Having problems with your 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab ?

Remove wires from distributor an two came off new as i was switching wires lost sequence and I don't know firing

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Wiyhout knowing which motor you have Ive sent all three diagrams to you. Hope this helps you.. Wayne
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

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Remove wires from distributor an two came off new as i was switching wires lost sequence and I don't know firing

Wiyhout knowing which motor you have Ive sent all three diagrams to you. Hope this helps you.. Wayne\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

99 venture ran excellent had head gasket problem replaced all gaskets and put on a timing gear and chain will not fire up right it sounds like only one or two cylinders are firing like the timing is off. checked the gear and chain its right on checked firing order checked spark i even used starter fluid all sounds like timing is off all new spark plugs & wires it ran almost perfect before i tore it down dont know what to try, Dave

If anything moved prior to your replacing these items you could be on the exhaust side of the stroke vs the compression side,, (180 degrees out of time) remove the number one plug,, and this sounds dumb , but it works,, put your finger ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

Ignition vehicle turns over but no fire from distributor. replaced rotor and cap and still no fire. there is a part that is a egnition module that has two screws that is supposed to mount to the inside or the outside of the distributor and we cant find it plus we dont know if that is the problem or if it is the electronic control module which we dont know where it is located. We think it is either under the passenger seat or on the fire wall on the passenger side. Anyway we dont know where they

What the firing order for a 92 Eagle Summit with a 2.4 Mitsubishi ... 1992 Eagle Summit

Ignition switch i have 06 colorado with al-1830-edpb alarm system. someone tried to steal my truck and now i have no keyed ignition switch all the way to the wire harness that all was removed. now im down to nothing but wires and a universal ignition switch from autozone. the new switch has only battery, accessory, ignition, and starter. but i know i have 5 wires from original switch. what wires go where and 5th wire? Im so lost....

Why not look for a used column with all the wiring harnesses and switches? ... 2003 Hummer H2

How to install new ingnition wires on a 1995 Honda Accord with a 2.2 liter 4- cylinder engine Wires were detached from the distributor. I need to the know the sequence for the installation of the new wires. Which wire to which spark plug. If you have a picture of the sequence it would be great. Thanks, Jim

The firing order on most inline 4's is 1-3-4-2. If number one is marked on the cap then all you have to do is take the cap off and have someone crank the engine with the starter to see which way the rotor turns.\015\012If the cap is not marked ... 1995 Honda Accord

Got a good one. my 91 coupe original 5.0 car. motor is new. it ran for two days then went to fire on third day and now will crank and crank but wont fire. got 42psi on fuel pressure 148psi compression on all 8 cylinders and timing is dead nuts. spark is great but the car just wont fire. ive tried new tfi modules, new distributors, new computers, new ignition coil. i even pulled the computer harness out to check for any bad wires and they all look good. it seems all 8 injectors are firing at th

The fuel injectors are fired by computer producing a ground signal to them. so its unlikely they are fireing at once.possible power supplie problem but that would cause no injector pulse.beings how the engine was just replaced i would go over every w ... 1991 Ford Mustang

1996 corvette LT1 car is daily driver. It got to where it would take a long time to start. Then one day it just didnt start. Took coil wire off distributor and seen I was getting fire there. Then took plug wire off was not getting fire there. Changed the distributor and it still want crank. I am getting correct fuel pressure. Just turns over and dont crank. Also new battery.

Remove the distributor and watch the Rotor as you crank the engine. If the rotor doesn't turn the problem is a broken Timing Chain. If it does there is a problem with the rotor cap and Distributor. You changed the Distributor but did you change th ... 1996 Chevrolet Corvette

First off I would like to know how to tell the firing order of my 91 firbird 3.1 liter v6 basically where the number 1 plug is on the engine and on the distributor cap, I just want to make sure I dont have any wires ccrossed. My car has only 40000 mileson it I had just purchased it and did the basic tune up plugs wires distributor cap and rotor air filter, the car starts right up but when pressing on the gas pedal more than half way it totally hesitates or just doesnt fire right, cant drive t

Does the "check engine" light come on? Have you checked the fuel filter? My first impression would be that you have a TPS( throttle position sensor) which is the sensor on the side of the throttle body and measures the position of the throttle plate ... Pontiac Firebird

Distribtor does not fire has new coilpac new ignition module new cap new wires and new plugs. need to know what could be causing the problem. a dude dowm the road said he had to buy a whole new distributor. I was trying to swee if anyone knew what could be the problem w/o replacing the whole distributor

Go for the cheaper option replace the crankshaft sensor firstly.good luck. ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10

Hello i have a 1995 3.8 v6 thunderbird that started to overheat.Ive only had it a week,so I dont know much about it,heres what I do know,new thermostat today, 195 degrees, the cooling fan comes on,I dont know if it is a two speed or not as there are 3 wires at its connector seems to be running at a normal speed ?.setting the heater temperature at 90 degress,it doesnt blow hot air.at the engine coolant vent, coolant comes out, no air, seems full,the radiator and hoses has been replaced fairly re


94 Plymouth sundance coolant fan relay which terminals are supposed to have what power values I know the grey wire is Hot 12v constant and light green is to the fan and one to the AC relay are the other two wires supposed to be powered or negative and when and why? the fan only runs when the AC is turned on I have replaced both the coolant temp switch and the relay neither fixed the fact that the fan wont turn on when the engine gets hot i dont know what to check next.

