Having problems with your 1992 Toyota 4Runner ?

Grind i have a92 toyota 4runner today it started makin a grind seems to be comin from the right front however i noticed the noise to stop when in 4wd but when taken out does it again any help please kind of sounds as if a can was put in a bike tire to make that noise

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Answers :

You have to service de 4wd lock system
\015\012or replace the cap your self should be easy with basis tools because the lock doesnt desengage weel no more
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Grind i have a92 toyota 4runner today it started makin a grind seems to be comin from the right front however i noticed the noise to stop when in 4wd but when taken out does it again any help please kind of sounds as if a can was put in a bike tire to make that noise

You have to service de 4wd lock system\015\012or replace the cap your self should be easy with basis tools because the lock doesnt desengage weel no more ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2003 Ford FocusZx3 2.3L hatchback and it is making a grinding noise coming from the passager side and the grinding noise only happens when I am acclerating or going up a hill or at low speeds below 55mph it does not make that noise when it is at an idle. Please help

Bad wheel bearing ... 2003 Ford Focus

Starting noise I own a 2000 Audi A4 1.8T with about 122,000 Miles. the problem i am having is that when ever i start my engine cold, my engine makes a very loud, high pitched grinding sound. Its hard to explain. After a few (2-4) minutes it will rev back down and be just fine. just recently, My service light came on and now my check engine light is on. The Loud grinding noise is getting louder and grinding more. Please help. i don't want my engine to blow...

Http://www.2carpros.com/first_things/clicking_sound_while_driving.htm\015\012\015\012i dont really know what is your probl ... 2000 Audi A4

Metal grinding while driving, hard to shift into gears, makes grinding noises while trying to shift gears, 5th gear is out completely now, it was all working fine, it seems to run 70 mph no problem but the grinding noises and losing gears, i can not drive it any longer untill fixed. PLEASE HELP!!!

One or more bad gear synchronizers in transmission ... 1996 Honda Accord

Help please! When the car is taken from park to drive as normal-it's ok. When the car is reved up while in park, then taken to drive, it stalls out. Loud sound from engine like air whisping/sucking. Maybe a vaccum leak, but I dont think so. Brand new fuel filter didn't help. Smells like it's running rich. When it's running it runs great; however every time the car slows down it stalls and dies. Loud noise from rear end that may or may not have anything to do with the other problem i just describ

Very possible a vacuum leak somewhere. ... 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


Did you change any tires? if the circumference of the tires are more than 1 inch difference from each this will cause the 4wd to try to engage because it sees a difference in wheel speed ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

97 blazer makes a grinding noise, I put it in 4 wheel and it stops making the grinding noise, I change the wheel bearing, and the u joints. Please help.

Mine did the samething you have check if there is any transmission fluid in your transfer case. because i didn't and i put more in and the grinding went away. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Wen put in reverse and step on gas it makes a loud grinding noise. the more i step on the gas the grinding noise gets louder.do you know why this is happening and can you please help me get this repaired?

First thing to do is check the transmission fluid or gear oil (if manual transmission) and make sure it is full. Next thing to do is check/adjust/ or replace the clutch cable (if your VW has the manual transmission) If it is still making noise then ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

2001 Stratus grinding noise... 2.7 dohc from idle to around 1500 rpm has a bad grinding noise...have no idea where it is coming from if its engine or trans related. if anyone else is having the same issue please let me know...any help would be appreciated

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Cv axle i replaced my cv axle on the drivers side of my 1992 toyota corolla becuz it was making a grinding noise now it still makes the same grinding noise please help!!!

Probably the wheel bering. If your going down the road and turn to the passenger side and it gets worse, its the drivers side bering and visa versa. ... 1992 Toyota Corolla

My 2002 ford expadition is still making the grinding whoop whoop noise, I took it to a machanic and they said it was the roter or brakes or ball joints, so I got all replaced on both sides and it is still making that noise. The noise is coming from the left front wheel on the driver side. Any help please !

If the noise only happens when you are moving, and it changes with the speed of the truck, its something that is connected to the wheels.Road speed does not affect suspension noises like ball joints and spindles.So it would be something like ... 2002 Ford Expedition

I have just purchased a 2004xt Forester when i first start ( cold start ) it will make a noise like a grinding / gear drive noise for a couple of mins..the noise does fade as the car warms , but is still there during normal operation ..is this normal ? which i dont believe it would be , the car has 54000km and has a full service history , please help or steer me in the right direction

... 2004 Subaru Forester

Honda accord 1993, I have a problem when I get up to normal speed 50mph and let off of the gas I have a grinding noise. If I slow down by not letting off the gas by holding the brake on,or put it in neutral ,I don't get the noise. Or if I don't get over 35 mph it doesn't make that noise!! Please help!!

