Having problems with your 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass ?

Fuel pumps inside gas tank

\015 How do I remove my fuel pump and replace it with a new one?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Im the trunk remove the carpet there is a trap there unscrew-it and you will get the space you need to replace your pump ...easy!!
There are two straps holding tank up remove one side only then pull out tank replace pump put it all back
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I have a 1990 4 cyl jeep wrangler i just filled tank with gas, drove 1 block and jeep stalled. Jeep starts right back up but will not stay running, seems as though its not getting enough gas. Is this a fuel pump problem? Is the fuel pump always inside the fuel tank for 1990 4 cyl and would it come inside if i ordered a new one?

It could be the pump but you need to verify if you can hear the pump running after it stalls and you turn the key back on to try and start it. If you don't hear it it isn't running.The pump is inside the tank but it dosen't come inside, you nee ... 1990 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 1990 4 cyl jeep wrangler i just filled tank with gas drove 1 block and jeep stalled. Jeep starts right back up but will not stay running seems as though its not getting enough gas. Is this a fuel pump problem? Is the fuel pump always inside the fuel tank for 1990 4 cyl and would it come inside if i ordered a new one?

If you just filled up i might be dirty fuel go get some fuel injector cleaner stp is good, lucas is better dump in your tank and cross your fingers you might have to start up a couple times. ... 1990 Jeep Wrangler

Working on a 1976 cherokee chief no gas getting to fuel filter. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and still no gas getting to filter. How can I find out if their is a leak in the line. How do I take the gas tank off safely to check inside to see if their is a filter glogged inside the tank if their is one

If you have the original line still on there, it's probably rotted out somewhere. It's easier and more productive to just replace it entirely. You can use rubber fuel line or make one from steel line. Just make sure that it is secured to the chassis ... Jeep Cherokee

Integra was sputtering like it was running out of gas. Just now wont idle. If not held above RPM's it dies. When it died, it will turn over but doesnt seem to get gas going. Thinking its the fuel pump. Cant find it. We took off the back seat but only see the floater and nothing else. Is the fuel pump inside the gas tank? Do we need to drop the gas tank?

As the fuel train which supplies the injectors w/ the needed gas...Im quite sure that if you purge the fuel train of air your problem will cease.hope this helps ."Reno" ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

93 gmc sierra 5.7 liter engine, injection carb, will turn over won't start, replaced fuel pump fuse, replaced fuel pump relay, replaced fuel pump inside gas tank, no gas flow to carb , gas gauge has always read improper gas levels, so i tend to run on empty alot, one week prior to trouble "check engine" light came on, but truck was running normal, no sluggestness in engine, all fluid levels were normal, everything was fine...thanx in advance "

You say you replaced the fuse, but does the fuse have power? the gray wire at pump should have power when cranking, or for 2 seconds when turning key on. At fuel pump relay, put power onto gray wire, the pump should run if the wiring is good. if it d ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

Fuel Gauge Flickers but does not work properly- recent replacement of the fuel pump inside front gas tank. The gauge will show full sometimes when I fill up with gas completely, but not always. The gauge will never work correctly through a full tank of gas. It bounces back and forth sometimes, and sometimes stays on empty with light on through an entire tank of gas. Chevy 2002 4x4 suburban 2500. ( I set the odometer so that I dont run out of gas) I am a woman and dont want to chew on screws when

There is a fuel senor inside of the tank and it could very well be the problem ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

I have an 2002 saturn sl and it won't start in has been parked for about a year. could the fuel pump be clogged and is there anything i can put in the gas tank to unclog it. The fuel inlet at the fuel rail has a place where you can connect pressure gauge should there be pressure there? and how much? Can you release pressure by pushing in the valve inside this fitting, At the end of the fuel fill hose before the tank is that an anti-siphon device or does it develop pressure inside the tank to p

Your fuel pump is in the gas tank, You should be able to hear it begin to pump with the key in the on posiiton (not start) You should hear it pump for 5 seconds. Also replacing the fuel filter is a good idea as well.The valve you are talk ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I need to change the fuel pump in my 1996 SAAB 900s. I need to know the easiest way to do it. And is it easier taking off the gas tank or going in from the inside of the car under the rear seat? I realize that I would have to cut a hole in the floor to do so. Do you know where I can get a diagram of the fuel pump and gas tank?

