Having problems with your 1992 Geo Prizm ?

The alternator for a '92 prizm is just a little too wide on the bottom where it attaches to the frame of the car

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It is suposed to be a tight fit so that it lines up properly to the pulley. You may have to give it a smack with your hand and get it into place on the bracket. You may also have to bend the outer flange ever so little to help ease it into place. BE CAREFUL if you do because too much bending can break it. A little patience will get it back together. Hope this helps.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1992 Geo Prizm

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The alternator for a '92 prizm is just a little too wide on the bottom where it attaches to the frame of the car

It is suposed to be a tight fit so that it lines up properly to the pulley. You may have to give it a smack with your hand and get it into place on the bracket. You may also have to bend the outer flange ever so little to help ease it into place. BE ... 1992 Geo Prizm

Passenger side mirrior broken away from car--Oldsmobile Alero '03 I backed up into a mailbox on the side of the road and it broke the side mirror's plastic attachment away from the car. It is hanging on the side of the car now. It is still attached by a little bit on the bottom and by the eletrical wires. The eletrical wires still work, as I can still move the mirrior from inside the car. I'm wondering what I should do? Can I fix it myself? If so, what would need to be done and what tool

If your insurance were to cover that, you wouldn't ask a \015\012stranger on the internet,call the insurance agent\015\012\015\012You can remove the inner door panel and replace\015\012the mirror yourself,maybe,if you have aut ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

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Revisa en los pick a part\015\012ahi tienen muchos autos en los que puedes encontrarlos ... 1987 Ford Merkur XR4Ti

I drained my battery while charging my phone, got a jump and drove it for a couple days with no problem. Yesterday, I noticed my lights inside the car were a little dimmer than before but drove it anyway, then my car died. While I was getting a jump, the car was running fine, while the battery cables were attached, but as soon as I detached the cables, the car died. Alternator,battery, or worse? Thank you for your help.

It is the battery. There are a series of cells inside the battery and a least two have shorted out against each other. You vehicle monitors the battery voltage at all times, and when it senses low voltage (under 10 volts) it will shut down. I am assu ... 2000 Nissan Altima

The car refused to start, made clicking sounds @ the solenoid and the starter, still had current, the radio was working etc...So I bought a new solenoid which had an extra screw at the bottom where the old one had only one with a wire attached..Anyways with the new solenoid in the car doesn't make any noise trying to start it, a little noise at the starter but could it be I just wired the new solinoid wrong? I tried it different ways after it didn't work after i wired it the way it came off...An

First, put the old solenoid back on and see if you get the original clicking noise. If yes, you either wired the new one wrong or got a wrong and/or defective part. Your clicking noise can come from several places. First, make sure the battery is goo ... 1993 Mercury Topaz

Driver power window does not work all others do. previous intermittent working? 2002 ford escape I have the switch removed from the car. two wires go to the motor red and white/w black stripe Is one + the other - and then alternate to up and down for the window? does the motor use the attachment to the frame to aquire ground?? help Don

No there is no ground. It is all controlled by the switch. What you want to do is get a Multi meter and set it to 20 Volts. Then hook it up to the 2 wires at motor. It should read around 12 volts when you press switch up and should read -12 Volts whe ... 2002 Ford Escape

Sentra 2000.I was driving ok then the brake light came on,and little by little the control pannel lights dimmed till car stopped.changed the alternator, but after driving the car for about 30 mins. brake and battery lights came on.cheked alternator and it is ok.changed with 2 different alternators and problem still the same .lights still on.Please help!!!

Did you change the battery too? If your alternator had been going out, your battery may have been damaged. Have it tested. ... Nissan Sentra

2004 Explorer Replaced Alternator, but car idle still not right, stalls, ck engine light still on. Car lights when dim and then car died. Mechanic said it was the alternator. Alternator replaced. Car check engine light still remained on. Mechanic said it would reset itself after a little while of driving. Not happening and when starting the car, the engine idles rough or low and then stalls. Does software from ford need to be downloaded on the car?

