Having problems with your 1992 Ford Econoline ?

Speedometer does't work - 1992 Ford Econoline

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Answers :

Sounds like a bad Vehicle speed sensor.
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I recently took my ford 2000 econoline 450 in to get an abs sensor replaced, afterwards the speedometer did not work, could the two be related, is there a sensor that control the speedometer, if so where is it?

There is a sensor located on top of the rear axle.If it is unplugged it could cause your concern,but the abs lamp would also be on. ... 2000 Ford Econoline

1998 ford econoline speedometer stopped working

... Ford Econoline

Speedometer does't work - 1992 Ford Econoline

Sounds like a bad Vehicle speed sensor. ... 1992 Ford Econoline

2000 Ford Contour speedometer bounces when stopped or in Park. ( from 0 to 130 pulsing all over the gauge) It seems to work ok while the car is moving and indicates the correct speed.

... 2000 Ford Contour

I have a 2001 ford escape 2.0 L 4 Cyl with 5 speed Manual Transmission. Recently had the clutch replaced with in a week the speedometer would be eratic but not all the time then after about a month on occassion would just stop working read zero kilometers then suddenly start working again after driving several kilometers and a couple weeks later just stopped completely sits at zero kilometers an hour all the time. Suspect there is a speed sensor as there is no actual speedometer cable BUT Ford P

Definitely not an expert here, but exactly the same symptoms after a clutch replacement. I found one of the wires going to the connector on the harness side of the Vehicle Speed Sensor pulled in two. Can only surmise that during the clutch installa ... 2001 Ford Escape

My rpm gage is not working, my speedometer is not working, my gas gage is not working, and my oil gage is not working, and my temperature gage is not working pretty much when i start up my car and drive it my speedometer and rpm gage reads 0 and my other , gages read nothing. my lights still work, so does my radio, and so does my turn signals. what could b the problem?

I'd wager that the fuse that controls the gauges is shot, or one of the internal connectors got unplugged (Fuse sounds more likely). Radio, Lights, and Turn Lamps are usually on seperate circuits. ... Ford Explorer

I changed the vss and the 4wabs sensers and the wires are good but my speedometer is still jumpy and my abs does not work on my 95 ford bronco but i dont have any codes that i am aware of is it possiable a bad speedometer if i unhook the abs the brakes work like normal brakes but nothing seems to change the jumpy speedometer and also the cruise control quit working this all started at the same time

On my 94 i didnt have codes either,but the electric motor failed on the abs due to moisture.the speedometer on mine jumps too,but mine with 220,000 miles it was the gauge cluster,couldnt tell if i was driving 5 miles per hour too slow or too fast.the ... 1995 Ford Bronco

Where i can find speedometer panel or cluster (not working) for my club wagon xlt power stroke diesel ford e350 96 model, my van is automatic tranny, when im driving the shifting of the tranny is not smooth my mech told me that he didnt read the computer coz speedometer not working, it begin when other technician fix the meter reading, the reading goes out and the needle indicator not working. thnks...

2006Sep 13(reported on)\012E-350\012\012112,000 miles\012The speedometer and odometer is not working ... 2002 Ford E350

95 honda accord speedometer not working. replaced transmission senor. odometer then worked, then found that speedo needle was behind stop pin at 0. put needle back over to right side of pin. took car for drive everything woked fine.turned car off. started car up again and went for drive, speedometer and odometer don't work. what's wrong? mickey99

Have the dsme problem. need to chech each of the 3 wires for continuity between the v.s.s. and the e.c.m. if good then the speedo is bad. ... 1995 Honda Accord

My speedometer doesn't work on my 1997 ford taurus 3.0 ohv after we have changed the vehicle speed sensor we have had the transmission rebuilt and put back in and the speedometer doesnt work when it worked before the transmission was bad

... 1997 Ford Taurus

Speedometer problem My speedometer works when it wants to. It will work fine for 30 miles or so and then it starts jumping around and drops to 0.......it will not register for a while, sometimes my whole trip (100 miles or so) and then it will jump back up to speed and work the rest of my drive..Someone told me it was probably the speed sensor but where is it and how do i change it?

Is this electric or cable operated? if cable, it could be a faulty cable......they go bad with age. ... 1996 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2000 Ford Focus Zx3 and the speedometer went out all other gauges work fine, but the odometer is not moving and is staying at current millage. I just replaced the Vss and its still not working. I just installed an amp and sub. When i hit a puddle the other day the speedometer went crazy for about an half hour and now it doesn't work at all. Any Help?

Sounds like the cluster part of it has been juiced and fried ... 2000 Ford Focus

1998 Ford Escort LX. My speedometer light on only half of the speedometer were not lighting while the rest of the speedometer was dim. I took apart the instrument panel per online instruction to a T. Upon taking it apart I not only found 2 burnt out bulbs but all four of the large ones, while all the others were fine. i replaced them and turned the car back on and now none of the replaced 4 work, along with the Hot/Cold gauge lights, and none of my internal light work either. Also the tail light

... 1998 Ford Escort

My 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 6 cyl 4 WD speedometer went to 0 for 5 minutes then started working fine, 1 week ago; speedometer cable or sensor?

