Having problems with your 1992 Ford Ranger ?

The rear antilock brake light keeps coming on

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Rear brakes after i drive my 1987 ford bronco for about 20 minutes the rear antilock light and the brake light comes on and it feels like the rear brakes lock up one time i kept driving it and when i got off the rear wheels were smoking what should i do?

Take it to a shop and let them scan the computer and see if any codes come up. ... 1987 Ford Bronco

The rear antilock brake light keeps coming on

... 1992 Ford Ranger

When I turn on my head lights I get the head lights left on signal and none of the dash gages work. The Inition Gages fuse keep blowing and though the heater / A/C fan will blow, the A/C compressor won't come on. What I have found is the brake light switch has two power plugs. with the rear plug unplugged from the switch every thing works right but, then after a short while of driving,the brake light comes on and won't go out until the engine is shut down. Sounds like something electrical has go

Sound like u have too much load on the electrical system, check the alternato, make sure its charging at the right level ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

My abs lights keep coming on in my 2002 tahoe...i chaser the seed sensor but the back brakes seem to not release totally and my abs light keeps coming on. The local parts store diagnosed it further as my abs module. I have been reading up on it and I have never heard anything running. My main problem are the rear breaks and sometimes not being able to stop which is definitely the abs system, can I get any advise on what exactly is going on and what could be wrong.....am I doing right by gettin

... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hi I have a supercharged sport 2006 55 registration. The vehicle keeps coming to an abrupt stop, and it sounds as though the rear brakes are locking on. The ABS light comes on and the DSC, would this be down to material in the drums building up and causing the locking on? Should the brakes pads on the BREMBO brakes be replaced? On another note i have what seems to be fresh YELLOW looking oil coming into the top glovebox, is there something behind the dash which could be causing this?

Check all caliper making sure all piston is working properly and not getting stuck or have seized up. caliper piston can seized up due to heat and may also cause your break not to work properly. If all pistons looks good than my next guess would be y ... Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Abs lights keep coming on? 2006 Monte Carlo. 44,000 miles. Started car this morning, antilock brake yellow light and ABS yellow light both came on. No change in braking performance I can feel. Is it under warranty by chance? Second time this has happened. Did it last week, but the lights went out the next day.

You could have a bad ABS wheel sensor or loose ABS wire harness.\015\012 If you have the extended warranty you may still covered, depends on the amount of years and miles your warranty extends to. The dealer where you bought the car would know w ... 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1999 chevy express. intermittent the antilock light comes on, fans shut off and cruise control shuts off. when it comes back on the brake light turns on and front and rear fans restart

I have the same problem on my 2000 chevy crew cab dually keep searching and searching the internet but no one has a cure for this problem. I found it !!!! It is the stupid little black box under the ignition where you put the key in. I tapped it with ... 1999 Chevrolet Express

On a 92 dodge 250 with a cummins automatic 4x4. We cant seem to get the rear brakes to work. Evrything is replaced( master cyl, wheel cyl, shoes, rear wheel antilock lock valve) the pedal goes to floor and brake warning light comes on. truck has been bleed several times. Any suggestions would be great.

Sorry to hear you're having problems. Here is an old school last resort trick of the trade repair. We used to do this on race cars when we had problems with bleeders. With little to lose you might try this. Park the truc ... Dodge Pickup

Indicator waring lights, brake light faliure. rear fog lamp blown, tyre pressure not monitered.. all these keep coming up when the brake pedel is pressed.. i have checked all the bulbs and they all work.. any ideas...

Try the earth point behind the dash ... 2005 Peugeot 405

When I turned on the lights last night to drive home the rear lights did not come on at all. When we hit the brake lights nothing... We turned the lights off and hit brake lights the brake lights come on. Hazzards, blinkers, reverse lights come on. Fuses are good. My thinking is that there is a relay of some kind that went out and if this is the case where would it be located? I know that the passenger rear tail light assembly is going bad and is on order to replace.

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I'm having an unusual problem with a 1990 Geo Prizm. When I step on the brake the brake light comes on in the rear. When I turn on the lights the brake light goes out if I'm holding the brake pedal down. If I turn on the lights and then hit the brake pedal the brake lights will not come. I believe the brake switch is fine because the brake lights come on when I step on the brake with the lights off. I can't find a fautly fuse. I took the light assembly appart and also noticed that there are thre

Make sure you have the right bulbs in the right place...Sometimes they will fit, even though they are not right...Your brake light bulb should be a two filiment bulb...If it is one , then there goes your problem...Now if your bulbs are interchangable ... 1990 Geo Prizm

My rear anti lock light as well as brake light comes on. If you drive the vehicle BEFORE the light comes on the brakes are "mushy" but if you wait for the light to come on the brakes then seem fine. Is this the rear abs sensor? I took out the sensor or what i think is the sensor, it looks exactly like the part DESS10261. I tested it with a voltmetre and it shows zip.