... 2004 Ford Explorer

I have just bought a 1997 Ford Escort Wagon from the auction two days ago, the car was running great as I drove it outside the yard to get it towed home, that was like 2 pm. I came back at night to check if the lights and the signals work and the car was dead. No Battery, so I charged the battery a little bit and placed again, the car started but at first, when i pressed the accelerator, the alternator went on, so I tied up the battery connectors a little bit and it was fine. I left it running f

You have a dead short in your electrical system trace the bernt wires thay have to be touching each other creating a short A new battery may not be neccery there should be ON ARC when attaching a battery termanal. hope this helps CJ P/S hope you d ... 1997 Ford Escort

Whats the best way to take out the alternator on my daughters 2002 vw passat . I have changed an alternator in outher cars before this one looks as if its at the bottom of the car.

Yup it falls out the bottom a little uncomfortable aswell get your rachet and extensions ready cause this is not fun on VW's ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1999 explorer. I felt a little bump while I was driving slowly through a parking lot & all of a sudden it felt like I had no power steering. I pulled over a little further down the road & turned off the car then noticed it was smoking. When I opened the hood, the cap of the radiator was off & there was radiator fluid leaking from the bottom of the car & some squirted on other things under the hood. What should I do?

Check to see if the serpentine belt is broken or has come off the pulleys. One belt runs the power steering and water pump. If the belt is broken or has fallen off, it will need to be replaced. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

My car was sputtering withe battery light on. I checked the battery, and it was fine. The alternator was going out. I changed the alternator and put all serpentine belt on correctly. Now when I turn the car on the tension pulley seems to have a little bit of give in it and it makes a whirring sound. The battery light is back on. Any ideas what may be causing this?

Is the alternator putting out 14+ volts when it is running? If so is it a cheap alternator? The bearings might be bad. Could be water pump or anything the belt drives such as the A/C. Have the battery tested ASAP then the alternator. ... 2003 Ford Expedition

I have a 99 mazda 626 Lx and it wont start the starter will turn but it wont catch but my serpentine belt is a little worn im wondering if its the belt and alternator i had my battery checked and its good . i just bought this car and in may 2010 the owner told me they put a used alternator on the car. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

No. If your starter is whirring but not turning the engine, you're going to need a starter. The belt is irrelevant. ... 1999 Mazda 626

I have a 1994 Cadillac STS, it recently had the rear window busted out and there was a little water damage to the back interior.What I'm worried about is all those little "brain boxes" in the back that got wet.I replaced the window but the car has not run right since, it has lost power, acts as if the alternator is bad,and the transmission doesn't seem to want to shift gears.Before the window got busted none of these things were a problem the car ran fine. Any ideas on whats wrong?

Yes Brain Boxes got wet, try a junk yard for the parts. disconnect battery to replace them. ... Cadillac STS

My battery light came on yesterday. I have a 1995 Saturn SL1 and I believe one of you guys told me to check the battery with a voltage meter while car running. I did that and the read out is about 14.2. Also check the battery with car off and reading about the same. I am a little confused as to why we are checking the battery instead of alternator???? BTW where is the alternator located??? What does it mean if battery light still on and the read outs are at about 14.2????


Two months ago i had problems with my electrical system. The car shut off and the engine smoked. The mechanic told me that he replaced a module and some broke wires. Before I brought the car home I had the mechanic check the battery and the alternator. He said the they were both strong.A few weeks later the car started jerking a little ,but the car never stopped. The car drove fine until a day ago. All of the sensor lights came on, the radio started giving off a ticking sound and than the car ju

Sounds like alt. wasn't charging/or bat wasn't taking charge. take bat to have tasted. if its ok. suspect the alt. with a good bat. the voltage at terminals when running with lights on should be 12-14.5. ... 1992 Lexus Ls 400

I have a 91 geo prizm thats the battery and brake light come on then car dies. Replaced the alternator and battery. Car still is dieing. I'm at a loss. I need this car fixed. I have two young kids and no car! Please help!

