Having problems with your 1992 Geo Prizm ?

Is the speed senor inside of tranmission on 92 geo prizm

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Is the speed senor inside of tranmission on 92 geo prizm

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How to adjust idle speed 93 geo prizm - 1993 Geo Prizm

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1999 taurus. 6 cyl OHV. Ran fine over the weekend. Parked car in driveway. Started this morning. Heard high(RPM) pitch winding sound coming from engine or tranmission. Noticed will not reverse or move into any gear after shifting. Transmission fluid is full. Recently changed transmission filter and Vehicle speed sensor about 1 month ago.. Ran fine after that.Serpentine belt is ok. Linkage on driver's side appears shifting ok. Could something have broken inside tranmission or maybe a sensor not a

Check for vacuum lines going to transmission or any vacuum line under hood. It is possible an animal chewed on the lines or wires. We get a few reports of that at Fixya.\015\012\015\012You might also look under the dash by the pedals fo ... 1998 Ford Taurus

This is a 95 geo prizm lsi 1.8 with corolla engine. engine jerks or studders when speeding up or at steady speeds around 2500 to 3000 all this happens once the engine is hot. note....i replace eveything i can think of, timing belt, plugs, rotor, wires, i am thinking of replacing the coil although it looks like it has been replaced already because when i bought it the screws looked kind of like someone used tools on it.

Could be the coil or the main bearings ... Geo Prizm

This is a 95 geo prizm lsi 1.8 with corolla engine. engine jerks or studders when speeding up or at steady speeds around 2500 to 3000 all this happens when the engine is hot or cold. note....i replace eveything i can think of, timing belt, plugs, rotor, wires, i am thinking of replacing the coil although it looks like it has been replaced already because when i bought it the screws looked kind of like someone used tools on it.


Do standard prizm have speed senso - 1996 Geo Prizm

Yes,all vehicles use them now, ... 1996 Geo Prizm

Changed out both speed senors for the tranmission and still have problems. how can i check to make sure the senors are working right? and what more can be wrong? jbsam5

Please remove battery connector for 10minutes to clear the error message. Take note afterwards.You need to clear Check engine sign after correcting the errors.Rate this. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

93 Geo Prizm Fails Both Low/High Speed TX Emission Test

The answer is a deffinate YES, I just performed this on my 94 Prism see link provided. http://s3.amazonaws.com/2cp-images/question_ima ... 1995 Geo Metro

Where do I add tranmission fluid on a 96 geo prizm

If you do not see a dip stick then you will have to look under the car, it will be a 17mm inset nut, have the car running in N when putting the fluid in ... 1995 Geo Prizm

How do i pop the lock on a 97 geo prizm from the passenger side (keys locked inside)

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Car died at stop light and now will not start. We replaced the Ignition module and it still will not start. Could it be the crank sensor? If so where is it on the car? The car is a 1991 Geo Prizm, 4cyl. 5 speed.

If it is it will likely show up by running code diagnostics. Here is where I would start. Your problem is either fuel related, spark related, or a compression/timing issue. And yes, these problems can be caused by sensors. Does the engine turn ov ... Geo Prizm

1991 geo prizm door does not open from inside.

Sounds like the door handle came off from inside. Open the door from the outside and remove the inner panel, you should be able to see where the door handle should connect to a small bar that opens the door. Reconnect the rod to the handle, there al ... 1991 Geo Prizm

I have a 1993 geo prizm it will start and run for a little bit then shut off at any speed then when trying to restart it it wont start it cranks over wants to start but wont

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How to replace the speed sensor - 1993 Geo Prizm

Welcome to FixyaSpeed Sensor is on the back side of the transmission. Look down from \015\012the back of your motor and look for an electrical connection to the top \015\012of your trans. Unhook the wire and its a 10mm both to get it of ... 1993 Geo Prizm

Will my 91 geo prizm make it to Seattle WA from LA, CAlifornia? It's 235000 miles with a new transmission and alternator. Sometimes when it's in idle for a while or in traffic my heat gage goes up but when I begin to drive at faster speeds it goes back down, will my car be ok and not over heat?