... 1996 Saab 900

Fuel pump failled instaled new fuel pump &filter,plus fuel lines.new fuel pump delivered 40 p.s.i. lasted 2 weeks then began to fail again,had to add raw gas to intake for start up then engine ran ok but eventualy it failled completly again so replaiced entire injector system &new pump wich developed 40 again but it failed again.it's a 4.3 vortex engine,should the pump develop more pressure? p.s. u can hear the pump start inside the tank it still will not start engine

The fuel pressure should be from 41-47 psi. I always suggest buying genuine Chevrolet fuel pumps. This and thermostats are about the only two things that I suggest buying from the dealer. The problem that you are having is the reason why. Aftermarket ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I had a 89 mustang before. And the fuel pump/filter was inside the gas tank. On my 84, there is an external pump/filter. I had to drop my gas tank the other day and noticed a pump/filter inside the tank as well. Anyone know why there would be 2 pumps and 2 filters. It seems stupid to me. But what do I know.

The one in the tank is the so called low pressure pickup pump, the one on the rail is the high pressure pump. ... Cars & Trucks

Fuel pump I started my jeep and it stuttered a bit and then ran fine. I drove to my destination went inside came out to start it up it wouldn't start. It acted like it didn't have gas. But I filled the tank the day before. Someone suggested opening the fuel tank and I did that still didn't work. I also replaced the relay fuse under the hood still wouldn't start. It was suggested it is the fuel pump. How can I check and fix this problem. Thank you stranded.

When an engine doesn't run, the first two questions are:\015\012\015\012Is there Spark?\015\012Is it getting fuel? Since there is a relay for the fuel pump, it's got to be electric. ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1989colt1.5liter was sputtering and lacking power. now wont start. it is not pumping fuel up to fuel filter even after replacing fuel pump. looks like some sort of clear relay in gas tank is melted on its inside. i cant hear fuel pump prime system when i turn key to run position but i do hear it pumping once i start turning engine over. if i hold e accelorater to floor engine while starting engine will barely sputter for about 15 to 20 seconds then die. please help me

You should change that relay ... 1989 Dodge Colt Vista

My 1990 dodge caravan wouldnt start when I returned to it. It sarted to and now it just cranks over. I get spark and I primed the throttle body and got it to fire. I checked for fuel delivery by removing the hose from the fuel filter facing the gas tank and cranked it over. No flow. Could there be something blocking the flow inside the tank and if I blow air through the fuel line back into the tank will it damage the fuel pump diaphram. Also is there another fuse besides the ASR that could aff

The fuel pump rela is located under the hood, driver side, front side of strut tower, rear of \012headlight, mounted on inner fender well.However I do suggest jumping the fuel pump to see if pump turns on. Test voltage from ECM if needed. ... 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan

2004 Ford Excursion v10. Inside car smells like gas when a/c is on. Gas tank stopped taking fuel. Gas pump turns off like the tank is full, but no gas goes in.

... Cars & Trucks

I am trying to have the fuel filter changed in my 2001 PT Cruiser. I know that it is inside the gas tank but where. The parts guy at my Chrysler dealer said I'd need to buy the whole fuel pump assembly because it was attached, yet when I went online and found a fuel pump the guy said it didn't come with the fuel filter. I really need to take care of the problem and am tired of the conflicting answers. Please help??

Oem parts like the fuel pump come as a complete unit with filter and fuel sending unit, you can get after market parts that come separate, and a lot of those require a competent mechanic to install as a lot of them are snap together units not meant t ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

Need to find fuel cutoff inertia switch in a 1996 ford ranger - will this cause fuel pum to not even hum? Can I hear fuel pump since it is inside gas tank? Can bad relay cause fuel pump to not work?

