Having problems with your 1992 Toyota 4Runner ?

92 4runner standard transmission oil change

\015 Recently purchased,i want to do it myself never had a standard before.What type of oil? How to drain? how to fill? How much?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Purchase a reasonably priced manual from your parts retailer it will make your life a lot easier with maintenance and small repairs of your car and remember if your still not sure about it check with an helpfull mechanic. if your vehicle has the factory books they will list how much oil and what type you need to use
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92 4runner standard transmission oil change

Purchase a reasonably priced manual from your parts retailer it will make your life a lot easier with maintenance and small repairs of your car and remember if your still not sure about it check with an helpfull mechanic. if your vehicle has the fact ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Hello, i have a 1994 toyota 4runner 4x2 automatic transmission problem...i put in D and it goes into first gear but does not shift into any of the other gears..reverse is fine...i changed oil nd filter but no change...does anyone have any idea what could be going on...and does any one have anykind of diagram for this transmission...what model tramsmission does this 4runner have?

... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1990 GMC Sierra 2500, 350 2-barrel with a standard transmission. recently, the transmission is slow to engage, after changing gears and releasing the clutch In all gears, the motor winds before gears engage. Is this a clutch or transimission problem? I did find a dime-sized hole in my transmission casing, which I repaired with JB weld and it seems to be holding. I fille with 80 wight gear oil, but no change in the problem.

You obviously need clutch service,but you knew that ... GMC Sierra 2500


The tourqe converter solinoid when bad..it wasnt allowing the transmission to go into lock-up mode...the slipping u felt caused the tranmission clutches to wear prematurely.... ... 2005 Kia Rio

Hello there, my name is Mike. Our 04 Sedona has 98000 mi and the transmission started to slip. The manual sugests transmission oil change at 105000 mi. When I do the oil change should I add just the transmission oil or also include like slick 50 or another transmission additive? Thanks

Hi mike\015\012this is best just to add the normal transmission fluid, i am not putting slick 50 down i use it myself in engines, but although it has a additive for the transmission it will be like adding 2 different oils in the transmis ... 2004 Kia Sedona

Hi, I have a 1988 Dodge Dakota, 2 WD, 6 cylinder with a 4 speed plus overdrive manual transmission. Here is my problem/question. I was told when I got my oil changed this week that there is water in my transmission oil. How could it get in there? How do I change the transmission oil? What weight oil do I replace with and do I need to do anything else? Thanks, Bruce

Alright Bruce. The transmission has a plug on the side. Its near the top and that will be your fill plug. Your drain plug will be on the bottom of the transmission. The plugs are bolts I believe. I know the bottom drain plug is a bolt. If you have wa ... 1988 Dodge Dakota

How to change oil in standard transmission in dodge ram 350 year 2004 and where it is located

There should be a pipe plug on the bottom side of the\015\012transmission, to drain it. And another plug 1/2 way up\015\012the side to fill it.Both plugs should have either a square male head or square female head.\015\012I hope I w ... 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

I have a 1993 ford explorer 2wd. It has about 275,000 miles on it. For some reason my transmission fluid is leaking into the engine oil. When I noticed that my transmission was slipping, I put a qrt. of tranny fluid in and checked my engine oil and noticed it was too high. I changed the oil but a week later tranny slipping again; its a qrt. low, no leaks on the ground so i check engine oil and its a qrt over. changed oil again and the cycle continues. Went to Ford dealer they told me its im

If you have a vacuum modulator on the trans,it could have a bad diaphram and **** trans fluid into the engine.\015\012Now I do not know what model or unit trans you have. No vacuum mod,then the dealer is correct.\015\012You can look just ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

'93 Hyundai Lantra, automatic transmission has trouble changing up from 1st to 2nd, it tends to rev on a bit, clunks once or twice before changing to 2nd, other gears seem to be ok. Oil levels are ok and have recently replaced the transmission oil (yes the correct oil was used).

