Having problems with your 1992 Toyota Camry V6 ?

Key wont turn

\015 Key will not turn. I bought a new key and it turned for awhile and now it wont turn again\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The ignition lock barrel assembly is worn, a common problem in old Toyotas. You will need to take the lock barrel out and go to an auto locksmith to get the pins replaced and the keys remade. See here p12. Note you don't have to do that alarming stuff on p10-11, but you do have to get the key to work one more time by jiggling it and wiggling, to get it to the ACC position.
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I am borrowing my friends 1993 2wd toyota tacoma, I turned it off at the store, and when I got back in to start it the key wont turn pass the acc position! I have turned the stearing wheel side to side up and down, locked it un locked it, and it makes no difference! I sprayed wd40 in the cylinder but still, the key wont turn..... I have tried for hours to turn the key, and it wont budge..... I got another key made, and also got a spare, and still it wont turn..... I think I am going to need to r

Turn ignition switch to ACC, then push little button on the bottom of the key switch cylinder barrel. Then pull out the key and the lo ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Key doesnt turn! We have used two keys a key that wasnt for the car that worked and a the key that worked. We used the wrong key to start the car then parked and now when we went to start it using wrong and right key, the wrong key wont go all the way in and wont turn in the column and the right key goes all the way in but wont turn. We have moved the steering wheel shitloads and rocked the car back and forth but still nothing thanks guys

Sounds like the key cylinder is bad! the way u described the problem sound like an older car and the original key looks worn or is rounded at the edges ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

Wont start lost keys, got a new key switch put it in and turn the key, all the dash lights come on but it wont crank over, dont click or anythang. You can hear the fuel pump kick on when you turn the key on. The key i had for it had like a chip in it or somthing and the one i got from the part store dont. When i turn the key on the security light blinks on and off.

U will have to go to the dealer to get a key blank copied from ur new key(it will have ur chip for ur car),take ur vin number ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

Fuel pump i got a 92 ford ranger xlt with a 2.3l in it and when you turn the key the fuel pump wont come on. ive replacer my sending unit and changed the fuse in power ditribution box and it worked for about 2 weeks like it was brand new. now the fuel pump wont come back on when you turn the key unless you turn the key off, pop the hood, and tap on the power ditribution box then get back in the truck turn the key and it will start cant figure out what the problem is any ideas???? thanks P.S. ITS

Your fuse might be loose? ... 1992 Ford Ranger

I have a R reg mercedes E320, the other day i got in to find that the ignition key will not turn, it doesnt seem to power up the ignition barrel?? ive stripped the barrel and if you insert the key and take off the key lock manually then turn the key, the ignition will come on, power up the fuel pump but wont crank??, if you do the above and crank the starter motor from the back it will turn over but wont fire up. im stumped

Most likely there you have a security system VAT (Vehicle Anti-Theft) module. If you try to bypass this the car will not start. Have a mechanic or yourself get to the main wiring harness to the ignition in the steering column under the dash, unplug ... 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The key wont turn at the final point to crank the car, last year my tumble broke, i had it fixed but when it broke i couldnt move the key at all, its not doing thay this time, 2 days ago i went to the store and i had this happen but after playing with it and jiggling the key and jusy playing with it it finally turned so i could start it then it was fine but now again it wont turn (the Key) past the run point and playing with it isnt working this time i had to get it towed home. a friend checked

My 2002 pontiac sunfire key ignition got stuck and won't turn off I took the ignition out and the part store told me I had to get it from the dealer ... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

Went to get gas, shut car off and removed keys. filled gas, inserted keys and security light is now blinking and car will not turn over, has full power to all accessories, but wont turn. If I bypass the ignition the starter turns over but car still doesn't start - the fuel pump still has no power. How do I reset the Anti-theft key device? I've cleaned, dried and tried both keys, waited 3 hours now and still wont start! Have cleaned all battery/coil/distributer/starter connections and te

Did you clean in the ing. lock cyl. Maybe pocket lint or something blocking. ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

2006 1.4 Kia Rio. Wont start when you turn the key. There is not a kick or sound out of it. Could sit for up to 8 mins just turning the key, then out of the blue will just start. When turned off even for 2 mins, wont start again, keep turning the key until it eventually starts. What would cause this?

Get the ignition switch and its wirings checked.It can be possible that the ignition switch is internally getting short due to its loose wiring,and when you turn the key ON/off several times this is making the loose wires to connect each other anytim ... 2006 Kia Rio

The ignition on my 2009 Chevy Cobolt has locked up and wont turn. The stearing wheel is also locked. The key comes out but when inserted the key wont turn. How do I get my key to turn.

Normally you need to step down on the brake pedal to release the key and shifter. ... 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

The key is in the ignition and it is locked and will not turn. we have tried everything but the key wont turn on the car. the key does come out of the ignition but wont turn to start the car.

