Having problems with your 1992 Mazda 929 ?

1992 mazda 929 starts and runs then quits

\015 Car runs then just quits\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Providing the fuel filter isn't blocked, it will almost certainly be the MAF. Mass air flow sensor.
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1990 mazda b2200 pickup after 15 to 30 min of running the engine quits then in about 10 to 15 min it runs fine. I crank the engine but it just cranks and cranks I checked to see if it had spark. I checked at the coil wire then plug 1 spark was good I removed the gas line to the fuel injection system and pumped gas into a bottle and it pumped as the engine cranked put the hose back on still would not start then I wait 10-15 min starts right up runs very smooth and has a lot of power new plugs new

... 1988 Mazda B2200

Have a 1987 nissan d21 pickup with 2.4l engine. truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds then quits. If i shut the key off and wait till the fuel pump relay kicks out maybe 30 seconds then turn the key on and let the fuel pump build thill it cuts out,truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds. If I just try to start it right away again it will not even fire although I can hear the fuel pump run. It comes up with codes 21 and 43

The signal from the distributor to the coil and injectors are off and on,not constant.Replace the distributor to fix the problem. ... Nissan Pickup

1999 ford expidition 5.4L engine will not start run for about 1-2 seconds then quits. it has had an intermitant problem with shutting off while driving just once in a while. you must turn the ignition all the way off or it will not restart if turned all the way off it starts right away. last night car shut off while driving but will only run for 1-2 seconds. any help would be appreciated

Change fuel filter. 5-9$ @ petboys. ... Ford Expedition

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

My 2003 Mazda 6s 3.0 v6 is running very badly and then shuts off. it starts up and seems to run OK after about 1 minute it starts idling very weird it raises way up then comes down and keeps doing it, while doing that i try to push down the accelerator to make it stop but the accelerator doesn't react at all it wont even rev the car up its like its not even hooked up, but for the first minute of starting the car it does work.. if anyone could have any clue as to were to start to fix this i would


90 toyota p/u 4x4 when cold try 2 start ,it will start once quick and run 4 1 sec. then quit emediatly, then just rolls wont fire. if you can get it 2 run starts every time hot but misses and surges a bit.

Put it on diagnostic ... 1990 Toyota Pickup

My 1993 chevrolet corsica stalled 1 time at stop light,but started back up so drove home and engine knocked a little & stalled again when i parked the car,my husband came home a couple hours later and started the car & it seems to run fine,he let it run 15 minutes in drive way but i have not driven car,i afraid if i try to drive it car could quit on me.do you know what the problem could be.thank you.t.c.

... 1993 Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 2002 Daewoo Nubira 2.0 L engine the check engine light comes on at random this is after the engine misses a slight bit then the light goes out and car runs ok. This has happend about 5 times. Feels like the fuel is dirty or may have water in it. 1 time the engine stopped but started again no trouble. Prior to this problen I let the fuel tank run quite empty. Then I filled it up after 40 or so KM the problem started. Can you Help. Thanks Eldon Peterson

The check engine light is associated with the engine missing.The engine computer has a misfire counter programed in it's software once a certain threshold is reached it will turn on the check engine light. Once ... Daewoo Nubira

I have a 2001 Hyundai sonata. While driving home I started to lose power. I pulled over and the engine was running extremely rough like it was miss firing and halfway between the 0 and 1 on the rpms. Not sure if that is abnormal or not never payed much attention. Any ideas on what. Would be causing it. As of the moment it is not running. It turns over but does not start. And does anyone know if I can manually check the engine codes?

You can only check for codes with a code reader orProfessional Scan ToolAfter 30 years of these systems, it is had to believe peopleknow nothing,how is thatNormal,abnormal,don't pay attentionWhen I spend $40,000 fo ... Cars & Trucks

97 mazda 626 dx 2.0. manual shift, crank but won't start,install used engine w/less than 50k miles, after original engine lose power replace valve stem seals, timing belt, w/pump,oil pump,distributor cap & rotor,wires,fuel pump, MAP sensor(after code), timing marks are aligned correctly.engine starts and run on 3 cyl after 1 plug is removed,no matter which plug/wire,but after re-installing plug,engine cranks but won't start,i am getting fuel and the wires are sparking at plugs,should i replace E

First check the spark plugs.\015\012\015\012If your engine cranks normally but will\015\012not start because it has no spark, or it stalls and won't restart because it\015\012has no spark, the problem may be due to any of the follo ... 1997 Mazda 626

Car quit running while driving it wont start back up. it has fire,fuel pump on engine turns over i have 2 pieces broke in gear shifter area 1 i hold down lever it releases my key, on the right of shifter have to push down on lever at same time to put it in gear now it wont start ,you can hear it trying to start, could this be my problem, oh before serpatine belt has been squilling

... 1998 Ford Contour

Mazda 6 2007 2.3 did head gasket start engine ,engine runs fine for 1 day then it looses power start to idle rough lacks power and i have to sink gas pedal to board for it to start. p.s all this was fine when job was complete. cam and crank timing is still in place,fuel pressure 60 psi compression good

... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

My '99 Grand Am has a couple of problems that may be related. 1. Intermittent chime (sounds like door chime) keeps going off with car running and in park. Quits once in gear. Also continues to chime with car turned off. 2. Difficulty starting. Turns over really slow, won't start at times. Was able to jump start it yesterday. Possibly battery draining to chime? 3. Power door locks do not work. 4. Left headlight inop on dim. I have a new bulb to install. Bring this up because I had a check engine

Cold be an electrical break in a wire or relay could be blown.You will have to ckeck everything. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I have a 1998 Isuzu Hombre that quit running. Runs using the starting fluid test then quits when stop spraying. Changed Fuel Pump. Ran for about a week then quit. Have power to the pump, cleaned ground wire. Plugged in old pump and it worked. Put old pump back in started ran for about 2 minutes then quit and pump won't run. Next day pump ran started truck ran for a couple of minutes then quit, pump won't run. Plugged in the extra pump and ran. Put pump back in started, ran for a few min

Hello! I'm basing the following solution on the 2.2L...If your vehicle has the 4.3L engine let me know...The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (MAP) more then likely is defective...It can be tested...It is bolted to the throttle body...Has a three wi ... Isuzu Hombre

Transponder does not read code car will start run 1 second then die it was running then quit with no other problem that I could tell

Get it towed into a repitable shop to have it check out, ... 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

2001 chevrolet silverado blower moter only runs on high. lights come on but 1-4 dont work. 1-4 would quit working then start etc. for about a week now just 5 works.

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Had problem with starting and the car, hesitating going up hill. changed spark plugs and it seemed great then parked car when i restarted car it was sluggish again wires were 1,2,3,4 on 2.2l ?? should be at 1-3-4-2, but that has bad hesitation problems, changed wires to 1432 and car runs better but still not quite right. is this a wiring problem

Cat be a multable of thing's I would start with a bottle of HEAT to pour into your gas tank, possable you got some bad gas, This would make the problems your haveing. Good luck to ya. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1995 GMC Sonoma in the mornings the rpm is beyond 4 rpm then after awhile it's below 1 rpm. When I drive it doesn't want to accept the gas it jerks, replacing will quit running in the middle of the street. It makes a noise when it shifts. When I back up it quits but it always crank back up. These things just started...need some advice of what to do.

Try cleaning out the throttle plate and the idle air control valve on the intake ... Cars & Trucks

1997 buick v6 starts engine runs 1 minute then quits then will not start again it backfires

... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Fuel Problem 2000 Chrysler Town and Country: Fuel Gague reads 3/4 yet runs out of gas and dies. Upon refueling, (1 gallon) it will start and run fine though quits again at 3/4 tank. This problem began happening at 1/4 tank last year slowly increasing the level at which it occurs.

You have a float that reads the level of the gas. The sensor probably needs replaced. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

Abs light well i have a 98 honda accord v6. the abs light started to come on and when it did my cars idle would go down below 1,000 rpms and then it would die i would start it up again and it would run fine. a coule of weeks later when i was going down the road the abs light would come on and my rpm would go down and my speed amotor would go down to 0 speed and when it would do this my radio would make this noise light stadic going through it. so id pull off the road and my car would die.

1. Your fuel pump is going bad.2. Your brake pads has gone flat too.3. Have a look at your plugs and fuses.See an expert if you are confused.Please rate afterall has been looked at. ... 1998 Honda Accord

Smoking skyhawk Dear sir The other day I started my buick syhawk like any other day.I went about 1 km and noticed it wasn"t quite running quite properly.It was like it was missing.I went along thinking maybe it was the efi or maybe a bit of water in the tank .As i went about another km I looked in the rear mirror and noticed abit of white smoke thinking it was just the cool air that day.Anyway as I went abit farther the white cloud of smoke trailing the car got bigger and bigger.Finally I had to

If the smell of the white smoke is sweet, it is coolant and most likely a head gasket failure. ... 1987 Buick Skyhawk 2 Door Sport

Hi, this is a Mazda Proceed 2.6 efi vehicle,(mitsubishi engine) 1992 model.It has an on going problem in that it stalls intermittently then will start ok, it intermittently looses power, feels like it looses 1 or 2 cyls and then recovers after 10 or20 seconds to run smoothly. It recently stopped and would not start, it had on fuel pressure to the fuel rail, chanded the pump in the tank, no change, was told by an auto sparky the ecu was faulty so sent the unit to the experts for check and repair,

As long as you are getting a signal to the injectors for them to inject, and you are getting fuel from the fuel pump.... I would check fuel regulator. I am assuming you are getting spark to the plugs. ... Mitsubishi Pickup

I have a 99 Mazda 626 that just quits running when you are driving down the road. Today it quit and I waited about 20 minutes and it started right up. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Try replacing the ignition switch underneath the steering collar. Pop of the top then the bottom you need a screw driver or ratchet cant remember. Its very easy to replace. I suggest buying a repair manual to see what it looks ... 1999 Mazda 626

My grand prix 2004 runs for about 20 minutes and then it quits and 1 nhour later well start and do the same thing when it stalls it well turn over but well not start ...changed fuel filter ,fuel pump relay all is good

... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix
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