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How to replace brake hose

\015 Explain how to remove/install brake hose on left front wheel\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Right front brake line needs to be replaced. I see there is a recall: Recall Number: 93V121000 Dates Manufactured: APR 1993 to APR 1993 Number of Vehicles Affected: 2848 Date Owners Notified On: JAN 0001 THE BRAKE HOSES WERE MANUFACTURED INCORRECTLY, AND DO NOT COMPLY WITH FMVSS 106, "BRAKE HOSES." Consequence of Defect: THE IMPROPERLY MANUFACTURED BRAKE HOSES CAN CAUSEREDUCED BRAKE EFFECTIVENESS AND/OR UNEVEN BRAKING, WHICH COULD RESULT IN ANACCIDENT. Corrective Action: REPLACE THE RIGHT FRONT

Go to the dealer and ask. they will be able to look up your vehicle by the vin to see if it is included in this recall and whether the work was done yet.\015\012\015\012robert ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

What-to-do? Had my 2 front brake hoses replaced in 2010 due to failing a wof, passed 3 wof since then and now due agen, VTNZ failed brake hoses saying they to long, and that hoses have to be replaced as they may rub against body of car. I am confused as the car like I explained above passed 3 wof and hasnt needed any recommended work since then, sought 2nd and 3rd opinions from mechanic who replaced hoses as well as another mechanic both agree they are within the legal wof code.VTNZ failed a 2n

Hi this is a common prob with vtnz over here i had a similar prob had been taking my car 4 a wof there for years and then suddenly they pick up on things they had been passing for years, anyhow the only reason for failing brake hoses thay you have re ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 92 chrsy. 5th ave with no antilock brakes. just base brakes with rear drums. replaced master cly. due to leaking and replaced all the brake lines and hoses. i have good streams of fluid from all 4 wheels. and a solid pedal when car is off. soon as i start the car. brake pedal goes to the floor. rebled brakes, replaced 4 master cyls., both front calipers, wheel cyls., prop. valve, brake booster and check valve. bled brakes with a power bleeder, by pumping the pedal, and gravity bled. any

If the pedal drops to the floor without you stepping on it or with very little effort then i would say bad booster or bad check valve on the vacuum line going to the booster. Hops this helps. ... Chrysler New Yorker

Is it common for the brake booster vacuum line to fail? It was below freezing and tapping the brakes leaving my driveway all of a sudden a loud hiss and now its a very low constant hiss. I don't know about the valve or the hose replacement but it seems to be simple. Going to try replacing that hose in a few minutes, but could ot be that valve it attaches to? is that valve suppose to be loose where you can turn it? Is the valve itself replaceable? Want to try all of the small things before buyin

Yes, it could be a hole in the hose. The valve is okay loose -- it's a check valve -- it can be replaced -- may be difficult to find one w/o having to buy the entire booster.\015\012\015\012Charlie ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My brakes will tighten up as you are driving. They will tighten so much that if you let off of the gas the car will stop. The brakes smoke. We have replaced the power brake booster, vaccuum hose, flex hoses on the left and right. The brakes hold so tight that the transmission does not want to go into overdrive. If you remove vaccuum hose from booster the brakes will release. What now?

Try replacing the check valve in the brake booster vacumn line see if it helps you can test it first by blowing in it, you should only be able to blow in it 1 way but not the other ... Hyundai Accent

I have a Jeep Wrangler 1992. Replaced rear axle with a Ford 8.8 axel rear end and installed all new brake rotors, callipers, hoses, metal lines, forward brake discs, hoses. Have bled reapeatedly....pumping and numatic suction brake bleeders. Still no brakes. Will not build up pressure. Wondering about the prop. valve? Opened it and cleaned it...looks fine. I think brakes work fine...wife disagrees. Unable to get brakes to bleed could the prop. valve be to blame. Followed all instructions in Hane

The proportioning valve most definately can be the problem. Did you change it or is it the original? (A disc/drum system uses a 70%front/30%rear braking ratio, whereas an all-disc system is alot more even). I would first bleed the master cylinder. ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

Front brakes I have had several issues with my brakes. The front brakes (especially driver side) gets hot and smokes but is not leaking anything. We have bled the brakes, replaced the brakes, replaced hose lines and calipers. Was told it could be master cylinder but with what I have found it does not seem like that. It seems like brake pressure wont release unless the car sits awhile and then is okay for a short distance then acts up again. Today i had to almost floor the gas just to get it up t

