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1988 Honda Civic starts when it wants to. Shop has replaced relay & ignition module. Does this car have a fuse/relay for ignition system? Car gets fuel, but not always spark. Can the ignition switch be bad?

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An ignition switch can be replaced. To test first if it is the ignition switch you may use a tester for continuity. By switching the ignition switch to its on position there should be continuity detected by the tester, normally indicated by a beeping sound. If the contacts if faulty or bad you will not hear the sound or hear it intermittently by either moving the switch or get an infinity resistance whatever position.
Replace your distributor cap and rotor. If that does not solve the problem then replace the distributor. Honda and Acura cars are well known for there weak distributor. You can also get it rebuilt at a electronics shop. I would get it rebuilt over buying a brand new one. You can also go to the junkyard and get one, I see the 1988 Honda Civic in there all of the time here in Southern California so there are plenty to get a replacement from
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1988 Honda Civic starts when it wants to. Shop has replaced relay & ignition module. Does this car have a fuse/relay for ignition system? Car gets fuel, but not always spark. Can the ignition switch be bad?

An ignition switch can be replaced. To test first if it is the ignition switch you may use a tester for continuity. By switching the ignition switch to its on position there should be continuity detected by the tester, normally indicated by a beepi ... 1992 Honda Civic

Wireing problem i have a 2003 chevy 2500 hd,it started to skip so i thought it was a fuel filter it wont get over 2000 rpm and its like it hits the rev limit i turned out of the store and something sparked i cant find were its comein from a buddy of my said my ignition switch is bad oh it s blowing fuses on the ignition b box if some one could help i would surly thank you


5.9L Durango wont start. It's turning over and Im getting fuel (sprayed starter fluid in the intake and still nothing, and fuel comes out of the valve on the fuel rail when pressed) and I believe it's getting spark. I pulled the ignition wire off of the ignition switch and while cranking there was an arch between the wire and switch, however when I tried the same thing at the distributor there was no spark. I have replaced the rotor still nothing. The battery is brand new. Could it be the crank

95 jeep loredo 6 cilinder has no spark at coil replaced coil still no spark what could it be ... 1999 Dodge Durango

Iam getting no voltage tto my fuel pump,front tank doesn't work,I changed the ignition switch,still no luck. the continuos power to my fuel pump reads 6.5 volts. From what I can tell my electrical sytem runs like this,my power control module relay from the relay it goes to the fuel pump relay then to the Inertia shutoff switch, to the Front and rear tank selector switch, to the back tank. Like I mentioned before I am only getting 6.5 volts at the fuel pump.

Poor earth connection most likely causing hifgh resistance voltage drop. \015\012\015\012Could also be a faulty pump. Run a separate power supply to it and recheck. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

My car will start sometimes and sometimes it will not, i have replaced main relay, fuel pump,fuel filter and its getting fuel, but when turning the ignition to crank it, it jus spends and will not start or try to start until you let the switch go, so i pulled the #1 spark plug to see ifit was firing and it doesn't fire will the car is cranking over, but it does fire when you let the switch go, so i replaced the ignition switch and it still did the same thing, i tried install a push button switch

The ignition module is bad,they act just like that when they go out,there is a start mode,and a run mode in the ignition module,when releasing the key switch,it contacts the run mode for a second and tries to run,but of course,it will not run,replace ... 1990 Honda Civic

Suzuki Verona 2004 Problem - I can't get the ignition switch to turn. I understand it could be a bad ignition switch, a bad brake pedal switch or a bad neutral safety switch. Are there any tricks to try before I call to have it towed?

Can you move the wheel from side to side to relieve the pressure for the key to turn ? also try pushing in on it a bit harder too as you do this it may be just in the locked position due to pressure at the wheel ... 2004 Suzuki Verona

97 monte carlo wont start i believe it is one of the following. 1. bad key- it is the one with a chip in it 2. bad tumbler 3. ignition switch(i can get the starter to engage when i manually cross the posts but the car only runs for a few seconds.i havent tested the small post on the starter yet to see if i am getting power from the ignition, but you would think if there was power it would run the starter.) 4. bad or broken wires 5. ignition module 6. ignition relay

GM has the VATS security system (Vehicle Anti Theft System) that uses a chip (actually a resistor) to start the car. Most common cause of the car not starting is the key itself. Apart from disabling the VATS system (not recommended), getting a new ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have been having problems with my 1995 Geo Prism for a while now. The code showing is 14. It takes a while to get it cranked, now it keeps cutting off on me while driving, when slowing down. Its missing bad. Have put a fuel pump, relay switch, distributor cap, temp sensor, plugs and wires on it. Please I need help! Was told it could be a distributor or a ignition module! Any ideas?

