Having problems with your 1992 Toyota Camry V6 ?

I have a 1992 Toyota Camry. New radiator, but it overheated one day and I was told that I had "cracked my heads". I stopped driving it for a few days and one day drove it around for about five miles, and not once did it overheat. There is no "white smoke" from the tailpipe, no leakage. However, I've noticed that the cooling fan is turning really slow. I know that a mechanic should know the difference between a cracked head and a cooling fan problem, but I'm desperate. Could it possibly be

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Answers :

More likely to be a thermostat/fan temp sensor or fan problem.(dont you just love armchair mechanics,any decent tech would start with the cheapest/obvious solution and work up).
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I have a 1992 Toyota Camry. New radiator, but it overheated one day and I was told that I had "cracked my heads". I stopped driving it for a few days and one day drove it around for about five miles, and not once did it overheat. There is no "white smoke" from the tailpipe, no leakage. However, I've noticed that the cooling fan is turning really slow. I know that a mechanic should know the difference between a cracked head and a cooling fan problem, but I'm desperate. Could it possibly be

More likely to be a thermostat/fan temp sensor or fan problem.(dont you just love armchair mechanics,any decent tech would start with the cheapest/obvious solution and work up). ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Hello, I have a 2004 dodge stratus coupe. This car ahs never overheated but is losing antifreeze somewhere. I have a small overflow tank that I fill every 3 days just alittle, but if my car sits for a couple days it seems empty, although there is fluid in the radiator. i have noticed that the cooling fans do not kick on when the car reaches the temperature or even at idle? I know the fans work because I turned them on low and they roar. Im just confused? Again I am not overheating and my t

Check under the car after it has sat for leaks if none found check you engine oil see if its milkey in colour also do you smell antfreeze as you drive? you might want to get it pressue tested for leaks ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Overheating ok 2002 pt cruiser replaced radiator cap thermostat temp sensor and the cooling fan and a brand new radiator. will run fine a few days then starts overheating again . no loss of anti freeze none i oil no oil in anti freeze. called 2 dealerships 2 different answers. one says water pump one says might not be water pump they do not know and cant give e a solution any one please help

Water pump ,its a plastic impeller and its loose on the shaft ,,,,,had one a while ago exactly the same but the first time i came across this on a saab i done the same as you ,changed everything ,felt a right you know what ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Cooling fan on a 91 ford escort has a 3 wire molded plug. i know one wire is ignition 12 volts from the relay and one wire is system ground. what is the other for? to further explain, i salvaged this vehicle. to fix it i got a cooling fan from a later model which has a different molded plug. i am planning to eliminate the plugs and hard wire the fan. just need to know which wire is which, or how to find out being that i don't want to tear the car apart tracing wires.

If your car has the 1.9 motor and A/C then....the Light Green?Yellow wire is from the high speed fan relay, the Yellow wire is from the low speed fan relay and the Black wire is the ground. ... 1991 Ford Escort

In our 1995 Cadillac Deville we can't get the fans to come on to cool the radiator. There are four relay switches and we don't know if we have to replace all of them or is there just one and where is the one that cools the radiator. We have already replaced fuses and still radiator overheating. Now need to replace the module pcm or fan relay - but don't know which one or if all four have to be replaced.

The most common overheating problem with the Northstar engine is a blocked purge line. It's job is to purge air out of the cooling system.There is a small diameter hose coming from near the top of the coolant tank,this is the purge line.W ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

2006 Nissan Sentra My problem started all of the sudden one day in the winter and now that its summer I cannot put it off. My heat, A/C, and defrost does not blow out of the vents. The fan works b/c I can hear it and when I change the settings I can hear it change. However no air comes out. I know the air is going somewhere (im thinking that I am heating and cooling the outside). My first thought is that there is something wrong in the duct work. How can I check this?

It's not the duct work . there is a problem with your vaccum lines running to the motor. what's happing is the vaccum line is not getting enough suction to make the flap change that's why you hear it but don't feel it. check the vaccum lines for the ... 2006 Nissan Sentra

Airconditioning system is temperamental. works perfect one day and then suddenly, no cooling at all, and even the fan doesnt work when this happens. Only warm air form the engine could be felt fom the vents. No real warning sign, but noticed that it only stops after switching off ignition or sometime after reversing the car! could this be fuse problem? if yes do you have the fuse diagram for this 1989 merc 420SEL model. Car is in great shape otherwise.