If the proportioning clogs or damaged it can cause brake problems such as yours take pressure readings on all 4 calipers the proportioning valve is just as it says differentiates the pressure front to back also the abs unit itself can cause the same ... 2000 GMC Envoy

Left front caliper sticks after having a brake line break. fixed brake line and then caliper stuck so replaced caliper. did not solve problem so replaced brake hose. no luck. still sticks until you bleed brake and then caliper releases but when you press brake pedal it sticks again. any ideas? 93 mercury villager

... Mercury Villager

Well no brakes have completely replaced every thing on it for the brake system i have replaced 4 brake lines the brake booster master cylinder both wheel cylinders both calipers and a rubber brake hose and still no petal and when i crank it the pedal gets softer so whats up cant figure it out

I think that you need to tow this car to a garage and have a mechanic bleed the brakes properly. ... 1992 Volkswagen Jetta

The brake light is on so I filled the brake fluid receptacle. I saw some leak on the ground. I took it to the mechanic to have the brake hose replaced but I was told I have to replace the whole brake system which will cost over $3,000 brand new, but I could use a perfectly used one from a second hand store and he gave me an estimate of from $1,000 to $1,500. Is it worth to spend this much or is it time for me to get another car ?

Cant get a grip with these prices for the life of me ,what was all this money for as a new master cylinder is cheap enough about 100 euros max ,brake pads about 50euros ,new flexible hoses about 15 euros each ,even the metal pipes are not expensive w ... Lincoln Town Car

Front and rear drum brakes, the pads are ok, but the brake pedal started going to the floor. When I tried to bleed them, the rear bleeder screws broke. So I replaced both wheel cylinders. The rubber hose in the rear that attaches to the axle, had been pinched, so I repaired it with a hose connector. I have bled all four brakes in the correct order, but the pedal still goes to the floor. Could there still be air in the line or does it sound like something else? I'm not losing brake fluid an


A volvo dealer is charging $525+for the followingcheck front and rear brakes, balance and ratate tires, checkpcv system,power steering fluid, transmission fluid,, check for leaks, and to of all fluids as necessary, check exterior lighting, exhoust, steering and suspension components, check hoses, battery, lubricatesteering stops, trunk and hood hinges and latches. Remove and clean throttle body and replace gasket, replace engine air filter and fuel filter. Replace brake fluids. replace spark plu

Hello. Yes, that is expensive and rather illusive also. i.e. replacing spark plugs and serpentine belt "if necessary". First of all join AAA, the auto club, which is cheap and great insurance should u ever have a break down. Then, find a nondeale ... Volvo S80

Have 99 saturn SL2. car pulls left upon hard braking. replaced right front caliper which I thought was bad but didn't solve the problem. upon loosening of brake hose to right caliper, with a light brake pedal pressure there is immediate fluid flow. so I'm asumming the line is not restricted. Is it still possible that the rubber hose is defective? would problems with the back brakes be able to have this pulling effect? are there any valves in the fluid line that could be defective? thans

Assuming that the Tires for both Left and Right are:\015\0121. Equal Sizes.\015\0122. Both Properly Inflated - this is a common problem.\015\0123. Have equal wear on them. Example: If the Left Tire is balding on the outside and t ... 1999 Saturn SL

Have a 79 chevy pickup 350 the front calipers froze i replaced them replaced master cylinider and i have replace brake hoses on the front the brake s still freezes what am i not doing and what do i need to do

This is a problem that I am very familiar with as I had the same problem on a 79 chevy van. After scratching my head for a couple days I decided that the only thing I had not replaced was the rubber lines........ I did and they worked perfect ... Chevrolet Chevy

My 1997 gmc 1500 has developed a "soft" pedal and the I P lights have come on. If I clamp a pair of vise grips on the rear brake hose before the "T:|"the pedal becomes firm. I have bled the brakes many times, replaced the rear wheel cylinders and lines back to the "T" replaced the drums and shoes, but the pedal is still soft and the lights stay on. I just changed the master cylinder, and still no difference. The master was bench bled before instalation. I did replace the main line going to the

Hi, you are experiencing the GM brake pedal, this is a common problem, most of the time the abs module is to blame. if air gets trapped in the module it will always be spongy. you need to crack the bleeders just after the abs unit and have an assista ... GMC Sierra 1500

I have a '97 F250 diesel with about 180K. The brake pedal is very hard to push. I have replaced the power brake booster there is vacuum in the hose going to booster (i started truck took hose off booster and felt the vacuum in the hose). What else coulod it be?