Sounds like you need to replace the thermostat sounds like its letting car overheat and it will then be ok to travel top off antifreese ... 1991 Geo Prizm

I just did an engine swap and now my car wont turn over? its a 94 geo prizm the engine threw a bearing and was knocking i got a car for free that had a bad transmission, befor i did the swap both cars would start and drive...now that i did the swap and hooked everything back up the car wont turn over also the radiator fan will come on when i try to start the car i can take the key out and it stays on untill i put it in reverse? its a 5 speed, ive checked my plugs from the wiring harness tomorrow

... 1994 Geo Prizm

I have a 94 Geo Prizm LSI 1.8L. I have a real odd hesitation, sputter. Before the car shut down, it drove fine, except that it you maintained a steady speed the car would sputter - but not when accelerating over 2K. Then 2 days ago while in the drive thru it choked out and died. I pulled the idle air sensor - cleaned and lubricated it, high idle issue from before all of this is gone. I thought it may be getting too much fuel. The problem ultimately leads me back to the TPS, when I took the TPS o

Try exchanging the MAP sensor from the other "good running" car. What I think you are experiencing is a flat MAP which fails to read more than the minimum. A MAP sensor out on these cars will make it run absolutely terrible and die as you have indica ... 1994 Geo Prizm

Were is the back up light senor/ switch 1995 geo prizm

It's on the transmission. If you have an automatic, it is part of the safety interlock switch at the cable attach point and looks like this:\015\012\015\012 ... 1995 Geo Prizm

My 1995 geo prizm idles roughly in park and the engine dies when you put it in gear. it doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot and forget trying to use the a/c. everything works fine while moving at any speed though.

The problem is in the idle air control valve which controls the idle of the motor and idles the motor up when an extra load is put on the motor. It is mounted on the throttle body and is a little round barrel looking item with a plug in on the end of ... 1995 Geo Prizm

1991 Geo Prizm sedan: When I turn on the heat/AC, my blower motor works consistently on the highest setting, but only on the lower ones intermittently. Since the problem isn't constant at all speeds, does that mean a short circuit somewhere rather than a blown fuse or shot motor? Also, the control panel light (when the headlights are on) is out, but the dash lights (speedometer, gauges, etc) are working. Is there perhaps a connection in terms of these two problems?

There are bulbs in the control head that could be out,your fan speed problem sounds like the control switch is either corroded or has poor contact between the fan speeds and mostly only makes full contact for the high blower speed. ... 1991 Geo Prizm

What is the correct idle speed on 93 geo prizm automatic trans 1.6l

Between 900 and 1200 rpm after warmed up ... 1993 Geo Prizm

Had car running went inside store and when i came out the car was making a weird slapping sound so i hurried up and drove the car home. When i popped the hood i saw a belt all ripped up its directly on the left side of the engine, of a 95 geo prizm. Other then the ssound of the broken belt the car seemed to be driving okay tho i only did go about a half mile or less. Just trying to determin if its something like the surpintene belt which would be the worse or hopefully a fan belt

I believe you only have 1 belt on that car unless you have a/c then you have 2 \015\012\015\012go to auto zone they give pics with directions on changing belts ... 1995 Geo Prizm

I have a tight area to work in in changin the serpentine belt on a 2002 Geo Prizm. I removed inside wheel panel to gain better access. The pulley nut that I should be turn clock wise seems to only loosening instead of opening up the tension so that I can remove old belt and install new belt. What gives?

You need to loosen the upper and lower mounting bolts before the alternator will move.Top takes a 12mm wrench and the bottom, two 14mm wrenches.Also you may need to loosen the upper belt adjuster as well[12mm wrench] to get the alternator to move.Tur ... Geo Prizm

My problem is my 2002 nissan altima makes a loud noise and doesnt shaft good at all. Had tranmission rebuilt and still doesnt work good.what would be the sign of a speed senor thank you for you time.

... 2002 Nissan Altima
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