Hi, if i understand your posted question, it means the car a/c works intermittently meaning A/C system blows cold air for awhile then another time warm air.\015\012\015\012\015\012If that be the case, then an A/ ... Mercedes-Benz 420-Series

DIC displays "cooling fan fault". I know it could be the fan, but also i know it coudl be the wiring on the fan, and or the fuse that works it may be out...there fore im looking for the driagram to show which fuse is the correct one which needs to be replaced for the cooling fan.

I would use a 'fuse tester' that will light up if the ignition is on and the fuse is bad, while installed in the fuse block.\015\012\015\012Otherwise, you can individually pull out each fuse and look at each one physically to see if there ... 1989 Cadillac Seville

Water temperature is warmer than usual and cooling fan is very loud. Started car this morning and turned on the a/c. One cooling fan came on and sounded like it was about to take flight. Opened hood and noticed other fan was not running. Temperature was normal at the time. Am wondering if other fan could be bad or a bad sensor? Also yesterday, left car running in park for about 15 minutes. Temperature was past half on the gauge. Never seen it this high. Fan was running very loudly. Car cooled do

Unplug the not working fan and jumper 12 volts to it. if it works then wiring or sensor is bad ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Passenger side cooling fan not engaging. I live in phoenix and its 110 out and the ac was not cooling the car very well ..upon opening the hood with the car in idle and the ac on max I noticed that the fan was not turning on the passenger side yet the other fan on the drivers side was functioning. Are there separate thermal switches for each fan? I will test the fan once the engine cools down.. any sage advice oh wise ones?

The moter the relay maby try cooling fan control switch maby thiers two not just one for your car ... 2003 Honda Element

Cooling Fans I changed the sensor thinking that it would make my cooling fans work I also checked the relay and my cooling fans still does not work when my Aztek idles for just a few minutes the temp will start rising. I went to AutoZone to get a repair manual, but they do not carry them and can not get one does anyone know where I can find an online repair manual so I can see the wiring diagram or does anyone else have this problem?

Hello dc8jimmy...did you check the voltage to the fans? The Aztek is a known overheater...Run a diagnostic scan to see if you have a cooling fan relay circuit open short. Will be easier to correct the problem when you know where to look. I think Hay ... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

My 97 Grand Prix is having radiator cooling fan problems. I know that one fan is to come on when it reaches a certain temperature and the other for when the a/c is turned on. I disconnected the fans and jumped them to the battery and both fans work. So I know it is not a fan problem or fuses. My question is, are the three relays under the hood prone to breaking or how do I go about figuring out what the problem is?

Could be temp senders,,,hook up scanner & watch temp out puts to see if they are working ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Bought 2001 Lumina.. head gasket was leaking. fixed that n noticed cooling fan motors were not running. Replace all 3 relays n ect n fans started working. Drove it two days n it started runnin hot pulled over n fans had quit again. Pulled out ect and cooled motor off.. making the fans run. Put it back n and they ran for a few minutes went home problem solved i thought... now they are not working again car running hot!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a similar problem. Is your temperature gauge pegged to the right as very hot? Or reads always cold, even when hot. If it is a 3100 motor their is a coolant temperature gauge sending unit under the air breather intake that is right next to wher ... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a '97 Dodge Intrepid with an overheating problem. I had to change the water pump and intake manifold gasket because it was losing water, that seems to be ok. Now I have only one cooling fan working with the A/C on. The primary fan does not come on at all. I jumped the motor and know that the motor works, I also replaced both cooling fan relays. but still cannot get the primary fan to come on.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012have you replaced the coolant temp. sensor?? If so, check the wiring to it. \015\012\015\012Also, I have an Intrepid 99 myself, the cooling fan comes on when the gauge gets to almost half way, not before. ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1997 oldsmobile eighty-eight and the fan one day over the summer 2010 went off and on with the blower switched on. It caught my attention but kept my fingers crossed. Within a few days the fan stopped working all together. The blower is working powered directly from the battery and I have changed out the blower resistor. As a side note I notice after the blower stopped working that the vertical plastic dashboard covering the fan speed switch, immediately circumferentially adjacent the s

It does sound like a bad switch --- possibly arcing and overheating -- or it could be dirty / corroded contacts on the switch or in the wiring harness connector.\015\012\015\012The switch should come out fairly easily after getting access ... Oldsmobile 88

The other day while waiting in the drive through i heard a big gush of air and then the compressor came on the the the check ride sytem light came on. As i drove off i noticed that my ride has become very bumpy. I pulled over and noticed that the rear end had lowered about six inches off the ground the front end is at the proper height. I know it has something to do with the air suspension just no sure what part. Do each wheel have it own solenoid or is there just one for the front and one f

You have two air lines to the front and 4 height sensors one for every wheel. check to see if all the airlines are seated in the pump under the hood ... 2006 Lincoln Town Car

Suzuki forenza 2004. it started well, after few minutes the interior rigth signal ligth turns on the two cooling fans turns on ald the ac,compressor cluch engaged, even if i do not have the ac. on.sometimes the int.rigth signal go off, but if i turn the rigth signal manualy it doest the same thing, turns cooling fans on and engage the ac.compressor cluch...any one know where this come fron?