\\'93 Hyundai Lantra, automatic transmission has trouble changing up from 1st to 2nd, it tends to rev on a bit, clunks once or twice before changing to 2nd, other gears seem to be ok. Oil levels are ok and have recently replaced the transmission oil ... 1993 Hyundai Elantra

30K Service Do I need to go to the dealer for a recommended 30K service package on my 2006 Sonata or can I take it to any repair shop? This service includes oil change, transmission service, coolant flush, fuel injection cleaner and air filter for about $360. I've heard that the transmission fluid needs to be by Hyundai. I was just planning on getting the oil change done and possibly the transmission service and getting the other stuff done elsewhere.

I heard about the 100k miles warranty on hyndai vehicles .any car its good until you abuse it . just take care of it the right way it should last you long time. i am sorry but i know some warranties require the vehicle to have repair history .... s ... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

Transmission problems i recently. bought a 1990 honda civic hatch back.the first day i noticed it leaked transmission oil and this made the automatic transmission difficult to change from lower to higher acceleration.i took it to the garage and they checked and fixed the worn out screw that allowed the oil to leak and also added the oil until it was ok. the car behaved fine almost immediately but the next day it continued the difficult transmission despite the fact that the oil did not leak.Do i

They should have suggested changing tranny screen and filter if tranny isnt maintained every 20,000to 30,000 you end up with gray like particles from normal wear wich get caught in the screen and valve body wich leads to erractic shifting valve body ... 1990 Honda Civic

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that is making a rattling/ticking noise under the hood and I cannot figure out what it is! We did an oil change and added Rislone, it quieted it some but not completely so we did another oil change using synthetic blend oil and added Sea Foam and Lucas Oil Stabilizer and no change. It makes the noise upon starting it but stops after you hit second gear. Any ideas what this could be? It's not getting louder, not smoking, not burning oil or transmission fl

How many miles on it,sounds like lifter noise which is normal for high mileage jeeps,but if you have over 140k it is not a good idea to run synthetic oils as they are thinner than conv oil and it might start to consume oil. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil change I was wondering how often do I have to do an oil change when using full synthetic oil on my volvo s60? My car has 70k miles. Also when is it recommended to change the transmission oil?? Anyone knows whats included in the 60,000 miles service? thanks a lot J.

Well its always recommended every 3000 miles to change the oil if you are using mobil1 full synthetic oil then every 5000 miles transmission i recommend every 45000 miles 60000 mile should be radiator fluid,power steering,fuel filter if trans hasnt b ... 2002 Volvo S60

1997 ford f150 4r70w transmission is slow to go in reverse but seems ok in forward gears changed filter and oil but only put 11 quarts of oil and it checks overfull as it did before i changed oil i did drain tourque converter before changing oil

... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

I got x type 2002 and i got problem with auto transmission. that show on dash boad gear box faultand take down to tranmission spacilist and he offer to change oil firt that we changed it by him tis oil is jaguar oil. after changed the oil. then i drive the car to go home, after 10 k car stoped and do not take a gear for drive.i towed the car to same person he start the car and told me converter look do not work,if you can help send email [email protected]

How do i adjust handbrake on my x type jag 2001 ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

Hello i have a Mitsubishi CS of 2003 there was water in the transmission oil, i drained the oil for 3 days is what i'm forced to change the filter inside the transmission? Or if there is another way to clean the filter without changing it ? Thank you.

Nope you cannot actually clean without surgery, but the real question is how did water get in the trans? Radiator leak is one possibility, but find it and resolve. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

Hi, I have a problem, my friend is doing a oil change onmy 2006 eddie bouer explorer he just call me to ask me if I know where the transmission fluid goes, I have no idea he found the oil change cap but, where or how he will be ale to pour the transmission fluid.?

There is no oil fill tube. The correct procedure is to fill the pan through the drain plug. Remove the small inner plug, with the vehicle running fill the pan until ther is a small steady stream coming out of the drain plug. ... 2006 Ford Explorer

1997 Dodge Caravan: Took it into the mechanic because it made a squealing noise. They changed 3 belts and did an oil change. I stopped completely when I was almost home. Put foot on gas and nothing. I turned it off for a few minutes and coasted home. Then found a transmission fluid leak coming from by drivers side wheel. Mechanic now says I need a new transmission? Could they have overfilled the oil and the pressure made the seals break or are they trying to rip me off?

