Having problems with your 1992 Mercury Sable ?

My key will start the car but it wont turn the car off i have to unplulg the distributor to kill theh car. Also the ignition switch in the car rotates all the way around but it has always done that it just recently started not working to turn the car off.the key will turn but the car will still be on. what could be the problem i took it to a mechanic with a new ignition switch and he said that wasn't the problem

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Answers :

The ignition switch is an electrical part. The lock cylinder is whre the key goes and it activates the ignition switch. If you pulled the lock cylinder out, you could operate the car with a screwdriver.
\015\012Either you have damaged the ignition switch where the lock cylinder goes into it, or the lock cylinder is damaged where it fits into the ignition switch.
\015\012this is 96 taurus, don't have 92 sorry
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Section 11-05: Steering Column Switches \015\012\015\0121996 Taurus, Sable Workshop Manual
\015\012REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION \015\012\015\012\015\012Ignition Switch \015\012\015\012Removal
  1. \015\012Disconnect battery ground cable (14301).
  1. \015\012Remove lower instrument panel steering column cover (04459).
  1. \015\012Rotate ignition switch lock cylinder (11582) to the RUN position.
  1. \015\012Disconnect the ignition switch electrical connector.
  1. \015\012Remove the two screws retaining ignition switch (11572).
  1. \015\012Disengage the ignition switch from the actuator.
  1. \015\012NOTE: A new replacement ignition switch assembly will be set in the RUN position as received. \015\012
    \015\012Adjust the ignition switch by sliding the carrier to the ignition switch RUN position.
  1. \015\012Make sure that the ignition switch lock cylinder is in the RUN position. The RUN position is achieved by rotating the ignition switch lock cylinder approximately 90 degrees from the LOCK position.
  1. \015\012Install the ignition switch pin into the actuator. It may be necessary to move the ignition switch slightly back and forth to align the ignition switch mounting holes with the lock cylinder housing threaded holes.
  1. \015\012Install retaining screws. Tighten to 5.6-7.9 Nm (50-69 lb-in).
  1. \015\012Connect electrical connector to ignition switch.
  1. \015\012Connect battery ground cable. Check ignition switch for proper function, including START and ACC positions. Also, make certain that the column is in the LOCK position.
  1. \015\012Install lower instrument panel steering column cover with screws.
\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Section 11-05: Steering Column Switches \015\012\015\0121996 Taurus, Sable Workshop Manual
\015\012DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION \015\012\015\012\015\012Ignition Switch \015\012\015\012The ignition switch (11572), which is mounted on the steering actuator housing (3F723), operates in the following manner: \015\012
  • The ignition switch is cycled through rotation of the ignition switch lock cylinder (11582) through a pin which is part of the ignition switch. \015\012
  • The ignition switch lock cylinder also controls the mechanism which provides a positive lock for the transaxle linkage and the steering system. \015\012
  • The locking mechanism is located in the steering column housing.
\015\012The ignition switch lock cylinder positions are: \015\012
  • ACC \015\012
  • LOCK \015\012
  • OFF \015\012
  • RUN \015\012
\015\012The key can be removed from the ignition switch lock cylinder with the column-shift transaxle only when the shift lever is in PARK position and the key is in LOCK position. \015\012
  • The ACC position operates while the steering and transaxle remain locked. \015\012
  • The engine shuts off when the key is turned to the OFF position without locking the steering or transaxle.
\015\012Blade Type
\015\012The ignition switch has blade-type terminals that engage with one multiple connector. The multiple connector is secured to the ignition switch by an integral connector fastener.
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My key will start the car but it wont turn the car off i have to unplulg the distributor to kill theh car. Also the ignition switch in the car rotates all the way around but it has always done that it just recently started not working to turn the car off.the key will turn but the car will still be on. what could be the problem i took it to a mechanic with a new ignition switch and he said that wasn't the problem

The ignition switch is an electrical part. The lock cylinder is whre the key goes and it activates the ignition switch. If you pulled the lock cylinder out, you could operate the car with a screwdriver.\015\012Either you have damaged the igniti ... 1992 Mercury Sable

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Sounds like a poor electrical connection somewhere. See if there is a relay in the fuse panel associated with these functions. If so, you could replace that. Without schematics for the car it will be tough, but look for wiring that could be damage ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