It is locate under dash board. a little to the right of center it is about 3/4 inch by 1inch is proably red or orange with a push button on one side. push the button ... Ford Ranger

Won't start after installing new fuel pump. After filling with gas drove about .5 mile home. Then after 1/2 hour started but stalled after 10 seconds. Tried again and only ran 3 seconds. No gas in the fuel rails. Pulled gas tank and fuel pump assembly. Using 12 volts battery charger, rand pump but would not pump gas up a 4 foot clear gas tube. Replaced pump and module and reinstalled gas tank. I stated the car and ran it for 5 minutes. Now car won?t start. Gas is in fuel rail. Will fire and run


I have a 97' Chrysler Sebring Convertable 2.5L V6 engine and my problem is every time I go to the gastation and pay at pump and get ready to start pumping gas into my car I press the gas to pump gas and it stops at $0.89 cents and shoots the gas out at me instead of putting gas to the tank. My gas tank is on empty, the only way a car knows it has a full tank of gas is the pressure in the car stops the gas from pumping gas. My fuel pump and fuel filter is fine and running correctly, and crankshaf

The vent tube is plugged. You need to blow out tube with compressed air. It's the small tube that runs parallel with fill tube. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

I have a volvo 850 '97 -- Last Thursday my son lost the gas cap off the gas tank and never said anything about it. On Friday I was going to the mall and right at the highway the car shuts off completely, I tried to restarted back again but nothing I had to call for a tow truck and because of the snow and melting ice, water went inside the gas tank. I was told that I needed to replace the fuel pump is this true. The car finaly starts, but when I put it in gear it turns off back again. What do I n

How much water do you think got into the tank? If the fuel door was closed it could not have been much. You need to have the tank drained to get all the water out, and then add a fuel dryer liquid to get any residual moisture out. After you son ha ... 1997 Volvo 850

I changed my fuel pump on my 1993 Chevrolet k1500 & now it won't work? I even changed the tank, pigtail, fuel relay... ect...now it does'nt have any power source from the fuse inside the hood 20 amp as I checked with my light tester with the key on but nothing ...poured some gas into the throttle body then it started but dies a short time later....would you have a diagram/picture of the harness from the fuel tank to the underneath the hood? or any suggestions would be well appreciated. Thank You

Check both sides of the fuse. No power at either side? Go back to the relay as that is where the power comes from. Double check that you are looking at the correct relay. ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

1985 BMW I535 starts but will not pick up power..like gas is not getting to anything.changed out fuel pump#2, changed filters, flushed fuel ejectors with cleaning additive, replace battery and starter. replaced fuel filter..I do not know what to do next. Will replace the pump inside of the tank..but wondering if this do not fix problem what else could it be. I cannot not go up past 30mph...and the engine is running strong. Any help will be appreciated.

... BMW 535

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox. I am in the Air Force and just arrived in England. We have to get a full vehicle inspection and one of the things the mechanic told me was that the fuel filter needs to be replaced. I bought the Chevy when I was here in 2005, then went to Italy for 4 years and now I am back in England. It has about 45,000 miles on it and has never been inspected. From what I have read on internet sites, the fuel filter is inside the gas tank. Is it inside the fuel pump? If it

HiFirstly be careful where you take the car to in the UK, I know of many garages that will try and rip you off with an american car so do question everything they say. there is no need to change the fueal pump it should be good for 100k m ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Just finished jputting a new fuel pump in the tank. Put a new fuel filter on. Put ten gallons of gas in the tank and I still can't get the pump to pump the gas to the carburater. Took the line apart from the fuel filter and the carburater to see if gas was coming through when I tried to start it. No gas is coming out of the tank.

Replace the relay under the hood on the rt.(passenger) fender just in front of the hood shock. ... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

Does not like to be parked on a down side hill. /will not start acts like it is out of gas. Tank has been replaced as well as fuel filter but one time chugged and acted as if it had run out of gas. It has never happened again, but is making me leary to take on any trip outside of town. Could it be the fuel pump? Locks on door work with key and fob but not from inside is it worth getting this fixed.

If it stops again when parked like this then remove the tank cap and try again to start as for the door locks then i never lock a car whilst driving ,after trying to get some kids out of burning car that was in a motorway crash and got forced back as ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

How difficult would it be to replace the fuel pump on an '87 olds delta 88? A friend had offered to help me do it..My mechanic basically said he didn't "want to do it" since it is apparently a nasty job and entails pulling ( and of course, draining) the gas tank. Is it something a couple of reasonably handy "normal" guys could do? BTB.. the car has 138 K miles on it. It's a lil' bit rusty. PS.... I AM aware the F.P. is INSIDE the gas tank.(Some Kind of GENius design, there, to be sure...Good ol

Well u have to drop the tank. with the car being that old u will probley have to replave the sending unit and a few linea. look forward to a nasty job, but can be done ... 1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88
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