I've had 2 tyranny do that the gears inside the little pan work loose and it wears a hole through the tranny its like a looker dowel pin ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Transmission After changing water pump, the transmission seem like slipping check engine light turned on and had code P075, it would stall some times 1-2 gear and sometimes at 2-3 gear. did a transmission fluid change and it started to run better it only stalls in 1-2 gear and now i have the DTC P0755 which is selenoid B stuck, but i tested and it was good, and I dont think there is a mechanical problem since it runs better than before, maybe it need another oil change, please help me needs to p

Go to aamco transmissions web site, they have a coupon for a free transmission check, the coupon expires on MAR 9th so you will have to get it in soon. Good luckCheck you transmission fluid, it should be bright red. ... 1997 Ford Escort

Transmission Fluid.. I have a 03 Oldsmobile Alero with a V6 engine i just made a trasmission oil change but im not sure how much oil those this transmission needs. I put 2 gallons but im still not sure if that is correct. How much oil those this transmission need?

The 03 alero doesnt have a dipstick. i was told that it takes about 7quarts of transmission fluid ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

My front right tire was unbalanced so the car was shaking when i was driving for a while. when i changed my tires the transmission oil leaked out of the right axle. where the axle and the transmission come together.so now i bought a new bearings but i dont know how to change it.can i change it without opening the transmission?

Actually i dont think you are going to need a new bearing but a new seal unless they are the same for your car. As i mean that the bearing and seal are one unit. And no you will not need to open the transmission to pull the seals out. They are in t ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

I just did a few repairs all at once. I replaced the oil pan gasket, oil filter and oil. I replaced the transmission fluid filter, transmission pan gasket and transmission fluid. I put in new spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor and rotor cap. I flushed the cooling system and changed the heater hoses, the upper & lower radiator hoses, the temperature sensor and the thermostat. I also replaced the valve cover gasket. When the engine is started now. There is a loud tapping noise that seems

The tappets are usually oiled via hydraulic lifters that pump oil up the push rods. I'm assuming you have the gas engine V-6 or V-8. When you changed the valve cover gasket(s), did you do anything else under the valve covers? It seems unlikely that ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My daughter's boyfriend went to change the oil, accidently drained the transmission fluid instead, then filled it with oil and drove it about 5 miles when it started acting up. Now drained the oil and put new oil in, added transmission fluid in the oil dipstick (which is where all the car repair shops supposedly told her and her boyfriend where to put it) and it still doesn't run. What do we do now?

You have no choice but to get this vehicle to a qualified mechanic who can flush both the transmission and the engine block. Begin by calling the local transmission shops in the area. Explain what has happened and you may find an understanding fath ... Subaru Legacy

I have a 1996 Sebring convertible it ran just fine then I took it to get serviced include ding the transmission oil getting changed then a few days later my transmission did not want to shift. It still runs smooth it doesn?t make any weird noise and the transmission oil level is fine. The automatic transmission just dose not wants to shift. I took it back to where I got it serviced they said the work on transmission. I pretty sure it is a vacuum line issue. Can any one help?

If they sed the wrong flid it may have damaged trans chrysler sed type 7176 in this trans there are no vacuum lines on this trans ... Chrysler Sebring

Transmission problem transmission leaks but not from transmission.. its leaking at the vaccum hose on top of the engine (i believe).. there is significant "fluid" around the hoses but i'm unable to distingush the fluid. my transmission fluid is gone in a month. HOWEVER i changed my oil and put the exact amout of quarts in as perscribed by ford and a month later my oil level is WAY above where it was. Is it possible that is where my transmission fluid is going due to a vaccum hose? another thing

The vacuum modulator that the vacuum hose connectes to at the transmission has a ruptured rubber diaphram, replace the vacuum modulator and the vacuum hose. ... 1992 Ford Explorer
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