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A while back my stereo stopped working and power mirrors. Even more recently I adjusted my tilt And then it would go into park. Now and this is my major problem I showed the problem with the tilt to my cousin and now when I turn the key it won't even turn over or try and ingauge the starter. My question is do u think that's a CPU problem or just the ignition switch please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Problem is in the steering column ... Toyota Camry

We have a 2004 xc90 that the tumblers won't turn in the ignition. We tried both the FAB key and the valet key and they don't work. We've recently had the battery die even though the car had been running and we had the battery tested by AAA as OK. The kids were playing with the FAB taking turns pushing the switch blade button opening it probably 6 times. The vehicle was towed to a local shop and they said they were going to oil the tumblers today and if they didn't turn they would have to order a

No suggestions. Either tumblers are stuck, or key fab is bad or ignition will have to be replaced. ... 2007 Volvo XC90 V8 AWD Sport

I have a problem with my 95 chev suburban. when i turn the key off,the windows and wipers still work. even with the key removed from the ignition. i recently changed the ignition switch, but i am not sure that has anything to do with it.

There is a link rod that connects the ignition key lock to the ignition switch. You have to make sure that the switch that is mounted remotely from the key lock is in the nuetral position when the key is off. Here is a link:\015\012 ... 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

Key will turn and all the instuments gagues will work but car wont start or make any sounds..have to keep on turning key bout 20 times before it will start..had the ignition switch replaced but didnt solve problem

Check relay #47 in the underhood fuse panel, this relay is for the starter. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

My car is having trouble starting. I turn the key and can hear everything else working except for the fact that the car won't start. Ignition switch problem? What is the best way to solve this problem? I really want to avoid taking it to a dealership. I'm a student and I am tight with funds.

Make sure it is in park. then try putting it in neutral. check your battery terminals. check the battery for at least 12 volts. ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

My 2002 Sedona is having electrical problems; power window, power door locks, power seat, interior lights (ones that turn on when doors are open), the chiming noise that the car makes when you don't have your seatbelt or when you leave the key in the ignition when the car is off= all these don't work. What could it be? All fuses work, and fuse box has power. Also the gauge lights and head lighst only come on when switch is in the automatic position (not when it is on the small lights or regular

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You need a new ignition contact switch ,the switch on the back of the barrel ... Daewoo Nubira

Electronic immobilizer my vw jetta wont start and the electronic immobilizer light is flashing but it starts then just turns off. I have a 2000 VW Jetta. Suddenly after 9 years my car ignition does not recognize the key and the electronic immobilizer light comes on. I have not had any work done on the car in recent months and have not had battery replaced, etc. For now, I can wait a few minutes and try again and the car will start. My 2000 Jetta has the same problem, except my immob. light doe

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I recently replaced the multi-function switch on my '95 Olds Achieva because the high beams did not engage. Problem solved. But now, it won't start. I was able to start it initially to take it in for the safety inspection. But after I turned the car off and tried to start it again, it didn't work. When I turn the key, the accessories come on but when turned to the start position, it doesn't crank at all. Any ideas?

Check the ignition switch connector. Check for 12v on the start circuit with the ignition in the start position. Check neutral safety switch connector. Check for 12v in and out of the N/S switch when the gear selector is in neutral or park and the ig ... 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

Key goes in ignition fine but does not always turn to start car. have tried turning steering wheel thats not the problem i have sprayed the switch it still works when it wants to

Key way in the ignition may have collapsed,may need to replace ignition. ... Toyota Corolla

We recently bought a 1981 F-150 XLT Ranger 4x4 for our daughter. The truck runs great but is experiencing an intermitten electrical problem. The turn signals, dash gauges, radio and heater/AC loses power. I thought it was a short where some auxillary equipment that was wired into the fuse panal. I unhooked all of that wiring and the problem seemed to be eliminated. Yesterday we were driving and it happened again, I jiggled the ignition key switch and everything started working. So, a cou

Hello! Make sure the wheels are straight... Disconnect the negative battery cable...Pull the steering wheel...Remove steering wheel column cover and bottom dashboard cover...Disconnect ignition switch plug...Inspect both ends of the connector f ... 1981 Ford F 150
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