... 1991 Geo Prizm

I am trying to attach an aftermarket stereo (Sony CDX-GT430U) in a 2005 Kia Spectra. I am a little confused about my wiring. I have the following wires in the Spectra: Car radio Battery Constant 12v+ - pink Car radio ground wire - black Car Antenna Trigger wire - green/black Car radio Illumination wire - blue/black I have the following wires on my new radio: black- ground blue - to the power antenna (aerial) control lead or power supply lead of antenna (aerial) booster. blue/white

Hi Scott,You are very close.-------------------------Car -------- Radio ----Constant+12 Pink ------- YellowGround Black ----- BlackACC +12 ----- RedAntenna ... 2005 Kia Spectra

What could be wrong with my 2007 eclipse..... Problem(s)- it started with a little vibrate when car was stoped and idling....now I hear and feel car vibrate lot more and harder...plus it sounds like clicking/squeaking sound 2 places 1 bottom of car maybe in middle underneath...2nd is this squeaking hear while in driver seat. It sounds like a mattress squeak but it sounds like its coming from beyond the steering wheel like in engine area. Recent fixes on car...a belt broke while driving so mech

Check tensioners and pulley ... Cars & Trucks

Hesitation I have a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser... I get a "hesitation" on acceleration... Even though my car is 5 years old it has only got 26,500 miles on it... (I have seen the carfax report). I have had the car for a little over a year and it has only been doing this a few months... It has never stalled and never failed to crack.... Do you have any idea where I need to start to get this problem fixed. I am a female but I have worked on cars before from changing starters and alternators to hel

Sherry you may try an injector cleaner through it...it may be carbon build up on the valves ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Last week I had an alternator changed on my ford focus, when I pull out of parking lot I had bigger problems than a battery light on when car was brought in. Turns out they accidently pushed axle in too far. Replaced it without problem and additional cost. Now a week later my whole power steering pump is shot and will cost 800.00 to fix. Car ran perfect up to the little light. Just wondering if they could of possibly damaged pump or that area also. Car is a 2005 ford focus with under 85000.00 m

I just replaced my alternator on my 2003 ford focus and the only way to get it out of the engine compartment was to put a jack between my drive shaft and power steering shaft to get the few millimeters of needed clearance to remove the old one and in ... Ford Focus

I have a stick shift car. the shifter came loose today. i took apart the console, and found where the shifter attached to a rod that lets it change gears. but, i can't figure out how to reattach it. it looks like a ball and socket joint, where the ball part is attached to the bottom of the shifter, and the socket is attached to the rod underneath (the rod is parallel to the ground). how do i connect the two pieces again ?

... 1998 Saturn SC

When I press the gas, the car won't accelerate. Just had my alternator replaced for the 2nd time in 3 years. Car drove fine the day after but since then on at least 4 different occasions when I go to press the gas the car just coasts a little bit and will not accelerate. One time the SLIP light came on but no other lights have come on when it has happened the other 4 times. Also, the distance to empty reading is inaccurate. I filled up my gas tank today and the gas tank is reading full, but the

Does the engine idle speed change when accelerating or does the engine bog down? ... Infiniti I35

Good day everyone. A couple times when I had tried to start my car I had heard this kind of grinding sound and the car shook a little bit. Trying to get to the bottom of this problem I started my car about 15-17 times or so trying to get it to do it again but it wouldn't and hasnt done it since. I know starting it this many times is a workout on the starter, but could I have hurt the engine by doing this. I really did not consider this before trying to solve my other problem, and it got me a bit

No ....under any circumstances people start their vehicles many times during a day especially delivery drivers consider pizza drivers ,ups etc....however if the grinding issue continues again i would 1st consider loose starter bolts ..then proceed fr ... 2005 Nissan Altima

My 1997 ford contour will not stay running. I can turn it on and will run for a little bit but once you hit a higher speed the car dies. I have had the alternator check and the battery they are both working great.ON this i have replaces the engine, water pump, belts, and timing. I am now being told it has something to do with the wiring of the car. I was told when the guy took out the engine and put it back in he did not hook up something right. I think need the wiring mad for the car. Oh and it

... 1997 Ford Contour
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