Having problems with your 1992 Mazda MX-3 ?

Stalls while driving turns on fine.. fuel pump filters starter battery and alternator are new

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Answers :

Could be crankshaft sensor.
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2002 astro will not start. Will turn over and occasionally fire and sounds like 1 cylinder will keep firing and turn over a few time by itself but will not run. has new fuel pump, filter & battery, starter was removed earlier and checked. alternator good, will lose some water over time but no leak. When key is turned on I can hear fuel pump turn on up to pressure and then off. Can smell fuel from exhaust but not excessive. Seems like not enough spark or moisture getting in? Will only do t

I would suspect the ignition coil or ignition module. these are common failures on these vans. ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

Stalls while driving turns on fine.. fuel pump filters starter battery and alternator are new

Could be crankshaft sensor. ... 1992 Mazda MX-3

My 1985 ford f250 diesel is messing up on me and it is giving me a major headache, okay i just got a brand new fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, starter, two brand new batteries, the whole works on the thing and it is still having a slight problem, when i drive it down the road it acts fine at first and then it starts missing, like when i get up to about 45 miles an hour and i push on the gas it cuts in and out on it's power, sometimes it loses all power and dies, could this be just a bad inje

No what it sounds like is you did not purge all the air out of the filter when you replaced it or you did not drain the housing properly and has water in it still.Water collects in the bottom of the seperator and when you change the filter it gets in ... 1985 Ford F 250

Vehicle turns over but does not catch and start. We put a new starter on, took the battery out and had tested, it is good, put a new fuel filter on. When you unhook the line opposite where the fuel filter is, no gas comes through. I do not see wires to be able to tell if their is voltage to turn the pump on when the ignition is engaged. Is this a fuel pump problem or possibly something else. This is a 4.0 6cyl engine

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Every time you turn the key to RUN position, you should be able to hear a humming noise that lasts 2 seconds coming form the fuel tank, it is the fuel pump kicking in. I you don't hear any noise at all, on the engine compar ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Staring problem The car turns over then the RPM's go up. Then they go down and it stalls. I can drive it for a couple of days and its fine. Then it does it again and I have to get it towed because it won't stay running. I've replaced the fuel pump, fuel resister, new alternator, fuel filter. I've taken it to a Mechanic they've looked at it said it was a wire to the battery they changed that I gave them 150.00 brought it home drove it for 2 days and it did it again. Couldn't get it to start and h

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My 98' chevy c1500 5.7l vortech pick up truck wont start! It turns but wont catch. Sounds exactly as if i was to run out of gas. New battery, alternator is fine, starter is fine, recent tune up, changed fuel filter and fuel pump. What could be the problem and what should i try next?

CHECK TEETH ON DISTRIBUTER ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

Just put new fuel filter and fuel pump on about 3 weeks ago. Run fine, then today car turns over but won't start. Not battery, starter, or alternator. It sounds like it almost cranks. Could it be spark plugs or bad gas?

Crank sensor? ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Was driving, car shut down, acted as if running out of gas, has full tank, been sitting a while now, replaced fuel pump relay, fuel filter, new battery, will crank, just not turn over,can hear the pump turn on when the key turns on but it just won't turn over do you think we need to replace the pump? can a catalytic converter cause this problem? had a guy check the system before any of this happened said that it was running lean? he had it for a day and said he fixed it, maybe he did maybe he d

Assuming no service engine light on? If so begin there. Otherwise it sounds like fuel pump could be bad, but you'll need to install a pressure gauge to verify - that's the only way to be certain. Compare pressure with spec. for your vehicle. You'll l ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Hi, I am having trouble with my daewoo..went to drive it the other day and it just stopped and now i cant turn it over. checked fuel pump and filter,plugs,leads,battery,starter motor and alternator and they are all ok...someone told me it could be the coil but i thought the engine light would come on if its the coil. any ideas?

