Having problems with your 1992 Honda Accord ?

My car won't crank all the way up

\015 I have a 92 Honda Accord EX 5speed and I tried to start my car but it won't crank it sounds as if its going to but won't what could be the problem?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

There is a switch under the front drivers side seat that will cause it to turn over and not start

Might it be that the issue is with the starter system. The\015\012starter system is initiated at the ignition switch when the key is\015\012turned to start. At this point, the ignition switch then provides\015\012+12VDC to a starter relay. The relay is but a remote switch with\015\012slightly higher amperage capacity. The starter relay then engages and\015\012supplies +12VDC to the staring solenoid. The starting solenoid then\015\012performs two (2) functions. It provides the switching action (hundreds\015\012amps) from the battery heavy cable to the actual starter motor. The\015\012solenoid likewise pushes a small pinion gear along the shaft of the\015\012starter motor to engage the ring gear. The ring gear is of course on\015\012the edge of the flywheel which in turn is attached to the crankshaft.

Starter system problems could be corrected by:
1. check battery, battery cables and connections;
2. charge the battery if required;
3. clean brushes and guides of brush holders of the starter motor;
4. clean the commutator and commutator segments;
5. check/replace the armature or field coils if determined to be defective;
6. in some extreme cases it could be the drive pinion or the flywheel gear ring is defective.
7. often it is the big switch that the solenoid activates that looses contacts causing no +12V internally to the motor.
8.\015\012Most likely would be a defective starter relay or the IGN switch\015\012itself. Relative to this, you might try and check the\015\012connectors/terminals and electrical joints.

In the picture below, the upper portion is the starter solenoid while the one below it is the actual starter.
Given the amount of work to overhaul a starter, you might consider just replacing it.

This of course assuming that all other vital components of the car are working.

Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kind regards.

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Hello! I need to understand the problem...Just a couple of questions to get started...When you say that you changed the igniter, do you mean the ignition coil? Have you checked for spark (hold plug to ground)...If there is a strong spark and fuel, th ... Honda Accord
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