I agree with what you have been told. Its most likely either the distributor or ignition module. Unfortunately, unless you have the equipment youll have to take it in to a mechanic. ... 1995 Geo Prizm

I have replaced the fuse,the fuel pump relay,and all of the injectors. I still have no power to the fuse that regulates the injectors. but if i jump the fuses with a good one I get power to the top right pin on the relay but no output to the injectors, so do I have a bad ignition switch

You have not told us very much. For example, why did the fuse blow, and it is still blowing?\015\012Once you replaced the fuse, did the fuel pump start running?Why did you replace the fuel pump and injectors?\015\012What was the fu ... Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the ignition switch seems to be getting bad. I can usually get it to start by jiggling the key around and sliding it in and out while turning it. It will start right away if I get the key just right otherwise, I get nothing, no dash or accessory lights or indicators. Does this sound like a switch going bad or an electrical problem? Mechanic not listening to me.

It sounds like the ignition cylinder itself is worn and needs replacement. the fact that you cant turn the key. thing that can cause this is if you have to many keys on your key chain . ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a 1992 mustang not getting fire but I have replaced The ignition box,silinoid switch,key switch,ignition Switch, distributer,coil,and cap and rotor still no spark. Sometimes it will sputter when I crank on it. It is getting fuel by the way.

Try the "hall effect" ... 1992 Ford Mustang

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. Earlier this year it began having starting problems and I learned that the fuel pump was not turning on sometimes when i put the ignition switch to on. (wouldnt hear it) This didnt seem to be a problem since I would just cycle the ignition switch off and on until i heard the fuel pump turn on. However, one day i lost all power while driving and had to get a tow. The mechanic told me that is was my fuel pump and I had that replaced. It worked perfect for about

It is most likely the Ignition switch. I have replaced several for this exact simptoms. \015\012To check it, you test the power for the fuel pump relay. \015\012When the ign switch starts acting up it will not power up the fuel pump relay ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

My 87 ford bronco II died one day while driving it. I first thought I was out of gas but after putting in gas it still wouldn't start. I ran a test wire to see if the fuel pumps were good and they are, then I tried replacing the fuel pump relay switch, still nothing. Electrical and it's killing me! I have been told a variety of things from the brain is out, the ignition module, the ignition switch... When I turn on the key I do not get any pumps to turn on, and no pressurization will tr


Fuel System I have a '91 Firebird Formula, and for some reason I can't get the fuel pump to kick in, The pump checks out ok, and so does the relay and the fuse. My question is, could it possibly be in the ignition switch, and if so can it be bypassed until I can get a new switch?

Yes, it can be bypassed. Find the hot lead to the pump and connect a toggle switch from a power source. ... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

Fuel problem i put in ignition coils today on 2000 kia sephia and also replaced the fuel filter the pump is running and i am still not getting any fuel possibly a bad fuel filter because after i replaced the ignition coils it would run for 10 seconds or so then cut off which lead me to the fuel filter which was really dirty so bought a new one and now it still wont stay running.

Is there muck in tank\015\012take filter of and tip contents into jar\015\012and see if clean ... 2000 Kia Sephia

95 honda accord dx with 2.2 non vtec won't stay running. Checked the ignition switch and main fuel relay. Changed fuel pump and filter. I am getting fuel to the fuel rail but the engine isn't getting gas. The car starts for about one second then dies. If fuel is added thru the air intake it will stay running for a little bit. Any ideas on what to check next?