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My van very hard to start in the mornings, have new fuel pump,new filter, new fuel pump relay, new battery, new starter, new alternator, but still the trouble persists, infact getting worse coz now its not just in the mornings. Please help. Gee

My first question is has anyone put this an a scanner to look at data. You have several sensors that could cause this. When cold, looking at data will tell them exactly what is wrong or not wrong . If it all looks good we would scope the ignition s ... GMC Savanna

We just got a brand new battery and starter(i know the solenoid is on the starter) for our 98 windstar. 3 weeks later we got an oil&filter change,as well as fuel filter&fuel injection cleaning, and now it acts like it doesn't want to start(could the guys have knocked into something?). it's not turning over all the way.my husband has pressed the fuel inertia switch in the past, and its worked before, but not now. it could be a # of things(distributor cap, pcv valve,fuel pump relay, spark plugs, i

Does it just crank and crank,or does it barely try to start.Check fuel pump relay under hood or for a fuse..Or turn the ignition to the run position but dont start it and have someone listen by fuel tank for the fuel pump to make the humming noise.Mo ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I have a 1989 chevy Blazer 4.3 auto 4x4 Turned off the blazer tried to restart it would not turn over the fuel system is ok it has a new fuel pump relay fuel pump and fuel filter cleaned out the battery cables also tried starter fluid in the carborator. I believe I am getting no Spark.

Check your coils if you pull a plug and put it back into the wire, turn over to see if spark, if not coils or dis. module. hope this helps you, thanks robert b. ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

88 Chevy P30, diesal. Rebuilt injection pump, new starter, flexplate, fuel filter, new batteries, new cable connections to batteries.......STILL won't fire. Glow plugs tested and ok'd, cranks good just won't turn over. No more starter fluid...please help!

Did you loosen an injector line to see if you are getting fuel to the cylinder? Did you bleed the filter when you changed it? Was the rebuilt pump properly timed when it was installed? Are you sure all the air was bled out of the system after the pum ... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

1992 Honda prelude intermitent starting problem. Fuel injected 5 speed, new fuel filter and spark plugs. Battery, starter, and alternator checks out ok. Runs smooth and powerful. Somedays It will start perfectly, and somedays the engine will only crank over and over and not turn over to a complete engine start-up. this happens on a cold engine. The air filter is clean, and spraying starter fluid does not help at all. Is there a component that affects only the starting process, and why would it w

I have a 1992 Honda Prelude 5spd manual with the same problem. Sometimes it wont start, usually in warmer weather, but after leaving it for 5 - 10 mins it will. After reading forums i was thinking its the main relay coil but today a mechanic wa ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Replace the battery with a new one, car won't start. Have lights on dashboard and they are not dimmed. No firing/ignition from the engine. Don't know if its the starter motor or something else. Also, the alternator was checked when new battery was replaced. I believe its not blockage from the fuel. Check the fuel filter and not dirty and no signs while driving.

Hi, I'll try to help. Why was the battery replaced?? Was the vehicle starting fine before the battery replacement??? How many miles are on the vehicle??? Was any work done before this problem occured? ... 2002 Kia Sportage

I am trying to help a friend, she has a 1989 Dodge Colt Vista, said she has replaced the alternator, some battery wires, spark plugs. I have tried to start the car but when I tried to crank it, it makes a clicking sound like it wants to start but the engine does not turn over. I removed the back seats to get to the fuel pump, (battery was disconnected) and unplugged it, removed three screws and pulled out what I thought was the fuel pump, it looked brand new. Is it possibly the starter or the cy

... 1989 Dodge Colt Vista

The car will die while driving or at idle and will start right back-up when you turn the key (most of the time). Sometimes after i've been driving and turn the car off (lunch) it won't re-start "but" after setting awhile longer "It" fires right-up (comes and goes). the problem started a couple months age "since" then I've replaced the distributer, cap and roter, plugs, EGR valve, fuel pump, fuel filter, alternater, battery (all new). "What" I'm I missing?