The brake light and Rr Abs light come on with my 1996 Rodeo also. Sometimes the light turns off while I'm driving. The brakes work fine either way. What's the deal? ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Brake lights go out when head lights are on. During day brake lights work fine. At night when driving with lights on, applying the brakes turns off the rear tail lights. The center brake light in the rear window is not affected. When you take foot off brakes rear tail lights come back on.

What most likely you have on the rear lights is a bad ground between the lights and the frame /chassis. If the lights are on a tailgate /hatch then the wire is probably broken in the space between the 2 units where it moves a lot. Try running a temp ... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

X reg Scenic 1.9DCi Lighting problems. All sorts of things happening! Indicators go double speed when brake pedal pressed or rear fog lights operated. Indicators glow when side lights on. High level stop lights not working at all. Rear fog warning light on dash comes on when brake pedal operated or when indicators on , rear side light switch brings on brake lights and brakes lights only operate around half brightness etc etc etc? Have checked fuses and most connections, but can't find anything o

... 2000 Renault 181

I have a 98 s10 and the rear brake lights will not come on but my third light above the cab will come on. i have checked grounds on the back of the frame and all seem good. no fuses bad and bulbs are good. when i have the park lights on and the brake pedal is pushed i get a little feed back through the brake wire at the rear when my test light is in the wire. please help Thanks Robert [email protected]

... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Ip brake and rear antilock brakes lights come on while driving.

... 1990 Ford F150

19198 malibu The ABS light keeps coming on and my rear brakes are engaging before the front brakes. Any solutions? Thanks! je

Chances are there is a malfunction in the proportioning valve inside the ABS unit. Only a qualified tech should replace it due to safty reasons. ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Rear antilock brake lite keeps coming on even after new rear pads and new rotation sencer

Change the sensor that is on top of the rear differential...You probaly can take it out and clean it and disconnect the battery, and test drive, and it might go off ... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

On my 2008 Subaru Outback, my rear tail lights are on as they normally would be, however, when I step on the brake, the brake lights do not come on (for both left and right), but the spoiler brake light comes on. I don't think the brake light switch is the problem because the spoiler light comes on fine.

Did anyone find a solution, or a good lead on the problem? Just had the bumper replaced after a small accident (tire dealership) and I'd rather not go hunting if it's something simple. ... 2008 Subaru Outback

When lights are on, rear lights(brake) go out when brake pedal is applied. Third brake light works normally all the time, and brake lights come on in day time though they are dim. Rear brake and running lights are dim as compared to third brake light.

Sounds to me you have a gounding problem with the lights in the back. ck the bulbs to see if they are in good shape no rust and such. than ck the wiring in the back and see if you find where they are getting the for the light at ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Brake light, battery light, antilock brake light coming on

This issue sounds like a grounding issue, teh main clue being everything gets dimmer. sometimes an additional ground is a faster repair than finding and resolving under dash issues.\015\012\015\012This issue will likely NOT be battery or ... 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante

Both rear brake lights do not come on...the third brake light over the cab comes on when brake pedal is mashed. I have changed all the bulbs in the rear light housings and checked all fuses. What could the problem be

I would check the stop light switch and the fuse in the under hood fuse panel ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 2004 Ford Focus estate and when I brake, my front lights come on (the rear brake lights also come on fine). Any ideas why this may be happening? I think this started following my MOT being completed and I was told a rear brake light was replaced, could this have anything to do with it? Thanks.

Check the bulbs.mine were changed and some genius put wrong bulb in and i had exact same problem as you.make sure tail/brake bulb has double steel connectors.my drivers side one had bulb with single connector,i put new bulbs in both sides and problem ... 2000 Ford Focus

ABS light keeps coming on after replacing the rear brakes

Make sure abs sensor not broken or damaged, also double check fluid level ? may need to get it scanned for codes to tell you fast whats the problem? ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The brake light doesn't come on. the taillight brake lights do not come on. I replaced the bulbs. My rear lights come on, just not the brake lights.

The fuse is at fault. if all good on the fuse, bridge the 2 wires at the brake pedal switch together and see if they come on, if they do, refresh the switch. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy
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