Hello and welcome to FixYa!\015\012You may just have system failure and I strongly suggest that you remove the positive battery connector and let it sit for at least 5mins. before reconnecting it. This will reset the electrical system and ... Suzuki Forenza

I need to see the steps on how to check a cooling fan relay or possibly replace one on my 2006 lincoln zephyr. My cooling fan keeps running when the car is shut off and so it ends up killing my battery.

... Lincoln Zephyr

I have a 96 ford thunderbird. 4.6 engine. My cooling fan originally stopped working and I know one of my fuses are blown but evrytime I go to put another one in, it blows instantly. I currently have the fan wired to the battery so that it come on but my car still runs hot from time to time and the coolant or water just boils out. What is the problem?

The temperature sensor itself is u/s and the thermostat needs to be changed also..........Hope this helps. ... Ford Thunderbird

Cracked hose My daughter has a 1995 volkswagen jetta gl, I looked to day and she has a hose that is cracked from the engine down to the bottom, I think it is something with the over glow for oil....I took it off, there is a clamp at the top and none at the bottom when i go to the auto store should I just take the hose and show them? I know that I will be replacing the clamp at the top, but should I put one at the bottom too...not one there...

Hey mate, when you go to the store take down all the numbers you can find model# serial# and year and date of manafacture as it all helps get the rite hose you will find these on your compliance plate and rego label (in australia) should be same in t ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

I need to know which fuse runs the cooling fan on the engine of a '96 Pontiac Bonneville SSE. I would love a diagram of the fuse box. I was adding an air compressor for the AC and when I finished the cooling fan had stopped working. I've tried, but am not able to tell which fuses are active and which ones aren't. Would love some advice.

Hi there are relays for the fans, one for low and one for high cool. They are right below the fuses under the hood infront of the passenger. ... 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE CA Value

My ac I have a 96 sentra 1.6 i notice that the ac dont stay blowing cold air i think when the fans are off it's stop blow cold air, i also dont know if both fans on that car should be working at the same time because this one are i thugh it should work one at a time can you help me

The second fan shuold work on and of not all the time and you probably need some more ac frion in your system. ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

Our 2002 Ford Explorer constantly beeps because the Door Ajar light is on and the vehicle thinks that a door is open. We've closed every door well and I've put WD40 in all the door latches including the one for the little rear hatch window. One possible reason this began is that someone bumped our explorer in the rear in a parking lot and we believe that caused a crack in the rear panel. From reading other Ford problems, that was probably going to crack on its own anyway. All I want to know

The switch will be in the door jam on the body and probably has a black rubber boot covering it. The switch may just need replacing. Once removed you will see the two wires attached to it. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Okay, a while back my stock stereo was stolen from my car, i went and bought a new one and as i went to try to install it i noticed some wires that look like they had been cut i didnt know how to hot wire them so i put it off for a while, well one day i was looking aat the color pattern on the cords on the back speakers and notice this black plug in where the stereo was had the same colors well i just unplugged it and plugged it into my harness kit i got with the stereo and boom 1. what were tho

Was the black plg the antennae? As far as the wires..... power cord on aftermarket radios are almost ALWAYS red, the ground wire is ALWAYS black. Once those are connected, then you can trial and error the other wires to see which wires go to which sp ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Engine fan for 1996 chevy cavalier wont run I just discovered i have the same problem but with my 1996 chevy lumina, 3.1 V6, my mechanic that had just replaced my cracked head and gaskets, noticed that the electric fans werent coming on when the engine got warm, we located the box with the fuses and relays he tested the fans for operation by removing the relays then taking a piece of wire, putting one end to the hot lead, then the other end to car ground which they both came on but since it was

Ok there is a sensor the one control the fans but you can find a load information just go to autozone.com and aalso you can find the location of the sensor too ... 1996 Chevrolet Lumina Mini
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