You have really studied your car and I must confess that I appreciate individuals like you.All you have changed are okay but you missed out taking a look at the idle control solenoid and the oxygen sensors.What you are experie ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 2000 chevy express new battery and starter,driving up a hill today and cut out on me will not start have plenty of juice but wont turn over, also checked the fuel pump relay and was fine cant hear the fuel pump engaging any other info anybody can give me, I was hoping it is not the fuel pump Thanks

... 2001 Chevrolet Express

I have a 1990 Chevrolet, 4X4, 1 ton, 454, 4 speed truck. It will not start with starter. Engine turns over good with starter but will not start. However, if I pull the truck and pop the clutch it will start and run great. Fuel pump is new, all new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter. Fuel pump runs properly when switch is turned on. Getting fuel into throttle body. Have had to various mechanics.

... Chevrolet 3500

Hey people, i drive a 92 cherokee laredo 4x4 auto.. no modifications at all!! jeep wont start when temperature outside is hot. i bought another starter just to be sure, it has 160,000 miles on it. new fuel filter as well..when attempting to start, fuel pump will prime but no start! sometimes i have to wait till temp cools before it starts, and then when its turned off from driving if its too hot it has the same problem...is this a fuel pressure regulator problem??? i cant take this **** any more

There is something wrong with the engine. check likages ... 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Have a 93 1500 350 5.7 auto 4x4 it stalls randomly and the check gauges and service engine light comes on, if i wait a few seconds or even throw it into neutral it starts right away a few times i had to wait a little longer. just put new battery alternator air filter fuel filter fuel pump starter on just did oil change, all they said i needed was a rad. flush and fluid but i will be doing it soon, its carb. not fuel injected what could the problem be?

Hi, has anyone checked for stored trouble codes? There are a number of things that can cause your stalling problem, I have found bad connections at the ECM you maybe loosing the crank signal there. Also these motors are know for the ... 1993 GMC Sierra

96 pont grand prix has an intermedate starting oroblem. most times it starts fine but couple times a week when ya turn the key it does nothing. has new starter , new alternator, new battery. fuel pump hums when the key is on for couple seconds . lights do not dim when ya try to start it . when this happens i turn the key on/off til it starts, sometimes this takes up to a hundred times . please help me im stumped

There can be one problem among several parts on your car and it involves getting the starting signal to your starter.\015\012\015\012Working backwards from the starter there is a starter Solenoid and on some GM products it comes with the new ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus that will not start. When I try to start the vehicle it will not turn over. I have a good battery, I can hear the starter working, but it sounds and smells like I am not getting any fuel to the engine. Also, I just put on a new fuel filter today and it still is not wanting to turn over. Where is the fuel pump located so I can check that out? If that is not the problem, then what do I need to do?

The pump is in the fuel tank but find a fuel line under the hood and have a friend with you disconnected the line turn the key for like 5sec if u get fuel then your pump is fine next check for spark and air u need all three of these things to get yo ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Car will not start, new fuel filter was installed, fuel pumps ok, new battery, has gas, shut off while driving, now it won't start. Turns over ok, but just won't start.

I have a 92 same make,same problem,i had it sugested to check for the emergency fuel shut off switch,best thing is to call chrysler dealership and ask if your model has it,i was told by a auto store to check for it before i did all what you did.check ... 1999 Chrysler Town & Country

Toyota Camry 96. Won't start the engine turns over but doesn't start. The alternator and starter are working fine the coil sparks there are new spark plugs and the ignition module tested fine so I'm at a lost for ideas now. The car is getting fuel and there's a new fuel pump. The filter is clean and everything seems to check out. Can you help???

Ignition timing could be off, the plug wires and firing order may be scrambled, there could be a large air leak into the intake manifold, the EGR could be stuck open, the fuel pressure is too high and flooding the engine through the cold start inject ... 1996 Toyota Camry
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