Your steering locks could be in a bind. Is your steering wheel turned to the side? Try moving the steering wheel while trying to turn the key. If this is not the case, then you most likely have either a worn-out key or a worn-out ignition lock cyl ... 2002 Toyota Sequoia

Car wont start. Turn the key and engine tries to turn over but just wont fire. battery is fine. Mustgo: posted:Try 2nd key. If it does not fire up then it's the immobilizer / alarm circuit at work or at fault Me: Have had the car for 3 days. I am a new owner of this car which has had only one previous owner. could this trip a malfunction with the alarm circuit. Me being a different driver that is. tried 2nd key same thing. some time it starts and sometimes it wont at all.

There are many reason why your car wont start.Check Your FusesBattery IssueBad Igntion SwitchBad Starter ConnectionTest your ignition coilJust go through these two link ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

1999 ford windstar lights wont turn off...door open will not turn off radio ...heater fan control works with no key in ignition and wont turn off ...cant turn on interior lights with switch.but they work manually ...no theft light or dash lights (they flickered before this problem started) and a no start issue..checked all fuses and relays..starter turns over when jumpered ..??? the gem module was tested (ok)proper key is working also the horn is not working...

... 1999 Ford Windstar

Can wont turn on at all.. wont turn over even.. all lights are on the dash ect but when turn key nothung happens... little light with key keeps flashing on dash... yeah 2004 mazda 6

Ckeck the starter ... Mazda Cars & Trucks

My 96 VW jettas key wont engage the starter key will turn and accessories will come on but wont start. previous solution was to put upward pressure on on key as I turned it to start the car. is this key cylinder or ignition swich problem?

... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1998 grand prix it wont turn over too start when I turn the key switch.But will start when turning over at the cylinod with a screwdriver .Have checked the fuses and the relay's but it still wont start.When turning the key everything light's up. But it does start at the cylonoid.

Bad soliniod ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

On my truck i turn the key and i hear a click but it wont turn over. It still takes power from the battery and i replaced the starter but it wont turn over when i turn the key. i can compression start it but the starter is not getting enough power. is it a wiring problem or something else??? (the battery is about a year old and is still in fair condition)

Replace starter ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

I have a 02 neon i lost the key and got a blank key to unlock the ignition i started the car three times now the starter wont even turn over i know i will have to get a chiped key made but y wont the

If you start a Dodge Neon three times with an unchipped key the car will lock down, you have to contact a Dodge dealer to have them "unlock" the car. I found this out when I first bought mine, luckily I didn't start it three times with the blank key ... 2002 Dodge Neon

No start Help please! I have a 2002 olds mini van silhouette taht wont turn over has new battery and starter computer wont ground starter relay no codes new passkey 111 module and key lock and key still wont turn over

I have the same issue with my 2002 Silhouette mini van! As soon as the weather got warmer, issues starting- did you get any answers??? ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Park the truck got back in turned the key the truck wont turn over I changed the battery,starter, solenoide, neutral safety switch, and it still wont turn over, I jump started it from the soleniod with the key on and the start starts fine

Ericrbarnes is right the only thing you didnt cover was the battery cables...alot of money spent but hopefully you saved yourself a future headache by gettin em early ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

My 2003 honda accord wont start even if i turn the key all the way, it worked fine yesterday, people tell me its locked from somewhere but i cant find the problem. i put the key in the ignition turn the key to start the car but it wont; the car doesnt make a noise all it does is a ding ding noise which i suppose is the noise it makes when you open the car. it like if its dead, the lights tuen on fine, also the brakes are really hard when u try and press on it. please help asap

... 2003 Honda Accord

Car wont start lights dim when i turn the key makes normal noise wen key is turned but wont turn on

Battery ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Help mplease ok it is a 2500hd truck chev and my driver shut it off in drive and then put it into park then when he went to start it it wont let you turn the key at all. the stearing wheel wont lock when you turn it so that tells me the transission is in drive but the shifter is in park and he said he cant move it. he cant turn the key back or forward

Ignition lock cylinder is bad. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD

Car wont even turn over i turn key on and all lights come on and i try to start by jumping starter but only turns on for a second then shus right off again my key is broken but i was starting it with a scewdriver and it was working fine why all of a sudden it wont work now i missed a very inportant intervievw today because of all this please please help me i also need to take my family shoping for food please help

Take off the alternator and have it checked at a parts store.When the alternator stops working,your car runs off battery power,which it will quickly drain.Your cars starts from the battery and then continues to run off of the alternator,charging the ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

The key in my mercedes wont turn consistantly . When I try to start the car, the electronic key wont turn without several attempts. Eventually it does turn and the car starts right up.

IGNITION LOCK CYLINDER IS BAD ... 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

It wont turn on exept if i put the computer plug in its place under the steering weel only the plug without the computer and after i do it the car works normally if i dont have the plug on and i turn the key to turn the car on the starter works but the car wont run and if i remove the key the screen the rpm and mph screen the P R N D 2 1 starts to twinkil no one is knowing my problem i hope u can help thank you so much

Hello stevenghoul9: My name is Roger and I will help. You say the engine will not start unless you plug in the computer. The actual ALDL plug for the computer has 16 openings in it. I suspect the plug you are talking about h ... 2004 Toyota RAV4
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