Make sure the calipers are not locked down on the rotors. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

Replaced the brake hose drivers side. Old hose exploded. Now I am unable to get brake pressure after several attempts to bleed the brakes.


Rear brakes way too hot. replaced the pads and very difficult to turn in, in fact had to releive pressure at the hose to get it to go in at all. Is it possible that the master is at fault? I don't want to waist more time and money rebuilding or replacing the calapers if they are not the problem... i did find the parking brake cables were shot so replaced them.. better but still way too hot...any info??

This seems to be a common problem with the trooper.\015\012I replaced both calipers on the rear as they had the same problem. ... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

2004 buick park ave. rt front brake drags, gets hot! caliper replaced, twice! brake hoses replaced, new master cylinder cap and gasket, bled all fluid from system, and replaced with new. seems to drag on outer pad before pumping up cylinder. HELP! I'm at my wits end!


I just asked a question regarding front brakes on a 95 Suburban. Did anyone get it? I lost my connection....x Since I did not see this screen before I'm guessing no one received my question. Here goes, I replaced the front rotor, which was so chewed up, the slots were trashed. While replacing the pads, I noticed that the caliper was not functioning so I had it rebuilt. While bleeding the brakes (front brakes from the hoses), we went from no pedal to some pedal. At some point the master emptied a

I also have had this happen to me. My problem was that my master cylinder went out on me. I can not say that has happened to you yet.\015\012\015\012I can say that yes you do have air in the line. You need to ... 1991 GMC K2500

I have replaced all brake parts including front brake hoses and let all the brake fluid to drain out of the master cylinder. Went to bleed the brakes and it appeared to bleed all air out of the lines etc.. Then went to take a test drive and the brake pedal went to the floor like no brake pedal pressure and no brakes at all. It's like there is no master cylinder at all. Before I performed the brake job the brakes functioned fine. Have any ideas as to why the master cylinder seems not to pump up ?

U forgot to bleed the BRAKE MASTER!\012When ur bleeding the brakes, make sure ur engine is RUNNiNG. I f u haven't got any BLEEDiNG tools that sucks all the fluid in ur car, try Bleeding first the master, 2nd will be the front wheel brakes, and the RE ... 1990 GMC S-15 Jimmy

1990 Isuzu Trooper Brake Problems. The breaks on my trooper seem to have an issue. I had replaced the pads on all 4 not long ago. Just the other day my brake peddle pressure is almost gone. I was told that it could be the booster. I took it to a shop and was told it was the booster. So I replaced the booster and still have the same problem. I checked the valve hose on the booster seems to work. I was wanting to know what else could be causing this issue. I have to down shift and pump brak

Get your vehicle's brakes master cylinder checked, tht could be the problem. ... Isuzu Trooper

I have a 1993 BMW 325I and I replaced the calipers pads rotors caiper hose because my brakes locked up in the front for no reason. They started smoking and froze. So I replaced everything. But the brakes are still locking up when I turn on the vehicle. but when it is off it is fine. It moves freely.......Any sugetions?

There could be a brake booster or ABS problem. Parts should not be replaced until proven bad, it costs a lot of money to guess. If you disconnect the brake booster while the engine is running and plug the hose, that would confirm or rule out the boos ... 1990 BMW 3 Series

I replaced my brakes and now they brake fine but with use they gradually lock up and will not release. This is on a 1986 Ford F150, I replaced both front calipers and pads and the high pressure hoses and it has a new master cylinder. When they do lock up I use the bleed valve and release some of the fluid and they unseize and will work again for a bit.

You have a new defective master cylinder, happens all the time. pull it off and take it in for an exchange and buy new not rebuilt. The rebuilts do not last. ... Ford F-150

Very little (almost nonexistent) rear brakes. Cannot stop rear wheels even with wheels off the ground. Replaced MC, wheel cyl.,Rubber hose, booster, proportioning valve, bypassed rear ABS, shoes, drums, hardware. What's left????? I burn through front brakes in 2000 miles and have replaced A-frame busings annually.

What happens when you try to bleed the rear brakes? If nothing comes out, trace each line back toward the proportioning valve--something would be blocking flow of fluid. Disconnect each line at the forward end and see if fluid comes out of the valve ... 1997 Dodge Dakota
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