking then died waited a few minutes then cranked up drove it to my mecanic he changed yhe crank sensor but no spark he went to autozone to get the ignition coil tested it was good i have no spark and no fuel on fuel pump i got a multimeter to trace wires i have power going to the coils but i dont know if i have ground i have power to fuel pump but i dont know if i have good ground some tech said it was my computer so i got a used one from a junk yard but still

... Cars & Trucks

No start benz 190e 1990. no start. 2 months ago i try to stat it did not start i have good bat and starter and it cranks good. i let it for half a day and try iagain it start in one try. use it for a week had no problem not even a hard start. sop using it for 3 weeks now i can start the car again. try it several time i cant get it to start. drain the bat still no start. i charge the bat and try it again no start. fuel check fuel pump its good i check distributor cap has spark. i dont know whats

Have you tried replacing the fuse on the overload protection relay? This is located behind the battery, behind a thin plastic sub panel which houses the relay and other electronics. The relay is about 1 1/2" square X 2" tall, and has a flip cover to ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

02 kia sportage suddenly died on highway at full speed. No sputtering, no surging nothing. Just dead. Turns over and tries to fire but won't. I have replaced, fuel pump, fuel filter, relays (main and fuel pump more than once), I have switched out ecm with a known good one and am stumped. Checked grounds, timing and spark ...all is good. I have gone into the fuse box under the hood and started testing the circuitry. In the fuel pump relay I have power going to the black/red wire(hot all

I had the same thing happen to my 2002 Sportage, I had carbon buildup on the valves. Check compassion. ... 2002 Kia Sportage

2000 Audi A6 2.7t I have No Power to the Fuel Pump Fuse. The Fuse is good and Ohmeter reads Fuel Relay is Good. Was low on Gas. Car Died. Then Started. I filled up, drove home about 10 miles. Turned off. Tried to restart. Won't restart. Fuel pump is good. Any ideas what the problem is with getting power to fuse? Also fuseable link is testing good.

... Audi A6
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