... Jeep Cherokee

Odometer in my 1997 Ford Escort has quit working. The speedometer however works fine. I was told by Firestone that Ford no longer makes the replacement part needed to fix the odometer some sort of assembly which connects to the back of the instrument panel. I guess I'm going to have to pull one off of a junked car. Can you give me a brief description of what it looks like

OdometerGears.com has the gears and a pictorial on how to replace the broken gears to get the odometer work again. How to: ... Ford Escort

1983 500sl, speedometer works good part of the time but sometimes goes crazy and indicates from 0 160MPH for very short periods then goes to O for a few 10ths of a mile then works OK for a while. Odometer mirrors the speed indicted on the speedometer. Cruise control surges all the time unless lightly pulling or lightly coasting. Have changed CC amplifier with no change.

... Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

My 2007 Ford Fusions speedometer isn't working. It has a code PO720 OSS sensor, I was told the OSS senor was bad and needed replaced. I paid a ford mechanic to replace it with the OEM sensor and it still has the same code and no speedometer sigal. This was the same mechanic that did the diagnostics and told me this would fix it.

... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan

I have a 1998 honda civic. my speedometer doesnt work at low speeds. it will read once in awhile at 45 mph but goes back down to 0 after a few seconds. when i get on the highway and go 60 it will read the speed just fine but low speeds it doesnt work. the speedometer cable isnt lose on the trasmittion. what could be wrong?

So you know where the cable is thats good.Next take some oil and pour it down the cable ,because that all is wrong .adrian,,,, ... 1998 Honda Civic

I just replaced the battery on my 2000 Ford Focus SE Sedan and now the speedometer does not work. The speedometer needle is stuck past the '140' mark and has not budged at all. I checked the fuse for the instrument panel and that is ok. The fuel and temperature gauges are still working.

Gauges tend to do this when they are broken get it checked using a multimeter, check the resistance and power.its possible that it has only came to light due to increased elctrical power from your new battery, the old one must of been completely shot ... 1993 Mazda MX-6

2000 ford winstar- speedometer,tachometer started to move crazy,then the tachometer dropped to zewro and hasnot worked since,but the speedometer works sometimes,and acts crazy sometimes. How does the tachometer effect the operation of the vechile?

Same exact issue with 99 Windstar...is it the alternator, contacts in cluster or what. Checked the fuse and all was good. Anyone have any ideas? ... 2000 Ford Windstar

The speedometer in 1995 jeep grand cherokee doesn't work all the time. My friend started it up last night and drove off with it cold and she said that the speedometer stayed at 0 for about a mile and a half then bounced a little and then started working. what would cause this.

The corresponding fuse is bad and needs to be replaced.Rate this. ... Toyota Pickup

I have a motor home with a 2000 Ford V!0. It runs beautifully until about a week ago. Cruising down the highway at 60 MPH and the engine shuts down. I put the vehicle in neutral and the engine starts right up. Another 50 or so miles and dit does the sme thing. Yesterday I drove it to the Ford dealership, about 10 miles, and it did it 4 times. Ignition is still on becase all accessories are working. Fuel pump is working because it starts right up. Don Westerhoff [email protected]

Hi 1- Check the oil and make sure it is up to the mark some engines have oil level shutdown switch.2-Check the IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve. Sounds like it could be plugging up and causing the truck to stall at idle. When they're just st ... 2002 Kia Rio

Help with troubleshooting speedometer problem. I had a "friend" do some work on my car a while back and ever since then my speedometer will just start jumping from 0 to 10 to 80 to 60 back to 0 at random. It jumps all over the place. Even in park it does this. When it does it going down the interstate it comes out of the torque convrter lockout. So I figure the speed sensor is going out in it. Replaced that and it's still doing it. Well I unplugged the sensor and it is still doing it. I dont thi

I had the same thing go wrong my buddy did not tell me that he droped the thans to the ground befor he saw that the speedo cable was not unbolted, I found out that he had STRETCHED the cable.\015\012not much but that was the problem, ... 1989 Chevrolet Corsica

1988 ford econoline turn signals not working - 1988 Ford Econoline

... 1988 Ford Econoline

The speedometer in my 1995 grand marquis has stopped working. The cruise control however does work. All other instruments and instrument lights work. The speedo was working and slowly went to 0. All fuses appear to be intact. The odometer is not working either. Any ideas?

This is electronic and is either the sending unit from the trans mission, unlikely since the cruise works, or a burned circuit in the instrument cluster for the Speedometer and Odometer. Double check your connections to make sure they haven't come a ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis
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