Cooling fan does not come on at all ... 1994 Plymouth Sundance

I have a 2003 ford ZX2 I have a number 2 and 3 cylinder are not getting spark the coil has been tested and found that is was grounded out on one side of the coil I replaced the coil after testing the new coil to the old coil the new one tested good and still tested good i tested the wires going to the coil and i know that its a ground side switch and both sides ohm out ok showing that i dont have a short or a open but i dont have a proper test light to see if i get the correct pulse from the wir

... 2003 Ford ZX2

I was driving in my 1985 toyota 4x4 pickup when it stopped running, as i was still in gear and coasting it fired again and ran for a few more minutes the died for good.i installed a new coil and ignition pack and rotor but i still have no fire thru the distributor cap. itested the 2 wires that come out of the cap and run back into the ignition pack and there is no electricity, should there be some juice in those wires? all my fuses test good so i don't know what else to try.r22 motor if that hel


I have an 84 Firebird 2.8L V6. Some of the spark plug wires were taken out of it without me knowing, and then put back on in the wrong order. While trying to fix it, the cap got twisted around, and now everything is out of order and un aligned. I need to know the Engine firing order, the distributor cap firing order, what position the rotor should be pointing under the cap, and I have 3 notches on the harmonic balancer for TDC, the previous owner has highlighted them, two in white, one in green,

84 firebird 2.8L ... 1984 Pontiac Firebird

Need picture cause i dont know where number one is on block for 5.2 liter v8 for 1999 dodge durango. two of the plug wires got switched and dont know which ones.

\015\012\015\012\015\012i hope its help and clear have a good day ... 1999 Dodge Durango

My father recently rebuilt the top end of his engine on his 1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA. He took apart the TPI unit, removed the fuel rail, pulled out the distributor (of course this is all supposed to be done) all the way down to the intake manifold. The gaskets here had to be replaced. After putting it back together, it wont fire. It turns over fine, but will not fire. Also, he says there are two wires (a red and a white) coming from the distributor that he doesn't know where they go. Can you su

They run to ignition the white is for tach and red is for fire ... 1989 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 2001 Honda Cr-v 2.0L DOHC, I am trying to figure out where #1 plug wire goes on the distributor. and also, I know firing order is 1-3-4-2 but I dont know which order they go in on the distributor.

Hi,This will get you on the right path.Let me know if you need more information.Thanksjason ... 2000 Honda CR-V

Hi, I have a 96 windstar. One of the wires on the brake light switch down at the brake pedal has broke at the plug and then when I went to repair it touched the steering bar and sparks flew. Once I repaired the wire I still had no brake lights and couldnt shift out of park. I then checked all the fuses and changed two blown ones, I dont know what they were because the cover is missing and none of the fuses are marked. But still same problem. I then checked the power to switch and there is none.

Fuse #7 - 15 amp , Fuse #21 - 10 amp.\012\012Maybe you blew solid state module. There is a manual bypass.\012\012Shift Interlock System \012\012A shift interlock mechanism prevents shifting the transaxle out of the PARK posit ... 1996 Ford Windstar

Ignition Wiring hi i am wondering if you have a diagram of the firing order of the cylinders as i don't know which order the spark plug wires go on the ignition distributor. i recently just put in a new distributor and rotor. thanks

Hi,To my knowledge, firing order is\015\0121-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 clockwise on the distributor cap with the Number 1 post pointed towards the Number 1 cylinder. The cylinders are numbered 1-3-5-7 (front towards the back) driver side while the pa ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

Turn signals work off and on seems to be in steering column i dont want to take off steering col i was thinking of cutting wires to switch and patch in new switch on col i need to know if this will work and what colors are wires

It time for a new turn signals switch ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have aveo 2004.Once its battery (AC Delco) stop working.I get a new one, machanic unpluged the wires ,removed the old one and adjusted the new battery.when i reached home after 10 KM drive i switched on the cassitte player.it demenaded the password.i switched on radio. same requirement of password. i dont know the password,but still i applied some expected passwords. its not working.please help me .guide me how to get rid of this problem?

You will have to take it to the dealer to fix your problem. It is in anti theft mode. There is a procedure that you or the mechanic must do before the power is compleetely shut off. every car is different. Any way it has to be reset at the dealer no ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

I have a 99 Pontiac Grand am and first when i bought it i didnt know at first but wires for the cooling fans were hard wired and the car almost caught on fire so we tried to get new wires cause the fans were still good but we tried to wire it correctly when we were done the fans would not come on so we were broke down on the side of the road so had to re hard wire the fans to get home and now the fuse panel we think is bad cause the cooling fan fuses and ignition switch fuses keep popping we we

If fuses are blowing then this is a indication the a hot wire is grounding out. Now as for the fan,alot of times what happens is that the sensor that tell the fan to kick on goes bad and someone wires them direct" Bad move " make sure there is no wir ... Pontiac Grand Am

I was replacing wires and plugs.....One at a time, moving the wires to the new cap and changing plugs. The RAM Charger is 25 years old. The plugs were rusted to the block. As I loosened the second to last, I fell off the fender and dislodged two wires. I don't know the firing order or where #1 plug wire is on the Dist cap. There's a nipple on the cap, for orientation if you cna help me from there. It was running before and now not (obviously) I got the wires wrong.....Thanks!!

Here is a link to the info u need to rewire the cap and plugs. u don't say engine though so will give both.1st is for 5.9 V8 and then 5.2 V8, the appear to be the same.\015\012\015\012 ... 1984 Dodge Ramcharger

I have a 1985 caprice with a two wire pigtail and I dont know where the white wire go, looked at many diagrams that did not help one say to connect it to a lamp that did not work. I was told that I can or should be running to the ignition switch wire but I need help finding the wire and what color is it

... 1985 Chevrolet Caprice

All gauges work with ign switch on have check power to startes has power somtimes an cranks sometime wont crank went it dont crank no power to starter also check new safety switchin check fine also check key switch at back of ign switch where harness hooks in all check good showed fire on starter wire at switck ever time key was turned

Make sure battery cables are tight and posts of battery are not loose ... 2005 Toyota Corolla
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