Hello\015\012You say you checked the ignition switch, you are 100% sure that isn't the problem? this year and indeed most 1990's Honda"s has a problem with the electrical contacts in the ignition starter switch, the symptom is the car will run ... 1995 Honda Accord

My 98 windstar gl is not getting the ground comand through the pcm to open injecters and the fuel pump relay is not exciting the pump for initial start pressure and i have replaced most every sensor pcm and relays checked grounds replaced fuel pump eec dioad and clutch dioad pcm relay fuel relay ignition switch and more fuel pump is fine if iremove pump relay and jumper it run i have also tested the inertia switch the other pain in the but is i bought an obd meater yet it is unable to establish

If you don't think your getting the ground command through your PCM, you can make your own ground just by bypassing the PCM all together. First you need to find a PCM connector end view showing which pins are which wires and locate the ground you nee ... Ford Windstar

2002 Durango 4.7L 2wd. It would not start; starter checked [it was ok] and a relay switch replaced. It then started for a short period then it refused to start. I had several scans and point checks done. Nothing was found, but the fuel pump was not getting fuel and I kept getting a “no bus” code. I was told it was the PCM and I had it replaced [flashed and coded]. It still would not start; Replaced fuel pump; would not start; Replaced/fixed catalytic converter-no luck. Replaced ignition


I have a 94 Nissan Quest gxe that will not start. First, the battery is fine. It is also free from corrosion. Has been checked and produces all lighting on the van. When I turn the key I get nothing. I was told the ignition switch might be at fault but for about 1 second the car turned over the other day but now, nothing. The lights DO NOT dim when I try to start the engine like it should with a proper ignition switch but I am confused because it turned over for that second. With a bad switch is

Try wiggling the shifter or putting it into neutral, if it starts when doing either of those 2 things then the manual lever sensor on the transmission may be at fault. ... 1994 Nissan Quest

I need to know what terminal from ignition switch goes to fuel pump because the original has a short in it somewhere. Have new switch and relay but still not getting power to pump.Ohm tested pump wires and get reading from pos. to ground.Wish to just rewire from switch.

Didyou check the inertia switch? if the relay is tuning on, the the problem is between relay and pump. if the wire was shorted you would have burned fuses or smoke somewhere. ... 1984 Ford F 150

Ignition I purchased a 2008 hhr ls my ignition switch went bad twice within 3-4 month my car has been at the dealer for an week i am trying to get gm to pay for the repair because my warranty has ended what can i do. I'm stranded in orlando fl and can't get home. I am getting the run around by GM

Tell them that the part that was put in is under warranty so the fix should be coverd. just dont take no for an answer! ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Fuel sysytem Hey i have a 1989 foxbody that i have been restoring for about 2yrs, on the day i try to crank it i cant get fuel, i checked my fuel pump seemed to be bad so i bought one my inertia switch is getting fire, and every thing else but no fire to the pump. i have checked all the connections to the battery all fuses etc, the car was running before i parked it to restore it and camup the motor and several things but no injector changes, or anything any idea will help

There is a reset switch in the trunk on the right side under the carpet or in the trunk on the back wall by the tail lights i had same problem found it and it was the fix i have the same car 89 5.0 trunk style hope this helps ... 1989 Ford Mustang

It will not start. it turns over and cranks but will not start. fuel pump, silenoid, fuel filter, ignition cylinder and ignition switch internal have all been replaced. The spark plugs are not firing and the fuel pump is not getting power to engage.

Even though you replaced it, fuel pump sounds bad....when you turn key on (not a crank)....do you hear a whirring noise from the fuel pump? ... 1995 Ford Explorer

1995 dodge dakota 3.9L not getting any spark or fuel. Have changed fuel pump, ( engine started right up and ran a day then nothing again). Changed spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Replaced ecm (with a used one from salvage yard), ignition switch (not tumbler), and battery. This vehicle was given to my son from his grandfaher after it had sat a few years. Siphoned most gas from tank and replaced with new fuel and fuel treatment. This model truck has fuel pump, fuel qty sensor, and fuel

Ok, try to forget all you have done and start a fresh with a new outlook.\015\012\015\012If you have no spark and no fuel ALWAYS concentrate on the spark first. The reason for this is most engine management systems can identify a non-spar ... 1995 Dodge Dakota
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