I'll bet it maks the same noise backing up too the motormounts are loose enough to allow the fan belt drive to run into something. with the hood open and someone driveing the car have them put the car in gear and watch the motor move around ( it sho ... 1993 Honda Accord

What is the grinding noise on my 2003 Grand am front wheels, help please?

Sounds like your brake pads need to be replaced . pads run about $30 ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Spring/ strut Last night when I put my car into gear the minute I stepped on the gas I heard a grinding noise, I tried to put the car into drive to see if it made the same noise, it did then it popped my tire. When I tried to change the tie I could see that part of the spring was loose and I could turn and move up and down as I please then I noticed there was a metal rod in my tire and I am not sure waht this is can anyone help??

I encountered the same problem with a broken strut. I purchased a preloaded strut assembly and a tire. The installation was an easy one. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

'98 ford explorer a very loud noise when I drive at any speed mostly on the front end this noise is like grinding metal the driveshat has been replace, please help me any idea would be appreciated

It could be your wheel bearing. if it sounds like a plain at take off thats it. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Hi there my ford bantam 1.3 makes a grinding sound but only sometimes I have just replaced the water pump which was completely shot but yet the noise is still there. I replaced the cam cause the noise sounds like it is coming from the top of the motor and timing chain also seems fine what else can I check. Please help and advise me

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Aqxxl129pm fault My washing machine makes a terrible grinding noise when rincing and spinning. Sounds as though it is coming from the very back of the drum its self. I have taken off outer cover but cannot see anything catching with outer shell. My washing machine does work although noise very loud. Any idaes please as to what problem could be and how I can fix.

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1995 yukon grinding noise when i accelerate in 2wheel drive if its in 4 wd no noise, seems to be coming from transfer case 120000 miles when i let up on accel. its ok idrive for awhile and its fine please help thanks

Whats happening is the side gears in your transfer case are worn possible even broken ...whinieing gears are worn grinding gears are when some of the teeth are broken ... Chevrolet 1500

Wilst driving last night there was a grinding noise and then there is a metal rattling noise in the near side wheel area, everytime the wheel went round there was a knocking as well as the metallic grating sound, 52 freelander?? please help??

Bad brakes or bad front axle joint (cv joint) ... Land Rover Cars & Trucks

Grinding gearbox iv got a 1995 ford probe 2.5 v6 manual. a few days ago i started to notice a grinding and whining noise coming from the gearbox when in 1st, 2nd and reverse. i have no problem selecting a gear and the clutch feels fine, but when pulling away there is also a lack of power or a restriction of some sort which also makes the exhaust sound weird. can anyone help or suggest anything please?

Got to AAMCO for a free inspection.....best part....IT'S FREE!!!!! They will tell you what is wrong and will NOT perform maintenance without your consent. ... 1995 Ford Probe

2003 rav 4 2 ltr petrol changed front discs and pads now have lots of high pitch noise have taken apart and used lots of copper slip and its still happening talked to local toyota garage who said i mave have put pads in wrong pads have letter c or d on they cant tell me whats inner or outer hase anyone got a diagram so i can tell that ive got it right ps brakes work fine its just that noise at low speed to total stop help please stuart

Someones trying to pull your chain.....the pads fit both sides of the disc(rotor)BUT if the discs were scored then the noise is the pads trying to bed into the scores/ridges....if you can feel a ridge of more than 1mm on the outer edge then you shoul ... 2003 Toyota RAV4

Hi i have a 98 honda accord 4cyl 4wheel disc brakes.2 days ago i notice a rubbing & grinding noise in my right rear wheel when i applied my brakes at slow speed in and out,when i remove my foot from the brakes it goes away. i went and change the rotor today and sand the pads down alittle test drive exactly same noise there( pads are new and there is nothing touching that is visable) wheel does not shake. am think that its the bearing . help please. thanks

... 2003 Honda Accord

Please help! Ford fiesta courier van mk4 broke down after tapping noise.

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My 1988 Ford Crown Victoria started making a kind of grinding noise several days ago. It only happens while I'm driving and not while the car is in park or when I apply the brakes. I know it's not the engine, I've asked three of my friends and they think it's worn out brakes. Please help!

Yes it is worn out brakes ... 1988 Ford Crown Victoria
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